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Onslaught at Arda I Part 3
Uncharted Territory

In this session, Predator Squadron investigates some missing scouts, and attempts to hunt down a possible spy in their midst.

(Note this is only rough, can be updated with more detail).


Tobin Stryder

The Mission

Retracing the scout patrol.

- Swamp lizard attack + Ghost spots tracks.

- Tracks lead to a clearing with the mound. Battle with the bugs.

- What was in the mound of dirt (impression of a 10cm square box and some wiring).

- Returning the samples to the doctor.

Searching for the Spy.

- Dex being contacted by Haydon.

- Dex’s initial enquiries into the spy/Going to Qurono and angering him enough to place him in the brig,

- The return of the others.

- Investigating Ishthar, Bothan Lieutenant, serene pilot.

- Ishthar’s find and it’s missing nature.

- Rik Torrence approaching Gand, checking out Dex’s reputation.

- Listening in to Quorno and the Bothan (phrased about going from the cargo loading area, through an access panel and to the power generator. There she’ll take down the guards with extreme prejudice if necessary. Then she’ll disable the power generator). The PCs suspicions that this is in relation to Resolute Base, then going to Setenna for confirmation, which she dismisses – it’s to do with an upcoming Rebel operation to Topwara.

- Suspicions of Haydon, then investigating him (he was on the level). He suggests they look for DNA evidence, which they gather from the box (found under the Bothan’s quarters (it contained a transmission log that they decoded, and that it was downloaded by a leutenant)) and the wire materials Ghost had. He just needs them to plug a data jack into the main control room (with dark flashbacks to when Lieutenant Klevic betrayed them). Tobin does this. They get the evidence, the second DNA sample matches Var Nareck.

- Confrontation in the control room, Setenna’s injury. They think they’ve won, but it’s not over yet. A speeder bike/trailer takes off and Dex and Tobin pursue whilst the others launch the Honey Badger.

- Chase of the ship through to space.

- Ship escapes to Hyperspace, but with 3 threat on it’s Astronavigation check.

- They return to base to find that Setenna, the Bothan and Var Nareck are all missing.

- They prepare to launch and go after them to ORD Redana (Var Nareck’s homeworld and the nearest Imperial outpost) at Haydon’s suggestion.



Total XP earned: 20.

  • 5 XP for tracing the scout patrol’s steps and gathering poison sacks from the evarrian’s.
  • 10 XP for conducting the investigation into the spy.
  • 5 XP for exposing Var Nareck on their first try.


A total of 18 Dury was gained across the party:

  • Dex gained +5 bonus Intelligence Duty
  • Gand gained +3 Sabotage Duty
  • Ghost gained +5 Intelligence Duty
  • Oz gained +3 Combat Victory Duty
  • Tobin gained +5 bonus Intelligence Duty
Onslaught at Arda I Part 4
Rendezvous at Ord Radama

In this session, Predator Squadron travel to Ord Radama, where they encounter an old nemesis and investigate the Rebel traitor, Var Narek.

(Note this is only rough, can be updated with more detail).


Tobin Stryder

The Mission

The Journey to Ord Radama

- Loaning 2 Y-Wings from Resolute Base.

- Other preparations: Commander Qurno wishes them luck and gives them navigation data for a route that’ll shave off about half a day off their 2 day journey to Ord Radama.

- Departing and the treacherous route.

- Running afoul of the Iron Gauntlet’s patrol.

- Talking their way out of the situation, and being given a TIE Hunter/Advanced escort. At which point they recognise the voice on the other end of the comm, Lieutenant Klevic.

Arrival on Ord Radama

- Investigating the contact that Urel Haydon suggested. (Tense bar scene with the local resistance)

- Scouting the Imperial Palace.

- Attempting to infiltrate the restaurant and get info on Narek from the wealthy members.
- Pretending to be the son of Governor Ardus Kaine, plus entourage.
- Tobin and Nerra go gambling. The group eats esgoroth spleen steak, the Dac soup special (a weird orange/red coloured fish flavoured soup), golden Nerf steak and golden flaked oil (both of which literally have gold shavings in them).
- Outside Ghost takes cover in a fountain watching the entrance, whilst Gand is almost entrapped by the local police drug enforcement agency.
- Dex attempts to parley off some Alderaanian wine for info from the officer’s lounge. Unfortunately, when he enters, he encounters Lieutenant Klevic. Although Dex is able to convince Klevic that he’s still an undercover operative for General Kevlan, Klevic still insists that Dex be escorted to the Palace.
- Ghost and Gand prepare to ambush Dex’s escorts, the rest of the group prepares to join in.
- Securing transport (the Imperial speeders, with Gand in the DEA speeder), leading to a chase.
- Nerra gets out very quickly, avoiding police patrols.
- Dex, Ghost, Oz and Tobin run into a roadblock, which they crash into. With Dex unable to immediately get their speeder going again, Oz and Ghost open fire on the 8 local police, killing them.
- The group escapes the police and returns to the spaceport.

- The resistance calls them with more information about Var Narek – his family was killed 6 months ago in a suspicious bombing which the Empire blamed on the Rebel Alliance.

- They decide to leave and attempt to intercept Narek in space.
- Calculating his probable course into the system, they fly to the predicted reversion point, where they find a higher than usual number of TIE Fighters patrolling the local traffic lanes and a Lancer-Class Frigate on station.
- They return to the planet, but fail to avoid detection. The spaceport authority insist they return to the spaceport.
- They fake engine troubles, so the spaceport provides a ‘complimentary’ mechanic service. The mechanic finds a lot of ‘faults’ that aren’t there, and writes up a report grounding the ship until they’re fixed.

- Finally, they get a call from the local resistance saying a battle damaged Jumpmaster 5000 has been spotted entering the atmosphere, it appears to be on course to somewhere west of the capital city. The group assumes that this is the old Narek estate.



Total XP earned: 10.

5XP for making contact with the Rebels at the Scarlet Sword.
5XP for exploring the city in search of Var Narek.

Speculation Post

As an experiment I thought a page to hold our speculation in an easy to find area (it saves trawling through a rather long Skype thread). I figured the best way to do that would be to have a post like this and use the comments below for any discussion.

Imperial Project List

Imperial Project List

Project Crimson

Project Darkwing

The Abyss was refferred to as a Darkwing-Class Star Destroyer. It was speculated that it’s shipyards may be difficult to located if they were also cloaked.

Project Fenris

Project Krytos

Project Raptor

Project Remnant

Project Tempest

Project Thunder

Imperial Neural Chips/Sleeper Agents

Imperial Neural Chip

Operation Shatterpoint

Operation Shatterpoint

The Cabal

The Cabal

The Jewel of Yavin

The Jewel of Yavin

The Staff of Ossus

The Staff of Ossus

The Syndicate

The Syndicate


Blight and the The A.I. Core

Enter the Cabal

Opening Crawl:

It is a dark time for Predator Squadron. Investigating what happened to their former comrade, Mike Sykes, TOBIN STRYDER travelled to Yavin 4 at the behest of the spirit of the Lightsaber. It claimed that Sykes’s brainwashing was not a product of technology, but the Force. Tobin has not been heard from in months.

JACEN BRIGGS contacted Predator Squadron claiming he had travelled with Tobin, who had been captured by the Empire and was in need of their aid.

Although wary of an Imperial trap, Predator Squadron travelled to the jungle moon. They have now split their forces, preparing to put their plans in motion and assault the temple that once served as a Rebel fortress and rescue their friend….

Mission Roster

Temple Team – Arrival

The Temple Team consists of Jacen, Ghost and Gand. They’re equipped with specialised gear designed to facilitate an orbital drop. Their only weapons a vibroknife and and an unloaded light blaster pistol (would you want to risk having a compressed canister of gas near your chest when entering an atmosphere, which could mean getting very hot? Well apparently Gand didn’t mind, as he brought his rifle too). Deck Officer Neathe, piloting Tobin’s HWK, flew them into low orbit of the moon, avoiding Imperial patrols. Approaching the drop zone, Jacen, Ghost and Gand began their descent.

Jacen and Ghost successfully landed on top of the Temple, but unfortunately Gand missed the landing zone and landed a kilometre south of their position, somewhere in the jungle. Jacen and Ghost confirmed Gand was ok via comm, Jacen was not impressed at Predator Squadron thus far.

Jacen and Ghost had access to the specialised crate that allowed them to bring their equipment down with them. but Gand would have to make do with his rifle, damaged as it was from the descent through the atmosphere. Jacen and Tobin hacked their way into the upper levels of the Temple and began exploring the former Rebel base.

Decoy Team – Making Noise

The Decoy Team consisted of Gladios, Reine, Travis, Galish, Travok and Elaiza. Their custom modified YT-1000 stealth freighter (now retrofitted for use by the Alliance on missions such as this) roared across the lake towards an island east of the Temple. Jacen had previously spotted some Imperial construction taking place on this island and Predator Squadron thought it would make some nice fuel for a fire.

Whilst their drop ship was under bombardment by an AT-AA and it’s powerful flak cannons. Not wanting to be near the ship if it should crash, they rushed the main wall – a stone construction laced with metal mesh.

Whilst Galish raked the wall with heavy blaster fire, Gladios and Travis charged the openings for the Stormtroopers light repeating blaster cannons. Reine opted for using the Force to disarm the troopers, whereas Elaiza opted for the more direct method of pulling the Stormtroopers off the wall. Travok attempted to intimidate the fallen Stormtroopers into surrender, but had to resort into bashing one into unconsciousness with his sword before one would comply.

Feeling an echo through the force, Reine splits off from the decoy group to investigate some mystarious ruins.

Gand – Hitching a Ride

Gand, seperated from his squad, reverted to standard predator squad training. He was going to steal someone else’s ride.

The opportunity didn’t take long to present itself, as an Imperial speeder scout was soon racing down the riverbed. Remaining hidden until he had passed, Gand seized the upper hand by springing a surprise attack on the unsuspecting trooper.

Ultimately emerging victorious, Gand set off on his newly ’jacked ride hoping to catch a lift off world with the distraction team. Pursued by additional patrols, Gand decided to do what Gand always does. Blow something up.

Getting the drop on his pursuers (litterally, by dropping an exploded tree on them), Gand met up with the distraction team, and aided in the extraction of the prisoners that were found.

  • Gand is alone in the jungle. I don’t think he likes this planet much – every time they come here something bad happens.
  • Gand hides from a passing speeder bike patrol. He opts for the Predator Squadron motto of not leaving any vehicle unclaimed – letting it pass, he attacks it from behind. Knocking the Scout Trooper off the bike, he takes him out before stealing his bike.
  • Unfortunately the Scout Trooper has friends, and a chase ensues along the river until Gand fires at a few trees. The Scout Troopers dodge the trees, but put so much stress on their engine doing so that they cut out and crash.

Tobin – Flashback

Tobin, drawn by the force itself, arrived at the temple in the dead of night. Skillfully evading the non-existent patrols, he dove greedily and deeply through the temple’s depths ultimately arriving at a room filled with tattered and tormented souls.

Wailing moans filled the air, the writhing of the damned prisoners wearing tattered alliance garments filled the air with misery and dread. A robed figure sat meditating in this world of torture.

Expecting Tobin’s presence the two ultimately clashed, with Tobin using every dirty trick in the book to gain the upper hand. Just when Tobin thought he had the upper hand, another Inquisitor intervened, capturing him effortlessly.

  • Tobin arrives. Get’s his arm lopped off by the brutish inquisitor.

Temple Team – Communications Centre

Jacen and Ghost avoid a security station and decide to assault a communications centre. Luckily they were able to disable the alarm before reinforcements could be called. The Imperial security droids were very heavily armoured and proved to be a little challenging.

Jacen hacked into their systems and uncovered the following information:

  • Although the Temple has been under Imperial occupation for over a year, according to the power regulation logs, most of the Temple is on standby power. The majority of power is occupied by the hanger bay and lower levels.
  • There are records of upgrades that have been made – some effort seems to have been made to access a series of chambers deep undergroud. It is noted that there is no evidence that the Rebellion found these chambers. They also found the information on how to access these areas.
    *There is a security log reporting a ship arriving some months back and a prisoner being confined to chambers in the depths of the Temple.

Assuming that this prisoner is Tobin, Jaycen and Ghost proceeded to a turbolift, riding on top of it to avoid any Imperial entanglements should the doors open to a firing squad.

Decoy Team – Solitary

Gand joins the Decoy Team and Gladios guards the gate. Gand now has a speeder bike.

Having liberated a workhouse full of prisoners bearing tattered Rebel Alliance uniforms (they seemed to be refining minerals of some sort, possibly for use in proton torpedoes), Predator Squadron assaulted the solitary confinement bunker.

This bunker was chillingly cold – it’s heating systems having been deliberately disabled in the depths of the Yavin winter – however Elaiza also noted that the distinct feeling of the Dark Side of the force was corrupting the area.

All save one cell is empty, where they find Governor Ardus Kaine. Well, former Governor, he says he was deposed by General Kevlan, who has now been elevated to Grand Moff.

Kaine seeks revenge and accepts Predator Squadron’s offer of an alliance, but he is reluctant to throw his lot in with the Rebellion.

Reine – Strange Statues and Mysterious Omens

Reine enters a stone pyramid/statue. Here she has a strange vision of a Selonian den being suppressed by what appears to be the Empire. The Stormtrooper she sees is strange though, the armour is more streamlined that usual.

She then meets a mysterious masked figure, duelling him with words and the Force, she beats him, unmasking Jacen. He tells her that he is her greatest failure, because she “failed to stop him”. The vision ends and Reine is within the depths of the pyramid. She sees a flickering light.

Arriving at a chamber, she finds a Miraluan standing over a Togruta taunting him. While the Miraluan twirls a lightsaber, Reine siezes the opportunity to disarm him resulting in a battle with the Force over the lightsaber; Reine recognises that it is Tobin’s.

Reine shoots the bindings of the Togruta, freeing him from the gravity bindings holding him.

The Togruta lunges at the Miraluan.

The lighsaber is shattered in the duel, but Reine gets the cracked dark red kyber crystal at it’s heart. The Miraluan draws a blaster and lightsaber (the Togruta’s), but Reine disarms the Miraluan of the lightsaber.

Drawing another lightsaber, the Miraluan begins force choking the Togruta. Siezing on this distraction, Reine disarmed the Miraluan, allowing the Togruta to turn the tables on his captor, imprisoning the Miraluan in the binding that once held him.

  • Sandy gets force vision thingy.

Capitalising on the confusion, Reine took the opportunity to shatted the tainted kyber crystal before heading back to the distration team with the Togruta in tow.

Temple Team – Finding Tobin and Temple Flight

  • Finding Tobin
  • Dashing for the hanger.
  • Stealing some TIE Advanced Protoypes.
  • Flying to the Decoy Team’s position – they’re loading up the YT-1000.
  • They take off, getting attacked by TIE Fighters.
  • Tobin/Jacen and Reine take out the first wave.
  • Gand restarts the shields.
  • Galish takes out a TIE followed by Tobin and Reine taking out the remainder of the group.
  • The Honey Badger jumps in (it was monitoring the situation from the edge of the system). It throws some fire at the oncoming TIE Fighters and your craft form up, jumping to hyperspace.
  • You arrive in orbit of a frozen wasteland of a planet called Hoth.


  • Predator Squadron gained 2x older model TIE Advanced Prototypes. They won’t gain Duty for them as they’re an old and outdated by current standards, but will get to keep them for use on missions should they desire (but guys, we really need to talk about your ship collecting habit – you’re as bad as me with X-Wing miniatures!).
  • They will however gain 3 Personnel Duty for rescuing the prisoners and 2 Sabotage Duty for disrupting Imperial operations on Yavin 4.
  • Tobin lost 1 Morality, whilst Gand and Sandy gained 18 (their Morality was triggered this session and they both rolled 9). Jacen gained 10 (having rolled 5, but his Morality triggering). Reine gained +2 and Ghost gained +6.
  • 5XP for the successful infiltration of the Temple and instigation of the distraction.
  • 5XP for the assaults on Solitary and the Communications Centre.
  • 5XP for Reine and Sandy for their successful incapacitation of the Inquisitor.
  • 5XP for the successful rescue of Tobin and escape from Yavin 4.

The fate of Elaiza is unclear at this time due to the rush of battle. It is entirely possible that she may have been left behind in Predator Squadron’s frantic dash to leave…

We Come To The Land Of The Ice & Snow

AKA: To Starfighter Coolant: The Cause Of, & Solution To, All of Life’s Problems

Mission Roster

Jacen Briggs
Tobin Stryder

Arrival at Hoth

  • Predator Squadron arrived at Hoth after 6 days of hyperspace travel, entering the atmosphere of the frozen wasteland they were hailed aggressively. After identifying themselves the line cleared up and they were greeted by Echo Base. A pair of X-Wings escorted them in for landing.
    • Travis Shrike passed the Holocron recovered from Yavin 4 to Reine Silverwind. Reine decided to investigate the matter privately, fearing the sorts of things mysterious Inquisitors might have. (Probably with good reason).
  • Setenna Hase greeted the Squadron as they arrived. She directed them to the Command Centre to meet General Rieekan,but split off Sandy, Jacen and Tobin to the Medical Centre to get checked out. Hoth was absolutely freezing, the deepest cold any of the squad had ever felt. Kaine was not happy with this arrangement as he had been expecting somewhere warmer than the winter of Yavin 4.
    • Ghost removed the flight stick circuit board from her captured TIE Advanced Prototype to prevent someone flying off with it.
  • The General was discussing a problem with a protocol droid and asked him to “get Solo to look into it”. He greeted Predator Squadron, congratulated them on the successful rescue mission and reminded them of the grave risk they undertook to rescue Tobin – what if they’d all been captured?
    • Rieekan also raised the thorny issue of how much Tobin could be trusted – he had been absent for months, only to get captured by the Empire and show up with a kid they’ve never met. The squad broadly vouched for Tobin’s trustworthiness, citing the intelligence he had sent the squadron and their own sporadic absences. This was good enough for Rieekan.
    • Rieekan decided to speak to the former Governor, Ardus Kaine, himself to judge his offer of intelligence.
    • Rieekan mentioned that one of their supply ships that was due had been intercepted by pirates. They suspected a group called The Syndicate to be responsible as they had been responsible for several previous raids on Alliance shipping.
  • In the Med Centre Tobin and Jacen caught up and introduced themselves to Sandy. Kaine was also there, they probed his intentions with the Force and found him to be relatively calm. After some time they were judged medically fit, free of contaminants and able to go about their business.
  • Jacen sought out Lieutenant Wes Janson, one of the pilots who escorted them in. Janson didn’t meet with Jacen’s expectations of the Alliance at all – Janson was loud, welcoming and excitable. He took Jacen to the maintanence level beneath Hanger Bay 7 and demonstrated how to operate a makeshift still in a tool shed – it produced alcohol by refining starfighter coolant. It was a noxious smelling light blue liquid, after one sip Jacen realised its potency. Janson drank 4 jars before heading out on patrol (when Jacen questioned this he said “I’d be crazy to fly sober”). Jacen grabbed several jars to save for later.
  • Kaine presented his case to Alliance High Command via hologram. Predator Squadron waited in a nearby mess hall. Jacen arrived and handed out the coolant/drink. All bar Galish refused to drink, Galish was fine with those arrangement as it meant more for her. Galish drank 7 jars of refined coolant, rolling so well on consecutive Resiliance checks that she was able to defer the effects of the hangover for several days (unfortunately it was due to be a killer one). To top this off Tobin offered her some Booster Blue spice. Unfortunately so wired was Galish from this that she would not be able to fully recover for several days.
  • The door to the briefing room opened and the Squadron spotted a figure they all recognised from holograms – Princess Leia Organa, formerly of Alderaan. She did not look happy, she looked as if she had just lost an argument. Kaine followed her out of the door, escorted by Rieekan. Kaine looked as though he had just won the galactic lottery.
    • Rieekan explained that in return for providing intelligence to Predator Squadron on Grand Moff Kevlan, the former governor would be granted immunity from prosecution for any crimes he may or may not have been party to whilst working for the Empire.
  • Kaine proposed a radical solution for dealing with Kevlan: rather than striking at the General by dismantling his military operations, Kaine suggested they target the man.

There is one thing that Kevlan prides above all else (save maybe his belief in the Empire itself. His family. Target his family and you target the man, enrage the man and the General will start making mistakes.

  • For various reasons Predator Squadron were against striking at Kevlan’s family directly. It simply didn’t sit well with the majority of them for either moral, logistical or military reasons.
  • Kaine instead outlined what he knew of Kevlan’s various projects, the bulk of this information is located here.

Predator Squadron chose to address Project Raptor, and planned to attack the TIE Raptor facility in the Horus System because of it’s Hutt connection. Before they left General Rieekan requested they attempt to bring back a TIE Raptor intact for study.

Nar Shaddaa Haze

Arriving at Nar Shaddaa, the squadron sought an audience with Dei the Great. She greeted them warmly, she was probably as happy as they had ever seen a Hutt to see them.

After explaining the situation regarding the Horus System and its connection a clan allied with her, Dei agreed to help them acquire navigational data in return for a stolen TIE Raptor. This would take some time though, they’d have to wait for at least a day.

Tobin also sought a personal favour – replacing his arm that he lost to the Inquisitors recently. Dei agreed – a favour for a favour she would call in one day. She would even have her personal medical droid perform the procedure.

Given how well Galish held her liquor earlier, Tobin and Ghost decided to put her to a proper test by taking her to a seedy pub (ran by a Kubaz bartender) and plying her with Membroisia (a highly addictive nectary drink). Things went well until a male Aqualish approached Galish, complimenting her on her hair. Galish and the Aqualish got into a brawl, things escalated when Galish drew her sidearm and opened fire on the Aqualish. The Aqualish drew his own weapon and fired back. Tobin attempted to calm the situation, but Galish shrugged off Tobin’s Force assisted influence. Galish killed the Aqualish. Upon searching the Aqualish, Galish found an Ardus Disk bearing the symbol of the Veradi Clan.

Ghost and Tobin realised the seriousness of the situation immediately – Kaltho the Hutt is the leader of the Veradi Clan, and to kill someone bearing an Ardus Disk was as if you killed a Hutt. Even Hutts tried to avoid killing bearers of Ardus Disks; for a non-Hutt to do so at the best of times was considered suicidal. For a non-Hutt to do so in the middle of territory belonging to a rival of the bearer’s clan, it could start a war.

Galish headed back to Dei’s palace where she was denied entry by the guards (who commed the Honey Badger only to be told by Sandy that Galish wasn’t with them). Galish successfully climbed the security fence, surrounding Dei’s compound, but got hit by the stun field. Imprisoned by Dei’s guards, Tobin, Ghost and Gand had to talk the guards into releasing her. Ghost took Galish for a ride on Gand’s speeder bike in order to hide her within the Industrial District of the city.

After completing the procedure to replace Tobin’s arm, Tobin and Gand were called into an audience with Dei. She asked them if they knew anything about the murder of an Aqualish bearing an Ardos disk at a nearby bar. They admitted that they knew of the incident and that Galish was responsible. Dei revealed that she already knew, the Kubaz bartender was a local informant of hers. Because of their honesty and their previous assistance and loyalty to her, Dei would stall the Veradi clan for as long as she could, but she could only guaruntee them 24 hours. She suggested they leave Nar Shaddaa as soon as possible and confirmed that she would still honour their original agreement and get the Horus System hyperspace routes for them soon.

The squad scrambled to leave before a Veradi Coan net enclosed around them. They set course rimward and headed for the Horus System.

Assaulting the Horus System Facility

  • Tobin scouts the Horus system and finds an access hatch near the underside of the spherical base that they could use to access the facility. He also identifies a ring of hanged bays around the midsection of the sphere.
  • Gets spotted on the way out but bluff their way out of trouble with the patrolling Gozanti cruiser.
  • Galish, Gand, Sandy and Tobin infiltrate the facility using the stealth functionality of the Dusk Mynock. Ghost stays aboard the Honey Badger at the edge of the system, ready to provide a distraction for the other’s exit.
  • Entering the facility, Gand begins planting charges around the cooling towers for the base’s repulsorlift generators. They get attacked by what appear to be a pair of some variant of the Tempest Stormtroopers – sporting black armour rather than white, with a slightly different shaped helmet that accommodates some sort of tube to the chin, but still bearing the signature cannon of a Tempest Stormtrooper.
  • After defeating the Stormtroopers, the squad decides to split up to search for hanger facilities:
    • Tobin and Gand head to the mid-levels and encounter stiff resistance from some Imperial officers. They overcome the officers and access a flight control room overlooking a hanger with 6 TIE Raptors docked. They even manage to coerce a pair of the officers into surrendering and handing over a set of Raptor schematics.
    • Galish and Sandy (who disabled 2 out of the 4 turbolifts into the cooling room) head to the top floor, thinking to start a top-down search of the facility. The turbolift opened onto a control room – in the centre of the circular room was an Imperial officer giving orders to technicians in 4 crew pits. Also present was the red-haired Inquisitor that Tobin encountered on Yavin 4. At this sight Sandy rapidly hit the elevator button whilst Galish fired upon the transparisteel windows of the control room, succeeding in cracking them.
    • As they descended, they heard a thump atop their turbolift. Sandy thrust his lightsaber through the roof, only to receive a magenta blade stabbing down in return. For a few seconds this proceeded until Galish upended fire upon the inquisitor. Although she succeeded in reducing some of the inquisitor’s cover, the magenta blade prevented any bolts from hitting home. The inquisitor leaned around and tried stabbing through the side of the elevator. Galish continued shooting whilst Sandy cut a hole in the floor and then one in the ceiling. The inquisitor succeeded in her balancing, managing to backflip off the car and to a support beam, throwing her lightsaber as she flipped through the air. The blade struck the repulsorlift generator of the turbolift, sending Galish and Sandy plummeting without a brake. Sandy attempted to slow the turbolift by plunging his lightsaber into the wall – this was of limited effect, threatening to wrench the blade out of his hands. Cutting open the door they were forced to jump, the pair of them barely making it through the breach without serious injury – Sandy now on floor 36 and Galish on floor 37.
  • Apparently within spitting distance of their objectives, Tobin handed the trigger to Gand who gleefully pulled it detonating the charges on the cooling towers. It now won’t take long for the repulsorlift generators of the facility to overheat and fail, but quite how long is impossible to determine.


  • Ghost gained 5 Loan Obligation to Lando as she took out a loan to acquire some items.
  • Tobin gained 5 Favour Obligation to Dei as he requested her assistance in acquiring a replacement arm.
  • Galish gained 5 Bounty Obligation as she killed someone bearing the Ardus Disk of the Veradi Clan, the clan that Kaltho the Hutt leads.
  • 5 XP for using your existing contacts and successfully seeking Dei’s aid in gathering intelligence to plan your attack.
  • 5 XP for instigating your assault on the TIE Raptor facility.
  • We’ll pick up next week, since we ended with a cliffhanger the same gained conflict from this session will apply.
Escaping the Horus System

Mission Roster

Escape from the Horus System

  • Gand and Tobin, standing in a flight control room overlooking a hanger bay containing 6 TIE Raptors. They comm Sandy and Galish to confirm that they’re about to complete their mission. Sandy and Galish explain about the red-haired Inquisitor who pursued them into a turbolift shaft. Hearing this news, Tobin hands Gand the detonator and Gand gleefully pulls the trigger.
  • Gand and Tobin use an access hatch in a flight control room to get into the hanger below. The first of the four repulsorlifts that maintain the facility’s altitude within the gas giant fails. It needs a minimum of two to maintain the altitude.
  • Galish and Sandy, separated by a floor, each begin looking for access stairways, not wanting to go near the turbolift shaft. Galish locates a room in which the Empire is doing some research, getting a look at a map and taking a scientist hostage.
  • The two eventually reunite in the midst of Sandy’s frantic search for the hanger bay where Gand and Tobin are located. Realising that they’re in the far side of the facility from the other team, they pick the nearest hanger and Sandy begins cutting his way inside using his universal can opener.
  • Ghost, piloting the Honey Badger (with the assistance of Captain Kay’daq, Deck Officer Neathe and the astromechs), makes a short hyperspace hop into the system in order to engage space defences so the others can escape. With the patrolling Gozanti-class cruiser nearby (accompanied by TIE Raptors), Ghost engages the ships, opening fire with a volley from the turbolaser and shredding a Raptor.
  • Neathe and Kay’daq open fire with the turrets as the Raptors get closer. The Gozanti manoeuvred into position and launched its complement of TIE Fighters. The fight turned into a slugging match as the Gozanti tried to outmanoeuvre the Honey Badger in order to get around her shields. Ghost rebalanced the shields fore and aft to provide protection from the TIE Fighters and the Gozanti (which began broadcasting a distress signal).
  • As the fight wore on both ships became heavily damaged, the Honey Badger suffering from a loss of navigation systems and were shields fluctuating. The Gozanti suffered a total loss of shields, it’s torpedo launchers had been damaged and had taken significant hull damage.
  • The Gozanti accelerated towards the Honey Badger, ramming the ship hard. This resulted in the Honey Badger losing her sublight engines, but the Gozanti’s bridge was sheared off in the collision.
  • Ghost plotted a micro-jump to the edge of the system and started shutting down non-essential systems in order to reduce the signature of the ship and wait for the others.
  • Gand attempted to access the TIE Raptor (whilst Tobin sent the Dusk Mynock to pick up Galish and Sandy), but found that the cockpit is bolted from the outside. This was pretty strange, but it was rather simple to remove the bolts. Inside he found that the cockpit was already occupied by a pilot.
    • Whereas an ordinary TIE cockpit can just about squeeze in 3 people (like sardines), the Raptor’s cockpit has so much complex machinery that there’s barely enough room to sit down. The pilot wore a black flight suit and was restrained into the seat. A vicious looking device was attached to his left arm, or rather where his left arm should have been. He wore a mask that covered half his face, but Gand could still make out the features of a fellow Gand. The one eye of his that he could see was simultaneously filled with pain and fear.
    • Tobin approached, confused that Gand had not already jumped in the ship. Until he saw the pilot.
    • The pilot looked at Gand, barely able to talk he said “Kill. Gand. Please”, he paused, “Please kill Gand. Make the nightmare stop”. Tobin went to end the pilot’s suffering, but Gand stopped him, he felt it was something he should do.
    • As Gand killed the pilot, he noticed that at the back of his head was a rectangular scar where a metal plate connected to his skull – lots of wiring and pipes connected the pilot into the ship. Gand realise that these injuries were identical to the injuries Gand himself sustained whilst being experimented on at Junka-7.
  • Gand and Tobin now had to come up with a plan as the repulsorlifts of the station began to fail.
  • Galish and Sandy cut their way into a hanger bay, finding racks of small squat shuttle craft. A group of Stormtroopers were loading one such shuttle craft with crates under the direction of an officer.
    • Galish opened fire on the fuel tanks dotted around the hanger, missing them, but causing one to destabilise and roll towards the Stormtroopers. Sandy threw his lightsaber at the fuel tank causing it to explode, taking out one group of Stormtroopers.
    • The battle continued until Sandy ran past the Stormtrooper and into the shuttle, engaging the engines he knocked some Stormtroopers flying. Galish (who at this point was critically injured from the battle with the Stormtroopers) opened fire on further fuel tanks, destabilising the ray shield. The thin atmosphere caused a great gust of wind to sweep through the hanger.
    • Galish attempted to grab onto the landing gear of Sandy’s shuttle, but was sent flying due to the destabilising facility. Sandy manoeuvred the shuttle to a position near Galish and opened the rear hatch. Galish attempted to jump onto the lowered ramp, but got flipped out into the hanger and was knocked unconscious. Given the dire nature of the situation around him, Sandy was forced to leave.
    • As Sandy was leaving he passed the Dusk Mynock heading into the bay. AIFR3D, Tobin’s piloting droid brain manoeuvred the ship over Galish, carefully regulating where the thrust vector plates were pointing and scoped Galish into the cargo hold using the floor hatch, before blasting out of the crumbling hanger.
  • Sandy docked with the Dusk Mynock, but before leaving the tug craft, sliced into its logs and found:
    • The Empire was using a GR-75 transport to carry TIE Raptors.
    • Moff Kevlan’s personal shuttle had recently docked at the base.
    • The Empire were shipping TIE Raptors to Kuat and GX-04.
  • Tobin and Gand rallied some of the captured Gand, getting two to fly with them, the rest had given up hope. Tobin removed Gand’s cybernetics and jury rigged a connection system to plug Gand into the ship. This was a rather traumatic and painful experience for Gand, but once connected, found he had control of most of the TIE Raptor’s systems. Tobin jumped into a slave-circuited TIE Raptor that he could not control, trusting Gand to guide him safely.
  • Tobin, Gand, Galish and Sandy reunited in the atmosphere of the gas giant, forming up and heading to orbit as dozens of TIE Raptors surged out of the falling facility.
  • In orbit, a Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace nearby. It’s transponder identified it as the Second Death. In a system-wide broadcast Grand Moff Kevlan ordered all TIE Raptors to stand down.
    • Gand rapidly calculated a hyperspace course for Tobin, himself and their captured pair of TIE Raptors. Unfortunately he was so rushed that he ended up going to hyperspace, not knowing where they were heading.
    • Galish calculated a jump for their meeting point outside the Horus system. Luckily before he jumped the Dusk Mynock he was able to get a read on the course that the TIE Raptors set.
    • Ghost jury rigged the navigation system with the astromechs and jumped. Unfortunately the Honey Badger could only jump to a location it had already been before. Not knowing where she was heading, Ghost jumped.

The Other Side

  • Gand and Tobin arrived rather close to the atmosphere of a lush green world. Entering the atmosphere (not wanting to tangle with the Star Destroyer in orbit) they dropped down into a canyon. A flight of TIE Interceptors came after them, but after a short chase through the canyon and through a waterfall Gand and Tobin were able to lose them. Unfortunately they lost one TIE Raptor. Coming out of the canyon, they spotted a low trapezoid temple overlooking the lush green jungle. As they approached they spotted a (advantage) symbol was carved into the side of the temple.
  • Ghost and the Honey Badger arrived at Bespin. She attempted to arrive surreptitiously, but was hailed by a ship behind her as she approached the city. Lando Calrissian greeted her, mentioning that the ship looked worse for wear. He had just returned from a trip and he was just thinking about how he could do with their help…
  • Galish and Sandy arrived in orbit of a lush green planet. They couldn’t identify it, it wasn’t on any charts, but an automated warning system informed them that this system was restricted space by order of the Emperor. Sandy could feel the life radiating into the Force from the planet – it felt like a place strong in the Force. As they watched an Imperial Class Star Destroyer drift across the sky, a new ship emerged from hyperspace – a 19 kilometre long Super Star Destroyer – so vast that it would probably block out the sun from the planet. Sandy felt a cold, dark presence aboard the ship; he had a bad feeling about this.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP for successfully raiding the Horus TIE Raptor facility and escaping.
  • Gand gained +5 Sabotage Duty.
Raiders of the Ossus Temple
Part One: Arrival and Exploration

Mission Roster

Landing at Ossus

Arriving at an unknown planet, Gand and Tobin descended to the surface of the planet in an attempt to discern their location.

Moments later they are warned by an Imperial beacon that they were intruding on a secured world, and approached by a wave of TIE Interceptors. Dog-fighting through a canyon, they managed to lose the interceptors.

Spotting an old structure, they landed the stolen TIE Raptors nearby and disembarked to investigate the area. Finding a crashed Imperial shuttle, Tobin and Gand were able to send a message to the rest of the party so as to lead them to their location.

Fleeing from a Super Star Destroyer

Galish, Jacen and Sandy arrive in orbit around the planet Ossus, and are promptly warned by an Imperial beacon that they are trespassing in a secured system. Shortly after this, a Super Star Destroyer exited from hyperspace into orbit, and immediately began launching TIE Fighters.

Unable to hide from the vast Imperial force, the party is forced to flee from the swarm of TIE Fighters, leading to a chase through the debris of an orbiting moon. Losing their pursuers, they descended to the surface of Ossus in an attempt to find the missing party members.

Upon reaching the surface, they were intercepted by a local TIE Interceptor detachment, forcing them into a risky dogfight through a forest river, and a canyon. Receiving a transmission from the missing party members, they shook their pursuers and headed to an old temple.

Entering the Temple

Approaching the ruins, Tobin and Gand are suddenly made very aware of the approaching Imperial army, and the Super Star Destroyer in orbit. Climbing up to the summit of the building under a hail of fire, they placed explosive charges as they went. Encountering a massive door, they forced their way inside to find that Reine was already there, and had been seemingly expecting them.

A little while after, Sandy, Galish, and Jacen arrive at the temple to find the exterior surrounded by Imperial forces. Landing on the opposite side of the temple to cover their approach, they foolishly left their ship out in the open before ascending to the top of the temple.

A firefight ensues, with the three rebels mostly outgunned due to the presence of AT-STs in the vicinity. During this battle, the charges placed by Tobin and Gand were detonated, injuring friend and foe alike. Using the cover of the explosion, they proceeded into the temple to join up with Tobin, Gand, and Reine.

Delving the Ruins

Reine explained that she had been waiting for them all to arrive, and that they were here to retrieve an artefact so as to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Empire. As Reine’s actions and motives are a mystery at the best of times, no-one decided to question this.

Before advancing into the ruins, Reine handed Tobin a detonator switch, telling him that he’d know when it was the right time to use it.

At the bottom of a long staircase the group encountered a puzzle of sorts. Letters on the floor, and a cryptic message of ‘The rich need it, the poor have it, and if you eat it you will die’. Solving this quickly, Reine walked across the letters on the floor to spell out the word ‘nothing’, opening doors ahead of the group.

Beyond the doors was a corridor filled with mist. Tobin advanced carefully, watching out for any sign of a trap or ambush. Feeling the pressure of the approaching Imperial forces, Reine took a more direct approach and opted to use the force to briefly clear the mist so that the party could see what lied within.

Tobin had stopped just short of stepping on a creature that had been sleeping in the mist. Failing to get past it without awakening the creature, Reine resorted to paralyzing the creature so that the party could advance.

Dark Ambush

Arriving at the end of the corridor, the party was presented with a large chamber. A door to the left bearing a similar symbol to that used by the CIS during the clone wars, and one bearing the mark of the Jedi order.

Deciding to face any danger head on, Reine walked though the left hand door, followed closely by Tobin, and eventually Galish. The three were separated in a fog of pitch black darkness, each arriving separately in a large library.

Reine encountered what appeared to be the missing Mike Sykes. After a short conversation, the apparition claiming to be Sykes attacked Reine, but was unable to overcome her mastery of the force. With the threat pacified, Reine began reading a copy of the Jedi path found on a nearby table.

Tobin encountered his old friend Dex, who similarly tried to attack him after a short conversation. Killing the creature, it’s disguise failed and was revealed to be some sort of lizard creature.

Galish found herself facing the demons of her past, callously gunning them down without a second though (Galish – I object to this “callous” remark!)

Reine, growing tired of toying with the fake Sykes, threw the creature through a book case, before taking the copy of the Jedi path with her to meet up with the others.

Visions of the Force

[Ash, you can paste your own notes here for this one, as it’s a bit long to type out again.]

After regrouping, Reine handed Sandy the copy of the Jedi path that she had picked up.

The group split again, with Gand and Sandy exploring the ruins beyond the room with the Jedi symbol, and the rest of the party exploring a hidden passageway found within the library.

Following the dark passageway, Tobin, Galish, Reine, and Jacen found themselves standing in an open area concealed from the outside world by a waterfall. In the center of the room, a large tree was growing.

Reine planted explosives around the room whilst Tobin, Jacen, and Galish explored the room.

Reaching out with the force, Tobin found an old staff hidden within the tree. After removing it the group believed they were home free… Until a certain menacing breathing sound was heard coming from the only exit behind them.

Rewards and Experience

  • Reine gained 3 Morality, putting her on 100. Gand gained 2, Sandy gained 3 and Tobin gained 8.

*5XP was awarded for escaping Imperial pursuit.

  • 5XP was awarded for their exploration of the temple and successfully locating the staff.
Raiders of the Ossus Temple
Part Two: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

For ease of tracking sessions, I’ve copied this segment into it’s own page.

Mission Roster

Escaping the Labyrinth

Ambushed by Stormtroopers and attack beasts, Sandy and Gand blasted their way into a labyrinth hidden within the temple. Temporarily losing their pursuers, the duo had enough time to look around the area, with Gand finding an old Gand Findsman’s toolkit, and Sandy finding some strange coral formations that seemed worth taking.

Fighting their way to the exit, the pair discovered that the coral formations Sandy picked up were in fact usable as keys to open the exit door. Scraping together enough to open the exit, the pair escaped from the labyrinth, leaving the Imperial forces trapped within.

The Lord of the Sith

Darth Vader walks into the same room as the party. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but neither party was in a laughing mood. Seizing the initiative, Reine detonated some the the charges whe had previously placed in the room, opening the floor to a sheer drop, blasting a hole in the wall through to an adjacent corridor, and awakening the slumbering tree, which turned out to be quite angry at this development.

Using the force to move her allies into the corridor away from Vader, she stood alone to face the Sith Lord… Until Tobin reached out with the force and guided the enraged tree’s wrath onto Vader.

Using the distraction to attempt an escape, Reine was pulled back by Vader’s use of the force. Sensing her end had come, Reine screamed at the party to leave. Choosing to deny Vader her life as well as the artifact and party she took the only course of action she had left, using the force to pull every bomb that she had placed in the room to herself right in front of Vader, and hit the trigger.

Among the collapsing debris of the room, Galish caught a brief glimpse of Reine’s robes falling among the debris. With the cliff face room now collapsing, the tree struggled to cling to Vader in the hopes of dragging him to his doom.

Nera Nonsense

Nera, awakening in Tobin’s ship to find it surrounded by Imperial forces and attached to a gravity anchor, decided that the best course of action would be to reprogram the ship’s autopilot to be female, and…. interface…. with it.

After a brief jaunt, he decided to play disruptor-in-the-box with the stationed security squad, and one by one vaporized them, taking the key for the gravity anchor in the process. Casually walking round the the gravity anchor whilst wearing a Stormtrooper disguise, he casually disengaged the anchor with the key, and took the ship for a joyride.

Escape from Ossus

During the escape Tobin felt the urge to pull the detonator switch, stopped only by a nagging urge which told him to trust his feelings. Following their respective corridors, both parties emerge outside in different locations.

Tobin called his ship for a pickup, becoming confused at the new personality and name of his ship’s autopilot. The ship eventually picked them up.

Emerging closer to the TIE Raptors, Sandy and Gand headed towards them, only discovering at the last minute that they were now surrounded by Imperial snipers. A battle ensued, with Gand being disabled by the sniper fire. Sandy then called the rest of the party for help.

Whilst on the way to collect the rest of the party, Tobin felt it was the right time to use the detonator that Reine had given him, pushing the switch, and producing a large explosion back at the temple, collapsing it in on itself.

Arriving at the TIE Raptors the party quickly got Gand onboard the main ship, which Nera promptly then flew away, leaving Galish and Tobin on the surface.

Hacking into the TIE Raptor, Tobin was able to get some rudimentary systems back online, enough to take off following the main ship, with Galish hanging onto the outside.

Flying into orbit, Galish failed to climb across into the main ship, becoming dislodged and adrift in space as both ships jumped into hyperspace. The last moments before her oxygen supply ran out, she saw an approaching Decimator class ship approaching….

Rewards and Experience

  • Tobin gained +5 Tech Procurement Duty for returning the TIE Raptor schematics to the Alliance.
    *Gand gained 8 Morality, Jacen gained 6, Sandy gained 2 and Tobin lost 3.
  • 10XP was awarded for successfully escaping the Imperial forces with the staff.
Scrap Raiding at Virgillia
Part One:

Mission Roster

The group arrived at Bespin with the Honey Badger a smoking wreck. It would take a lot to fix it, so they desperately took an offered job from a contact of Lando’s – Jon Reese.

Reese needed them to retrieve certain technological parts from a junk yard in the Virgillia system.

The group went to the system (in a shuttle loaned with it’s pilot from Lando), bypassing the Imperial blockade.

They boarded the wreck of the IGB Oligopoly and began searching for parts. Travis and Gladios ran into reactivated Separatist battle droids. Oz, Travok and Ghost encountered a group of Imperial commandos who were searching the wreck and terminated them.


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