Star Wars: Predators

Onslaught at Arda I Part 4
Rendezvous at Ord Radama

In this session, Predator Squadron travel to Ord Radama, where they encounter an old nemesis and investigate the Rebel traitor, Var Narek.

(Note this is only rough, can be updated with more detail).


Tobin Stryder

The Mission

The Journey to Ord Radama

- Loaning 2 Y-Wings from Resolute Base.

- Other preparations: Commander Qurno wishes them luck and gives them navigation data for a route that’ll shave off about half a day off their 2 day journey to Ord Radama.

- Departing and the treacherous route.

- Running afoul of the Iron Gauntlet’s patrol.

- Talking their way out of the situation, and being given a TIE Hunter/Advanced escort. At which point they recognise the voice on the other end of the comm, Lieutenant Klevic.

Arrival on Ord Radama

- Investigating the contact that Urel Haydon suggested. (Tense bar scene with the local resistance)

- Scouting the Imperial Palace.

- Attempting to infiltrate the restaurant and get info on Narek from the wealthy members.
- Pretending to be the son of Governor Ardus Kaine, plus entourage.
- Tobin and Nerra go gambling. The group eats esgoroth spleen steak, the Dac soup special (a weird orange/red coloured fish flavoured soup), golden Nerf steak and golden flaked oil (both of which literally have gold shavings in them).
- Outside Ghost takes cover in a fountain watching the entrance, whilst Gand is almost entrapped by the local police drug enforcement agency.
- Dex attempts to parley off some Alderaanian wine for info from the officer’s lounge. Unfortunately, when he enters, he encounters Lieutenant Klevic. Although Dex is able to convince Klevic that he’s still an undercover operative for General Kevlan, Klevic still insists that Dex be escorted to the Palace.
- Ghost and Gand prepare to ambush Dex’s escorts, the rest of the group prepares to join in.
- Securing transport (the Imperial speeders, with Gand in the DEA speeder), leading to a chase.
- Nerra gets out very quickly, avoiding police patrols.
- Dex, Ghost, Oz and Tobin run into a roadblock, which they crash into. With Dex unable to immediately get their speeder going again, Oz and Ghost open fire on the 8 local police, killing them.
- The group escapes the police and returns to the spaceport.

- The resistance calls them with more information about Var Narek – his family was killed 6 months ago in a suspicious bombing which the Empire blamed on the Rebel Alliance.

- They decide to leave and attempt to intercept Narek in space.
- Calculating his probable course into the system, they fly to the predicted reversion point, where they find a higher than usual number of TIE Fighters patrolling the local traffic lanes and a Lancer-Class Frigate on station.
- They return to the planet, but fail to avoid detection. The spaceport authority insist they return to the spaceport.
- They fake engine troubles, so the spaceport provides a ‘complimentary’ mechanic service. The mechanic finds a lot of ‘faults’ that aren’t there, and writes up a report grounding the ship until they’re fixed.

- Finally, they get a call from the local resistance saying a battle damaged Jumpmaster 5000 has been spotted entering the atmosphere, it appears to be on course to somewhere west of the capital city. The group assumes that this is the old Narek estate.



Total XP earned: 10.

5XP for making contact with the Rebels at the Scarlet Sword.
5XP for exploring the city in search of Var Narek.

Onslaught at Arda I Part 3
Uncharted Territory

In this session, Predator Squadron investigates some missing scouts, and attempts to hunt down a possible spy in their midst.

(Note this is only rough, can be updated with more detail).


Tobin Stryder

The Mission

Retracing the scout patrol.

- Swamp lizard attack + Ghost spots tracks.

- Tracks lead to a clearing with the mound. Battle with the bugs.

- What was in the mound of dirt (impression of a 10cm square box and some wiring).

- Returning the samples to the doctor.

Searching for the Spy.

- Dex being contacted by Haydon.

- Dex’s initial enquiries into the spy/Going to Qurono and angering him enough to place him in the brig,

- The return of the others.

- Investigating Ishthar, Bothan Lieutenant, serene pilot.

- Ishthar’s find and it’s missing nature.

- Rik Torrence approaching Gand, checking out Dex’s reputation.

- Listening in to Quorno and the Bothan (phrased about going from the cargo loading area, through an access panel and to the power generator. There she’ll take down the guards with extreme prejudice if necessary. Then she’ll disable the power generator). The PCs suspicions that this is in relation to Resolute Base, then going to Setenna for confirmation, which she dismisses – it’s to do with an upcoming Rebel operation to Topwara.

- Suspicions of Haydon, then investigating him (he was on the level). He suggests they look for DNA evidence, which they gather from the box (found under the Bothan’s quarters (it contained a transmission log that they decoded, and that it was downloaded by a leutenant)) and the wire materials Ghost had. He just needs them to plug a data jack into the main control room (with dark flashbacks to when Lieutenant Klevic betrayed them). Tobin does this. They get the evidence, the second DNA sample matches Var Nareck.

- Confrontation in the control room, Setenna’s injury. They think they’ve won, but it’s not over yet. A speeder bike/trailer takes off and Dex and Tobin pursue whilst the others launch the Honey Badger.

- Chase of the ship through to space.

- Ship escapes to Hyperspace, but with 3 threat on it’s Astronavigation check.

- They return to base to find that Setenna, the Bothan and Var Nareck are all missing.

- They prepare to launch and go after them to ORD Redana (Var Nareck’s homeworld and the nearest Imperial outpost) at Haydon’s suggestion.



Total XP earned: 20.

  • 5 XP for tracing the scout patrol’s steps and gathering poison sacks from the evarrian’s.
  • 10 XP for conducting the investigation into the spy.
  • 5 XP for exposing Var Nareck on their first try.


A total of 18 Dury was gained across the party:

  • Dex gained +5 bonus Intelligence Duty
  • Gand gained +3 Sabotage Duty
  • Ghost gained +5 Intelligence Duty
  • Oz gained +3 Combat Victory Duty
  • Tobin gained +5 bonus Intelligence Duty
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