Star Wars: Predators

Endor Part 6 - Finale
The Birth of the New Republic

Mission Roster

  • On the surface of the planet Gand, Ghost, Ace and Oz were taking part in the unfolding ground battle.
  • Tobin and Jacen were aboard the Death Star, in the presence of the Emperor’s Hands and Tobin’s father. They staged an escape attempt.

Rewards and Experience

  • Over the course of the Battle of Endor, Predator Squadron gained a total of 60 Duty.
  • Tobin resolved his ‘Discovery’ Obligation.
  • Oz’s ’Mistaken Identity Obligation increased by 5.
  • 10 XP for preventing the TIE Bombers wipe out the Rebel ground forces.
  • 10 XP for the Jacen and Tobin escaping the Emperor’s Hands and disabling one of the tributary beams of the Death Star superlaser.
  • General Rieekan arranged for the group to each be paid 5000 credits as a bonus for their services on Endor.


  • Oz’s ‘brother’ escaped custody, killed R3 and disabled the Intruder before stealing a Rebel shuttle and left.
  • Oz got a call from the Dag-O-Bar where they informed him that some rowdy Trandoshan pirates had come through. There had been some minor damage, but strangely they decided to go when they decided to flip his HWK-290 180 degrees upside down. This transmission was jammed when the Dag-O-Bar crew informed Oz of the sudden approach of Imperial forces – Oz told them to play it cool with the Empire.
Endor Part 5
The Battle of Endor Begins

Mission Roster

  • Jacen and Tobin are brought aboard the Death Star where they face challenges and temptations from the Emperor’s Hands.
  • The ground team decide not to strike at the starfighter base for now and decided to meet up with General Solo’s strike team. There they met Sergeant Kes Dameron, a member of the commando team.
  • Whilst waiting overnight to meet with General Solo, Galish decided to go on her own to sneak aboard a shuttle and possibly attempt to rescue Tobin and Jacen. Unfortunately she was spotted and ended up being captured.
  • The rest of the ground team met up with General Solo at the back door, they set up mines as Solo’s strike team was captured. They launched a counter-attack against the Imperial forces, being joined by the Ewok natives (led by their droid god). This counter-attack turned the tide of the battle in the Rebel’s favour, taking the Empire by surprise.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP this session.
  • Ghost gained 6 conflict, rolling 6 = +0 Morality.
  • Jacen gained 1 conflict, rolling 5 = +4 Morality.
  • Tobin’s Morality was triggered this session, he gained 4 conflict, rolling 1 = -6 Morality.
  • Duty for the battle will be awarded once the overall story-arc has concluded.
Outriders of Endor Part Four
Predator Squadron vs Vader's Fist

Mission Roster

Jacen began slicing into the base’s systems from the ISB field office. The rest of Predator Squadron began setting up defences against the incoming waves of Stormtroopers that were descending on their position. Ghost and Oz collapsed the ceiling in their respective corridors to buy them some breathing room. Jacen attempted unsuccessfully to shut down the security droids.

Tobin broke into the command centre, attacking the Wookiee Diranor, blinding him.

Downstairs Jacen continued to be frustrated by the security in place around the facility’s systems, and the others began healing their injuries in preparation for the next wave. The wall behind them began to smoulder and glow as the Empire started melting the stone to get through.

  • Jacen eventually hacked into the shield systems, disabled the safeties and set the facility to overload.
  • They were attacked by Tempest Stormtroopers for the first time since the destruction of the Kamino facility, that is disconcerting.
  • Gand and Galish were knocked unconscious and Oz had to carry them both out.
  • Tobin dueled Sirak Gith, and may have sown the seeds of doubt in the Inquisitor, calling him a failed Jedi.
  • Jacen was captured when Darth Vader took to the field and began pursuing the group through the facility. Oz and Ghost barely escaped on speeders with the unconscious Galish and Gand.
  • Ace escaped the Death Star with the aid of the ISB agent who is identical to Oz. He eventually met back up with the ground team and Oz disabled the agent with a restraining bolt. Ace is held under suspicion by the group.

Rewards and Experience.

  • 10XP this session.
  • Ghost gained 2 conflict, rolling 3.
  • Jacen’s Morality was triggered this session. He gained 1 conflict, rolling 7 = +12.
  • Tobin gained 8 conflict, rolling 2 = -6.
Outriders of Endor Part Three

Mission Roster

Gand and Oz attempted to sabotage the secondary shield generator using the mag lev train. This didn’t go well, sabotaging the mine instead. They escaped, Gand badly injured.

Ghost, Galish, Tobin and Jacen picked them up and they proceeded to the Secondary Shield Generator. They advanced under the cover of darkness and sneaked into the facility. Tobin got separated and headed to the command centre, where he got rumbled by an ISB agent and his Tempest Stormtrooper accompaniment. Meanwhile Jacen hacked into the ISB agent’s systems, uncovering a video about Project Shatterpoint. Then he tripped an alarm whilst attempting to access the shield’s systems.

Ace on the Death Star…

Rewards and Experience

10 XP this session.

Outriders of Endor Part Two

Mission Roster

  • Ghost and Galish at the castle.
  • Gand, Oz and Ace try to board the train. Ace gets separated and captured.
  • Tobin and Jacen travel to the castle. They meet up with Ghost and Galish before returning north.
  • Ace wakes up face to face with Moff Ravik. Ravik brings in the Mandalorian in charge of the fighters here, said Mando happens to have a beef with Ace. Ace duels the Mandalorian and gets knocked out, as Ace falls unconscious the Mandalorian says “My only regret is that I cannot kill you myself, they want to talk to you upstairs”.

Predator Squadron earned 10 XP for this session.

Outriders of Endor
Prelude to the Battle of Endor

Mission Roster

Captain Volin saw the group off, he wished them luck and said General Maidine had asked him to hand the group these small boxes. Each of the box contained a dose of neurotoxin in a small pill – for the worst case scenario.

They departed for Endor and arrived. Death Star was there, along with a Super Star Destroyer and 5 Imperial Class Star Destroyers – lots of TIE Fighters around. The shield enveloped the entire planet, and the Death Star, making it impenetrable to ships. This posed a problem since the group arrived aboard the Intruder and they didn’t want to broadcast their presence by transmitting clearance codes.

So they edged closer to the shield and eventually came across a pair of troop transports heading for the surface. The Intruder followed in their wake, being careful to stay out of direct line of sight. The transports were joined by two more – larger – transports, Ghost recognised them as AT-AT deployment vessels.

The shield lowered for the transports and the Intruder slipped through behind them. The Intruder followed them, keeping low to the tree tops to avoid being a visible presence. The transports split up – the troop variants heading to the west and the AT-AT deployers to the north. The group decided to follow the western group first, to confirm the Bothan intelligence in that direction (since it made no mention of the north), but noted down the bearing of the northern transports to pursue later.

In the distance they spotted the shield generator – a huge dish, with multiple smaller dishes – and a large landing pad (clearly heavily defended, with an AT-AT patrolling nearby). The troop transports made for the landing pad.

A large lizard-squirrel-like creature sprung forth from the trees and glided towards them – it was about the size of the Intruder. It latched onto the roof/front, Ghost rolled over to try to shake it off to no avail. Tobin leapt from the cabin to the underside of the ship (which was now facing up), bring his lightsaber to bear on the creature. This loosened the creature’s grip. Ghost pulled the Intruder to a halt, flinging the creature off. Unfortunately Tobin’s safety line snapped and he too went falling into the forest below.

The crew noted Tobin’s position, ascertained he was alright and planned – the Intruder would fly north and investigate where the other transports were heading, meanwhile Tobin would scout around the shield generator.

So the Intruder flew north on the bearing of the AT-AT transports. The further north they went the more the trees thinned out – they were travelling hundreds of kilometres. The temperature dropped, snow began falling – they were clearly heading for an arctic region of the planet.

Here they found a huge mag-lev train station, two AT-ACTs had been deployed, the area was well defended. This wasn’t in the Bothan intelligence.

They followed the line and came to a huge landing field – hundreds of starfighters were assembled here, Ghost spotted every TIE version she could think of (Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor, Raptor, Striker, etc) and Ace spotted some Mandalorian Protectorate Starfighters in a hanger. This place was also well defended – AT-AAs, laser cannon emplacements, etc.

The line continued, over a vast cavernous pit being cut into the ice – heavy duty construction vehicles appeared to be cutting deep below, meanwhile other vehicles moved things up the surface amidst the vast snow drifts around. This appeared to be some sort of deep mining operation.

Finally they came to another huge dish installation – another shield generator, apparently inactive. It seems as though the Empire has a back-up in case the Rebels take out their shield…

Meanwhile Tobin had to mercy kill the creature – it had gotten caught in some kind of primitive net trap as it fell. He then ran afoul of a Scout Trooper patrol, killed them and hid their bodies in a pit. Disguising himself as a Scout Trooper he headed for the Imperial Landing Pad, intending to try and find a ride ‘upstairs’.

On his way he fell into a primitive trap himself – on a river bed, his foot almost got pricked by poison spikes buried in the mud. Just pulling himself up from that, he then came across a pair of AT-STs. Playing a Scout Trooper who’s patrol had been ambushed by a massive lizard creature, he got ordered to go help a patrol in distress nearby (he’d be quicker than the walkers as they’d have to navigate around several dense clumps of trees).

He arrived in the clearing, the only sign of the patrol being two blaster’s and a broken helmet. Tobin was then ambushed by Ewoks, Tobin ran away terrified in a very undignified manner.

The group set a meeting point at a river bank they’d spotted earlier – it looked like a likely landing site. The main force in the Intruder arrived and began setting up camouflage netting over their ship, after a couple of hours Tobin arrived and they began making plans to deal with the northern mag-lev line and the stops along it.

Whilst taking down their camouflage netting, Ace – on watch – spotted a pair of Imperial Patrol Transport speeders flying down the river bank. Realising that if they got close, the Empire would spot them, the squad prepared an ambush.

They quickly took out the pilot of the first transport, it crashed nose-first in to the mud of the river. The troops on board burst out, and the second transport deployed it’s troops in an orderly fashion – these were not mere Stormtroopers, but Imperial Shoretroopers. These troops in the river came right into the waiting blaster-fire of Galish and Ghost, who were waiting partially submerged in the water. Unfortunately Galish lost her footing and got swept away down river.

The troops that made it to the river bank came into the blaster fire of Oz and Gand. The remaining transport got knocked into a spin by errant shots. Ace took off with his jet pack and attempted to board the transport, but he was unable to land until it stopped spinning. The transport began climbing, away from the battle, and tilting to shake Ace out the door. Ace almost lost his footing, but he clung on, raising his blaster he took a shot at the driver but the shaking vehicle caused it to go wide. On the ground Tobin watched all of this with his sniper rifle, he asked Ace if he could handle it and Ace reassured him that he could. With the transport threatening to leave his effective range, Tobin took a shot and hit the driver. Ace was able to push the driver out of the way and assume control over the vehicle.

They captured an Imperial Stormtrooper and a code cylinder from the Shoretrooper commander. They regrouped and realised that Galish and Ghost were missing – Gand spotted that Galish had lost her footing and Ghost went after her down river. They decided that they’d give the pair some time, but quickly realised that the crashed transport had began broadcasting an emergency distress beacon, and they could not remove it. Gand, Oz, Tobin and Ace departed in the Intruder with R3 and the liberated Imperial Patrol Transport and headed for their secondary landing site – a large clearing to the north-west.

Galish found herself unable to swim against the current of the river, it was too strong. She realised that she was being swept towards a whirlpool along the bank of the river, Galish decided to let go and stop resisting, allowing herself to be swept underwater. Luckily Aqualishs can breathe underwater, so there was no chance of her drowning.

She came down into a cave – it was completely dark, but she could hear the water rushing. Ghost dropped down behind her and ignited a light source. They quickly realised that their comm signal wasn’t penetrating the rock above them, that it’d be incredibly difficult to swim upwards against the current of the water rushing into the cavern, and they were stuck together. They climbed onto the bank and began following the passageway – it curved upwards slightly. It twisted and turned back on itself, eventually they saw a light up ahead – it looked like daylight.

They came towards it and found themselves on a natural stone bridge over the underground river below. Fist-sized stones were embedded in the rocks around them, up and down the passageway. These stones glowed as if it were natural daylight. Ghost climbed up the wall, until she reached one. It broke off in her hand. She pocketed it and moved on.

On the other side of the bridge the passageway curved to run parallel to the flow of the river. This continued for a short while until they came to a carved out dock – clearly not a natural formation – and a small wooden boat with oars. It looked positively ancient, and there were some doubts as to its seaworthiness, but they got it floating down the river.

They travelled down the underground river for a long time, as they went more underground rivers joined this one as the passageway widened. As their journey continued Ghost and Galish alternated rowing so the other could get some sleep. After about 8 hours down this river they came to a huge curtain of vines stretching from the high ceiling down to the river bed. Each of these vines had red flowers along the length. However, before they came to the vines, they spotted a green fin in the water below. They decided to avoid provoking the creature and hope it didn’t notice them – it did not and they entered the curtain of vines.

As the prow of their boat shifted the first vines aside, a spark of light stretched up each vine, and the flowers began to glow, showering the passageway in faint red light. Ghost sensed a disturbance in the Force ahead whatever was ahead of them was strong in the dark side of the Force.

  • Ghost’s vision and arrival at the castle.
  • The others begin waking up at their camp. Ace goes hunting rabbits, it gets away but he finds a deer thing in a trap so brings that back.
  • A parade of Ewoks arrive (probably to see who stole their breakfast). Tobin tries to calm them and eventually the Ewoks sit down. They begin communicating through pictagrams they make in the dirt. They eventually convince the Ewoks that their god (C-3PO, who looks suspiciously like the pictagram the Ewoks have used to depict their deity) will be arriving soon to help remove the influence of the Empire.
  • Ghost climbs the largest tower of the castle to get a better comm signal. She navigates the tower – it’s clearly seen better days and been the subject to a battle at some point. She arrives at the top and makes contact with the others. They decide to split up to send some south to pick Ghost and Galish up, whilst the others proceed north to do a detailed scout of the facilities.
  • Ghost descends through the tower, coming to a largish room. Something comes scittering to her feet, it’s a portable holoviewer and it projects an image of her Gungan master. He mentions how it’s been a long time, and he’s since got a new apprentice. He’s curious to test this new apprentice against Ghost. Out of the shadows steps a black Ewok, it wears a dark hood and around it’s neck it seems to have an array of trophies – body parts from various creatures. Ghost spots one that looks rather like a Chadra-Fan hand. The Gungan introduces it as Yintalla, the Ewok ignites a double-bladed lightsaber and lunges forward. Ghost ignites her own lightsabers and stands ready to meet it.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP this session.
  • Ghost gained 6 conflict, rolling a 3 so went down by 3 points to 95.
  • Tobin gained 5 conflict, rolled an 8. His Morality was triggered this session, so he went up by 6 points to 48.
On the Eve of Battle: Jacen and Ghost

Jacen arrives in Ghost’s room, he checks to see if anyone has noticed him, thankfully he’s yet to be seen. He sighs, closes the door behind him.

“Sorry to show up like this, I need your advice about something and your the only one I can count on who might have an idea what to do.”

“So, what’s troubling you?” Ghost replied.

“Multiple things, Endor for one, but because the Force is going through one hell of a storm its hard not to feel uneasy. But what I’m really after is simple: in your personal opinion is it possible to redeem an Inquistior?”

“Hypothetically, personally, or just asking for a friend?”

“I’d like your brutal most honest response.” Jacen sighs, “I’m thinking about trying to get Mara Jade off that path. I feel that once the Empire starts crumbling, my moment to strike will be close.”

“Brutal honesty? Certainly it’s possible for an inquisitor to be redeemed. The snag is that redemption isn’t something you can force on a person. They have to want it. If a person is forced to do good or evil, then can they really be called so?”

“No, that would be me just forcing my opinion. But surely, there’s no harm in trying, I mean she went against the Cabal killed a few… Even though that Master brought them back. I think that once the Empire starts to crack, she won’t have an idea what to do.”

“Be careful with your assumptions, Jacen, they can lead you to take actions with consequences you don’t know about. Or worse, leave a weakness in your heart to be exploited.”

“You might be right. But I’m prepared for the alternative, she might try to kill me, I’ll defend myself and possibly I may end up killing her. Problem is I don’t want to, and that’s going to be used against me.”

“Sometimes we have to make a hard choice, between saving a person from themselves or saving others from a person.” Ghost replied, “It’s the burden of having the power to change fate, to have to choose whether or not to stop someone before they go too far, or have to catch them when they’re falling.”

“Is there a way to tell?”

“If you’re asking for some measure to judge it by, then no. It’s something you have to feel. I can’t quite put it into words.”

“Hmmm. Then I suppose I should confess something to you. After Endor I’m leaving the Alliance and I’m going to try and resolve this thing between Mara once and for all, alone.”

Ghost asked, “Do you know where she is?”

“No. But if I put enough feelers out, she’ll find me. She said so herself, and once she discovers I’ve left and after her, I’m reasonably sure she’ll come after me.”

“And what will you do if you find her?”

“I’ll talk to her, if things go well and the Empire is left reeling she might be willing to listen. If not… I’m prepared.”

“Why would you do this alone, when there are those who could help?”

“For various reasons. For one, I won’t be alliance anymore and I feel this is something I could do myself. Maybe I can coax Skywalker into it, she knows a few temples, maybe they’re not Jedi but it might be enough. Also, after this, I won’t be coming back I feel as if force sensitives shouldn’t be involved in wars for too long, we only have to look at history to see what happened there.”

“That’s not really what I meant,” Ghost said, “You have assembled around you right now some of the most resourceful and capable people in the galaxy. A tracker who can follow targets across the stars, a scoundrel who gets connections everywhere, a hunter that can master any environment. All stood at your side, all have benefited from your help, and yet you hesitate to ask them to aid you when you need it. This isn’t about the war, this is about doing what’s right. War or not, each of us would benefit from knowing that one less inquisitor is out there one way or another. Tobin already wants to wipe out the Sith, he would have no objections to tracking her down.”

Jacen shakes his head “It wouldn’t work, she’s clever. Mara actually once helped me get into the Alliance when I was with her. Because we’re all Alliance personal, we’ll leave tracks, and Mara will dodge every net we put down. With less numbers the option to find her increases. And since its me, she’ll come after as a Master does for an Apprentice when they need a pick up.” He flinches at the mention of Tobin “No, definitely not. He’ll try to kill her and in his state of mind I can’t trust him.”

Ghost sighs, “Listen, I’m only offering advice. You’ve built up a few friendships here and I don’t want to watch you throw it all away to go chasing after a girl. I’m not going to judge you like that. But I will say to just wait until after Endor before you commit to this. An event this scale is going to change the course of the galaxy. For better or for worse. For all we know, this unit could be disbanded after Endor because the war ended, or the Alliance could be routed and we spend the rest of our lives running. Hell the way things are going now, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned up on Endor seeking her own objective. Just keep your options open, and don’t jump before you know what’s coming. No matter what though, if you ever need to talk I’ll still be here.”

Jacen chuckles “You’re just like Tobin, he said exactly the same thing before he tried to threaten me. Okay, there’s another reason why I have to do this alone, Mara killed Gladdos if I bring the rest of you there’s no promises she’ll survive. And I just want to do one right thing in this Galaxy…” He takes a breath and centres himself “I’ve already set the wheels in motion, after Endor I’m going.”

After a moment Jacen says, “Not only did I want your advice, but I also need you to watch Tobin. I get the feeling he’s already in too deep, he thinks I haven’t noticed but he’s in danger of falling and I won’t be there to watch over him.”

“Don’t worry. I’m watching over him. I’m watching over you all.”

“Why do I get the feeling your going to try and follow me?” Jacen asked wryly.

“No. But when the time comes, I’ll be there for you.”

“Thanks. Hopefully you’ll hear from me after. But lets say, you felt like sneaking on with my plan, at the very least come alone.” He steps to the door, pauses, “Just one last thing, is there a reason you don’t feel like coming to Endor?”

“It’s not that I don’t feel like going to Endor, I’m going in with the infiltration team. What I’m worried about is that Tobin is trying to take the mission scope too far, which would jeopardise everything. We won’t be the only ones fighting there, yet he seems to want to take on the entirety of the battle onto our shoulders.”

“The sad thing is you’re right,” Jacen replied, “He’s going to do something stupid, and there’s a chance we might not be able to stop him. I’ll do my best to stop him, but there’s only so much we can do, and I don’t even know how he’s going to do it.”

“He’s going to try and get onto the Death Star,” Ghost said simply, “His father is there”.

“I can’t follow him, if we do we’ll compromise everything. And someone has to be around when reinforcements arrive.” Jacen said, “I’ll do my best, you do yours. I’ll see you once the dust settles. May the Force be with you, Valentine…”

He chuckles as he leaves, “Make a note that Tobin doesn’t always keep his mouth shut, if you did some digging you won’t believe what he’s done.”

On the Eve of Battle: Clone Wars History
Jibril and Ace
The Princess of Skye and The Pink Haired Angel

This takes place shortly before the battle of Endor between Jibril and Galish, after the “Truth, Revelations and Electric Misadventure” post.

On the eve of battle, early ship time on The Honey Badger, the ship is sound asleep. The engines hummed a quiet noise through the ship and the lights have been dimmed to minimal levels. Every so often, a droid buzzes through, hurrying itself in readiness for the battle.

In the mess hall, not a few hours ago, the place was buzzing with the conversation between the various members of Predator Squadron. The tables still had shot glasses with a few remnants of whatever drink the user was having. Some were clear, some were green, blue, whatever colour you could imagine, it was there. The fridge door swung open slowly with a creaking noise. It was completely empty.

It was almost as if the former occupants felt as if they may not be coming back.

Now the mess hall was only host to one character, a long, pink haired lady as she looked out into the stars from a perch on one of the tables. Wearing a long, flowing red dress that seemed to shimmer a little in the dim light, her green eyes were also glistening from one of the nearby bulkhead lights. She sat there in a contemplative mood, her body still.

Her eyes seemed as if they were almost on the verge of crying.

Suddenly, a metallic crash snapped the lady back from her thoughts and she sharply looked over, her hand on her rapier to see a large, bumbling character wearing a heavy, dark brown battle jacket along with a large crimson red fedora with a white feather sticking out of it. It seemed unsteady, almost as if it was going to fall over – it had already crashed into a metal tray, knocking it onto the floor as it stumbled towards the empty fridge.

It was Galish, the alcoholic Aqualish the lady had seen before during the conversation she briefly included herself in and nearly did CPR on.

How thankful am I for not touching that.

The drunkard eventually found the fridge, seemingly unaware of the lady’s presence, smashed the door open into the bulkhead and began to rummage in the empty fridge. Slowly releasing her grip on the rapier, the lady rolled her eyes and as she looked back up to the stars, she called out,
“You won’t find anything in there.” Galish let out a guttural moan and staggered back upright to finally see The Pink Haired Lady. Staggered by the character’s seemingly magical appearance, Galish let out a most surprised noise. The lady rolled her eyes again,
“Hush now, you’ll wake the ship you simple minded oaf.”
“I… [hick] …am no simple minded oaf!” Galish shouted loudly, almost as if she was insulted by the comment, “I… I have you know I am the Princess of Skye!”

Slamming down onto a chair that faced onto the table, the table rocked, shaking the lady sat upon it. Letting out a silent sigh, she realised she wasn’t going to get the solace she wanted.
“… [hick] …are veryyyyy rude. Come see the pri… [hick] …princess!” Galish bemoaned loudly, thumping the table to try and get the lady off.

The lady turned her head around to look at the drunk pointing what constituted a finger for a Aqula, wiggling it slowly.
“C…come down, talk to… [hick] …me.” Galish said, almost singing. The lady gave a despondent look for a moment but a flsh of thought came through her mind. Tilting her head slightly, she jumped down and took a seat directly opposite Galish.

On the side facing the mess hall door was a human in her late 20’s and on the side facing the stars was a Aqualish in her early 30’s. They both glared at each for a moment, unsure as to who would make the fist move.

“Boo!” shouted Galish, startling the lady with a jump in her chair followed by rapturous laughter from the aggressor, “I [hick] have wanted to do that to someone for a really, really long time.” The lady gave a pained look as she replied flatly,
“I bet you have.” The Aqualish raised her finger again, wiggling it around as she continued,
“Sooooooooo, I’ve told you my [hick] name, you tell me yours.”
“Jibril” she again replied flatly, already bored of this conversation. The Aqualish’s head visibly moved as a questioning face appeared on her,
“Jiiibb.. Jiii…” Jibril let out another, louder sigh as she again replied in a monotone voice,
“Jibril.” Galish continued to try and process this name.
“…Gerbil?” She eventually uttered.

I am going to have to…

“No” Jibril frimly replied at fist but then put on a sweeter voice to hide her frustration, “Jibril. Not Gerbil, Jibril. Say it with me, Ji-brie-el.”. Galish looked puzzled, the name seemed too complex for her as she tried again…
“Ji… Jibr….” Jibril’s eyes opened up a touch. Perhaps if she could teach this pathetic Aqualish something, there might be hope for her yet!

“Jirbi!” Galish called out in triumph. Jibril’s face fell.

I am going to end you.

“Y… you have too much hair.” Galish spluttered as she smacked her head down on the table, leaving a dent in it.

I am definitely going to end you.

Recovering herself, Galish’s head slowly span around for a moment, dazed from the table’s sudden attack. Trying to steady herself, Galish’s tired eyes tried their best to lock onto the green pair over the table as she said again, pointing at her own head under the hat,
“Hair… too much.”
“A problem?” Jibril asked in a insulted tone, half curious as to why her hair was a problem.
“Yo… you have too much.” Galish again repeated.
“Well…” Jibril huffed as she got up to leave, “…you clearly need some room.” Galish suddenly reached out with her hand to grab Jibril’s arm, tightening a grip that only experienced gunners had.
“Ow! You are hurting me, you monstrous lunatic!” Jibril cried, the grip was tight enough to infilct that much pain.
“I am sssssoooorrrrrryyyyy!!!!!” Galish cried out, “Stay [hick] with me a while!”
Yanking on Jibril’s arm, Jibril found herself back on the chair she tried to leave. Galish let go to reveal pressure marks where her grip had touched the arm. It was also wet with something, which Jibril could now feel.
“Eww… what is this?!” Galish, seemingly happy with the outcome, let out a shrug,
“I… I don’t know.” She rolled her eyes, rocking side to side a little to think of an answer.
“Sweat?” She fially answered. Jibril’s eyes sharpened distantly.
“You are a disgusting creature, you should be ashamed of yourself!” she scorned.
“I… I really am not.” Galish answered but before Jibril could reply, she continued, “…can I ask
you some questions?”

Kill me now.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Jibril let out an exasperated sigh before returning to sharp focus at the Aqualish.
“You can ask three questions. In return, I get to ask three of my own.” She said with a vague menace and authority to her voice. Galish appeared not to notice this.
“OKIEDOKIE!” She cried out and immediately put her elbow on the table to rest her chin on her fit in an exaggerated manner to think of a question. For a moment, Jibril found this almost comical but remained stone-faced.

This “princess”, pff.

“Do you drink?” uttered the Aqualish. Jibril’s face gave nothing away as she replied deliberately,
“No.” Galish’s face fell.
“WHAT?! YOU DON’T DRINK!?!” She cried out, almost leaping out of her chair to this utter outrage. Jibril’s eyes shot up at the towering fiure. She guessed she was at least a clear foot taller than her.

Probably explains the ogre like strength.

“Sit down and be quiet!” Jibril barked, “You will awake everyone on the ship.” As Galish slumped back into her chair, almost stunned at the human’s reply, Jibril continued in her quieter voice,
“You have two left.”

As if they suddenly fell into a time loop, Galish resumed her “thinking Aqualish” pose and for a moment, Jibril was almost sure this was a time loop. This time though, before asking, Galish opened her fist to point her finger at Jibril as she said, in a deadly serious voice,
“Would you join the League of Fancy Hats?”

Jibril’s eyes looked up at the Fedora Galish was wearing. It was a large brimmed hat, primarily crimson red in colour, banded by a thin black belt. Sprouting from one side was a large feather, what creature Jibril didn’t know but looking closer, it had streaks of all colours of the rainbow in it. She also noticed several smaller feathers, each a different colour, arranged in a most haphazard fashion.

A brief smile cracked on Jibril. Once upon a time, she did wear a hat, thought it wasn’t as gaudy as this. It was a much more ornate and civilised affiar with a light green fascinator on the left over a predominately white hat. She had won it in a side-bet with a visiting dignitary to see who would win at a game of Sabacc between a Twi’lek and a Toydarian. Sadly, she had to sell it a few weeks later after a report that the hat was considered stolen (apparently, sidebet’s don’t count if you are dignitary, even if you said yes).

Looking back at Galish, who was still pointing a finger on her, Jibril decided to play this one.
“Yes.” Jibril instantly regretted this one as Galish suddenly threw the table aside, smashing a bulkhead light in the process, grabbed hold of the startled human and squeezed her tight, lifting her clean of the chair.
“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!” Galish drunkenly cried for a moment and then suddenly stopped and put Jibril down.
“Oh no, you have no… NO HAT!!!” With a agile move, Galish swiftly removed her hat, took out all the feathers, threw them about the room and jammed the hat on Jibril’s head.

Wow… that was… that was… intense?

Jibril pulled the hat up and sat it on her head. It really was too big for her but Galish, who had somehow managed to get the table back to where it was before, the pair sat down again.
Galish scratched her now exposed head.
“I have…. one more question?” she asked almost coherently. Jibril nodded, the hat rocking
back and forth.

Galish considered her final question with almost a serious quality about her. It fascinated the Human what the Aqualish was thinking… or wherever she was even thinking at all. Galish had resumed the same thinking posture as before.

A few seconds passed, the Aqualish snorted a little. A few second more, snorted again… and again. Jibril moved her head slightly to get a different look at Galish. Another snort erupted from the Aqualish.

You haven’t…

Jibril raised a slender finger, her fingernail covered in a silver fingernail paint and poked the Aqualish softly. Nothing.

You really haven’t…

Jibril poked Galish harder, the Aqualish rocked and eventually creaked over the edge of the chair, falling into a drunken heap on the floor. Galish, somehow, had fallen asleep! Feeling robbed and ever so much more insulted, Jibril arose quickly, stood over the heap that was Galish, pulled out a Stealth Vibroknife from within her dress and was about to stab Galish hard, her other hand lowered and away from behind her when she suddenly felt another hand grab hold of her raised wrist holding the knife.
“What is it with people grabbing hold of m…?!” Jibril bemoaned as she went to see who dared touch her but there was no one holding her. Looking around quickly, she could see no one but finishing at Galish, Jibril thought better of it and returned the knife to its place. She lent down and slapped Galish.
“WAKE UP!” Jibril roared. The only response she got was a groan from the Aqualish.
Quickly, Jibril resumed her seat and slowly, Galish got up from the floor, drool flowing freely from her mouth.
“W…wha?” Galish asked wearily. Jibril sat there, hat on her head, smiling sweetly,
“You fell asleep. You’ve asked your three questions, now I get to ask you three questions.” she seethed with barely hidden frustration.

Another burst of energy saw Galish quickly restore herself and in a moment, the pair were back to their beginning position. Jibril sighed a little. She loved the game she played with people. In Galish’s case, her third question was the “whhhaa?” (although technically it was “I have one more question?” but she had decided to let that slide) she groaned when she woke up, although Jibril wondered if this drunk even remembered what she was here for.

“Three q… [hick] …questions?” Galish asked, her energy expended and now slumping in the chair again.
“Yes, three questions and then I’ll let you go.” Jibril replied again in her sweet voice. Galish’s eyes rolled around the room.

Don’t fall asleep again

“Whhhaaaa……” Galish drooled. Jibril thought it best to get this over and done with quickly.
“What would you call me?” Jibril asked nonchalantly, keeping her poker-face on. Galish’s head continued to rock around and around as she answered,
“An… an… [hick] …gel.”

An angel?

Jibril’s head turned slightly, simultaneously puzzled and almost pleased by the remark. Careful to not waste a question, Jibril held of clarifying that with the drunk.

“You said you were a princess of Skye. Who in the galaxy married you?” Jibril asked, genuinely curious of the reply but also careful not to listen to tall stories. The Aqualish became animated again as she sparked into life.
“Oh that is easy! Some… some time ago, I crashed onto Skye… why I can’t remember. I then was taken to “rehabilitate” from drinking… and that was when I met Khylira. A Rodian married us! Now I am a princess!”
Jibril cocked her head again, unsure if it was a tall tale or not. Galish continued,
“Yes! A princess… THE princess of Skye! Khylira is my wife! Ohhhhh I miss her so.”

What the…?

“I would like to see her again. I dunno how the eggs are going to work though… or the humpy humpy.” Jibril groaned and put her face in her hands.
“Please stop answering this question.” she groaned, muffled by her hands.
“I mean… [hick]” Galish continued, oblivious to the plea and pulling a confused face as the enormity of her answer sunk in, “… I… Imma gonna have to… slide something in I think… or
maybe sheeee will?”
“Please!” Jibril cried out, regretting every sound being made by this Aqualish, raising her left hand up at Galish as she continued to hold her face in the right. Galish suddenly pulled a pained expression as she finished,
“All I know is that we love each other!!!”

I regret being here.

Removing her hands and letting out a sigh of relief as Galish stopped, puzzled by her own answer. Jibril quickly composed her face and her emotions again, muttered something about sanity silently just before she asked her final question. Out of all the questions she wanted to ask, there was only one she really wanted to know.


“See…. this is why I drink. No one has any faith in me!”
Jibril retracted and smiled brightly,
“I am so glad we understand each other!” Standing up quickly, weary of the ogre’s ire, Jibril moved to the exit of the mess hall, the Aqualish remaining where she was, still trying to comprehend just what had happened. As Jibril passed through, she stopped and called out in a lighter tone,
“I like that you called me an “Angel”. One day, that might even come true.”

Truth, Revelations and Electric Misadventure
A Group Conversation

The squad are sitting around the table in the Honey Badger’s galley.

Jacen: The thing is we have mission parameters. Ultimately, we’ll need to wait for the other forces to arrive. They’re our back up and we’re the scouts, so its our duty to inform them what we’ve learnt.

Ghost: There is also a lot of intel we could learn from being on the ground without ever setting foot on the Death Star – slice some computers.

Tobin: Wut? You would secure your intel on a closed system on a deathstar?

Ghost: The facility on the surface isn’t just for the shield projections, it’s part of the construction. There will be shipping and status updates there.

Jacen: True enough. All I need is that computer terminal, I can jack in and pretty much uncover as much intel as possible from there. We should be on guard for any taunts – specifically Klevic. He might be a ‘convenient’ target to lure us out.

Tobin: Yes; but the shield generator would only store things on a need to know basis, we won’t find much evidence of the station’s capabilities nor tactical data stored there. Have you ever considered that they might have considered internal defectors accessing the system in this way?

Ghost: True, but they would have the records of what was shipped through there, such as the components needed for deflectors. It’s not just a shield generator base. It’s a supply base for constructing the Death Star too.

Jacen: Possibly. But lest you forget we also have the advantage of them not aware we’re coming. That means security may not be as tight, or may not have been properly established.

Tobin: Them not being aware of our arrival is subject to debate. I mean, if I wanted to set a trap for us, I would set up an obvious weak point and have my best on standby. Give us exactly what they want us to see and an easy way to obtain it.

Tobin sighs

Ghost: Well, that’s the point isn’t it? Sending the sentient war crime that is Predator Squadron in first. If it is a trap, it’s the best way to make sure there isn’t one by the time the rest get there.

Jacen: Indeed, at least if its sprung than it’ll warn the others that we’re not there.

Tobin drums his cybernetic fingers on the table before he sighs.

Tobin: Fine, I get it, stick to the plan, avoid another Kamino. Because you were there to cover me that time.

Tobin folds his arms and knocks back a shot.

Ghost: Well it’s likely that when we’re on the ground that the situation will become a clusterfuck of misinformation. I’m sure that in the confusion that people and property would go missing.

Ghost: “And conveniently turn up at a later time, to take a ride back up to their quarters.”
Galish walks into the galley/kitchen area.

Galish: So… hick we are really going to do this?

Ghost: Have you been drinking again?

Galish: hick Alcohol helps with the Death Stick thing.

Jacen (shrugs): Let’s be fair there are others doing the exact same.

Ghost: Wait… You have a death stick thing now?

Galish: What kind of Gand leaves concentrated death sticks in their coat pocket? A child could find it.

Ace: You mean you ?

Galish: Its is a service that I preformed getting rid of it. (Pause). Hick.

Ghost: By inhaling it?

Jacen (eyes widening): Death stick!? I thought she said Death Star!

Ghost: Can’t I leave you unattended for 5 minutes?

Galish: Whattya mean? You can totally hick trust me. (Pause). I miss my wife.

Ghost: I’m gone for a few days and you develop another addiction…

Galish: If it helps… hick I won’t be doing that again.

Ace: From what I’ve heard you were not gonna stop arguing so…

Galish: No taste you see.

Ace: You desived it.

Galish (gesturing to Ace): Wh… Who is this…?

Ace: I’m ace and yes I’m a clone.

Galish: Urr….. right.

Galish staggers over to the fridge, near the large oversized-whiskey-bottle-shaped hole in the kitchen wall.

Ace: Erm guys this the one you told me about with the drinks ?

Galish: Hick.

Ghost: I swear if I find you going for the alcohol I’ll have Gand rig up your toothbrush as an explosive.

Jacen (face-palming): Yep… I had no idea she moved on to a stronger vice.

Galish: Ghoosssttt!!! I’ve… m-missed you… Hick! I have a cyber liver now!

Ghost: …

Tobin cocks an eyebrow.

Tobin: Before you look at me, I was up to my waist in Stormtroopers when this happened. That’s how we found Derek.

Galish: Wh…Who’s Derek?

Ace: A Gand.

Galish: Anyone got any coolant?

Tobin: That huge Gand you really hate?

Ghost: No Galish.

Galish: Ooooooohhhhhh. That guy hick. I.. I can’t get hold of my wife on comms. She’d know what to do.

Ghost: Communications are on lockdown in preparation for the Endor operation. And right now, I don’t think she’d want to see you in this state.

Galish slumps down by the fridge.

Derek walks in, goes to the fridge, he’s wearing only a towel around his waist.

Derek: Sup guys?


Ace: Oh no…

Derek (to Galish): Please move.

Galish: Wuuhh…?

Ace: Who let you on the ship?

Derek: Er… You guys gave me a lift.

Tobin: Seriousness Galish, you gotta get a grip on yourself. You were puking the entire time of the raid. Oh and the Chiss got high off caffine.

Ace: We did ?

Derek: Well a lift metaphorically. I literally don’t have anywhere to go.

Tobin: Alright Derek?

Galish: I was throwing up? Hick.

Dereck (nods): Mr. Stryder.

Galish: Hehe… “Strider”. Such a funny name.

Ace: No one calls him Mr.

Derek: It’s polite.

Derek turns to Galish.

Derek: Princess, can I please get to the fridge?

Galish: AAHHHH

Ace: Am I the only normal person on this god damn ship?

Galish staggers to her feet.

Galish: Please… wwaaahh…

Galish falls down again.

Tobin: Aye I am glad I found someone who appreciates it! Thank you most humbly.

Ghost: No, Ace. Because you’re not normal either.

Ace: I’m normal just some PTSD.

Jacen (sighing): Welcome to my life. Ace… right?

Tobin sighs and uses the Force to project illusionary booze to lure Galish away from the fridge.


Ghost: A genetic copy isn’t normal.

Galish scrambles towards the illusion, moving out of the way of the fridge. Derek opens fridge, starts pulling out mayonnaise for a sandwich.

Ace: Who eats mayo?


Derek: The league?

Galish: Hick.

Derek (turning to the others): “Do I want to know?”

Tobin: Don’t pretend to be normal Jacen, you were slicing a Hutt’s bank account when I was hired to stop you.

Tobin chuckles.

Ghost (to Derek): No, you don’t.

Galish: The League of Fancy Hats!

Ghost: Run. Save yourself.

Galish gets back on her feet.

Galish: D…Derk? Dereeek??

Derek: Yes?

Galish: D! I’ll call you D!

Jacen opens his mouth to comment, but closes it – too easy.

Derek: My name is Derek.

Galish: D, I am sooooooooooo sorry for drinkin your drugs.

Derek: I earned that name. You stole my medication. And almost killed yourself with it.

Galish: Hick As yoiu might have gathered, I am not very lucid at the hick moment.

Ace: I earned my name too. Why do you think they call me Ace?

Galish: But I just wanted you to know, (Galish prodding at Derek’s chest) Drugs are bbbbabaaaddd.

Derek: So are the things I’ve seen. The things the death sticks keep away.

Galish: You hick and I should talk sometime after Endor. GHOSTttt!! I am going to heeeellllpp. I feel the need to shoot something up. WHERE IS MY GUN??

Ace: We have a range right? Go shoot in the range.

Ghost: In 7 pieces hidden around the ship.

Galish: Whhhaa? Why???? You break’d my gun?

Ghost: So that you don’t get drunk / stoned and try and shoot someone with it.

Galish: Ohhh….. safettyyy

Ace pulls out his elctro staff.

Ace: Hey you want this?

Derek finishes his sandwich and begins eating it, slowly.

Ghost: Don’t tempt the infirm, Ace.

Galish: Cloney, I don’t trust myself to electrocute myself.

Ace turns the elctro part off.

Ace: Here you go.

Galish:But I wannnaaa help at Endoorrrrr. Huh…

Galish takes the staff, examining it.

Galish: How… How does it go bang?

Ghost: This is a bad idea.

Galish fumbles with the staff, attempting to find the trigger. Galish finds the trigger, activating the arcing purple electricity from each end of the staff.

Ace: Oh god.

Galish: Wowwww.

Derek finishes his sandwhich.

Derek: Right, I’m off for a nap, if you see Oz thank him for letting me borrow a bunk here.

Galish: Tis all sparky… DERREEEEK!

Derek: Yes?

Galish goes over to him and hugs Derek with the electrostaff in hand. Derek is still slightly wet from the shower. Ace moves to the far side of the room. When Galish hugs Derek, she also gets slightly wet. The purple electricity from the staff starts arcing around both Galish and Derek.

Ace: Erm can I have my staff back? I don’t want that going up anything. Or in anything!

Ghost: Oh no, it’s far too late for that.

The sparks start flying and electricity continues arcing around both Galish and Derek, they both fall prone in the middle of the galley.

Jacen turns to Ace.

Jacen: You see? This is why you don’t enable her.

Ghost: Warned you were. Clean up your mess you should.

Ace: It’s fun though I need to laugh. Been to long since I could do stuff like this. And I’m not cleaning it.

Ghost: Fair enough.

Ghost bends down and picks up the staff.

Ghost: 7 pieces might be a stretch…

Ace: Don’t you dare!

Ace draws his heavy shatter rifle.

Ghost: If you want to try that, you had best prepare to find 14 pieces.

Ace: Give it back.

Ghost: All actions have consequences

Jibril walks past the scene. Jacen waves to Jibril, but gestures that she should keep clear.

Jibril: Pfft. Alcoholics.

Jibril continues walking past the galley, waving Jacen off.

Ace: I’m just trying to keep morale high, we are all probably gonna die on this mission.

Tobin: Oi, calm it fellas, can we stop playing with our dicks a moment before we all do something we all regret?

Jibril stops.

Jibril: Most might die. Some of us plan on surviving this you know!

Derek (voice slurred): Er, could someone please pull her off me?

Jibril: Well I am not touching that mess of a Aqualish.

Ghost: Planning on just rolling over, clone? If you’re going to claim defeat before the battle then why bother?

Tobin: I mean, there’s an Empire that might kill us, so let’s save the macho gestures for them, now move, I might need to give CPR if I’m not lucky!

Ace: Oh we can spare if you wanna go.

Derek: Well I’ve never kissed a Rodian before…

Jibril sighs.

Ghost: Yell out that you’re going to survive, fight against the impossible.

Jibril: Move over Tobin, I’ll do the CPR

Jacen sighs, moving Galish’s body over with the Force so that she’s rolled over.

Derek: Thank you!

Jacen: You’re welcome.

Jibril: Huh, looks fine to me.

Ace: Also I know I’m not gonna die but the rest of you, yeah I don’t think so .

Tobin: Never mind, its the "Forc"ught that matters, right?

Jibril: Are you still talking about our deaths Ace? Hardly inspiring rhetoric.

Ace: Everyone’s got to die at one point.

Galish is drooling, knocked out on the floor. Derek picks himself up and begins heading for the door to one of the rooms.

Derek: You guys be careful, I’ve seen what a Death Star can do up close.

Tobin: Hmm, so have I. So have I

Jibril: Ace, so annhilistic.

Ace (calling to Derek): Wait wait wait how do you know about the Death Star?

Derek: Those guys told us about the one they’re building in public at the Syndicate base before you arrived.

With that Derek wanders off.

Ghost: The apartment prices were crazy, but the views were to die for.

Jibril: Talking about death before a mission is more likely to result in death.

Ace: No talking about death makes you stay on your toes.

Jibril: You really are a half empty type of clone, huh?

Tobin: Besides, I’m gonna live forever. Lady Fortune is one of my mistresses! Ahaha.

Ace: Tobin, you mean the Force, right? (Pause) Also if you had see even half the shit I have, you would get it.

Jibril: Well then why don’t you enlighten us then as to what sort of “shit” you have seen?

Ace: Hmm where do start.

Jibril: Honestly my dear, I keep on hearing this and yet know nothing about it.

Tobin: Aye, that’s right. I understand it’s will, though I also understand that like any lover it will drag my ass through hell if she thinks in cheating. Ahaha.

Ghost: Start at the beginning, and when you get to the end, stop.

Ace: Well it will be easier if I do this.

Ace walks over to the nearest screen and loads up a file on the first Battle of Geonosis.

Ace: Well this is where it all began.

Ghost: First instructional video they show at the academy, what else you got?

Ace: Yeah I was actually there, I know stuff that wasn’t in any file.

Tobin: Hang on Ghost, I never heard anything about this.

Ghost: It was the first official deployment of the clone army, it’s quite a big historical event.

Ace: After a long time training this was our first battle.

Ghost: A massive attack on the Separatists, leading to the eventual genocide of the Geonosians. To sum it up.

Jibril studies the screen.

Jibril: I’ve read about this before. Ace, were you at the Battle of Mygeeto?

Ace: They where hostile and we didn’t kill them all!

Jacen: Maybe you didn’t. But it sounds like the Empire wanted to finish the job.

Ace: And which battle, Jibril?

Jibril: The Battle of Mygeeto. I recognise your markings.

Ace: There were two. Or one very long one.

Jibril: “Wolfpack” I seem to recall. I can’t be sure which one it was, but I am sure you were part of the Wolfpack, the 104th Battalion. Under General Kit Fisto I believe?

Ace: The Wolfpack was General Plo Koon and I was wolf pack yes, when I wasn’t doing special stuff.

Jibril: Huh… interesting. (Jibril looks back at the screen.) And you wonder why I didn’t become a solider?

Ace: Yeah the clone wars it was hell.

Jibril (looks back at Ace) You have my deepest sympathies.
Jibril walks away, kicking Galish as she leaves the room.

Ace: Well thanks, I just wish that everyone I used to know was still around they could help us.

Jacen: Maybe they’re a few still out there, I mean we have a couple of clones here.

Ace: Yeah that is true, but from what I know most didn’t have the chip taken out like I did.

Ace tilts his head to one side and points to a scar. Jacen frowns.

Jacen: Why did they install a chip there?

Ghost: Yeah. Order 66 would be quite inconvenient right now.

Ace: Well technically none of you are Jedi and it was a control chip.

Galish stirs.

Galish: Whhaaa…. what happened?

Ghost: Misadventure.

Galish: Sounds like a normal day.

Jacen: And to think this came from the Republic. Should have known it wasn’t as perfect as people made out.

Galish picks herself up unsteadily.

Ace: Hey this is not the clones fault! Blame Palpatine, not us!

Ghost:: There’s no such thing as perfection, only an ideal to strive towards.

Ace: Well I am the perfect solider.

Ghost: Than I am sad for you.

Ace: It’s what I was bred for so nothing to be sad about.

Ghost: Not because of what you are, but because if you achieve perfection then you can only fall from there.

Ace: No I didn’t try to be perfect, but that was why I was born.

Jacen: I’m not blaming you. I’m just disgusted with the methods the Emperor made, it’s like you were never even given a choice to begin with. (Jacen hangs head low) It just makes me wonder if the Republic was setting itself up to fail from the get go.

Galish: N…No one is perfect.

Ace: Jacen most of the Republic where good people. I know I’m not perfect, that’s what they wanted though, hence the chip.

Jacen: Then think about this. Is that what you believe or were programmed to?

Ghost: Then rejoice in being flawed. That means you can still drive yourself to improve, to be better than you are now.

Ace: If I was programmed I would be like a god damn battle droid I am not I can think for my self do stuff for my self don’t don’t question my loyalty.

Galish: Loyalty to what? Your programming?

Ace: I’m not a battle droid I’m not programmed I think for my self.

Galish: Not all programming is mechanical.

Ace: If I was programmed do you think we would be talking right now you would have Star Destroyers on top of us now if I was not loyal to the Rebels?

Jacen: I’m not questioning you. I just needed to be sure of something. It’s clear you’re your own person. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I wonder if everyone in the Senate knew about the chip and were okay with it. That’s just not what I agree with, no one should be given such a thing.

Ace: If the Senate was in on it we wouldn’t have the Rebel Alliance. Do you even know the Alliance’s history?

Galish: Th…This is getting a bit too deep for me. Just think on this… our actions define who we are. Just let them be the right ones for you.

Galish staggers out muttering about her gun.

Jacen: Everyone does. And yes, those people rebelled. Doesn’t mean the Emperor didn’t have an inner circle of politicians with him. Either way, there’s no sense talking methodical or the past, nothing we can do about it so we move forward.

Ace: Yeah whatever you say, I’m gonna go find the bar get a drink try to find someone to “talk to”.


All participants gained 5 XP for good roleplaying.


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