Star Wars: Predators

Family Reunions

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

The Poisoning of Kaltho’s Chef

Before proceeding the group decide to see if there are any rumours about who may want to kill Kaltho the Hutt. They learn that no contract was posted on the Hutt, indeed there isn’t really anything concrete. However, there are rumours that Kaltho recently had a business deal go badly, possibly with the Black Sun crime syndicate.

  • Cassie, Gladios and Tobin investigate the poisoning of Kaltho’s personal chef. They go the restraunt/casino/KFC where it happened. Cassie talks them into letting her and Gladios see the manager whilst Tobin checks out back.
  • Tobin finds an Aqualish corpse in the dumpster and notes that the back door isn’t really secure – it’s lock doesn’t function and neither does the security camera above it.
  • They find that security footage has been modified to mask the time of the poisoning. Furthermore the poison in question appears to be a deliberately contaminated pufferfish – it would have killed the chef/taster (dual role for just this scenario – so if anything goes wrong, he suffers the consequences) very quickly.
  • As they’re debating next steps they come under fire from the building opposite (a barbers). Tobin takes cover in the dumpster and calls his speeder bike. A grease line on the KFC is hit, causing the surrounding area to become difficult terrain. Predator Squadron advance on the shooter, eventually knocking them off the roof, pinning them in a cracked hole with some rubble.
  • As they get closer they recognise the mask as Ami – the person Tobin believes to be the son of Dillinger. Tobin starts saying how Dillinger didn’t leave him a choice, how it all makes sense now – Ami poisoning Kaltho’s chef to draw him out. Ami then rips off her mask, revealing herself to be a female Rodian, saying she wasn’t trying to kill Kaltho, but thought Tobin might return to the scene of the crime ( Tobin having form for antagonising the Hutt) – she thought it would be a good idea to attempt to get revenge for Dillinger’s murder.

Travis’s Troubles

  • Travis is setting up a tent in camp with his sister. His uncle Thenn comes in and informs them that it is unlikely that their father will survive his illness much longer. Taonas suggests that they both get rest – they will need their strength for the challenges ahead. Travis goes and meets with Ronan, clan chief of Clan Seteda. They share ale, but Travis becomes ill, eventually calling unconscious.
  • When he awakes the word is spinning – he’s on a slaver ship. He breaks out and rescues some Imperial officers who are also slaves. He also finds his armour in storage (with a datacard pasted to it).
  • They get to the bridge and find the Zygerian captain (cat person) taking them down. He fights Travis with a whip, but Travis knocks him out. Travis plays the datacard – a message from his uncle.
  • They blast off, dumping their cargo all of the hanger bay. Unfortunately in his haste to programme the navicomputer Travis makes some critical errors and the ship jumps for parts unknown.

The Continued Nar Shaddaa Investigation

  • Ami and the group sit down in a local bar. She explains who she is and her relation to Tobin (she’s his half sister). His father had worked to help a group of Jedi go into hiding in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. Those Jedi were all killed, which forced his father to attempt to fake his death in collusion with Dillinger (this maybe worked a little too well).
  • The group want to set up a trap for the assassin – a fake party that ‘Kaltho’ will attend. But they don’t want the real Kaltho to show up lest he get the wrong impression. Ami leaves to go to Kaltho’s skyscraper, hoping to stop him attending the fake party.
  • The group decide to check for cameras in the barber shop – they find one pointing directly at the casino front. Checking the footage they find a speeder and its license plate. It’s a rental and it was reported dumped near the Ritz Spaceport. Tracking down the vehicle, they find it rigged with Dioxis gas – they disable that trap, gaining the gas, and check for print (it was very thoroughly cleaned of traces – whoever did it knew what they were doing).
  • Ami then calls to tell them that Kaltho has left his skyscraper. He planned to leave on his yacht, which is berthed at the Ritz spaceport. They inform Dei the Greatm who checks with her contacts at the spaceport – Kaltho departed 20 minutes ago, he filed a flight plan for Varl. Varl is the mysterious Hutt world of origin, it having suffered some catastrophic disaster eons ago, it was abandoned. It is the most secure region in Hutt Space – it would be suicide to attempt to follow Kaltho in there – if they are caught, they will most certainly be killed (Dei requests they dispose of the Ardos disks that she gave them if that is the case, so the Hutt navy don’t get the wrong impression).
  • They board The Shooting Rascal with Ami and depart for Varl, hoping Dei can get them some transit permits by the time they arrive.


  • Travis comes out of hyperspace in atmosphere of a muddy grey world with lots of in-land seas. They land in a lake, the ship immediately sinking into a mud bank.
  • The liberated Imperial officers check the navicomputer- they’re on Jomark, a planet the Empire is aiding with their farming infrastructure. There’s a settlement called High Castle to the north.
  • Travis’a knowledge of survival and the wilderness guides them to the town without too much trouble, but by the time they arrive the sun is low on the horizon. It’s a small town – pretty backwards, full of outdated technology. It’s dominated by an ancient style castle on the hill top (with an Imperial shuttle and antenna array on its roof). As they walk through town it is silent, but they notice they’re getting suspicious glances from within the sealed doors and barricaded windows (the local population are Kaleesh).
  • They hammer at the castle door only to receive a yelled “No thank you!” in response. The officers eventually talk whoever is inside to open the door (although he’s unwilling – “You might be one of them!”.
  • Inside the courtyard they find a lone gunnery corpsman. He immediately demands to see their skin – particularly their arms. He explains about a series of creatures that have been attacking at night – no eyes and tons of teeth. He’s the only survivor of the outpost, he deals himself inside at night. Travis gets a blaster rifle off the man, planning to return to the ship – he is advised against it, it’s nearly dark.
  • Travis settles for repairing the antena array – a chunk of wiring is missing at the bottom, possibly from a creature bite. Patching it with parts from the shuttle (which isn’t space worthy, lacking a functioning engine, hyperdrive of windscreen), he gets the antena working. He’s immediately blasted by a shrill alarm and a message: “Attention, by order of ”/characters/general-kevlan" class=“wiki-content-link”>Grand Moff Kevlan, this system is under medical quarantine. Turn back immediately, do not attempt to land. Attention…"
The Source of the Smell & Other Tales
Including the Escape from GX-04

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

  • Mesa began sneaking through the vents in order to disable the GX-04 facility’s turbolasers. After taking over one station and reprogramming it to automatically fire on the other gunner positions, Mesa found Gladios in trouble by the main entrance door (having been stunned by the Stormtroopers). Mesa interfered and ended up being stunned. Gladios used the distraction to acquire the key to his cuffs and breakout. Together they dealt with the remaining Stormtroopers.
  • Cassie, Tobin and Travis gathered their prisoners (including Doctor Nevran and Commandant Adonis) and boarded the Charging Varactyl, the Commandant’s personal YT-2000. They placed the Commandant in the pilot ship and waited for the mines in orbit to fall.
  • The Commandant realised that he was in a key position, he decided to punch it and take off from the facility.
  • Afterwards they dropped their prisoners off at the Rebel fleet and received a call from Dei the Great – she was calling on Tobin to aid her because of the Obligation he owed her.
  • They stopped off at the Dag-O-Bar to pick up the Shooting Rascal (which after much effort they discovered that the source of the smell that permeated the ship was a dead Wookiee clogged (by some miraculous method) into the air filtration system. They determined that it had been dead for about thirty years. Thus their obsession with the smell ended).
  • They then went to Nar Shaddaa where they found that someone was attempting to assassinate Kaltho the Hutt. An attempt had already been made, that was only successful in killing Kaltho’s personal chef. Dei needs them to prevent Kaltho’s death in order to avoid an all out Hutt civil war.
  • Whilst this was going on Travis visited upon his dying father.

Note: Mesa was unable to heal the Crippled critical injury she sustained during her infiltration of the GX-04 facility. She can’t use her left leg until it’s healed – she has a week until she can try again.

It is now 2 weeks since the Battle of Hoth.

Raiding the GX-04 Facility

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Return to Hoth!

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Predator Squadron are tasked with surveying the remaining Imperial presence in the Hoth system and rescuing any surviving Rebels on the planet.

When they arrived, they found that the Imperial fleet had moved off, there were no ships apparent in orbit. They proceeded to the co-ordinates of Echo Base and began scanning for life-signs.

They detected a metal structure up ahead with a large cluster of life signs – the only ones they have picked up on the planet thus far. When surveying how best to approach this position they were intercepted by an ADZ-Cruiser. The cruiser launched a shuttle that deployed troops.

Firing up their engines for cover from the cruiser, they took out the Snowtroopers and boarded the shuttle. They used the shuttle to board the cruiser. The captain of the cruiser decided to ram the Honey Badger, unfortunately crashing his own ship into the ice in the process.

The boarding team liberated a group of Rebel prisoners – including Mesa, who had been captured during the Battle of Hoth – and proceeded to the bridge. The captain had emptied the armoury in an attempt to secure the bridge, but Gladios Ryk managed to cut power to their turrets and bypass the blast door. There they found the captain holding a thermal detonator. Mesa shot the captain’s hand, releasing the pressure trigger and setting off the thermal detonator. Although Mesa and Travis Shrike were unscathed, Gladios took the full brunt of the blast and was knocked unconscious.

They proceeded to attack the camp – which appeared to be some sort of POW camp – using the Honey Badger and Y-Wings to take out the power generators whilst engaging a Gozanti-class cruiser and accompanying TIE Fighters. This was whilst Nerra and Oz sneaked their way through an underground cavern system to attack the base from “The Pit” – a large hole in the ice where the Empire had dug cells for the prisoners.

Eventually the Angel of Lothal arrived on the scene and deployed it’s complement of X-Wings. The facility signaled its surrender and when they arrived in the control room they found ISB agent Colonel Pellar in command. They took him prisoner and began raiding the facility’s computer systems.

Although the Imperial forces attempted to destroy as much data as possible, Predator Squadron were able to uncover that Mesa was being shipped out of the POW camp on the orders of a Lieutenant Ketsh, a researcher for Project Raptor who had taken great interest in the Chadra-Fan. Predator Squadron also planted false interrogation records to indicate that Rebel bases were located on several planets that there were none on (the hope being that after they’d left, the Empire would sweep in and examine the records).

Predator Squadron returned to the Rebel Fleet, boarding the Redemption to a hero’s welcome. General Rieekan presented the Squad with The Star of Alderaan for their valiant defence of Echo Base and it’s ion cannon, without which many more lives would have been lost during the Battle of Hoth, and for returning to Hoth to rescue the POWs captured there. They also received the Defence of Hoth campaign award, denoting their participation in that battle.

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Seven
Chronicles' End

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

Devaron Escape

  • They’re taking off from the nexus waterfall on Devaron (note to self add a locations page for that). Gand is patching up Galish whilst Travok, Torani and Ghost fly the ship to evade the pursuing TIEs. TH-313 decides for the safety of the ship it is best to restrain and disarm Galish (remembering the incident at the Cato Nemoidia Spaceport).
  • They decide that they cannot simply leave Sandy on Devaron with no ship and no astromech with the potential to be hunted down by an Inquisitor. Besides which he is the only one who knows where the Holocron may be. So they get Gand to do his voodoo and Gand has a vision of Sandy in a deep jungle, away to the north. That being back in the direction of the nexus, where they left the Inquisitor.
  • Sandy comes to a stop in the jungle. Filled with fear he senses the cold presence behind him.Surveying his surroundings, he doesn’t know what to do, he can proceed and keep running, or turn and face his fears. As he’s considering his options, a Voice comes to him; it tells him that he must face the darkness. Sandy returns to the lake front to find a Lambda-Class shuttle there. Examining the scene further, he notices impressions of landing gear in the mud, approximately the size and shape of the HWK-1000. He sneaks his way up to the droids, but gets spotted and detained. He then comes face-to-face with Sirak – the Inquisitor who slew his master.
  • The group go silent running with the Whisperthrust engine to evade Imperial patrols (there’s an APB out for them by this time). They arrive at the nexus to find the Imperial shuttle taking off. Ghost decides to buzz the ship, it fires back futilely. They rush into orbit – Imperial corvettes are manoeuvring to intercept, but they hit the accelerator and punch it to lightspeed before they get into range.
  • They discuss plans on what to do. Ghost analyses star charts to figure out where the planet she saw in her vision was. She eventually narrows it down to the Delris system.

Depths of Delriss

  • The group arrive at Delriss and get a message saying registered craft may travel to the Archive.
  • They follow the co-ordinates and find just ocean – they’ll have to dive. Ghost, Gand and Galish (3G) dived into the water and swam into the depths. It took them two hours of climbing down a cable that they found, but they eventually got there.
  • They explore the facility, finding it partially flooded. They find the library and a bunch of books. They then find a hanger bay (it’s tilted on its side, but otherwise workable) – inside they find an astromech (which they pull Hyperspace co-ordinates for Coruscant, Ossus, Lothal and the Heruset sytems) and a Delta-7 Aethersprite fighter. They repair the fighter within an hour thanks to a triumph from Gand.
  • The facility starts rocking and rolling and they can hear a roaring from outside along with the sound of wrenching metal. They quickly rig up a harness system so Galish and Gand can hold on. They trigger the hanger doors and drop into the ocean. Pushing the engines to their limits, they evade the Kaiju and rocket to the surface, Galish and Gand holding on for dear life.

Moraband: The World of Fear and Death

Experience and Rewards

  • XP breadown.
  • Morality changes.
  • Successfully acquired all the kyber crystals, although they only have 2 on them and lost the holocron.
  • Timeline Note: It is now around 6 – nearly 7 – weeks since the Battle of Hoth.
Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Six

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

Galish and Gand’s Grand Spaceport Caper

Galish and Gand, locked in a spaceport hanger with the X-Wing, start planning their escape. This quickly turns into bickering over who’s fault it is that R5-G8 was shot. As this continued Devaron spaceport security finally cut their way in through the door and demanded that they drop their weapons. Galish considered her blaster pistol, but swiftly dropped it.

Travok and Torani, having been informed by comlink that Gand and Galish were in trouble, decided to prepare the ship for a swift evacuation in the event that the spaceport ‘spontaneously’ erupted into violence.

Gand and Galish attempted to talk their way out of the situation, implying that they were private investigators sent to locate the droid and X-Wing. This ruse was successful, but the security guards informed them that they should have followed proper procedure and notified spaceport security rather than breaking into the hanger themselves. As a result, they would have to pay the processing fee for the paperwork.

Ghost and Sandy – Exploring the Force Nexus

Sandy led Ghost into the cave, where the fire was burning and there were nearby rocks where they could sit. Ghost gave Sandy the crystal she procured on Cato Nemoidia. Sandy explained that his master had brought him here in the past to teach him the ways of the Force; Ghost commented that she learnt at a place known as Ice 9. Sandy said he would meditate on it, offering Ghost a drink from a vial of glowing white water-looking liquid, explaining that it was a ritual his master had taught him. Ghost declined, deciding instead to investigate further into the cave.

Further in the cave, was a crack in the wall – inside it was dark, light barely shone. Ghost began walking down the passageway, igniting her lightsabers barely did any good to shift the gloom, it had a heavy oppressive feel.

Ghost eventually came to some stairs, she followed them down hearing the faint dripping of water. She could feel in the dark that the walls no longer surrounded her, that to either side of the stairs there was nothing but air. in the faint light she could barely make out a thin trail of water that snaked down the stairs. Ghost arrived at the end of the staircase where the path split left and right. Noticing that the thin water trail ran down the left path, Ghost proceeded down that way.

At the end of that passageway Ghost felt the chamber open out. In the centre of the room was a glowing white light – a pool of water with a tone pedestal in the centre. The sound of rushing water was incredibly loud in this room. Ghost stepped into the pool to reach the pedestal and examined it – shockingly she recognised some of the symbols from Ice 9.

Ghost proceeded to the back of the room, running her hand along the wall, she eventually found a crack similar to the one upstairs. another passage ran through it, this one leading upwards. After a long climb Ghost saw a pulsing blue light up ahead. She came out into a small chamber with a round tesla-coil-like device in the centre of the room, the walls were made of metal, but it took on a bubble-like texture. The strangest thing was the ceiling – the pulsing blue light came from it – upon closer inspection Ghost realised that it was in fact a force field holding back the water from the lake above. The tesla-coil like device was engraved with symbols, again similar to those Ghost saw on Ice 9.

  • Investigates the dark side room.

Ambush at the Spaceport

  • Ambush at the spaceport by bounty hunters – identified Gand by his cybernetics and wish to acquire him off Galish.
  • Ghost returns to the pool room to find Sandy there. Shows Sandy the place at the back.
  • Sandy investigates the dark side room again himself to retrieve his stuff from last week.

Warde’s Legacy

  • Sirak arrives and the duels.
Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Five
Devaron Detour

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

This week Sandy went on a retreat to Devaron, the crew caught up with him and investigated why he would not give them the holocron.

Travok also dealt with the aftermath of the slavers attacking Cato Nemoidia – he fought his sister and won. Via her overbalancing and falling through the floor… This caused her to pursue the group with a turbolaser…

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Four
Chasing Ghosts

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

This week Predator Squadron got sucked into problems when Galish fired her blaster in a crowded spaceport. This was as they attempted to investigate Warde’s past.

As the session ended, Gand, Torani and Galish had been imprisoned by the Duke, Sandy hid the holocron in R5-G8. Ghost was planning to abseil down the side of the city to investigate the palace where Warde was last seen.

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Three

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

  • Gand decided to use his Findsman skills to locate Sandy. Performing the proper rituals, he determined Sandy was to the west.
  • Sandy had joined up with the Quolas army, which was being led by a triumvirate of the respective heirs to the Helshar and Tumris clans along with a Royal Guard captain.
  • The group decided to comm Sandy. Sandy answered and was informed that the base was destroyed. They agreed to meet at the Dag-O-Bar.
  • Sandy explained this to the army. They were grateful for the assistance and determined that their best move would be to return to Quolas and prepare for potential Imperial reprisals.
    • Sandy decided to journey to the capital, Zeilo, and set up a distress beacon from his X-Wing’s communications systems so that the locals could call Predator Squadron for help in the event that the Empire returned. He was granted an escort on this journey of 6 guards – 3 from Tumris, 3 from Helshar.
  • As he journeyed into the forest, he began to notice how quiet it was. This wasn’t like the first journey through the forest. It was so still, the trees had this foreboding lure.
  • After two days, his uneasiness grew. They most certainly should have encountered a nest of Bearsloths by now. He began to suspect that it was quiet because a new, larger predator had moved into the region. He inquired with the guards. They told him of the vicious Dracnor – vicious lizard-like creatures that dwell in the mountainous regions of Arbooine. He was told that in the rare occasions that they come down from the mountains, they consume all in their path; the local Bearsloths tend to go to ground to their queen’s nests until the danger has passed. Sandy did not like the sound of this at all…
    • That night, Sandy awoke to shouting. The Helshar and Tumris guards were fighting. A lone Helshar sat at watch, his throat slit and now the guards were on the verge of violence. He calmed the guards and examined the corpse – he determined that the wound was not from a natural creature: it was too precise, made with a knife and besides, why would a predator leave it’s kill behind? None of them got any sleep for the remainder of that night.
  • At first light they departed, hastening their mounts. Again all was unnervingly quiet within the forest.
    • That night they took watch in shifts of two – one to keep the eye on the other, just in case.
    • Sandy was again awoke by shouting. Blearily he looked around – he could see the two guards on watch silhouetted by the firelight, stabbing something on the ground. A dark shape came roaring out the forest and knocked one down, going straight for it’s throat. The three guards that were supposed to be sleeping were slowly rising and drawing weapons. As he turned to get himself up, a large wolf-like creature burst out of the trees and lunged for Sandy, biting into his shoulder.
    • Sandy recognised these creatures as the wolf-creatures that the Empire used to hunt himself and Gand on Ossus.
    • They fought off this first wave, but as the wolves howled – their howls were answered from the forest. Only 3 guards and R5-G8 left, they rallied around the campfire. More wolves came from the forest, this time joined by a man in yellow armour, he wore no helmet, but had a pair of hunting goggle attached to his eyes. He bore a wrist mounted blaster, which he pointed at them as he demanded their surrender. Sandy refused. The man pointed forward and the wolves charged.
    • This battle was swift, but they lost another guard. R5 showed his pro-shooting skills and got the killing blow against a wolf. With the battle over they decided to leave. Immediately.
  • They rode through the night and into the next day. The forest remained quiet, it felt as if they were being hunted.
    • It was the middle of the day, they had just descended down a long hill, when Sandy caught sight of him for the fist time. Two riders on Tarvixes rode up, each wearing yellow armour. Their leader rode a Nexu-like creature, approximately the size of a Reek. He was clad head-to-toe in a black robe, hood low over his face. There was an eerie coldness about him, a void filled with malice and Sandy knew upon sight that this was the reason for the quietness in the forest.
    • A chase ensured through the trees as the dark rider gained upon them. His mount was faster than their Tarvixes. As they rode, he stretched out his hand, trees and branches began collapsing in their path. The chase continued and they passed a stream and ran into a wild stampede of Tarvixes. Sandy and his companions used their Tarvixes to hide amongst the stampede, moving “down stream” as it were. The dark rider and his companions arrived at a ridge overlooking the stampede, hunched over his mount the dark rider contemplated the situation.
    • As afternoon gave way to early evening, Sandy arrived at Zeilo. Never was he so thankful to enter a city in his life.
  • Sandy set up the distress beacon, said goodbye to his Sathari girlfriend, repainted the X-
    Wing and departed.
  • Around the time of Sandy’s departure from Arbooine, the rest of the group arrived at the Dag-O-Bar. They were greeted by an ABZ-class Destroyer that demanded they stop for customs inspection. Great doors opened on its side and 6 TIE Aggressors launched.
  • The group went along with the inspection, hiding anything outright illegal – The Imperials said this was all necessary because of the increased Rebel activity in the region (they may have heard about the glorious Imperial victory recently nearby at Hoth). With it complete, the officer demanded to speak with the registered captain, a Jacen Briggs… The group were unsuccessful in convincing him that Briggs was unavailable, but a call to the station convinced him that they were regular traders there.
  • With this the ABZ-class Destroyer undocked and resumed it’s patrol route.
  • The group stuck around for a while to make it look convincing that they were traders. Luckily they needed to pick up some supplies. They messaged Sandy informing him that they’d ran into customs. They hoped that he’d have the sense to proceed to Cato Nemoidia, their next destination and meet them there.
  • Arrival at Cato Nemoida…..

In total it has now been 2 weeks from the Reeve being deposed. This makes it 3 weeks since meeting with the Alliance, that was about 5 days after Hoth.

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Two
Arbooine Errupts

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

Arbooine Escalation

  • Sandy convinced the immediate royal guards to stand down.
  • A small squad of Imperial troops arrived (searching for the rumoured Rebel base) and the group set about covering up the Reeve’s death.
  • Travok took the Imperials out and began distracting them.
    • Ghost witnessed the arrival of Imperial forces and began shadowing Travok to keep an eye on the situation.
  • Torani began searching for the kyber crystal, finding a console displaying a map of Quolas – it had a hole for a small device with an inlaid tree design.
  • Sandy searched the Reeve’s body and found a small amulet with an orange jewel and an engraved tree pattern.
  • Sandy began rallying the people towards war.
  • Using the amulet in the console they uncovered a list of secret weapons stashes that Marcolf had hidden around the city – he’d clearly been preparing to fight off a siege.
  • Sandy gathered the locals at the Pillar of Ancestors and made a speech – he said that they had thrown off the chains of the false Reeve, the Jedi Marcolf. He said that they now must throw off the chains of Imperial oppression.
    • Travok in the crowd with the Imperial officer noticed that she pulled out her comlink at the phrase “Jedi Marcolf”. Although her stormtroopers attempted to intervene, they got pushed off the walkways into the depths below. She disappeared into the crowd and wasn’t seen again.
  • The Imperial shuttle began taking off. Gand and Torani attempted to stop it. Gand jumped up on it’s wing, but ended up sliding off.
  • The Imperial shuttle destroyed the landing pad at the Reeve’s mansion and flew off.
  • Travok and Sandy arrived in time to witness this. Travok, furious at the turn this was taking (having led another world down this path only for it to end badly) lashed out with his claws. Sandy responded with his lightsaber.
  • Sandy marched into the throne room and destroyed the Reeve’s throne with his lightsaber. He then left, renting a Tarvix and departed the city.
  • The rest of the group retreated to Arbooine’s moon to communicate with the Rebel Alliance and plan further.
  • They determined that they had a moral obligation to help the people of Arbooine by destroying the Imperial garrison on the planet.
  • They reconned the garrison and requested Rebel reinforcements – the Alliance could spare a flight group of fighters (4 Y-Wings to be precise), but it would take them some days to get there.
  • Ghost and Gand infiltrated the facility and began preparing it for demolition.
  • When the Y-Wings arrived the facility’s own turbolasers overloaded and blew up, at which point the facility launched TIE Fighters, which triggered the fuel dump of the facility to overload. Finally the Y-Wings came in and bombarded the garrison into oblivion.

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