Star Wars: Predators

Onslaught at Jabiim
Part Two: Uprising

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Xerxes and the Mysterious Mountain Lab

Xerxes dealt with Oz’s doppelgänger – a strange being wearing a shiny golden jumpsuit. It said its name was ‘Hello’ and that it lived in the lab. It knew a was was going on and that this was unsafe. Although it had the ability to hold a conversation, it would often repeat key phrases. It also seemed to think that the Clone Wars were ongoing and that the Republic was the dominant force in the galaxy, that said it got the date correct. It claimed it had been ‘asleep’ for 20 years.

It absolutely did not want to go outside, and was very fearful of the possibility of battles and violence. Xerxes eventually only convinced it by promising it that it’d take him to Oz, who he told him about and commented on how they looked exactly the same. Even after this convincing, Hello froze upon trying to cross the threshold of the laboratory and had to be lifted over, it also displayed a fear of the rain (Blisk loaned Hello a poncho to protect and camouflage him).

The Battle of Haydon Valley

Cassie planned and assaulted Haydon Valley. She used the Sky Walker monks as a commando strike force to stealthily raid the Imperial base’s command centre whilst her main force engaged the base defences. She sent the main bulk of her army down the pass, but got ambushed by Stormtroopers in sniper’s nests along the canyon walls.

Eventually her forces broke through and used proton torpedoes to disable the power lines to the turrets mounting the canyon walls. The Empire sent out their forces and engaged the main Resistance army in a high pitched trench battle. Meanwhile the monk commando strike team deployed dioxis gas against the Imperial army. The commandos then broke through the Imperial lines and took the command centre.

Having seized the wall, Cassie inspected the command centre, discovering an Imperial vehicle bay and a munitions store on the other side of the wall. Cassie began preparations for the army of Super Stormtroopers inevitable assault against Haydon Valley.

Onslaught at Jabiim
Part One: Ravaging

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Awesome recap here!

The Return to Nar Shaddaa - The Conversation
A Private Talk Between Tobin and Jacen

Jacen is meditating in the cockpit of the stolen Starhopper. Tobin enters, his arms folded, casually dressed in a jacket, wandering into the room. Despite the cramped quarters of the ship, he has been exercising in the cabin outside.

Jacen’s eyes flicker towards him, acknowledging his presence. Jacen has a hard expression, almost as if he’s tolerating Tobin’s presence.

Jacen: Something you want to talk about?

Tobin: I figured you had a lot on your mind, you meditated much more than when I last seen you really taking the training to heart, your aura is much more composed in your aura.

Jacen: You weren’t clear on a few things regarding meditation. (He snorts dismissively) It helps. Stops me from reacting too fast.

Tobin: (Nodding) Indeed, organising one’s self is useful, you will be surprised how much you can sense within a single ship, the little buzzing of energy, like being inside a living beast in harmony with itself.

Tobin uncorks a bottle of Corellian Whiskey, pouring a drink to himself.

Tobin: I sense that you have questions. I understand, I might not have been as honest as I could have been. What do you want to know? And don’t worry, Jacen, I brought this.

Jacen blinks away his surprise.

Jacen: Funny, I figured you would be asking me that. There’s nothing I don’t know about you, your training session with Mara for instance, she filled in the blanks. But… there is one thing I don’t understand. Why do you have that black orb?

Tobin smiles slightly at the ripple of surprise he felt through the Force; it was always good to feel that he still had that unpredictable edge, though his smile dropped slightly as he turns around to face Jacen.

Tobin: The Black Orb I had earned on a mission long ago; a Quaren Inquisitor offered to train me, I didn’t accept and he stood between me and his shuttle. Turns out the teacher still had much to learn as I killed him and obtained his holocron and staff. (strokes chin) And for a long time I kept it as a curious little fetish; I like trophies you see; the Jewel of Yavin, the Black Orb, this lightsaber I hold… Each of these items have history. (pause) Funnily enough I’m still the only member of Predator Squad to have killed inquisitors, though they both underestimated me, these fellows haven’t.

Jacen’s eyes narrow.

Jacen: Don’t sidestep around the question, Tobin. I’m not stupid, I know what it does.

Tobin: Aye it’s a communicator. I’ve only once used it for that purpose though. When the staff was lost to Darth Vader, they… (pause, strokes chin) weren’t exactly happy that I had concealed that item from them.

Jacen: And you’ve kept this communicator cuz?

Tobin: Oh, and again when the communicators were removed from Gand and Galish, my only task was to eliminate Imperial spies; it seemed in my best interest. As for the communicator, I kept it because it would come in handy some day. Two years it has been in my possession, fairly certain even the inquisitors didn’t believe I had obtained it. (pause) But I’ve told you everything that I know. To be honest, they don’t trust me too much. I’ve never had much respect for figures of authority and while I believe in our superiority as Force users, our methods… (pause) Differ.

Jacen nods, musing to himself.

Jacen: Best be careful, you’ve used it once, no doubt they’ll figure out something’s wrong.

Tobin: They already know. For task masters they were surprisingly lenient on me. Now you have asked me a question… What is it you have been doing? I thought Vader had you back there. I’m certainly glad to see that wasn’t the case!

Jacen: Training. Getting ready for the real fight, one I suspect you’re already aware of.

Tobin: The real fight? Aye, long as Vader lives, none of our plans can ever come to fruition.

Jacen smirks.

Jacen: Ahhhh. So, you’re a bit clueless in that department. Big surprise, you weren’t told the real enemy.

Tobin: (Chuckles) Well you got me there, I do love a good surprise. (rolls his head as he massages his eyes) Though, if he isn’t who is it then? Go on, lay it on me.

Jacen considers it.

Jacen: In time, you’ll know when Ghost gets here. Suffice to say, the Inquisition isn’t our only concern.

Tobin: (Raises eyebrow) Jacen, I am fine to entertain your sense of mystery, but we don’t even know if they will be returning. We’ve already lost a lot, Elaiza and recently Reine. One by one, the people I know are lost, like tears in the rain.

Tobin seems to become lost in thought as he fixates his gaze at the sky, taking a draft of the whiskey.

Jacen: Until there’s confirmation they’re dead, my lips are sealed. This sort of information can’t be repeated twice, let me put it this way…

Jacen pauses, his eyes glance around the room – it’s edges, walls, corners, you can tell he’s looking for something or someone.

Jacen: These walls have ears, I don’t think you’ll find a safe room anywhere.

Tobin: (Nod’s drily as he takes another sip) That’s nothing new fa me buddy, but I get your point. Hopefully they will be back, pretty much everyone I used to preform heists with is gone now, just Gandi left now. (Pause) Though, I hope she hasn’t gone easy on you; I had to do all those stunts with a stump! Ahahahaha!

Jacen: There’ll be others. (Nods to himself) Her methods were unique, she was actually a lot more lenient with me than with you. (Snickers) Then again, boarding Vader’s flagship was anything but lenient.

Tobin: Wait, what? You- (Pauses to compose himself) Must have been quite a tale.

Jacen: (Smiles wickedly) How can you tell I’m telling the truth?

Tobin: (Grins) I can try prying it out of your mind, though I guess you’d much prefer to tell it.

Jacen: Perhaps you can. Maybe you can’t. Point is, what Mara put me through is kittens compared to you going through my head.

Tobin: Alright, give me the low down then. Or are you gonna be the kina fella who would rather let anticipation build?

Jacen: (Raises eyebrow) That depends, are you going to abuse my name again?

Tobin: Oh please, you know me. (Pauses) That’s not helping.

Jacen: (Sighs) Get serious. You betrayed my trust, if the circumstances were different I wouldn’t be working with you again. You owe me one, making me a target of the Hutt’s isn’t funny.

Tobin turns his head up and scratches at the scaly ridges of his head.

Tobin: Oh, so that’s what it were about at that table… (Pause) You did use a false name, didn’t you? Well in any case there were three reasons for that. You think you can figure out what those were? Hmm?

Though his manner sounds a touch playful, Tobin’s expression and mannerism indicates that he is taking this quite seriously, with a hint of genuine curiosity.

Jacen: (Snapping) That’s not the point! You deliberately withheld that information.

Tobin: Deliberately withheld that information? No, that information was all there, you put your name on the ship, it’s not my fault that you never asked where this ship came from. I told you stories of my exploits and the power the Force had to offer, BUT you never took me seriously. (The Force seems to ripple as he hammered his fist in his palm) Always you dismissed my teaching as the mad ravings of an outlaw, the force as some hokey cokey religion in which children are sacrificed to maintain vitality, instead you repelled me. You didn’t want to learn, you just wanted me to teach you some cool tricks so you could get yourself killed on some foolish endeavour without understanding the consequences of your actions. Reason one was just that, how did you feel when you found out you were the owner of one of the most wanted ships in the galaxy, hmm? Did it terrify you to know that a Hutt would stop at nothing to crush you? (Pause) Answer me honestly, and I will teach you the most valuable lesson of all.

Jacen: No, I saw you as a friend, a mentor. Someone who could help me get revenge for my parents. I always listened, even when you spouted your stories. (His eyes darken) You don’t understand what it’s like to be in my position, those Hutt’s sold my parents down the line. If you want the truth, here it is: You made me feel like a victim, you did something that no blade can touch. I trusted everything in you, and you didn’t treat me in kind, always the damn dismissals, always thinking your better just because you lost people time and time again. Your problem Tobin, is that you think everything should start and end with you. That whatever happens to you is something the entire Galaxy should know.

Tobin pauses, there is a certain disturbance in his Force aura before he sighs.

Tobin: Well that’s true. Perhaps I lost track of when I was just the son of a mechanic, looking for righteous revenge on my fathers killer. I’ve lost so much of myself since then. (Sighs) I’ve… even lost my empathy. For that.. I’m truly sorry. (Tobin hunches forward, massaging his eyes, tears?) The lesson? While I have never been a slave, I used to have a comfortable life until I was plunged into poverty. What I do understand is this; I got exactly what I wanted. Cold revenge served on a well chilled plate, I did whatever I could to achieve that; pulled odd jobs on a merc team, joined the Alliance when business turned sour and eventually robbed a Hutt to draw my target in. Yet…. I’m haunted, Jacen. The Empire, the inquisition, the Hutts, bounty hunting guilds, even Black Sun. In order to get what I wanted, every one of those fellows is hunting me. (Pause) Every night, I dream of that last encounter that will end me. My paranoia has gotten so bad that I sleep with my blaster every night in case someone I know one day tries to turn me over for a fat paycheck. That was the consequence of carrying out my revenge to the extent that the only way I keep going is to continue to steal, to kill, to grow. Living a peaceful life? That’s…. Beyond me now. All these little goals I set myself is all that keeps me going these days. It’s the only way I can cope. (Pause) So, I ask you, is revenge worth that price? Lets say you do kill Dei or Kaltho, you will be hunted by every Hutt and every goon to the ends of the galaxy with every resource at their disposal, would you be willing to give up your life for that?

Jacen considers this for a moment.

Jacen: It depends on the method I get my revenge, I’ve debated watching them choke on their own fat voice. But I haven’t decided the endgame, it may end with a dead Hutt or it may end up with a Hutt who’s in disgrace living on the slums like the rest of Nar Shaddaa. But I know one thing is certain, I need closure, the past is strangling me binding me to matters that will distract me from our enemies. For the record, I’m not basing these crimes on data, I saw exactly what happened after I was stunned, and I will never forgive, never forget.

Tobin: Even if that means pitching a tent in hell to get what you want?

Jacen: If that’s the price, I’ll bear it. There are always possibilities, the future always shifts, not everything you say will happen will. But let me ask you this. If you were in my shoes, and a Hutt killed your father, not Dillinger, would you take the shot back then?

Tobin: (Sighs before smiling wearily) Well, I did rob a Hutt, killing one wouldn’t have been much more difficult.

Jacen: Would you do it? Ignoring your current self, what you are now. I’m talking about the Tobin who wanted his own justice. Would he kill that Hutt regardless?

Tobin pauses to contemplate.

Tobin: Yeah, I would have. I wanted revenge because the just authority refused to deal with it. Killing a crime lord? Without a doubt.

Jacen: Don’t you see? There’s no difference between him and me. The questions that stand are who really did it, why and how should that person pay?

Tobin: That’s just it really. You gotta take revenge, just make sure unlike me that the person you take revenge on actually deserves it; don’t waste your life like I did. Though I guess putting it one way, love it or hate it after this we are gonna be bunk buddies love it or loath it, the entire galaxy after us! (Pause) I mean, if you got your heart dead set on attaining justice and willing to go to hell for it, might as well go with a guide, no?

Jacen: I’ll do my research, for now let Dei have her victory. We’re in this together, friend or not, we need one another so let’s make that clear. (He pauses, contemplating) But before you leave, a little advice: You may think Dei is your ally, but truth of the matter is she’s like every other Hutt. They play with their food a little, study it, may even lick it just to tease it, but at the end of the day we’re all the same, to be used and devoured at their leisure. Make no mistake, she’ll find your weakness, then she’ll stab you and laugh as you squirm. Remember these words, they may come in handy when she decides that your too much trouble.

Tobin: I’ll keep that on my mind. To be fair there’s plenty I could say about the member’s of this team; especially Oz. I am curious of how you got the information in the first place though; I’m not sure if I would trust Jade either; she might be the most mysterious of all. (Long pause) Oh yeah, the third reason: if you had made off with my ship then at least it would have been easy to track you down. Though you didn’t and you certainly long passed that test, after all, no drinks are truly free, that you certainly taught me. (Pause) Jade’s the only one I’ve never been able to touch; I mean if she’s siding against the inquisitor’s and Vader it really begs the question of who exactly, is backing her.

Jacen: All in good time. Wait for Ghost, then I shall reveal all I know to you and her.

The End.

The Attempted Assassination of Kaltho the Hutt - Return to Nar Shaddaa

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Escape from Varl

Cassie and Mesa fight their way aboard The Shooting Rascal and their Y-Wing and take off.

Tobin convinces Kaltho the Hutt that Dei the Great still has romantic feelings for him. Kaltho is stricken with this idea and agrees to come with Tobin and Jacen willingly.

They flee Kaltho’s damaged yacht and take off (finding that The Shooting Rascal and the Y-Wing are significantly strained from the solar flare). Together they fight their way through the Hutt Defence Fleet – an attack force consisting mainly of StarViper starfighters. They escape into hyperspace, heading for Nar Shaddaa.

*Note that The Return to Nar Shaddaa – The Conversation takes place between departing Varl and arriving on Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa Pit Stop

Oz and Xerxes (a new member of the squad who was recently assigned to the Hoth base) arrive on Nar Shaddaa and are greeted politely by Dei. She informs them that if they’re looking for the others, they ought to be returning soon. Whilst they wait Dei notes that Xerxes has the perfect number of limbs to pilot a podracer she recently acquired in a game of chance (the fastest ever built). She plans to enter it into the Nar Shaddaa Grand Course next month, would he be interested? Being an adrenaline junkie, Xerxes found it hard to say no.

Mesa, Tobin and Jacen arrive back with Kaltho. Tobin and Mesa escort Kaltho into the palace to see Dei. Stunned silence fills the court – Dei appears livid with rage. She orders everyone out.

Predator Squadron depart the planet with haste. Oz explains about the intelligence relating to Jabiim that the Alliance recently sent him.

Arrival at Jabiim

The group arrive at Jabiim, finding a stunning sight greeting them – from the planet below a huge skyhook rises – large enough to accommodate docking for 6 Star Destroyers. On Jabiim’s moon they reunite with the Honey Badger and The Angel of Lothal and are to meet their Bothan SpyNet contact.

Kay’Daq greets them, he does not seem to be in the best of moods. Privately he explains that he used to be a member of the SpyNet. He quit after his brother, Eramuth, died during a mission to Jabiim. Furthermore their contact, Glynn, is Eramuth’s widow (who blames Kay’Daq for his death). Understandably this mission is bringing some old wounds to the surface for Kay’Daq.

The crew begin planning their assault on Jabiim.

The Attempted Assassination of Kaltho the Hutt - Attack at Varl

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Travis and the Beasts of Jomark

Travis organised defences at High Castle to secure himself and the remaining Imperials in the armoury. He called Tobin for help and instructed him to call the Open Palm Force to pick him up.

Travis and the Imperials fought against an oncoming hoard of these monsters – he recognised them as the ones that previously attacked the Dag-O-Bar. It seems as if their bite or scratches are infectious.

Oz and the New Base

After the Imperial forces patrolling near the Dag-O-Bar left, Oz took a crew and left, returning to Hoth. Here he began construction work on a new base – it would be the last place the Empire would look for any Rebel installations now.

With construction underway, he received an urgent communique from the Rebel Alliance. Commandant Adonis and Dr Nevran had been interrogated as to their involvement in Project Tempest and had revealed some key information that needed to be acted upon quickly. Learning that the Empire planned to send Super Stormtroopers to Jabiim, Oz departed for Nar Shaddaa with haste in order to pick up the rest of Predator Squadron.

The Varl System

Cassie, Mesa, Tobin and Amisythe arrived in the Varl system, facing down a Hutt war-fleet. They unsuccessfully attempted to micro-jump to the centre of the system (where they detected Kaltho’s personal yacht). The Hutt fleet launched fighters, but at the last second Predator Squadron’s authorisation from Dei the Great came through. She had given them travel authorisation as “slaves for the mines”, Predator Squadron are unsure of whether or not this is legitimate…

They used a debris field to break away from their Hutt starfighter escorts and headed to Kaltho’s yacht – which was adrift near the star. Once aboard they found that the local security droids (re-purposed Separatist droids) had been turned against Kaltho’s organic security.

Tobin, Amisythe and Gladios passed Kaltho’s vault on their way to the casino, resisting temptation they continued on. They found the security droids locked in combat with the Sabacc dealer droids, they joined the fray.

As the fight wound down Tobin felt that they were losing time and pushed on ahead to the next doorway and the access-corridor to the observation deck. After Tobin left the room, a droid blasted a viewport opening the casino to space. Amisythe was sucked out along with the entirety of the Super Battle Droid forces. Gladios managed to cling on and use the wind created as the air was sucked out to glide his way into the nearest turbolift. He hit the button and proceeded to the bridge level.

Gladios on the Bridge

Gladios entered the bridge to a scene of utter carnage. Bodies of crewmembers everywhere, the floor slick with blood. A figure in a black body-suit and shadowcloak had a crewmember hauled over a console. The figure held a knife to the crewmember, saying “You get to live. Let the Ruling Council know that no Hutt is safe – not even in your deepest sanctuary. The Dark Prince knows all”.

Gladios knew this was a reference to Black Sun, their leader is informally known as The Dark Prince. The crewmember being suitably frightened, the cloaked figure turned it’s attention to Gladios, “You shouldn’t be here,” they said.

The figure lunged across the deck, drawing a pair of blades. Gladios used his Ryk blade to knock aside the assassin’s blade breaker, but fell prey to poison embedded in the tip of the other blade. This paralysed Gladios and the assassin took the opportunity to end the fight with a precise strike to the Wookiee’s neck. The assailant leaned in close to him and whispered softly in his ear: “You die with honour”. As Gladios collapsed the end was nigh; now ignored by his assailant, he struggled to reach his comlink to inform his comrades of what he had learned.

Slowly the yacht faded away. The forest was calling him home.

Cassie and Mesa

Cassie and Mesa heard this befall Gladios over an open com-line. By this time they had progressed to Kaltho’s zoo, near his hanger bay. Hearing Gladios fall, they doubled back and headed towards the bridge (taking a round-about route, having to bypass the voided casino).

Unfortunately they arrived to late to be of aid to Gladios. Luckily they were able to avert disaster – the ship being set to a collision course with Varl’s star. Mesa pulled them out of this course, but a freak solar flare knocked out the ship’s power and sent them adrift towards Varl itself.

Cassie and Mesa gathered Gladios’s body and decided to proceed back to their ships as quickly as possible.


Tobin, in the observation deck, spotted a figure running up the grand staircase towards the throne room. Tobin jetpacked over the figure and dropped in front of him, levelling his blaster pistol. The figure dissipated, vanished into thin air. He heard a voice from behind him, “I was wondering if that would work on you,” out from behind a pillar came Jacen.

The two of them talked – Jacen explained that he had evidence that Kaltho was responsible for the deaths of his parents. Then the ship was rocked by the solar flare, knocking power and gravity offline. Both Jacen and Tobin realised that the other was not responsible and decided to work together to extract Kaltho, and determine what to do with him later.

They fought their way into the throne room, taking out Kaltho’s remaining guards and destroyer droids with relative ease.

Seeing that he was beaten, Kaltho surrendered. He revealed that he knew who Tobin was (Tobin having stolen from him in the past), but he had no memory of arranging the deaths of Jacen’’s parents. After some description of the circumstances, Kaltho denied any involvement – he claimed that Dei was responsible for their deaths. He claimed that she was once part of his clan, that they were lovers. She defected to the Gorensla Kajidic and used the good favour that she had accrued with the Empire to help secure her position. As proof he revealed a series of love letters between himself and Dei – the dates corresponded to what he was saying to within a few months of Jacen’s parents deaths.

Tobin and Jacen were unsure what to make of the situation, or whether to believe a Hutt.

Note: This is approximately 2 and a half weeks after the Battle of Hoth.

Family Reunions

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

The Poisoning of Kaltho’s Chef

Before proceeding the group decide to see if there are any rumours about who may want to kill Kaltho the Hutt. They learn that no contract was posted on the Hutt, indeed there isn’t really anything concrete. However, there are rumours that Kaltho recently had a business deal go badly, possibly with the Black Sun crime syndicate.

  • Cassie, Gladios and Tobin investigate the poisoning of Kaltho’s personal chef. They go the restraunt/casino/KFC where it happened. Cassie talks them into letting her and Gladios see the manager whilst Tobin checks out back.
  • Tobin finds an Aqualish corpse in the dumpster and notes that the back door isn’t really secure – it’s lock doesn’t function and neither does the security camera above it.
  • They find that security footage has been modified to mask the time of the poisoning. Furthermore the poison in question appears to be a deliberately contaminated pufferfish – it would have killed the chef/taster (dual role for just this scenario – so if anything goes wrong, he suffers the consequences) very quickly.
  • As they’re debating next steps they come under fire from the building opposite (a barbers). Tobin takes cover in the dumpster and calls his speeder bike. A grease line on the KFC is hit, causing the surrounding area to become difficult terrain. Predator Squadron advance on the shooter, eventually knocking them off the roof, pinning them in a cracked hole with some rubble.
  • As they get closer they recognise the mask as Ami – the person Tobin believes to be the son of Dillinger. Tobin starts saying how Dillinger didn’t leave him a choice, how it all makes sense now – Ami poisoning Kaltho’s chef to draw him out. Ami then rips off her mask, revealing herself to be a female Rodian, saying she wasn’t trying to kill Kaltho, but thought Tobin might return to the scene of the crime ( Tobin having form for antagonising the Hutt) – she thought it would be a good idea to attempt to get revenge for Dillinger’s murder.

Travis’s Troubles

  • Travis is setting up a tent in camp with his sister. His uncle Thenn comes in and informs them that it is unlikely that their father will survive his illness much longer. Taonas suggests that they both get rest – they will need their strength for the challenges ahead. Travis goes and meets with Ronan, clan chief of Clan Seteda. They share ale, but Travis becomes ill, eventually calling unconscious.
  • When he awakes the word is spinning – he’s on a slaver ship. He breaks out and rescues some Imperial officers who are also slaves. He also finds his armour in storage (with a datacard pasted to it).
  • They get to the bridge and find the Zygerian captain (cat person) taking them down. He fights Travis with a whip, but Travis knocks him out. Travis plays the datacard – a message from his uncle.
  • They blast off, dumping their cargo all of the hanger bay. Unfortunately in his haste to programme the navicomputer Travis makes some critical errors and the ship jumps for parts unknown.

The Continued Nar Shaddaa Investigation

  • Ami and the group sit down in a local bar. She explains who she is and her relation to Tobin (she’s his half sister). His father had worked to help a group of Jedi go into hiding in the aftermath of the Clone Wars. Those Jedi were all killed, which forced his father to attempt to fake his death in collusion with Dillinger (this maybe worked a little too well).
  • The group want to set up a trap for the assassin – a fake party that ‘Kaltho’ will attend. But they don’t want the real Kaltho to show up lest he get the wrong impression. Ami leaves to go to Kaltho’s skyscraper, hoping to stop him attending the fake party.
  • The group decide to check for cameras in the barber shop – they find one pointing directly at the casino front. Checking the footage they find a speeder and its license plate. It’s a rental and it was reported dumped near the Ritz Spaceport. Tracking down the vehicle, they find it rigged with Dioxis gas – they disable that trap, gaining the gas, and check for print (it was very thoroughly cleaned of traces – whoever did it knew what they were doing).
  • Ami then calls to tell them that Kaltho has left his skyscraper. He planned to leave on his yacht, which is berthed at the Ritz spaceport. They inform Dei the Greatm who checks with her contacts at the spaceport – Kaltho departed 20 minutes ago, he filed a flight plan for Varl. Varl is the mysterious Hutt world of origin, it having suffered some catastrophic disaster eons ago, it was abandoned. It is the most secure region in Hutt Space – it would be suicide to attempt to follow Kaltho in there – if they are caught, they will most certainly be killed (Dei requests they dispose of the Ardos disks that she gave them if that is the case, so the Hutt navy don’t get the wrong impression).
  • They board The Shooting Rascal with Ami and depart for Varl, hoping Dei can get them some transit permits by the time they arrive.


  • Travis comes out of hyperspace in atmosphere of a muddy grey world with lots of in-land seas. They land in a lake, the ship immediately sinking into a mud bank.
  • The liberated Imperial officers check the navicomputer- they’re on Jomark, a planet the Empire is aiding with their farming infrastructure. There’s a settlement called High Castle to the north.
  • Travis’a knowledge of survival and the wilderness guides them to the town without too much trouble, but by the time they arrive the sun is low on the horizon. It’s a small town – pretty backwards, full of outdated technology. It’s dominated by an ancient style castle on the hill top (with an Imperial shuttle and antenna array on its roof). As they walk through town it is silent, but they notice they’re getting suspicious glances from within the sealed doors and barricaded windows (the local population are Kaleesh).
  • They hammer at the castle door only to receive a yelled “No thank you!” in response. The officers eventually talk whoever is inside to open the door (although he’s unwilling – “You might be one of them!”.
  • Inside the courtyard they find a lone gunnery corpsman. He immediately demands to see their skin – particularly their arms. He explains about a series of creatures that have been attacking at night – no eyes and tons of teeth. He’s the only survivor of the outpost, he deals himself inside at night. Travis gets a blaster rifle off the man, planning to return to the ship – he is advised against it, it’s nearly dark.
  • Travis settles for repairing the antena array – a chunk of wiring is missing at the bottom, possibly from a creature bite. Patching it with parts from the shuttle (which isn’t space worthy, lacking a functioning engine, hyperdrive of windscreen), he gets the antena working. He’s immediately blasted by a shrill alarm and a message: “Attention, by order of ”/characters/general-kevlan" class=“wiki-content-link”>Grand Moff Kevlan, this system is under medical quarantine. Turn back immediately, do not attempt to land. Attention…"
The Source of the Smell & Other Tales
Including the Escape from GX-04

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

  • Mesa began sneaking through the vents in order to disable the GX-04 facility’s turbolasers. After taking over one station and reprogramming it to automatically fire on the other gunner positions, Mesa found Gladios in trouble by the main entrance door (having been stunned by the Stormtroopers). Mesa interfered and ended up being stunned. Gladios used the distraction to acquire the key to his cuffs and breakout. Together they dealt with the remaining Stormtroopers.
  • Cassie, Tobin and Travis gathered their prisoners (including Doctor Nevran and Commandant Adonis) and boarded the Charging Varactyl, the Commandant’s personal YT-2000. They placed the Commandant in the pilot ship and waited for the mines in orbit to fall.
  • The Commandant realised that he was in a key position, he decided to punch it and take off from the facility.
  • Afterwards they dropped their prisoners off at the Rebel fleet and received a call from Dei the Great – she was calling on Tobin to aid her because of the Obligation he owed her.
  • They stopped off at the Dag-O-Bar to pick up the Shooting Rascal (which after much effort they discovered that the source of the smell that permeated the ship was a dead Wookiee clogged (by some miraculous method) into the air filtration system. They determined that it had been dead for about thirty years. Thus their obsession with the smell ended).
  • They then went to Nar Shaddaa where they found that someone was attempting to assassinate Kaltho the Hutt. An attempt had already been made, that was only successful in killing Kaltho’s personal chef. Dei needs them to prevent Kaltho’s death in order to avoid an all out Hutt civil war.
  • Whilst this was going on Travis visited upon his dying father.

Note: Mesa was unable to heal the Crippled critical injury she sustained during her infiltration of the GX-04 facility. She can’t use her left leg until it’s healed – she has a week until she can try again.

It is now 2 weeks since the Battle of Hoth.

Raiding the GX-04 Facility

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Return to Hoth!

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Predator Squadron are tasked with surveying the remaining Imperial presence in the Hoth system and rescuing any surviving Rebels on the planet.

When they arrived, they found that the Imperial fleet had moved off, there were no ships apparent in orbit. They proceeded to the co-ordinates of Echo Base and began scanning for life-signs.

They detected a metal structure up ahead with a large cluster of life signs – the only ones they have picked up on the planet thus far. When surveying how best to approach this position they were intercepted by an ADZ-Cruiser. The cruiser launched a shuttle that deployed troops.

Firing up their engines for cover from the cruiser, they took out the Snowtroopers and boarded the shuttle. They used the shuttle to board the cruiser. The captain of the cruiser decided to ram the Honey Badger, unfortunately crashing his own ship into the ice in the process.

The boarding team liberated a group of Rebel prisoners – including Mesa, who had been captured during the Battle of Hoth – and proceeded to the bridge. The captain had emptied the armoury in an attempt to secure the bridge, but Gladios Ryk managed to cut power to their turrets and bypass the blast door. There they found the captain holding a thermal detonator. Mesa shot the captain’s hand, releasing the pressure trigger and setting off the thermal detonator. Although Mesa and Travis Shrike were unscathed, Gladios took the full brunt of the blast and was knocked unconscious.

They proceeded to attack the camp – which appeared to be some sort of POW camp – using the Honey Badger and Y-Wings to take out the power generators whilst engaging a Gozanti-class cruiser and accompanying TIE Fighters. This was whilst Nerra and Oz sneaked their way through an underground cavern system to attack the base from “The Pit” – a large hole in the ice where the Empire had dug cells for the prisoners.

Eventually the Angel of Lothal arrived on the scene and deployed it’s complement of X-Wings. The facility signaled its surrender and when they arrived in the control room they found ISB agent Colonel Pellar in command. They took him prisoner and began raiding the facility’s computer systems.

Although the Imperial forces attempted to destroy as much data as possible, Predator Squadron were able to uncover that Mesa was being shipped out of the POW camp on the orders of a Lieutenant Ketsh, a researcher for Project Raptor who had taken great interest in the Chadra-Fan. Predator Squadron also planted false interrogation records to indicate that Rebel bases were located on several planets that there were none on (the hope being that after they’d left, the Empire would sweep in and examine the records).

Predator Squadron returned to the Rebel Fleet, boarding the Redemption to a hero’s welcome. General Rieekan presented the Squad with The Star of Alderaan for their valiant defence of Echo Base and it’s ion cannon, without which many more lives would have been lost during the Battle of Hoth, and for returning to Hoth to rescue the POWs captured there. They also received the Defence of Hoth campaign award, denoting their participation in that battle.


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