Star Wars: Predators

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Three

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

  • Gand decided to use his Findsman skills to locate Sandy. Performing the proper rituals, he determined Sandy was to the west.
  • Sandy had joined up with the Quolas army, which was being led by a triumvirate of the respective heirs to the Helshar and Tumris clans along with a Royal Guard captain.
  • The group decided to comm Sandy. Sandy answered and was informed that the base was destroyed. They agreed to meet at the Dag-O-Bar.
  • Sandy explained this to the army. They were grateful for the assistance and determined that their best move would be to return to Quolas and prepare for potential Imperial reprisals.
    • Sandy decided to journey to the capital, Zeilo, and set up a distress beacon from his X-Wing’s communications systems so that the locals could call Predator Squadron for help in the event that the Empire returned. He was granted an escort on this journey of 6 guards – 3 from Tumris, 3 from Helshar.
  • As he journeyed into the forest, he began to notice how quiet it was. This wasn’t like the first journey through the forest. It was so still, the trees had this foreboding lure.
  • After two days, his uneasiness grew. They most certainly should have encountered a nest of Bearsloths by now. He began to suspect that it was quiet because a new, larger predator had moved into the region. He inquired with the guards. They told him of the vicious Dracnor – vicious lizard-like creatures that dwell in the mountainous regions of Arbooine. He was told that in the rare occasions that they come down from the mountains, they consume all in their path; the local Bearsloths tend to go to ground to their queen’s nests until the danger has passed. Sandy did not like the sound of this at all…
    • That night, Sandy awoke to shouting. The Helshar and Tumris guards were fighting. A lone Helshar sat at watch, his throat slit and now the guards were on the verge of violence. He calmed the guards and examined the corpse – he determined that the wound was not from a natural creature: it was too precise, made with a knife and besides, why would a predator leave it’s kill behind? None of them got any sleep for the remainder of that night.
  • At first light they departed, hastening their mounts. Again all was unnervingly quiet within the forest.
    • That night they took watch in shifts of two – one to keep the eye on the other, just in case.
    • Sandy was again awoke by shouting. Blearily he looked around – he could see the two guards on watch silhouetted by the firelight, stabbing something on the ground. A dark shape came roaring out the forest and knocked one down, going straight for it’s throat. The three guards that were supposed to be sleeping were slowly rising and drawing weapons. As he turned to get himself up, a large wolf-like creature burst out of the trees and lunged for Sandy, biting into his shoulder.
    • Sandy recognised these creatures as the wolf-creatures that the Empire used to hunt himself and Gand on Ossus.
    • They fought off this first wave, but as the wolves howled – their howls were answered from the forest. Only 3 guards and R5-G8 left, they rallied around the campfire. More wolves came from the forest, this time joined by a man in yellow armour, he wore no helmet, but had a pair of hunting goggle attached to his eyes. He bore a wrist mounted blaster, which he pointed at them as he demanded their surrender. Sandy refused. The man pointed forward and the wolves charged.
    • This battle was swift, but they lost another guard. R5 showed his pro-shooting skills and got the killing blow against a wolf. With the battle over they decided to leave. Immediately.
  • They rode through the night and into the next day. The forest remained quiet, it felt as if they were being hunted.
    • It was the middle of the day, they had just descended down a long hill, when Sandy caught sight of him for the fist time. Two riders on Tarvixes rode up, each wearing yellow armour. Their leader rode a Nexu-like creature, approximately the size of a Reek. He was clad head-to-toe in a black robe, hood low over his face. There was an eerie coldness about him, a void filled with malice and Sandy knew upon sight that this was the reason for the quietness in the forest.
    • A chase ensured through the trees as the dark rider gained upon them. His mount was faster than their Tarvixes. As they rode, he stretched out his hand, trees and branches began collapsing in their path. The chase continued and they passed a stream and ran into a wild stampede of Tarvixes. Sandy and his companions used their Tarvixes to hide amongst the stampede, moving “down stream” as it were. The dark rider and his companions arrived at a ridge overlooking the stampede, hunched over his mount the dark rider contemplated the situation.
    • As afternoon gave way to early evening, Sandy arrived at Zeilo. Never was he so thankful to enter a city in his life.
  • Sandy set up the distress beacon, said goodbye to his Sathari girlfriend, repainted the X-
    Wing and departed.
  • Around the time of Sandy’s departure from Arbooine, the rest of the group arrived at the Dag-O-Bar. They were greeted by an ABZ-class Destroyer that demanded they stop for customs inspection. Great doors opened on its side and 6 TIE Aggressors launched.
  • The group went along with the inspection, hiding anything outright illegal – The Imperials said this was all necessary because of the increased Rebel activity in the region (they may have heard about the glorious Imperial victory recently nearby at Hoth). With it complete, the officer demanded to speak with the registered captain, a Jacen Briggs… The group were unsuccessful in convincing him that Briggs was unavailable, but a call to the station convinced him that they were regular traders there.
  • With this the ABZ-class Destroyer undocked and resumed it’s patrol route.
  • The group stuck around for a while to make it look convincing that they were traders. Luckily they needed to pick up some supplies. They messaged Sandy informing him that they’d ran into customs. They hoped that he’d have the sense to proceed to Cato Nemoidia, their next destination and meet them there.
  • Arrival at Cato Nemoida…..

In total it has now been 2 weeks from the Reeve being deposed. This makes it 3 weeks since meeting with the Alliance, that was about 5 days after Hoth.

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Two
Arbooine Errupts

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

Arbooine Escalation

  • Sandy convinced the immediate royal guards to stand down.
  • A small squad of Imperial troops arrived (searching for the rumoured Rebel base) and the group set about covering up the Reeve’s death.
  • Travok took the Imperials out and began distracting them.
    • Ghost witnessed the arrival of Imperial forces and began shadowing Travok to keep an eye on the situation.
  • Torani began searching for the kyber crystal, finding a console displaying a map of Quolas – it had a hole for a small device with an inlaid tree design.
  • Sandy searched the Reeve’s body and found a small amulet with an orange jewel and an engraved tree pattern.
  • Sandy began rallying the people towards war.
  • Using the amulet in the console they uncovered a list of secret weapons stashes that Marcolf had hidden around the city – he’d clearly been preparing to fight off a siege.
  • Sandy gathered the locals at the Pillar of Ancestors and made a speech – he said that they had thrown off the chains of the false Reeve, the Jedi Marcolf. He said that they now must throw off the chains of Imperial oppression.
    • Travok in the crowd with the Imperial officer noticed that she pulled out her comlink at the phrase “Jedi Marcolf”. Although her stormtroopers attempted to intervene, they got pushed off the walkways into the depths below. She disappeared into the crowd and wasn’t seen again.
  • The Imperial shuttle began taking off. Gand and Torani attempted to stop it. Gand jumped up on it’s wing, but ended up sliding off.
  • The Imperial shuttle destroyed the landing pad at the Reeve’s mansion and flew off.
  • Travok and Sandy arrived in time to witness this. Travok, furious at the turn this was taking (having led another world down this path only for it to end badly) lashed out with his claws. Sandy responded with his lightsaber.
  • Sandy marched into the throne room and destroyed the Reeve’s throne with his lightsaber. He then left, renting a Tarvix and departed the city.
  • The rest of the group retreated to Arbooine’s moon to communicate with the Rebel Alliance and plan further.
  • They determined that they had a moral obligation to help the people of Arbooine by destroying the Imperial garrison on the planet.
  • They reconned the garrison and requested Rebel reinforcements – the Alliance could spare a flight group of fighters (4 Y-Wings to be precise), but it would take them some days to get there.
  • Ghost and Gand infiltrated the facility and began preparing it for demolition.
  • When the Y-Wings arrived the facility’s own turbolasers overloaded and blew up, at which point the facility launched TIE Fighters, which triggered the fuel dump of the facility to overload. Finally the Y-Wings came in and bombarded the garrison into oblivion.
Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part One
The Gatekeeper's Legacy

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.


  • Before their departure from the Alliance, the group buys an array of gear (link to gear list so people know what’s there and who has claimed what), mostly funded by Cassie’s gambling winnings.
  • Team Jenth departs for Arbooine. Travok tampers with the intercom and discovers the inbuilt music player – a playlist selected by Kaltho the Hutt.

Arbooine Arrival

After a long journey, the group arrives at Arbooine:

As you break through Arbooine’s atmosphere, a dense, impenetrable canopy of green spreads out before you, broken here and there by mountains and massive lakes. The gatekeeper provides you with coordinates for the town of Quolas, but when you arrive, the thick foliage prevents you from visually confirming the settlement’s exact location, let alone landing there. Finally you spot a clearing along the bank of a river, several kilometers from where you believe the town to be.

After a day of walking through the forest amongst the rain, the group comes to rest and make camp near a huge elrit tree. Travok and Gand decide to go hunting, running into trouble with a nest of Bearsloths. Travok uses a signal flare in an attempt to get help from camp, but he miscalculated the trajectory and it started a sizable fire. Luckily this intimidated the Bearsloths into backing off and Travok and Gand made it back to camp with 2 Bearsloth arms for dinner.

The next day, approximately a third of the way into their projected walk, they run into some travellers on the road – the Jiarlo family. Their leader, Kirril, trades with the group for Bearsloth venom. They inform Predator Squadron that they aren’t too far from the town and advise them to be wary of Quolas’s Reeve – he is a suspicious person. They also inform them that they encountered a Togruta named Sandraudiga, who is choice-kin with the Jiarlo family, having saved Kirril’s life. They advise the group to stay with the farmer, Jyl Korlis, a friendly face.

After some expert navigation from Ghost they arrive at Quolas, at approximately midday:

Before you looms an elrit tree of truly gargantuan proportions, dwarfing those around it. Easily three hundred meters across at its base, the trunk rises high into the forest canopy, almost disappearing from sight. This is no mere tree, however, as evident from the many suspended, woven orbs, carved structures and the bridges connecting it to surrounding trees. This is your destination – the city of Quolas.

After entering through the huge iron gates of Quolas, Predator Squadron make their way into the city and find Sandy at the Korlis farm, where he is working in exchange for a place to stay. R5-G8 is also with him, the little droid has had something of a makeover, his metal panels having been replaced with solid elrit wood, painted a deep red and purple and engraved with gold Sathari writings. Sandy seems to have really adapted to the local culture.

(Travok attempts to appraise R5 – he’s gone up in value, 16,000 credits or so now, possibly more if sold as a one-of-a-kind art piece.)

  • Ghost and Torani go to the market where they see a scroll seller being hustled for taxes. They acquire a ‘rebate’ for the scroll seller.
  • Travok and Gand catch up a bit with Sandy.
  • Ghost and Torani come to a Sathari Temple, Sandy and the others are also there; after their work day the Sathari come to give thanks to the Ancestors. On the way they notice that people are going out of their way to avoid guards.
    • They listen to the service and afterwards Sandy talks to the administrator. Sandy has been attempting to seek an audience with Marcolf through the religious leader, the administrator says that he does not have the influence with the Reeve that he once did, but will keep trying.
  • The group witness a play that tells of Marcolf’s arrival and his history with the town.
  • After some gambling with some locals they retire to the barn for the night.

A New Day in Quolas

The next day the group are awoken as R5 makes breakfast for Sandy and Travok. Travok pays the droid for the cost of everyone’s breakfast – R5 appreciates this because it shows that he’s a good business-droid.

On the way to the market that day they pass by the Pillar of Ancestors:

Before you stands an ancient, ornately carved column that extends hundreds of meters into the sky. At the base of the column, a number of guards are attempting to contain a crowd of angry Sathari. As you approach, you overhear shouts from the assembled citizens and see that both sides are growing increasingly agitated. Violence hangs in the air, palpable but not yet realized.

The guards are overseeing the removal of old carvings – the history of the town – and replacing them with tributes to Marcolf and his great deeds. This angers Predator Squadron greatly, inspiring Sandy and Travok to make an impassioned plea to the guards. They rally the crowd and convince the lead guardsmen to get them an audience with Marcolf.

Ghost watches this from a distance, ready to intervene if necessary.

The guard hurries off, right as an arm snatches Travok out of the crowd – he’s pulled aside from a young Sathari named Pathran Helshar who explains that he wishes to remove Marcolf from power, he has a resistance movement. The group is hesitant because his clan are one of the two powerful families and from their understanding, their feud led to Marcolf being installed in the first place.

Pathran departs hurriedly as the guards return – the group has been granted an audience with the Reeve.

Confronting the Reeve

They arrive at the Reeve’s mansion:

_ The Reeve’s manor is by far the largest building in the boughs of the tree-city. Although it was originally a single, massive orb of woven wood, it is clear where Marcolf has added to the original structure with rooms, towers, balconies, and two extra levels. The manor complex is accessible by a single, wide bridge. In the nearby branches sit several adjacent guardhouses, servants quarters, and a private Tarvix stable, all conveniently accessible from the main house. Guards stand at the main entrance and patrol along the walkways of the complex. Marcolf’s dwelling looks prepared for a siege._

Ghost follows from a discrete distance and sets up an overwatch position overlooking the main entrance bridge.

Upon entering the ornately carved entrance hall they are asked to surrender their weapons by the guards. Travok manages to get his sword-cane through and Sandy convinces them that his lightsaber is harmless, but otherwise the group is disarmed.

They are then shown into the throne room:

_ As you enter the great hall of the Reeve’s estate, flanked by guards, a Mirialan waits for you, casually sat on the ornate wooden throne, a fine purple cloak around his shoulders. His dark hair is greying at the temples, and his eyes are sunken, his face creased seemingly before his time. The man observes coldy as he greets you: “Welcome to my home, I am Gel Marcolf, Reeve of Quolas”._

They discuss with the Reeve what they have seen of his town, at first he seems open to what they say, that there must be some changes in approach. However, as the conversation progresses, his tone changes.

They mention that they know of Warde – they have his Holocron. Marcolf responds that Warde abandoned him. Sandy and Travok try to convince him that Warde probably had intentions to come back, but was likely killed with the rest of the Jedi. “Yes,” he replies, “Leaving me the heir to his legacy”. Marcolf then ordered his guards to seize the group so he could acquire the Holocron.

As the guards moved in Sandy rushed straight for Marcolf, clashing with lightsabers – Marcolf’s blue to Sandy’s orange. Travok attempted to prevent the honour guards from intervening, two went for Travok as two went for Sandy.

Gand jet-booted to the main entrance where their weapons were kept, grabbing his rifle he fired upon the nearest guards on stun. Unfortunately he would quickly run out of ammo.

Outside, Ghost lay down covering fire upon the exterior bridge to prevent the guards from getting inside.

In the throne room Sandy disarmed Marcolf of his lightsaber, then of Marcolf’s sword. He used the Force to pull Marcolf’s lightsaber to him – holding them in a scissored manner to Marcolf’s neck. Sandy took a moment to look down upon the Reeve – seeing the fear in Marcolf’s eyes, Sandy declared that he was sentenced to die in the name of the New Jedi Order. Sandy beheaded Marcolf, ending his reign.

As things now stand, Ghost is outside, Gand is facing off against 6 guards in the entrance hall whilst Travok, Torani and Sandy have 4 royal guards in the throne room.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP for killing Marcolf.
  • 5XP for stopping the desecration of the Piller of Anscestors.
  • 5XP for investigating Quolas’s history and preventing the guards from abusing their power.
  • Gand gained 4 conflict, rolled 4, so remained at the same Morality.
  • Ghost gained 2 conflict, rolled 5, so gained 3 Morality.
  • Sandy gained 12 conflict, rolled 2, so lost 10 Morality.
  • Gand and Tobin crashed on the planet. It had high gravity, was a rocky red arid desert.
  • They encountered a marauding band of scrappers. Tobin used his Ardos disk to ward them off, claiming he was a bounty hunter who laid claim to the vessel.
  • Galish woke up in a cell aboard the Angel of Lothal. Ghost used a bottle of whiskey she had acquired from Cassie to psychologically torture Galish. Ghost wanted to know what happened after Galish was left behind over Ossus. Galish claimed that she did not remember.
  • Ghost took charge of the Angel of Lothal and began search operations for the Alliance fleet.
  • Kay’daq received a distress signal from Gand and Tobin and brought it to Ghost. Ghost told him to take the Honey Badger and some X-Wing escorts and search for them.
  • Kay’daq picked up Gand and Tobin, they got the Dusk Mynock flying again and returned to the Angel of Lothal. Tobin used the Force to probe Galish’s mind. He saw flashes of Galish floating alone in space, the arrival of a Decimator craft, a flash of a malicious Imperial officer, a cold dark cell, then an explosion and a man in a light blue flight suit (that Tobin recognised from security recordings as the leader of the Syndicate attack on the Rebel transport), finally he saw Galish in a cell, Galish associated it with a great cold.
  • The group reunited with Travis and the Rebel Fleet. General Rieekan was based aboard the Mon Calamari cruiser Redemption. He welcomed them back, he was glad to see them alive. Unfortunately he had to inform them that Setenna Hase died on Hoth.
  • The squad decided to take some R&R.
  • Ghost continued interrogating Galish, but learned nothing.
  • Tobin attempted to get information on Warde’s apprentices out of Blisk, but ended up reminding him of troubled times.
  • They eventually scanned Galish and found a brain tumour. They removed it and found a small explosive and a recording device that was attached to the centre of her brain that processed images.
  • They began scanning members of the squad for these tumours, at which point Gand’s programming took over and he attempted to assassinate General Rieekan. They subdued Gand and removed his tumour before it exploded, even salvaging the hard drive. Unfortunately Gand was severely injured during the surgery and had to have a cybernetic implant installed to compensate.
  • Between her time in prison and Ghost’s refusal to allow her near a drop of alcohol, Galish craves alcohol and is struggling to control it.
  • The group are now planning what direction to take next – pursue Sandy to Arbooine, assault imperial facilities or even deal with the Syndicate and Cobra Talonbane after the theft of the T-66 X-Wing prototype.
  • Across the galaxy, Jacen arrived at his destination with Mara Jade. They flew over a black rocky desert that was dotted with stone obelisks. They flew to a huge crater, where huge stone boulders and debris larger than the Honey Badger had been strewn across the landscape. From the edge of the crater Jacen could see that the desert surface formed an outer shell to an underworld below. “Welcome,” Mara said, “to Malachor”. Together they began climbing down beneath the surface.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP for reuniting Predator Squadron and with the Alliance fleet.
  • 5XP for uncovering the brain tumours.
  • Ghost gained 3 points of Intelligence Duty for the acquisition of the Imperial Neural Chip and it’s data storage unit from Gand’s brain.

Morality changes:

  • Ghost lost 1 Morality.
  • Tobin gained 7 Morality.
The Empire Strikes - Part Five
Escape from Bespin

Mission Roster

  • Gand
  • Ghost
  • Jacen Briggs
  • Tobin Stryder

Jacen – Boarding the Executor

  • Jacen arrives with Jade at the Executor. she sneaks him inside using a disguise and has him hack the security station to erase any record of their presence. Unfortunately he trips an alarm and security teams eventually track them down.

Tobin and Gand – Cloud City Flight

  • Gand takes the controls and Tobin operates the weapons. Slave One attempts to pull alongside them. Tobin opens fire, failing to hit the ship, but causing enough havoc that it drives Fett back.
  • Gand takes a sharp turn to get them out of the city, unfortunately he clips a footbridge knocking out their sensor dish.
  • They entered the gas fields – an area of floating gas mining platforms that supply Cloud City with Tibanna gas. Fett followed, blasting the Dusk Mynock with a missile.
  • Wing Guard Cloud Cars attempted to cut them off, but they blasted past them and flew towards the swirling maelstrom that Cloud City had recently moved to avoid.
  • Fett stuck on their tail like glue until they entered the storm – he’s committed, but he isnt suicidal.
  • Within the storm they lost control of the ship and it began drifting on the wind.

Ghost -Escape from the Wing Guard

  • As Tobin and Gand are flying off, Ghost spots a figure in a beige coloured cloak fleeing the Wing Guard.
  • Ghost follows them to an alley and intervenes, immolating the guard captain with her lightsaber.
  • The figure turned out to be Deck Officer Neathe. She said that she had been scheduled to meet Jacen but he did not show. She and Kay’Daq are in contact with a Rebel cell operating on Bespin and can get Ghost in contact.
The Empire Strikes - Part Four
Bespin Bound

Mission Roster

(During this time Sandy is in hyperspace, travelling ahead to Arbooine)

The Approaching Storm

Tobin (still drunk from the Port in a Storm that Lando gave him the night before) and Gand are in Figg Tower in the centre of Bespin. They attempted to get to the Dusk Mynock, but were intercepted by the Wing Guard. They attempted to convince the Wing Guardsmen to let them to their ship, but the Wing Guard insisted that they had to hold them in their room until the Baron Administrator could see them.

They were lead back to their room where they found more Wing Guardsmen at their door. Inside they found a bottle of wine from Lando. Inside the bottle there was a note that read “I’m not in control”. Tobin convinced Gand that their best method of escape would be to dismantle the toilet system and crawl through the sewage pipes. They began working on this and crawling down the pipes.

Suspicion at the Spaceport

Jacen was aboard the Honey Badger with Kay’daq and Neathe. They got a call from the spaceport authority informing them that as the city moved to avoid the storm there was a chemical spill, it now threatens to set a fuel tanker on fire. An evacuation was ordered.

The group complied with the evacuation. Jacen spent time watching the Wing Guard as they set up a cordon, he thought that they seemed more concerned with keeping people out of the spaceport than any fire. Jacen went to a public terminal and searched for any news; he found bounty postings from the Wing Guard for each member of Predator Squadron – the images in them were recent, they were in the clothes they were wearing yesterday.

Ghost in the Machinery

Ghost had taken shelter in a public bunker as the city moved to avoid the storm. It was relativley nice as bunkers went – holoprograms, dejarik tables and a reading library. The locals were treating this as business as normal, but Ghost wanted to get out.

Ghost sneaked into the main ventilation room of the bunker. She noticed that the light was flickering in an unusual pattern – she realised that it was Imperial flash code:

-and on the run. Get to the opera house, will have more information there. Be careful. You are in danger. Tobin and Gand on the run. Get to the opera house, will have more information there. Be careful.

Ghost removed the housing of the ventilation system and stepped through the fan blades. Following this tunnel she came to an access hatch to the main street. The streets were deserted, so she was able to make her way to the opera house unseen.

By the time she made it to the opera house the alert had been lifted and people were taking back to the streets. She found that the stage door to the opera house was unlocked.

Moving through the backstage area Ghost spotted light coming from the main auditorium. Cautiously approaching the stage, she found that the house lights were on and the holographic interface (a device Ghost was familiar from their time performing an opera for Lando) was flickering with the words:

Welcome Ms Valentine. I apologise that it took so long to alert you, it has been a rather busy day. I need to show you something.

Ghost indicated that the holographic interface should proceed. The background of the stage flickered to become a screen:

It shows footage of a door closing, from a first-person perspective. It swings over to Lando, he’s sweating and clutching at his neck taking deep breaths. His assistant stands next to him, having dropped her datapads, she is as white as a sheet.

Another man stands in the room, back straight, Imperial uniform well pressed, cap over his shaved head. Never has Klevic looked more the part of an Imperial officer. He gives Lando a cold look whilst he adjusts his black leather gloves. An accompanying officer places a holoprojector down on the desk. It activates, displaying images of each member of Predator Squadron – they’re recent images, either from Hoth or the TIE Raptor base.

Klevic looks through the hologram at Lando – “You know these Rebels, Calrissian. Where are they?”.

Lando gives him a look that essentially says ‘search me, pal’, but actually says, “I know a lot of shady folks. Doesn’t mean I’m particularly close to any of them”.

Klevic now leans forward through the hologram, right into Lando’s face: “You are a known associate, Calrissian, that much is confirmed. You may very well be a collaborator. An ISB team disappeared from this city the night before you granted this group clemency for ”/wikis/the-jewel-of-yavin-adventure" class=“wiki-page-link”> stealing the Jewel of Yavin. Then there was the incident where the late Admiral Rathbone’s wife was kidnapped from this city by one of these Rebels," at this point he looks disgusted, “You wriggled your way out of that one claiming they were freelancers, but I bet you thought it was funny to display an opera of our Emperor as performed by some Rebels. So I ask again, tell me where they are and you will be shown leniency. Don’t make me ask a third time”.

Lando just glares at him, “Go to hell,” he says.

Klevic leans back, “Very well,” he says. He turn around, swiftly drawing his blaster and shooting Lando’s assistant. He takes a moment to compose himself before returning his attention to Lando: “So Calrissian, what is it to be? Tell me where Predator Squadron are, or I will drag more people in here and execute them one by one until you do”.

During this time the image moves away from the conversation and zooms in on Lando – he is tapping his hand in a pattern under the desk. It zooms in further and a grid forms around his hand, deciphering the meaning of the movements and displaying them as text: Find them and update them on situation. They are in danger. For their own safety they have to get out of here. I’ll be no help, they’ll be watching.

The image ended, the background disappeared and a new hologram forms – a tall, bald man in grey coveralls with a cybernetic implant sticking out of his head, Lobot. “Lando wishes you to get out of here safely. I will endeavour to aid you with that, but I don’t have long, I will be missed. Lando wishes to save you and this city”.

Lobot informed Ghost that the Empire had co-opted the Wing Guard and was faking a fire at the spaceport.

Ghost headed to the spaceport and attempted to enter through a vent. The vent was secured with motion sensors and the Wing Guard had a rapid response time. Ghost determined that the spaceport was too well secured for her to access, so decided to attempt to access the HWK-1000 at Figg Hall.

  • Jacen gets arrested.
  • Jacen gets dragged into the heist plan.
    *Gand and Tobin sneak their way through Figg Hall.
  • Climb their way over to the landing pad where they are intercepted by Boba Fett.
  • Brief duel, but focus on escape. Slave One pursues.
  • Ghost arrives at Figg Hall, the main entrance is heavily guarded by Wing Guard and she witnesses the HWK take off swiftly followed by the Firespray.
The Empire Strikes - Part Three
The Angel of Lothal
  • Predator Squadron arrived at the scene of the distress signal and found a Rebel convoy in trouble.
  • They worked to fix the ships and escaped before the Empire attacked.
  • Sandy headed off on his own to Arbooine in pursuit of the kyber crystal of the holocron.
  • The others arrived at Bespin where they acquired supplies from the black market.
  • Jacen and Tobin had a falling out over the ownership of the Dusk Mynock.
  • Lando bet an expensive bottle of whiskey with Tobin and actually lost. Unfortunately Tobin was very drunk, so the next day when Gand arrived and spotted Imperial ships arriving they may be in trouble.
The Empire Strikes - Part Two
Last One Out Get The Lights

Mission Roster

Escaping Echo Base

During the Battle of Hoth Mesa arrived back at the north hanger of Echo Base in a heavily damaged snowspeeder. He was captured by the Empire alongside former-governor Kaine. Mesa was interrorgated by Lieutenant Klevic by hologram as to the nature of any intelligence Kaine may have given the Alliance. Klevic was particularly interested in whether any intelligence had been leaked regarding Projects Tempest and Thunder.

The remainder of Predator Squadron fought their way into the Command Centre of Echo Base. It was severely damaged, probably as a result of the bombardment suffered during the battle. Here they fought with a new variant of Super Stormtrooper – larger and armed with a wrist-mounted flame projector, it seemed more aggressive than previous variants.

Predator Squadron made their way into the medical centre, where they found Sandy holding the fort with a squad of infantry and Blisk. They secured the med centre, gathered a few supplies and moved into the south hanger.

Rushing to the Dusk Mynock they found Darth Vader himself descending the ramp. He told them that if they handed over the Staff of Ossus he would let everyone else walk out of here. Tobin and Jacen attempted to flee, but the Dark Lord merely pulled them back to him. Sandy and Gand opened up on the attending Stormtroopers whilst Ghost ran for a nearby X-Wing. Tobin handed over the Staff at which point Ghost opened up on Vader with the X-Wing’s laser cannons. The Dark Lord still standing, Predator Squadron decided to escape whilst they could, running for their ships. Ghost continued to fire blast after blast into the icy cavern’s roof, eventually causing a cave in on Vader.

Accelerating into space, they blasted through the TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers, getting to the edge of the interdiction field, although their Y-Wing suffered 10 points of Hull Trauma. With TIEs on their tail they escaped into hyperspace.

Upon arrival at the Dag-O-Bar they found a Star Destroyer in orbit and an Imperial CR-90 Corvette patrolling the system. They received a covert message from the station crew informing them that the station’s cover was intact, but that they were having to play things safe for now. With TIE Fighters heading in their direction Predator Squadron jumped away again.

Jumping several more times throughout the region, Predator Squadron eventually arrived at an cold barren moon where they could regroup and plan their next steps, hoping that the Empire was not on their tail.

Tobin revealed the extent of his nature with the Cabal, whilst Ghost revealed that she had the holocron one member of the Cabal sought. The holocron activated, levitating into the air and revealing previously unseen seams. It realigned into a diamond shape and projected a small hologram of a youthful dark-haired human man in the robes of a Jedi.

The holocron explained that it could teach them a powerful Force ability, but to unlock it’s full secrets they would need to track down the three kyber crystals that it’s creator, Suljo Warde, had in his possession.

Ghost thought that this would make for a useful training exercise to enable the squadron to face bigger threats, namely going after the Imperial Inquisition. Tobin agreed that it would be useful training, but that their focus should be on eliminating Kevlan’s remaining projects. The squad decided to retrace Master Warde’s steps in an attempt to find the kyber crystals and take things from there.

As they were preparing to depart they received a distress signal:

“This is transport RV-776, we are under attack! B- bzzzt -erial. We are requesting help!”

They traced the signal to a nearby star system, determining that it would take 45 minutes to reach their at top speed. Although they wanted to pursue the kyber crystals, they decided to investigate the distress signal first.

Ghost meditated on the matter and saw a brief glimpse of a GR-75 transport with a hole in its side, a Gozanti-class cruiser adrift. Debris of various starfighters was littered everywhere.

Experience and Rewards

  • +5 Sabotage duty for preventing the Empire from acquiring the Ion Cannon.
  • +5 Personel duty for escaping Echo Base with a handful of NPC troopers left.
  • +10 Combat Victory duty for delaying the Empire during the battle and bloodying their noses a bit.

For escaping with the troopers everyone gained +2 bonus Morality, so:

  • Gand gained +11 Morality, putting him on 100.
  • Ghost gained +12 Morality, putting her on 91.
  • Jacen gained +10 Morality, putting him on 97.
  • Sandy gained 5 conflict from a despair on a fear check, in total -1 Morality, putting him on 93.
  • Tobin gained 5 conflict from a despair on a fear check, in total +0 Morality leaving him on 68.


  • 10 XP for fighting their way out of Echo Base.
  • 10 XP for surviving their encounter with Darth Vader.
  • 5 XP for keeping as many NPCs alive as they did.
The Empire Strikes - Part One
The Corellian Conflict and Echo Base Under Siege

Mission Roster

Jacen Briggs
Tobin Stryder

The Corellian Conflict

Jacen, Tobin and Ghost were holed up in the house preparing their strategy. Tobin planned to demolish the house to create a smokescreen to aid their escape. As they went into the kitchen to prepare this and escape through the back door, 6 unidentified wolf-like creatures (which had previously pursued Gand and Sandy on Ossus) burst in through the back door and engaged them.

Simultaneously Stormtroopers began cutting their way in through the front door. Predator Squadron used the dilapidated state of the building to their advantage by blasting enemies into holes and collapsing the ceiling upon them. One creature snacked on Jacen’s lightsaber, destroying the hilt as Jacen drove the saber through it’s throat. Jacen retrieved his lightsaber crystal as he and Ghost headed into the back garden whilst Tobin prepared the detonation charges in the centre of the house.

In the back garden they encountered two figures – one, the brutish human who cost Tobin his arm; the other a mysterious masked figure wielding a double-bladed vibrosword. Ghost withdrew to a sniping position on a roof-top further back as Jacen attempted to escape. Tobin had set the charges and blew them as he jetpacked out of the house, grabbing Jacen as he flew past.

Unfortunately they did not get far as the jetpack gave out under the weight and they fell into the alleyway beneath Ghost’s building. The Inquisitors very quickly caught up and attempted to engage them again. Ghost attempted to snipe from the building, but the masked Inquisitor used the Force to rip Ghost from her vantage point.

Predator Squadron determined to run, splitting up and heading in three different directions – Jacen disappearing into the crowded streets of Coronet City, Ghost using Rocket Boots to hop rooftop to rooftop and evade patrols, and Tobin headed to where he had previously called his speeder bike to.

Meanwhile at the Blue Sector Spaceport, where the Dusk Mynock and Predator Squadron’s two Y-Wings were docked, Oz and Gand enjoyed hot chocolate until they were interrupted by some aggressive looking fellows. They said they were looking for Tobin on behalf of their employer and suggested that the Mynock was Tobin’s ship. Oz convinced them that he did not know a Tobin Stryder. They believed him and departed, alerting him to the bounty on Tobin’s head.

En route back to the Spaceport, Tobin arrived at his bike and was ambushed by the Inquisitor with red hair. She was able to sneak right up on Tobin – enough to put her vibroblade right at the back of his neck before he noticed. Ghost appeared on a rooftop and pointed her sniper-rifle at her. The Inquisitor used Tobin as a shield, pointing her vibroblade right up to his eye, saying that if she died she’d end Tobin. Ghost withdrew. The Inquisitor interrogated Tobin, asking where the staff was, she noted that Vader was after it. Tobin replied that it was at their base – he wouldn’t take it on a mission. She replied that she knew of their icy base and that Vader would deal with it soon enough. The Inquisitor disappeared into the night and Tobin went to his bike, finding that the ignition wire had been unplugged.

One by one the squad returned to the spaceport to find that another group of mercenaries were outside (having been hammering on the door for 15 minutes with neither Gand nor Oz going to check). Oz asked them what they wanted, they presented them with a hologram of their leader. The leader was wearing a leather jacket and face-mask, head covered in what Tobin recognised as Dillinger’s hat. They too were looking for Tobin, having ran into the other group and used their leads; although this group were looking for Tobin for personal reasons, rather than monetary. They did not state what these reasons were, but Tobin could guess, the leader having introduced themselves as “Ame”. Oz convinced them that Tobin was not here, whilst Tobin hid himself from sight. The bounty hunters departed.

Thanks to Oz’s bribery of the spaceport control techs, Predator Squadrons ships had been moved up in priority of departures. After an hour’s wait they blasted off as Tobin frantically tried to raise Echo Base on comms. After talking with Setenna, the squad rushed to Hoth, fearing what they may find when they arrived.

The Battle of Hoth Begins

Predator Squadron arrived at Hoth thanks to some expert navigation of the hyperspace lanes. They were met by Setenna in the main hanger bay. As she led them to General Rieekan in the command centre she informed them of their week.

It had been eventful, with several Wampa attacks on the base, some starfighter losses due to a raid at Subterrel, then Commander Skywalker went missing for a few days and finally they discovered a weird signal that morning.

Entering the command centre, Predator Squadron waited whilst General Rieekan dealt with a report on the weird signal – an Imperial Probe droid. Rieekan ordered the evacuation and began briefing Predator Squadron on the defence of the base.

Rieekan wanted Predator Squadron to hold the ion cannon. It was vital for the evacuation of the base that the ion cannon remain active for as long as possible. However, he also ordered Predator Squadron to make preparations to destroy the cannon to ensure it did not fall into enemy hands. Gand liked this order.

Predator Squadron rallied in the north hanger as the base erupted into action. Pilots were gathering, briefing on the evacuation procedure. Squads of troopers were forming up, arming up and moving out onto the northern front. Technicians were frantically moving from ship to ship, making last minute tune-ups and refueling.

Predator Squadron were approached by Wes Janson, he told them that they were short on pilots and asked if they had any hands free. Oz volunteered to join him. Janson led him over to a store room, handed him an orange flight suit and helmet. “Welcome to Rogue Squadron”.

The ion defence detachment of Predator Squadron geared up and made their way to the access tunnel to the ion cannon. Elsewhere Travis Shrike was arming up a squad of “berserkers” to hit the southern front, where the Empire was projected to use as a staging area. Sandy led a squad of troopers out to the northern trenches. Travok ensured the smooth distribution of supplies and ammunition to the various front lines. Gladios Ryk was embedded in the snow trenches of the northern ridge, triaging the wounded. Mesa had presumably found her way into a ship somewhere. Meanwhile Cassie was documenting the entire battle with her cam droid as she aided in the preparation for evacuation.

At the ion cannon, the ion detachment found two squads of troopers waiting to help. They had two trench-lines to defend, along with antipersonnel cannons. Tobin started preparing the first trench-line with proton grenades set to a detonator as the Imperial assault force approached.

The first wave consisted of several squads of Snowtroopers supported by an AT-ST. But this force merely grabbed the defender’s attention whilst a squad of Imperial Commandos swung around to hit their right flank. Ghost dealt with the commandos whilst Jacen rallied the troops and Gand planned his thorough destruction of the ion cannon. Oz (Rogue 12) was called in with a TIE Advanced Prototype for air support against the AT-ST.

With the second wave came more AT-STs and Snowtroopers. Tobin pulled out of the first trench-line and hit the detonator, running to man one of the cannons. jacen and Ghost held the line against the onslaught of infantry. Oz blitzed two AT-STs with one missile and Gand realised what he would have to do to overcharge the ion cannon’s capacitor by climbing up into the firing-charge-chamber. Unfortunately this would expose him to potentially lethal amounts of radiation if he stayed there too long. General Rieekan told them to hold the ion cannon for as long as possible, but if their position became untenable they should retreat. Out of the haze of the icy snow, they spotted an AT-AT marching straight for their position.

More AT-STs and Snowtroopers arrived, along with TIE Bombers on the horizon. Jacen and Ghost began pulling back to the ion cannon, calling in air support to attend to the AT-AT. Oz strafed the ground forces. Gand mounted the capacitor into the ion cannon’s circuitry, his skin blistering as the cannon fired, deafening all around. Tobin concentrated fire on the oncoming AT-AT, he knew he had little chance of stopping the thing, but he managed to knock it’s chin-guns offline. The AT-AT marched forward undeterred.

The ion defence detachment pulled back into the ion cannon’s control centre, right as Gand finally escaped the radiation-filled firing chamber. Ensuring everyone was through into the tunnel, Gand fled himself, pressing the detonator. The last thing they saw was a bright light, followed by a deafening roar as the ice in the tunnel ceiling began to crack. Then everything went dark.

Outside, Oz raced away from the ion cannon, pushing the TIE Advanced Prototype to the limit of it’s engines. He passed several T-47 Snowspeeders, on their way to deal with the AT-AT. Too late to warn them, the ion cannon erupted in a burst of purple fire and lightning. The ionized energy unleashed spread out from the cannon, knocking out the AT-AT and the snowspeeders dropped like flies. Oz sped away and up into orbit, joining up with a Rebel convoy in space, he escaped into hyperspace.

Experience and Rewards

  • Duty has been gained, but it won’t be applied until this section of the campaign is finished.
  • Gand gained 4 Morality.
  • Ghost gained 2 conflict, but gained 2 Morality having rolled a 4.
  • Jacen gained 7 Morality.
  • Tobin gained 2 conflict, but gained 8 Morality having rolled a 10.
  • 10 XP for escaping the Inquisitors and the Imperial forces on Corellia.
  • 15 XP for the successful defence of the ion cannon, which allowed the majority of Rebel transports to escape.
Duros Delivery and the Corellian Conundrum

Gand got a call from his brother Jerome. Jerome’s shipments had been being attacked by pirates. He needed Gand to urgently pick up and deliver a shipment to Duros.

At Jerome’s depot they found that the shipment they were supposed to pick up had already been stolen. They traced this shipment and angered Black Sun in the process of retrieving it (Black Sun had stolen it to sell to the Syndicate).

Predator Squadron delivered the shipment of ores to a hidden Imperial facility in the wastes of Duro. Ghost noted the co-ordinates for future reference.


Jacen convinced Predator Squadron to travel to Corellia to investigate the neighborhood that he’d found a link to as part of Operation: Shatterpoint. Investigating they found a poor suburb of Coronet City. Although poor, most houses on the street were well maintained. One, however, was severely derelict, broken windows and cracked walls. A high fence surrounded it and Ghost noticed several old blaster marks on the building.

Jacen, Ghost and Tobin Stryder entered the building. Jacen was drawn upstairs where the house had suffered the most damage – two entire rooms appeared to have been taken out by some sort of strike from outside. Jacen investigated the one intact room, there he found a nursery. When he touched the crib the world shifted.

In the nursery stands a man. Jacen did not recognise his face, but felt a great warmth from him. The man picked up a baby from the crib. He carries the baby downstairs to the hall where a chest sits. He opens the chest and shows the baby what’s inside. “Some day son this will be yours”.

The world shifts again and Jacen found himself back in the room.

Downstairs Tobin found a damaged holoframe amongst the debris in one of the rooms. Ghost found motion sensors placed within the back door frame.

Jacen investigated the hall. As if it was calling to him, he was drawn to a hidden passageway that revealed a secret basement. The basement was dark with no power, but he could tell that it’s construction was different from the main house – the materials were different. Together the group entered the room.

Inside they found a desk filled with computer parts – it appears as if it used to be some sort of communications suite, but it looks as if it’s been smashed to pieces. It is beyond repair. There was a small gun rack, from which Tobin grabbed a DC-15a, and a chest.

Jacen opened the chest, inside he found a phase II Clone Trooper helmet, a small case of datacards (which appears to be some sort of log, starting with the Battle of Geonosis) and a printed out photograph displaying a clone trooper standing on a war torn battlefield, a hilly field pockmarked with blast holes. Standing nearby is a female Jedi Knight.

They did not have long to admire this collection as they heard the telltale clanking of AT-ST walkers. The front street was filled with Imperial artillery and Stormtroopers as TIE Fighters flew overhead.


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