Star Wars: Predators

Imperial Interrogations and Gand Surprises

Mission Roster

The squad set about interrogating Imperial Dignitary Chaast about what she knew of the situation in the Gand system:

  • The planet Gand was seized by the Empire a few months after the Battle of Hoth. It began with seizing the space around the planet, and eventually negotiating a surrender with the Gand Council.
    • In the last 6 months the planet has been turned into a veritable fortress world. Chaast did not know many details, but told them that ships are authorised to land via transmitting clearance codes to Moff Ravik’s fortress on Ryloth. If anything goes wrong with that system, there are back-ups in place.
    • In the event of an attack there are three regional garrisons that would likely respond with reinforcements – Lothal, Kessel and Mon Cala.

Of Moff Ravik she said:

  • Moff Ravik is from Jabiim. He served during the Clone Wars, fighting with the Resistance against the initial Separatist take-over. He fought in the trenches and they lost. When the Republic offered to take a few refugees from the planet when they pulled out, Ravik was among them. But he did not flee, he volunteered to join the Republic Navy – he trained, and became a junior officer aboard the Resurgence, under the command of then-Captain Tarkin.
  • Ravik served under Tarkin for a number of years, including during the Separatist Hold-Out Sieges that ended in the Battle of Ogoth Tiir. He retired at the rank of Senior Commander, eventually becoming a Moff.

Using the above information, Predator Squadron decided to try and get clearance to land by talking to Gand’s brother, Jerome – after all, if he was running ships for the Empire, he must know how to get them cleared.

Jerome said he could not get Gand cleared for the planet – after all he was banished. But he was able to provide them with codes to get past the Imperial blockade and permission to dock with one of the orbital stations to meet with them.

They made a deal with Dei the Great, trading a recording of King Molec of Zygerria singing in the shower for a shuttle. The group then departed for Gand.

The Gand Blockade

Entering the system they found a changed Gand to when Gand previously visited. Now the orbital stations had been taken over by the Empire, Star Destroyers and support craft patrolled the system and a Shield Gate protected the planet’s surface.

They met with Jerome in his deserted office. He said he could acquire the files of his company’s dealings with the Empire, but it would take a few days to assemble everything. Nothing comes free though, he’d like them to do a job for him in return for the files. His ships have come under attack from pirates, and he’d like Predator Squadron to escort one of his shipments and train his crew in how to repel the boarders.

So they left with a crew of a dozen Gand, including a 7-foot-tall uber Gand named Derek. Their voyage seemed uneventful at first, Whisper discovered the joys of caff, and Tobin realised they were carrying living cargo.

Unfortunately it did not last – they were pulled out of hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor and ambushed by the Empire. Their cargo turned out not to be slaves as suspected, but dozens of Stormtroopers. Predator Squadron began repelling the Imperial assault.

Although Gand and Tobin managed to start jettisoning cargo containers into space, TIE Boarding craft began approaching. Galish and Derek did their best to prevent them from docking, but some eventually broke through – Oz prepared to receive boarders. Whisper and Cassie’s spider-droid dealt with an old Magnaguard that was attempting to sabotage their hyperdrive.

Despite these victories, their transport was struggling amongst the onslaught of Imperial forces. Then a voice arrived on their comm channel – responding to their distress call. Mesa led a squad of Syndicate fighters in and cleared a path for their transport to get clear of the Interdiction field. Mesa transmitted a set of co-ordinates to the squad and asked them to follow her to safety.

Rewards and Experience.

5 XP this session.

A royal screwing-over by Jerome that needs avenging.

Loose Ends
Nar Shadda Stop-Over

Mission Roster

Zygerrian Takeover

  • The new King Molec attempted to leverage his ownership of Galish into acquiring Predator Squadron’s ship – it’s a seller’s market after all, she’s a very unique item.
  • Predator Squadron dealt with this by Tobin creating an illusion that the escape pod was a luxury shuttle, convincing the new king that they’d drop him off at Zygeria. Then firing him off in an escape pod at the Zygerrian fleet.
  • Predator Squadron travelled to Kowak where the Parallax Chain captains picked up their ships.
  • They then dropped off the Mandalorians at their nearby settlement.
  • Vera, the clan leader, thanked them for liberating her father. It appeared they had fun – Predator Squadron seemed to have thoroughly wrecked the place by the time the Mandalorians arrived.
  • As a thank you, Vera handed them a talisman bearing her clan’s crest – they hand that to one of her clan-mates, they’ll get in touch with her and whatever Predator Squadron need doing will become her clan’s number one priority (provided they can get there) – whatever target needs smashing, they’ll do it.

Nar Shaddaa, The Galaxy’s Armpit – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  • Galish attempted to recruit the Imperial dignitary and her ISB bodyguard into the League of Fancy Hats. This didn’t exactly go well – but the Imperials got the impression they could convert Galish into a double-agent.
  • This confrontation eventually resulted in the ISB agent breaking Galish’s arm.
  • They arrived at Nar Shaddaa and handed over the Imperials to an Alliance cell on the planet.
  • Some of the group met with Dei the Hutt – Dei thanked them for successfully dealing with the Zygerian situation, and as agreed scrubbed Galish’s debt clear. She warned Galish however, not to shoot up any more Hutt bars – it seems to be a nasty habit of hers, considering what happened the first time she came to Nar Shaddaa.
  • Dei did have a gift for them – a human named Jibril Sayra recently came to her court requesting an introduction with Predator Squadron. Dei was sorry for the squad’s previous loss of the Wookiee medic Gladios Ryk and believed Jibril to be a doctor of some kind who could possibly fill that void in their roster.
  • Gand and Whisper met with a Black Sun representative and dealt with Gand and Tobins’s Obligation there.
  • They got word that the Imperial prisoners they’d delivered to the Alliance had escaped. They went after them.
  • They eventually tracked them down to a hidden Nebulon-B frigate called the Fury. They infiltrated the ship, which began taking off.
  • The rest of Predator Squadron engaged the Fury with the Honey Badger.
  • Gand and Whisper acquired the Imperial Dignitary, sabotaged the hyperdrive and made for an escape pod. (Also discovering that the ship was bound for Ryloth, and that there were multiple crates that possibly contained spice aboard).
  • The Fury blew up in orbit of Nar Shaddaa, but the Honey Badger had been severely damaged in the battle.
  • Predator Squadron now have the dignitary to interrogate about Moff Ravik.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP this session.
  • Galish gained a bonus 5 XP for paying off her Debt Obligation to Dei.
  • Tobin, Gand and Oz gained a bonus 5 XP for paying off their Bounty Obligation with Black Sun.
  • Tobin’s Morality was triggered today, he gained 4 conflict and rolled 10 = +12 Morality gained this session.
  • Gand gained 5 Sabotage Duty.
Assassination Aboard the Crucible

Predator Squadron explored the Zygerrian palace that turned out to be a ship. They found a hologram of a Sith Lord claiming to be Lord of the Crucible.

They convinced Prince Sono Molec that his father was plotting against him (and gathered future blackmail material to use against the Prince) and watched the dominoes fall.

The Prince launched a stand-off against the King, this escalated into a multi-way fight involving the Mandalorians, the Parallax Chain, Black Sun and the ISB. The Prince’s Sword killed the King, and then left. The group evacuated the chamber as Bob launched a series of Sith war droids into the chamber with directives to pacify the fighting.

Everyone evacuated the Sith ship onto the Honey Badger, but Bob elected to stay behind to see what he could learn from the ship. (Cassie was able to acquire information on the ship’s projected course – it was heading through the Outer-Rim and towards the Unknown Regions, the rest of Predator Squadron said they would attempt to catch up to Bob after their immediate obligations to the Rebel Alliance were completed).

To Kill A King

Predator Squadron infiltrated the Royal Palace on Kowak under various guises. They attended the Royal Banquet and were introduced to various attending dignitaries. Galish (who had entered the palace as a slave to Prince Molec) uncovered an ancient section of the palace, discovering a console. Through mashing some buttons here, Galish discovered that the palace was not in fact a palace, but a pyramid-shaped starship, Galish had just pressed the ignition.

The ship flew off, dignitaries and Zygerian guards inside. Tobin Stryder led a team of Mandalorians up the side of the palace and staged a hostage situation mid-flight.

The ship blasted it’s way through an intervening Imperial Raider-Class Corvette and jumped to hyperspace – destination unknown…

Kowak's Grand Tournament
Galish's Melee and Gand's Podrace
Vlemoth Point Stopover & Scouting Kowak
Assassination the Zygerian King Part 1

Mission Roster

Vlemoth Port Stopover

  • Tobin and Gand spent the trip from Home One to Vlemoth Point crafting armour and cybernetics. In particular Tobin forged a Mandalorian-looking suit of armour and used Travis Shrike’s helmet as the finisher. Gand created a specific cybernetic leg with integrated tools.
  • They arrived at Vlemoth Point and went to the port there – the large tower complex that Travis first met the Mandalorian representative at. Here the group went shopping, received an economics lecture (in pamphlet form) on the teachings of Hego Damask and the benefits of absolute unregulated capitalism. Then Tobin bought a ‘lucky Kyber crystal’ for 200 credits from a shady street vendor.
  • Tobin and Gand got accosted by bounty hunters who took them to meet a representative of Vigo Celo, the Rodian Vigo that Tobin previously impersonated (they also weren’t happy about a deal the two had sabotaged between Black Sun and the Syndicate). They explained that Black Sun was now in the midst of a power struggle among the Vigos in the aftermath of Prince Xizor’s death. Vigo Celo wanted a rival Vigo – a Falleen named Xad – assassinated. Xad is said to be travelling to Kowak to meet with the King of Zygeria. Gand and Tobin agreed, and they collected a datacard with Xad’s image.
  • They learned where the Mandalorian settlement was and travelled there. They met with the chieftain (Vera) and convinced her to spare the prince’s life (but of course he must pay somehow). She sent some of her warriors, led by Teroc (the Mandalorian Travis got friendly with) with the group to deliver to the planet as an initial strike force. She also has around 800 warriors ready to drop on the planet in 2 hours notice (although there’s a Zygerian fleet in orbit that might cause problems).


  • Arrive at Kowak, witness the parade that heralds the king’s arrival (was a bit naff really). They noticed one of the king’s men (under heavy guard) receiving payment from one of the prince’s men.
  • They learned of the events taking place to celebrate the king’s arrival. There’ll be melees, jousting, beast taming events. In particular they were interested in the podrace event, but it required a 4000 credit entry fee and their own pod.
    • The winner of the podrace would receive 50,000 credits and an invitation to a royal banquet.
  • Gand and Cassie sold some stuff to make some money. They learned that a shipment of Gand slaves was being brought in at the south docks.
  • Tobin made some money at sabacc with some palace guards, and learned that the person they witnessed is known as the King’s Minister – he manages the day to day affairs. The palace guards hate him. He’s supposedly a pain to deal with and refuses to sleep in the royal palace on Kowak – he prefers his ship.
    • Tobin managed to convince one of the guards that his lucky ‘kyber crystal’ would change his fortune in Sabacc. The guard didn’t have the money to pay him, but offered to trade his podracer for the gem. Tobin took that and ran off with the keys. As he started the pod up the man came bursting out of the bar having realised the crystal was fake. Tobin drove off into the night.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP today.
  • Tobin gained 5 conflict, rolling 2. his Morality was triggered today so he went down by 6 points.
Mygeeto Base Raid

Mission Roster

Infiltrating the Imperial Base

  • They enter the base, sneak in. Jacen distracts some stormtroopers whilst Ghost and Xerxes kill them.
  • Oz and Ghost enter the giant crate at the back of the room and discover that it’s a stored AT-AT.
  • They go on a rampage and begin attracting attention.

Mesa’s Dilemna

  • Mesa wakes up in her cell to an ominous hum and a silver glow. Sirak Gith, the Zabrak inquisitor and member of The Cabal was standing over her.

Rewards and Experience

15XP today.

Mesa's Massacre
  • Cassie and Ghost co-ordinated with General Rieekan to backup the data on the Onderon Crest for the Alliance.
  • Jacen created a back-door into Alliance computers, accidentally setting off an alarm causing the fleet to go on high alert. He used the opportunity created by this to steal the Onderon Crest and a white crystal belonging to Borsk Fey’lya from Home One’s vault.
  • Mesa was scouting potential ships to steal upon their potential rogue adventures (to make their departure look more convincing and give them extra starfighter carrying capacity). The alarm went off and she was forced to dock with a Consular-Class Cruiser.
  • Mesa decided to attempt to steal it, so attempted to override controls from engineering. This failed, so she attempted to jettison all the escape pods and blast blast a hole in the side of the hull to suck all the air out. The blast doors foiled this plan and Mesa got trapped in a room rapidly losing oxygen. She climbed out onto the hull and entered the airlock. She then overrode the airlock controls to suck some crewmembers out into space. She then went to the bridge and overrode the life support controls to suck the air out of all the rooms. The remaining crew attempted to stop her, but she killed them.
  • Mesa escaped into hyperspace with the ship, damaging several Alliance vessels on her way out.
  • The Alliance were obviously displeased with this turn of events. They were happy for the group to go rogue, even to steal some needed supplies, but not at the expense of people’s lives. General Rieekan assigned the squad to track Mesa down and bring her back because they were likely the ones most motivated to do so.
  • Mesa arrived at Mygeeto, the ship crashed into the ice and began sinking. She managed to seal off the breach and take off, only to be intercepted by TIE Fighters. The Fighters pursued her into orbit where she encountered the Interdictor in orbit. She surrendered and was forced to land at an Imperial air base.
  • An Imperial Captain interrogated her, getting the co-ordinates of the Rebel fleet out of Mesa. The captain then pulled out a knife, claiming to be working for the Bothan Spynet – the interrogation was a test of Mesa’s loyalty and she had just failed. The captain attacked Mesa, severing her hand.
  • The rest of Predator Squadron arrived at Mygeeto, investigating the Jewel City (a vast underwater ice city that was a major tourist attraction. They found the reports about the Consular-class cruiser buzzing the capital before being brought down at an Imperial base by the Empire.
  • They headed to the base and began making preparations to sneak in and raid it.
The Battle of Mimban Part Two

Mission Roster

Air Support

Tobin was flying through the city on overwatch in the Virago when his sensors alerted him to incoming ships – dozens of starfighters coming from the north (the direction of the Imperial air base), and a shuttle with accompanying fighters coming in from the civilian spaceport (from the east). Tobin stretched out with the Force, determining the hostile intent of the starfighter pilots and their positions, he also determined that Galish was aboard the shuttle.

Tobin engaged some of the oncoming TIE Fighters as they came over the mountain range towards the city – blasting apart the rocks with proton torpedoes to hamper their approach. Eventually the Empire brought in an AT-AA and Tobin was forced to pull out. He headed towards the spaceport.

Galish (following a flight plan set by her accompanying TIE Fighters, which would take her towards the air base) used the distraction of Tobin attacking her escorts to pull away, rocketing for orbit and eventually hyperspace. She set course for the Angel of Lothal and arrived quickly, docking with an accompanying ship.

At the spaceport, hidden missile batteries began deploying to engage Tobin. He swiftly dealt with the TIEs and disabled the sensor system atop the control tower (blinding the Imperial forces temporarily) and headed full speed into the city to hide amongst the buildings.

Aboard the Lothal, Galish was hurried through to the bridge in a hover-chair. On the bridge Lieutenant Dixon and C3-V3X were assessing the tactical disposition of the Mimban system. Galish informed them that Predator Squadron were in trouble and needed help, they told Galish that they were preparing to jump in and join the battle at Mimban V.

Blisk (being ever the practical fellow) relieved C3-V3X of one of his legs and attached it to Galish as a very make-shift prosthetic. Galish prepared for battle as the Angel of Lothal jumped to hyperspace.

Inside the Hub Library Facility

Ghost, Gand and Whisper broke into the control room. They found a scene of carnage – console had been blasted, still smouldering, and the technicians killed. The commander appeared to have killed himself, rather than face capture. The group identified a security feed showing gas canisters deploying into a detention facility. They identified the self destruct mechanism, unfortunately Ghost found it too challenging to disarm, and with only 10 minutes left they decided to run for the imprisoned Bothans.

Backtracking through the facility they came to a small mess hall that had been converted to be defensible. Gand’s nemesis – the officer who fought him in the trash compactor previously – commanded a force of 25 Stormtroopers, 4 Death Troopers and turrets. Predator Squadron tried advancing into the room, but found the resistance too strong. Ghost remembered the Baradium charge they previously had, tossing it to Gand. His eyes glistening with glee, Gand swiftly armed the charge and threw it into the room, barely getting the blast door sealed.

The blast ripped apart the room and everything in it – denting the blast door that Predator Squadron sheltered behind.

They entered the room – smoke and flame everywhere. A figure came out of the smoke and collapsed – the blackened Stormtrooper armour barely clinging together smouldering. Together Ghost, Gand and Whisper pried the door open at the far end – opening onto a scene of wrecked girders and flaming wreckage. They carefully made their way through. At the end of the hall, they spotted the cargo elevator off to the left and a secured door to the right that led to the detention level.

Gand hot wired the door, bypassing and recovering the detonite charges built into the mechanism. Inside they found a large cell-block filled with gas. The area was clear of Stormtroopers, but it seemed as though the Bothan prisoners had died. They pulled the bodies out of the cells and into the corridor, identifying one as Captain Kay’daq. Gand determined that they had recently died – within 5 minutes. Ghost was so enraged, drawing on the Force, through her anger and frustration, she poured this energy into Kay’daq dragging the faint flicker of his life-force back to life.

After taking a few moments to recover Kay’daq asked “What took you so long?”. In response, they briefed him on the situation. Kay’day reached up into his mouth, removing a prosthetic within his jaw and cheek. They could see that the prosthetic had a computer chip and ports built into it. Kay’daq pressed it into Ghost and woozily said “This has to get to the General. No one else. Make sure he gets it”.

Aware of how few minutes were left on the countdown, they helped Kay’daq to the cargo elevator. They hit the lever, ascending upwards, barely making it as the entire facility began shaking as a massive explosision ripped through it. Flames burst over the side of the cart, the entire world shook as dust and debris fell from the ceiling.

Outside Tobin could only look on in horror as flames engulfed the Hub Library and the civilians sealed within.

The Battle at Mimban V – Last Flight of the Angel

Galish, aboard The Angel of Lothal, returned to the Mimban system. The ship reverted from hyperspace into a firestorm of turbolasers fire, surrounded by dozens of TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers. The crew found themselves engaging the Executor and its accompanying Star Destroyers at close range.

Galish then realised, she had not told Lieutenant Dixon which planet in the Mimban system Predator Squadron were on, and that he had jumped the ship in to join the main battle. Galish then determined that her best course of action would be to find a way down to the surface and find her wife, Princess Khylira. She grabbed a space suit from a bridge locker and headed for the nearest airlock – suiting up quickly, she opened the door and jumped out into space, intending to let gravity take her to the surface.

It was at this point that Galish realised that atmospheric entry would be incredibly painful, her jetpack did not function in space, that without a propulsion system she had no way to steer and that it would take a while for gravity to pull her into the atmosphere.

She looked on at the ensuing battle, the Executor quickly ripped one of the corvettes to shreds with turbolasers fire. Escape pods from the corvette made a desperate run for the planet. The molten surface of Mimban V glowed ominously throwing a red hue onto the battlefield. X-Wings rushed past dogfighting with TIE Fighters.

Galish remembered the grapple gun she’d acquired earlier. Taking aim at a nearby TIE Fighter, she fired, but the TIE was moving way too fast to get hit. She was then blinded by a bright searchlight and found herself being tugged towards a shuttle of some kind by a tractor beam. Galish filled with dread as she anticipated the worst.

The next thing she knew Galish was being pulled into an airlock and a space-suited figure was telling her it was ok, just breathe normally. The figure said “Were you a pilot? Did you eject?What side are you with, I don’t recognise the uniform?”. Galish was then led into the back as she informed him she was with the Rebellion. He said “Alright Imperials are starboard side, Rebels port”, and showed her to a medical bay – the ship was lined with beds, one side Imperial fighter pilots, the other Rebellion.

Her rescuer informed her that he worked for a neutral organisation that tried to help casualties in battle. So long as they don’t get in the way, they won’t get shot down. Galish tried to convince the man to take her to Mimban III, but he said there was no battle at Mimban III – it was here at Mimban V. She asked about going down to the surface of Mimban V, but he said it was too dangerous. Galish implored to him that her wife was down there, he said he wouldn’t take her down there, but he did show her to the escape pod.

Galish jettisoned the pod and held on tight as it hurtled away from the battle and towards the surface of the planet. Playing she didn’t land in a lava flow, or a field of toxic waste, Galish braced herself for impact.

Warehouse Rumble

Ghost, Gand and Whisper finally reach the top of the elevator shaft with Kay’daq. It opened out onto a darkened warehouse stacked with crates and shipping containers – a quick look around revealed dozens of Stormtroopers patrolling the area, a pair of TIE Interceptors and a Lambda-class Shuttle guarded by a pair of Death Troopers.

They snuck their way through the warehouse, flinging tools and bits of debris to distract the Stormtroopers. Gand handily found a hand grinder and a glue-gun on a tool trolley. Ghost, Kay’daq and Whisper arrived at the shuttle, taking cover behind it.

Gand approached one of the TIE Interceptors, arming his detonite charges. He placed them carefully between the engines of the TIE, noticing it was connected to a nearby fuel pump that ran underneath the platform. Gand took cover as a TIE pilot approached and got in the ship. With the engines warming up they would have to hurry.

Ghost blasted the first Death Trooper and Whisper put it down – Ghost got Kay’daq aboard whilst Whisper entered the cockpit and primed the engines. Gand charged through and got aboard the ramp, but as he passed the remaining Death Trooper it got a shot off with its pistol – shooting Gand in the face, blinding him.

Seeing this, Ghost blasted the Death Trooper, prioritised acquiring its blaster and helmet as a souviner, then saw to securing Gand aboard the ship. Whisper blasted off and made for the warehouse doors, blasting them apart with the laser cannons. On their comm system they received the following transmission from the maddened Imperial crew:

Shuttle Tydirium you aren’t cleared for launch! Stand down!

As their shuttle broke free of the warehouse the TIE Interceptors took off, detonating Gand’s charges – the warehouse got ripped apart in a massive fireball, but unfortunately Gand could not see it.

Tobin recognised the signs of Predator Squadron’s usual modus operandi and fell in with the shuttle, covering their escape from the oncoming hoard of TIE Fighters. They broke through and headed for orbit, broadcasting a “Mission accomplished” message towards the Rebel base before escaping to hyperspace.

The Battle at Mimban V – An Angel Falls

  • Galish battles her way across the battlefield. The port wing section from the Angel of Lothal crashes down, then she looks on in horror as the rest of the ship crashes into a lava field.
  • Galish gets into the Rebel base, reunites with the princess. Then she helps Captain Volin convince General Rieekan not to stay behind.
  • Galish Pilots the Honey Badger out of there, but gets swarmed by TIE Bombers.
  • The Rebel fleet arrives and begins engaging the Empire, covering the Honey Badger’s escape to hyperspace.

The Calm Before

  • Predator Squadron reunite and get medical attention.
  • They get briefed on the intelligence they recovered in a meeting involving Admiral Ackbar, General Rieekan, Captain Volin, Mon Mothma and Borsk Fey’Lya (the head of the Bothan Spynet).
    • Indeed the Empire are developing another Death Star. Furthermore in around a month’s time the Emperor himself will be touring the construction site to oversee the final stages of the project.
    • The shipping company owned by Gand’s brother, Jerome, is listed as part of the Empire’s logistics department for supplying the Death Star II construction – it’s one of the companies the Empire uses for cover.
    • Tobin’s father is listed as one of the leads of Project Celestial Power. This was a front the Empire used for the development of the reactor for the first Death Star, and was headed up by Galen Erso until his death. It is believed that Tobin’s father is overseeing this project at the Death Star II’s construction site.
      *Whisper suggests disavowing Gand to give him cover to infiltrate his brother’s organisation to gather more information (the idea being that Gand is fired in a very public manner, leading to him needing a job). To be credible they decide to extend this to the whole unit.
    • They begin putting this plan into motion, Ghost coming to an arrangement with General Rieekan about the repair of the Honey Badger.
  • Tobin and Jacen head to the Dusk Mynock, discussing a range of topics – The Force, the war and their place in it all. Eventually Ghost joins in, then Gand and Galish. (You guys might be best filling this segment out more fully).
The Battle of Mimban Part One

Mission Roster

The Rebel hanger was a scene of mildly controlled chaos – pilots rushed to their ships, torpedoes were loaded and soldiers rushed to the surface as the defence cannons blared. Ghost was set to take off when a mysterious figure clad in black dropped into the back seat. Commenting that it was a trick she had once pulled, Ghost was introduced to Whisper.

Predator Squadron departed Mimban V under fire from Imperial TIE Interceptors. They dodged a familiar looking Aggressor-class Attack Fighter, the same model that IG-88 used to pursue them from Skye. The Aggressor bypassed the squad and made a bee-line to the surface of the planet.

The squad evaded Imperial reinforcements, altering their route through the system to go past \Mimban IV. As they passed the labour camp they spotted the ominous shape of a Super Star Destroyer and accompanying ships departing, setting their course for Mimban V.

Thanks to Galish’s perception they spotted the orbiting sensor sattelites around Mimban III and made a plant to bypass them. They were able to hack the sattelites and obscure their approach – ground-based fighters would not be alerted until they were already approaching the city.

They entered the atmosphere and headed overland to the capital city. They entered the city limits, TIE Fighters at the mountain starfighter base began fueling and launching – their response would take 15 minutes to arrive. Keeping close to the city streets and flying between buildings, they came across an Imperial AT-AT. Although they took some fire, they eventually managed to evade it, dodging through a high-way bridge and preventing it from pursuing.

They arrived at Hub Library, set upon a town square in the centre of the city. Parked in the centre of the square was an AT-AA. To avoid it the squad parked on nearby rooftops, jetpacking or climbing into the library tower.

They found that the fire doors had been shut, alarms were blaring and the civilians were hiding under their desks. They blasted their way into the lobby (despite the protests of “Shhhh! This is a library!” from the civilians" and began fighting their way down to the ground floor (where they spotted Stormtroopers coming out of an elevator hidden within the structure of a fountain).


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