Star Wars: Predators

Mesa's Massacre
  • Cassie and Ghost co-ordinated with General Rieekan to backup the data on the Onderon Crest for the Alliance.
  • Jacen created a back-door into Alliance computers, accidentally setting off an alarm causing the fleet to go on high alert. He used the opportunity created by this to steal the Onderon Crest and a white crystal belonging to Borsk Fey’lya from Home One’s vault.
  • Mesa was scouting potential ships to steal upon their potential rogue adventures (to make their departure look more convincing and give them extra starfighter carrying capacity). The alarm went off and she was forced to dock with a Consular-Class Cruiser.
  • Mesa decided to attempt to steal it, so attempted to override controls from engineering. This failed, so she attempted to jettison all the escape pods and blast blast a hole in the side of the hull to suck all the air out. The blast doors foiled this plan and Mesa got trapped in a room rapidly losing oxygen. She climbed out onto the hull and entered the airlock. She then overrode the airlock controls to suck some crewmembers out into space. She then went to the bridge and overrode the life support controls to suck the air out of all the rooms. The remaining crew attempted to stop her, but she killed them.
  • Mesa escaped into hyperspace with the ship, damaging several Alliance vessels on her way out.
  • The Alliance were obviously displeased with this turn of events. They were happy for the group to go rogue, even to steal some needed supplies, but not at the expense of people’s lives. General Rieekan assigned the squad to track Mesa down and bring her back because they were likely the ones most motivated to do so.
  • Mesa arrived at Mygeeto, the ship crashed into the ice and began sinking. She managed to seal off the breach and take off, only to be intercepted by TIE Fighters. The Fighters pursued her into orbit where she encountered the Interdictor in orbit. She surrendered and was forced to land at an Imperial air base.
  • An Imperial Captain interrogated her, getting the co-ordinates of the Rebel fleet out of Mesa. The captain then pulled out a knife, claiming to be working for the Bothan Spynet – the interrogation was a test of Mesa’s loyalty and she had just failed. The captain attacked Mesa, severing her hand.
  • The rest of Predator Squadron arrived at Mygeeto, investigating the Jewel City (a vast underwater ice city that was a major tourist attraction. They found the reports about the Consular-class cruiser buzzing the capital before being brought down at an Imperial base by the Empire.
  • They headed to the base and began making preparations to sneak in and raid it.
The Battle of Mimban Part Two

Mission Roster

Air Support

Tobin was flying through the city on overwatch in the Virago when his sensors alerted him to incoming ships – dozens of starfighters coming from the north (the direction of the Imperial air base), and a shuttle with accompanying fighters coming in from the civilian spaceport (from the east). Tobin stretched out with the Force, determining the hostile intent of the starfighter pilots and their positions, he also determined that Galish was aboard the shuttle.

Tobin engaged some of the oncoming TIE Fighters as they came over the mountain range towards the city – blasting apart the rocks with proton torpedoes to hamper their approach. Eventually the Empire brought in an AT-AA and Tobin was forced to pull out. He headed towards the spaceport.

Galish (following a flight plan set by her accompanying TIE Fighters, which would take her towards the air base) used the distraction of Tobin attacking her escorts to pull away, rocketing for orbit and eventually hyperspace. She set course for the Angel of Lothal and arrived quickly, docking with an accompanying ship.

At the spaceport, hidden missile batteries began deploying to engage Tobin. He swiftly dealt with the TIEs and disabled the sensor system atop the control tower (blinding the Imperial forces temporarily) and headed full speed into the city to hide amongst the buildings.

Aboard the Lothal, Galish was hurried through to the bridge in a hover-chair. On the bridge Lieutenant Dixon and C3-V3X were assessing the tactical disposition of the Mimban system. Galish informed them that Predator Squadron were in trouble and needed help, they told Galish that they were preparing to jump in and join the battle at Mimban V.

Blisk (being ever the practical fellow) relieved C3-V3X of one of his legs and attached it to Galish as a very make-shift prosthetic. Galish prepared for battle as the Angel of Lothal jumped to hyperspace.

Inside the Hub Library Facility

Ghost, Gand and Whisper broke into the control room. They found a scene of carnage – console had been blasted, still smouldering, and the technicians killed. The commander appeared to have killed himself, rather than face capture. The group identified a security feed showing gas canisters deploying into a detention facility. They identified the self destruct mechanism, unfortunately Ghost found it too challenging to disarm, and with only 10 minutes left they decided to run for the imprisoned Bothans.

Backtracking through the facility they came to a small mess hall that had been converted to be defensible. Gand’s nemesis – the officer who fought him in the trash compactor previously – commanded a force of 25 Stormtroopers, 4 Death Troopers and turrets. Predator Squadron tried advancing into the room, but found the resistance too strong. Ghost remembered the Baradium charge they previously had, tossing it to Gand. His eyes glistening with glee, Gand swiftly armed the charge and threw it into the room, barely getting the blast door sealed.

The blast ripped apart the room and everything in it – denting the blast door that Predator Squadron sheltered behind.

They entered the room – smoke and flame everywhere. A figure came out of the smoke and collapsed – the blackened Stormtrooper armour barely clinging together smouldering. Together Ghost, Gand and Whisper pried the door open at the far end – opening onto a scene of wrecked girders and flaming wreckage. They carefully made their way through. At the end of the hall, they spotted the cargo elevator off to the left and a secured door to the right that led to the detention level.

Gand hot wired the door, bypassing and recovering the detonite charges built into the mechanism. Inside they found a large cell-block filled with gas. The area was clear of Stormtroopers, but it seemed as though the Bothan prisoners had died. They pulled the bodies out of the cells and into the corridor, identifying one as Captain Kay’daq. Gand determined that they had recently died – within 5 minutes. Ghost was so enraged, drawing on the Force, through her anger and frustration, she poured this energy into Kay’daq dragging the faint flicker of his life-force back to life.

After taking a few moments to recover Kay’daq asked “What took you so long?”. In response, they briefed him on the situation. Kay’day reached up into his mouth, removing a prosthetic within his jaw and cheek. They could see that the prosthetic had a computer chip and ports built into it. Kay’daq pressed it into Ghost and woozily said “This has to get to the General. No one else. Make sure he gets it”.

Aware of how few minutes were left on the countdown, they helped Kay’daq to the cargo elevator. They hit the lever, ascending upwards, barely making it as the entire facility began shaking as a massive explosision ripped through it. Flames burst over the side of the cart, the entire world shook as dust and debris fell from the ceiling.

Outside Tobin could only look on in horror as flames engulfed the Hub Library and the civilians sealed within.

The Battle at Mimban V – Last Flight of the Angel

Galish, aboard The Angel of Lothal, returned to the Mimban system. The ship reverted from hyperspace into a firestorm of turbolasers fire, surrounded by dozens of TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers. The crew found themselves engaging the Executor and its accompanying Star Destroyers at close range.

Galish then realised, she had not told Lieutenant Dixon which planet in the Mimban system Predator Squadron were on, and that he had jumped the ship in to join the main battle. Galish then determined that her best course of action would be to find a way down to the surface and find her wife, Princess Khylira. She grabbed a space suit from a bridge locker and headed for the nearest airlock – suiting up quickly, she opened the door and jumped out into space, intending to let gravity take her to the surface.

It was at this point that Galish realised that atmospheric entry would be incredibly painful, her jetpack did not function in space, that without a propulsion system she had no way to steer and that it would take a while for gravity to pull her into the atmosphere.

She looked on at the ensuing battle, the Executor quickly ripped one of the corvettes to shreds with turbolasers fire. Escape pods from the corvette made a desperate run for the planet. The molten surface of Mimban V glowed ominously throwing a red hue onto the battlefield. X-Wings rushed past dogfighting with TIE Fighters.

Galish remembered the grapple gun she’d acquired earlier. Taking aim at a nearby TIE Fighter, she fired, but the TIE was moving way too fast to get hit. She was then blinded by a bright searchlight and found herself being tugged towards a shuttle of some kind by a tractor beam. Galish filled with dread as she anticipated the worst.

The next thing she knew Galish was being pulled into an airlock and a space-suited figure was telling her it was ok, just breathe normally. The figure said “Were you a pilot? Did you eject?What side are you with, I don’t recognise the uniform?”. Galish was then led into the back as she informed him she was with the Rebellion. He said “Alright Imperials are starboard side, Rebels port”, and showed her to a medical bay – the ship was lined with beds, one side Imperial fighter pilots, the other Rebellion.

Her rescuer informed her that he worked for a neutral organisation that tried to help casualties in battle. So long as they don’t get in the way, they won’t get shot down. Galish tried to convince the man to take her to Mimban III, but he said there was no battle at Mimban III – it was here at Mimban V. She asked about going down to the surface of Mimban V, but he said it was too dangerous. Galish implored to him that her wife was down there, he said he wouldn’t take her down there, but he did show her to the escape pod.

Galish jettisoned the pod and held on tight as it hurtled away from the battle and towards the surface of the planet. Playing she didn’t land in a lava flow, or a field of toxic waste, Galish braced herself for impact.

Warehouse Rumble

Ghost, Gand and Whisper finally reach the top of the elevator shaft with Kay’daq. It opened out onto a darkened warehouse stacked with crates and shipping containers – a quick look around revealed dozens of Stormtroopers patrolling the area, a pair of TIE Interceptors and a Lambda-class Shuttle guarded by a pair of Death Troopers.

They snuck their way through the warehouse, flinging tools and bits of debris to distract the Stormtroopers. Gand handily found a hand grinder and a glue-gun on a tool trolley. Ghost, Kay’daq and Whisper arrived at the shuttle, taking cover behind it.

Gand approached one of the TIE Interceptors, arming his detonite charges. He placed them carefully between the engines of the TIE, noticing it was connected to a nearby fuel pump that ran underneath the platform. Gand took cover as a TIE pilot approached and got in the ship. With the engines warming up they would have to hurry.

Ghost blasted the first Death Trooper and Whisper put it down – Ghost got Kay’daq aboard whilst Whisper entered the cockpit and primed the engines. Gand charged through and got aboard the ramp, but as he passed the remaining Death Trooper it got a shot off with its pistol – shooting Gand in the face, blinding him.

Seeing this, Ghost blasted the Death Trooper, prioritised acquiring its blaster and helmet as a souviner, then saw to securing Gand aboard the ship. Whisper blasted off and made for the warehouse doors, blasting them apart with the laser cannons. On their comm system they received the following transmission from the maddened Imperial crew:

Shuttle Tydirium you aren’t cleared for launch! Stand down!

As their shuttle broke free of the warehouse the TIE Interceptors took off, detonating Gand’s charges – the warehouse got ripped apart in a massive fireball, but unfortunately Gand could not see it.

Tobin recognised the signs of Predator Squadron’s usual modus operandi and fell in with the shuttle, covering their escape from the oncoming hoard of TIE Fighters. They broke through and headed for orbit, broadcasting a “Mission accomplished” message towards the Rebel base before escaping to hyperspace.

The Battle at Mimban V – An Angel Falls

  • Galish battles her way across the battlefield. The port wing section from the Angel of Lothal crashes down, then she looks on in horror as the rest of the ship crashes into a lava field.
  • Galish gets into the Rebel base, reunites with the princess. Then she helps Captain Volin convince General Rieekan not to stay behind.
  • Galish Pilots the Honey Badger out of there, but gets swarmed by TIE Bombers.
  • The Rebel fleet arrives and begins engaging the Empire, covering the Honey Badger’s escape to hyperspace.

The Calm Before

  • Predator Squadron reunite and get medical attention.
  • They get briefed on the intelligence they recovered in a meeting involving Admiral Ackbar, General Rieekan, Captain Volin, Mon Mothma and Borsk Fey’Lya (the head of the Bothan Spynet).
    • Indeed the Empire are developing another Death Star. Furthermore in around a month’s time the Emperor himself will be touring the construction site to oversee the final stages of the project.
    • The shipping company owned by Gand’s brother, Jerome, is listed as part of the Empire’s logistics department for supplying the Death Star II construction – it’s one of the companies the Empire uses for cover.
    • Tobin’s father is listed as one of the leads of Project Celestial Power. This was a front the Empire used for the development of the reactor for the first Death Star, and was headed up by Galen Erso until his death. It is believed that Tobin’s father is overseeing this project at the Death Star II’s construction site.
      *Whisper suggests disavowing Gand to give him cover to infiltrate his brother’s organisation to gather more information (the idea being that Gand is fired in a very public manner, leading to him needing a job). To be credible they decide to extend this to the whole unit.
    • They begin putting this plan into motion, Ghost coming to an arrangement with General Rieekan about the repair of the Honey Badger.
  • Tobin and Jacen head to the Dusk Mynock, discussing a range of topics – The Force, the war and their place in it all. Eventually Ghost joins in, then Gand and Galish. (You guys might be best filling this segment out more fully).
The Battle of Mimban Part One

Mission Roster

The Rebel hanger was a scene of mildly controlled chaos – pilots rushed to their ships, torpedoes were loaded and soldiers rushed to the surface as the defence cannons blared. Ghost was set to take off when a mysterious figure clad in black dropped into the back seat. Commenting that it was a trick she had once pulled, Ghost was introduced to Whisper.

Predator Squadron departed Mimban V under fire from Imperial TIE Interceptors. They dodged a familiar looking Aggressor-class Attack Fighter, the same model that IG-88 used to pursue them from Skye. The Aggressor bypassed the squad and made a bee-line to the surface of the planet.

The squad evaded Imperial reinforcements, altering their route through the system to go past \Mimban IV. As they passed the labour camp they spotted the ominous shape of a Super Star Destroyer and accompanying ships departing, setting their course for Mimban V.

Thanks to Galish’s perception they spotted the orbiting sensor sattelites around Mimban III and made a plant to bypass them. They were able to hack the sattelites and obscure their approach – ground-based fighters would not be alerted until they were already approaching the city.

They entered the atmosphere and headed overland to the capital city. They entered the city limits, TIE Fighters at the mountain starfighter base began fueling and launching – their response would take 15 minutes to arrive. Keeping close to the city streets and flying between buildings, they came across an Imperial AT-AT. Although they took some fire, they eventually managed to evade it, dodging through a high-way bridge and preventing it from pursuing.

They arrived at Hub Library, set upon a town square in the centre of the city. Parked in the centre of the square was an AT-AA. To avoid it the squad parked on nearby rooftops, jetpacking or climbing into the library tower.

They found that the fire doors had been shut, alarms were blaring and the civilians were hiding under their desks. They blasted their way into the lobby (despite the protests of “Shhhh! This is a library!” from the civilians" and began fighting their way down to the ground floor (where they spotted Stormtroopers coming out of an elevator hidden within the structure of a fountain).

Escape from Skye

Mission Roster

Predator Squadron was ambushed by a pack of ravenous wolves. They found Galish to be a tasty meal, relieving her of one of her arms. After dealing with the wolves, the group was attacked by the chilling bounty hunter known as IG-88.

They fled from IG-88 through the wreck of the Midnight Star and escaped onto the Honey Badger. They blasted off right as Imperial forces showed up in TIE Strikers. They were pursued by the Imperials and IG-88 (in his custom Aggressor-Class Starfighter), but they ran the blockade and escaped. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the squad, a tracking device was magnetically attached to their hull before entering hyperspace….

Now came the decision – what to do with the Onderon Crest? Some argued to keep it, use it for themselves. Others argued that it should be used to pay off some debt with the Hutts, alternately the Rebel Alliance might be able to make use of it. One suggestion was to even give it to the Empire of the Hand, or the Hutt Ruling Council. Ultimately it was decided that the Alliance were best positioned to make use of it, and they might reward the squad for the significant intelligence find.

In the meantime they examined the Crest – after bypassing the failsafe (a large proton warhead), they accessed the data. Activating the Crest sent out a brief ion field that disabled all electronics (including cybernetics and recording devices) in the vicinity. They looked up Dei and found that the Hutt High Council suspected she was hiding something from them, but at the time of the last update never discovered what. It confirmed that Dei was once a member of the Veradi clan (mated to Kaltho), but defected to Gorensla around 14 years ago.

Their course having been set to Nar Shaddaa, they made a quick stopover to shop and meet with Dei the Great. Tobin bargained for Galish’s debt, informing Dei of the impending Mandalorian attack on Kowak to free a clan chieftain from the clutches of Prince Molec, whilst his father, King Atai was visiting. Dei said that she could make use of this opportunity – if the king of Zygerria died and Molec ascended the throne, Dei could exploit his “idiocy and paranoia” to great benefit and consider Galish’s debt fulfilled. However, if the Prince also died, and the king’s sister, that could potentially be bad for Dei’s business and Dei would be displeased. Tobin and Galish assured her that they’d deal with the situation.

After that stopover, they returned to Mimban V and the Rebel base hidden within the volcanic wastelands of the planet. Ghost noticed that the balance and weight of the Honey Badger seemed a little off as they landed and asked the Rebel technicians to give the ship a once-over. They met with General Rieekan and Captain Volin and Volin began outlining some of his concerns about the squad and their recklessness. Their debate was interrupted by a Rebel technician, who brought the tracking device found on the Honey Badger’s hull to their attention.

Rieekan immediately ordered a check of their listening posts keeping an eye on the inner system comm traffic near Mimban III, they reported that everything had gone silent. Suspecting an impending Imperial attack, told Rieekan that they would have to call off their assault – it was too risky now. Rieekan refuted that they likely would not get another chance at their target.

Rieekan quickly briefed Predator Squadron on the Mimban V base’s mission. It was set up to launch and co-ordinate a strike against the other inhabited planets in the system (Mimban III and Mimban IV). They planned to covertly disable some of Mimban III’s defences, then launch a diversionary strike at the labour camp at Mimban IV (the forces intended for this assault are now out of position at Xorrn). Rieekan intended to then send a small team on a commando raid of a secret Imperial facility they believed to be located under the Hub Library in the capital city of Mimban III. Their objective would be to retrieve valuable intel pertaining to the Empire’s new Death Star project.

Unfortunately, this plan would now need some adapting to fit their current circumstances. Rieekan ordered Predator Squadron to launch and immediately head to Mimban III to conduct the raid. He would hold the Imperial forces at Mimban V, using the defence of the Rebel base in place of the distraction and hope reinforcements arrive. The Alliance have no idea of the layout or many details on the defences awaiting Predator Squadron, but they would have to hope for a miracle.

As the squad was gearing up for the mission Princess Khylira approached Galish with a concern – if either of them died in the upcoming battle, their souls may not be reunited in the afterlife without a formal marriage ceremony. A ceremony was quickly conducted by Tobin, with the squad as witnesses. Galish, now wed, felt that she had moved past her fear of rejection.

The squad geared up and prepared to launch in their starfighers, planning to put the system’s star between them and any Imperial forces, hopefully masking their approach to Mimban III. They will have to deal with whatever awaited them when they arrived…

Galish and the Princess of Skye
The Hunt for the Onderon Crest!

Mission Roster

Meeting the Resistance

So we began with Galish/Gand and the commander being led to the leader of the local resistance – the Patriarch of the Supreme Council of Skye. He was not happy to see Galish – how dare she have the audacity to return here after she defiled the Patriarch’s daughter.

The Patriarch asked the others why they’d associate with Galish. Gand offered a defence. Galish made a deal – the Resistance knows where the wreck of the Midnight Star is. Predator Squadron would help liberate the planet in exchange for their help finding the Onderon Crest.

The Patriarch agreed so long as Galish passed his test – he had some servants tie her to a chair and hold a keg of wine over her. She resisted the temptation to drink (test of will) so he moved on – dropping Galish into a trapdoor. Where Galish had to fight a huge emu-sized Scorpion creature.

Galish succeeded in this fight (with some equipment aid from Gand) and was hauled out. The Princess of Skye arrived and Galish proposed marriage, the princess said yes and the Patriarch gave his blessing so long as Galish and Predator Squadron helped remove the Empire from the planet.

Meanwhile Tobin was with the pursuing Stormtroopers – they boarded a Clone Wars era LAAT/i transport with new orders. The others had left with resistance fighters and have now come to a stop; this is likely the resistance base, destroy it, and drive them out so they continue looking for the wreck.

The Empire Strikes

So the Imperial forces shows up and blows a hole through the rocks to land their drop-ships in the throne room. They start deploying Jungle Troopers, Imperial Marines with flamethrowers and regular Stormtroopers. At this point Predator Squadron are faced with a moral quandary – maintain their cover and seek the wreck, likely letting the Resistance get slaughtered, or intervene and blow their cover?

They initially decide to maintain their cover. Until Gand throws a grenade at some Stormtroopers thinking hoping to disguise it as a rock and an explosion just happened to happen. Unfortunately for Gand Stormtroopers are smarter than that, especially Imperial Marines.

Chaos ensues. They try and fight their way towards one of the doors. The Patriarch got cornered and had his head blown off by Jungle Troopers. Galish concentrated on getting to the princess.

Meanwhile outside Tobin decides to act on the transports, using his lightsaber to perform ‘maintenance’ on their engines and leaping to the next ones in line. He managed to take out 3 of the 5 transports in this manner. Inside the doors started being sealed, so they fled for the main entrance. The Resistance soldiers blocked the passage behind them, begging the squad to protect their new queen.

The Princess told them that she would lead them to the wreck – she took them out a secret passageway to a secret dock, where they boarded a boat. They then had to sail down a waterfall. This didn’t exactly go well. But they survived and escaped down the river.

Ghost and the Imperial Base

Meanwhile Ghost (who has arrived on the edge of the system) decides that the Honey Badger needs rescuing, given all the chaos she’s picked up on comms. So she sneaks through the Imperial patrols and skydives into the Imperial base (telling R3 to take her ship back to the Rebel base).

Once at the Imperial base she started disabling the guns so the ship can escape. She heard the Commandant telling his men “Good news everyone! I just got word back regarding that data we sent to the ISB, it seems they traced that shuttle’s origin to the Gyndine sector. I might get a promotion out of this!”. Then champagne corks popping.

Ghost decided to set fire to the Imperial base’s landing pads. And take out the communications tower. And fire some proton torpedoes at the shuttle for good measure. Yeah, she blew up the Imperial landing craft at the base too. Fire everywhere.

She then had to flee from TIE Fighters from the city. After a long chase through a series of canyons she eventually reunited with the group at the foot of a mountain range.

The Wreck of the Midnight Star

So once reunited the squad headed for the mountain-top where the wreck was.
The Princess mentioned that there was a place called the Citadel on a nearby mountain – it was sacred to her people, and used as a Separatist base when the planet was occupied during the Clone Wars. The Republic drove them off. Since the Imperial occupation, the Empire have been using it as a base. The Majistrex (the Imperial-installed replacement to the Supreme Council) is supposedly based there.

The rear section of the Midnight Star was down a crevasse near the top of a mountain peak, the lower-forward section was wedged down the mountain side and the upper-forward section was on its side dangling over the edge of the mountain. Galish figured it’d be in the one dangling over the edge.

At this time Tobin looked into his own future and saw himself looking out on a volcanic wasteland as a Star Destroyer approached. It was a strange and unsettling vision.

Ghost and the commander decided to park the Honey Badger out of the way, and stand ready for pick-up. On their way to the ship they spotted a pack of red wolves on a nearby ridge-line. The others proceeded carefully into the wreck and explored, eventually finding the bridge (right at the very edge of the ship). In a hidden safe on the bridge Tobin found 5000 credits. The others found a hidden chamber off the captain’s quarters containing a large crescent-shaped gold object. It was engraved with various symbols, including lots of Huttese writing. In the centre of the device was a round black crystal inlaid into the centre of the Hutt Cartel symbol.

The group, Onderon Crest in hand, headed to exit the ship. At the end of the corridor leading out of the ship they saw that the pack of 6 blood-red wolves sniffing at their footprints, growling menacingly.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP for successfully locating the wreck of the Midnight Star and retrieving the Onderon Crest.
  • Gand’s Morality was triggered this session, rolled 2 = +4.
  • Ghost gained 3 conflict, rolled 6 = +3.
  • Tobin gained 4 conflict, rolled 1 = -3.
Friends Like These Part Five
Foundry Battleground and Aftermath

Mission Roster

Holding the Landing Shafts

  • Gand, Tobin and Travis seek to halt the Imperial advance.
  • Galish flees from the Imperial TIE Fighters chasing her with the help of Ghost, but ends up bailing out. She lands in the middle of the Imperial army and surrenders.
  • Tragically Travis gives his life to delay the Imperial advance. Preventing them from being able to bring the full might of their forces to bear and going out like a boss.#

Factory Battle

  • Captain Nervi attempts to use his captured prisoners as hostages to force a Rebel surrender. Tobin fires back that Predator Squadron are here and they should be very afraid.
  • Gand and Tobin fall back through the component facility and start delaying the Imperial advance with traps.
  • Galish attempts to recruit some followers and successfully converts the colonel to her cult. He steals her feather though.

Alliance Arrival

  • Alliance arrive and destroy the Imperial space forces. The Gladiator is unable to escape the atmosphere and ends up crashing amongst the graveyard. The debris narrowly misses crushing the Juggernaut tank with Galish inside – it rolls and gets flung across the graveyard.
  • Captain Nervi extends the surrender of his forces to the people of the Foundry. Lira Hardin (who disappeared during the battle) reappears with the elderly lady Predator Squadron were investigating. It turns out that Nervi is her son.
  • They manage to prevent Coorsa from killing Nervi (his uncle) and discover that Coorsa is Force sensitive.
  • Teroch meets with Tobin and Gand and salutes to Travis’s memory. Teroch carves a wooden marker and places it at Landing Shaft Besh’s entrance to mark the spot where Travis fell.
  • Alliance Captain Oa informs them that they have new orders from Captain Volin – they are to report back to Mimban base as quickly as possible with Agent Alico.
  • Galish surveys the wreckage of the Imperial camp to find an intact landing craft. She’s successful, but the magazine storehouse from the Gladiator has landed on top of it – it would be a very delicate operation to remove the Sentinel landing craft unharmed.
  • Galish decides to steal the Alliance shuttle and proceed to Nar Shaddaa to sell it and pay off her debt to Dei.
  • The rest of the group get a call from Jerrot – Dei’s majordomo – that Dei is running out of patience waiting for Galish to bring her credits.
  • The group set off to find Galish and the stolen shuttle.


  • Unfortunately Galish is pulled out of hyperspace by an Imperial interdictor in the Skye system. In a botched attempt at healing her, her cultists accidentally knock her out. She and her cultists are captured by the Empire.
  • Other Skye stuff.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10XP for rescuing Agent Alicio during the battle.
  • 10XP for destroying the Flying Fortress during the battle.
  • 10XP for surviving the battle.
  • 5XP for delaying the Empire before having to fight in the command centre.
  • 5XP for the escapades on Skye.
  • Gand’s Morality was triggered this session, he gained 17 conflict and rolled 3 = -28 Morality.
  • Ghost gained 1 conflict, rolled 1 = +0 Morality.
  • Tobin gained 22 conflict from the slaves, rolled 8 = -14 Morality.
  • Gand gained 5 Sabotage Duty for successfully aiding in the destruction of the Flying Fortress.
  • Ghost gained 5 Intelligence Duty for the successful rescue of Agent Alico from the Blood Ambition.
  • Tobin gained 5 Sabotage Duty for successfully aiding in the destruction of the Flying Fortress.
Friends Like These Part Four
The Battle of Xorrn

Mission Roster

Orbital Battleground

In the command centre aboard the Honey Badger, the call came through:

_We’ve got three contacts at the edge of the system! Two Raiders and a Gladiator!"

As the Imperial forces approached, Predator Squadron and the Foundry Four forces had prepared. Ghost was standing by with Seagull Squadron (Foundry produced Delta-7s, piloted by Mandalorians from Arumorut) in the debris field, on low power ready to ambush TIE Fighters. Gand and Tobin stood by on the orbital platform – Gand to co-ordinate the turbolasers, Tobin to instruct the salvaged Vulture Droid Starfighters.

The Empire began deploying starfighters and began approaching Xorrn. This was when another message was relayed to the command centre, this time from the Rebel Alliance:

“Predator Squadron, this is Captain Volin, I have just received word from our agent inside the Imperial forces – she has valuable intelligence, but faces imminent discovery aboard the Blood Ambition. She will make her way to the starboard escape pods and jettison one to create space to dock. Although the defence of Xorrn is your primary objective, if you can accomplish this, Alliance Intelligence would thank you.

Ghost began leading Seagull Squadron at the TIEs to create a distraction, along with the Vulture Droids whilst Tobin used the Dusk Mynock to approach the Gladiator unseen. As he approached the dock an escape pod jettisoned, docking there he met Agent Alico, a human woman in Imperial dress. Before departing the Star Destroyer, he took the time to deploy a Buzz Droid he had previously acquired whilst being chased by Boba Fett that had been reprogrammed to seek out the Gladiator’s life-support systems. As the Dusk Mynock raced towards the orbital station, the first casualties of Seagull Squadron were rolling in.

The Empire began using their long-range turbolasers to begin battering the orbital station, which returned fire with a solid hit on the Gladiator. Meanwhile Ghost led her comrades into battle amongst the debris field, ambushing several groups of advancing TIE Fighters. Unfortunately the orbital station was swiftly overwhelmed by the firepower the Gladiator was able to bring to bear. It was destroyed and Gand was sucked out into space.

As the Imperials forced the defenders to engage their forces in the upper atmosphere, Ghost and Seagull squadron continued to pick off some TIE Fighters, unfortunately losing another Mandalorian (who was lucky enough to be able to eject with his grav chute). Tobin attempted to rescue Gand from the orbital station wreckage, drawing on his fear and anger at potentially losing Gand to locate him. Although he was unable to get close, he knocked some debris near to Gand. Gand was able to use the power couplings from some of the wreckage to turbo-charge his jump-boots (burning them out in the process), and he flew his way to the Dusk Mynock.

As the defenders were no longer able to forestall the Empire in orbit, they retreated into the atmosphere and the Empire began deploying landing craft and a TIE Bomber squadron began streaking towards the surface.

Graveyard Battle

On the ground, Galish had the League of Fancy Hats, her recently founded cult, crewing the salvaged Acclamator-Class Assault Ship. Travis was standing by with a squad of Mandalorian slaves from the Zygerrians.

As the Empire began sending dropships down to land outside the graveyard Galish began having her cultists open up with the batteries of the stricken ship (although unfortunately this did overload their power grid, meaning it would take longer for their weapons to recharge). She obliterated dozens of dropships before they could make planetfall. Unfortunately she attracted the attention of the TIE Bombers. Ghost led Seagul squadron from the surface to intercept, as Tobin and Gand chased them from above. A pincer manoeuvre caught the TIE Bombers out and managed to eliminate the threat they posed before they could do too much damage.

A desperate call came over the comm net:

“They’ve deployed cavalry units, they’ve broken through our lines in sector 6!”

Sector 6 being the region nearest Travis. He led his squad to investigate – he heard them before seeing them, whirring gears, heavy footfalls, and raging blaster fire. Ghost attempted to use her ships sensors to scan the debris field, spotting a group of soldiers riding what appeared to be large mechanical bears.

Travis crested the debris pile and in the basin he saw them – six of them wearing plain white Mandalorian armour, bearing the Imperial crest, led by a red-clad Mandalorian. Travis had heard tales of the feared Imperial SuperCommandos – treacherous Mandalorians who collaborate with the Empire. They ride on large mechanical droids – about the size and shape of large bears. The 6 white-clad commandos are using mounted light-repeating blasters to mow their way through the slaves of the Zygerrians as their leader looks on.

Travis dived straight for the leader, using his Morgukai staff to leverage him off his mount. Tobin arrived at this point, having dived out of the Dusk Mynock. The Mandalorian commander swung around, seeing Travis he screamed "YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO THE TRUE MANDALORE!” his voice is filled with contempt, “YOU DISHONOUR YOURSELF AND YOUR CLAN BY KEEPING FELLOW MANDALORIANS AS SLAVES!”. He then challenged Travis to an honour duel.

Travis and the Mandalorian fought – first Travis’s blade vs his rifle, then blade on blade. The Mandalorian tried to pry Travis’s armour, saying that Travis did not deserve to wear it. Eventually Travis got the upper hand and dealt a fatal blow to him. In his last words the Mandalorian acknowledged that Travis had bested him, and said his own name was Moel.

With the death of Moel, the rest of his companions stuck by their word of honour. With the death of their commander, they did not wish to continue fighting Travis at that time – they would withdraw, but noted that they may encounter Travis in future when the Empire pushed into the Foundry. Tobin refused to depart from his platform – one of the Neftali Bear Droids – the Supercommandos did not think it worth the argument and left with their fallen leader’s body. The droid attempted to follow, and Tobin was forced to override it’s commands via a panel on the side.

Galish left the League of Fancy Hats members in charge of things at the Acclamator. She decided now was the time to enact her plan to capture an Imperial ship, in order to pay off the debt she accrued with the Hutts. She received a call from the command centre:

_"Do you read? Sensors just detected an Imperial repuslor signature entering the north side of the graveyard near your position. They might be trying to flank us. Can you check it out? Let’s hope it’s not…"

The signal cut out in a blizzard of static. Galish quickly realised comms were being jammed in the area. She rounded a corner and came face-to-face with the large chunk of metal hover-tank – an Imperial Flying Fortress. It was being escorted by Scout Troopers on foot.

Galish initially took cover and hid. The plan that she formulated was to take out the Scout Troopers with her rotary gun, and then board the tank. Unfortunately she missed the Scout Troopers and attracted the attention of the Flying Fortress. Galish decided to run and the tank accelerated chasing her.

The Flying Fortress advanced, Galish failed to jump on top of it and got hit by it, injuring her.

  • Ghost and Gand get in on the fight with the Flying Fortress. TIEs call down an orbital strike from the Gladiator on the Accclamator.
  • Retreat further back. Mortars start targeting the turbolaser emplacements. Tobin takes down a mortar emplacement.
  • Gand has the HWK drop him and the Intelligence Agent off and they retreat into the Foundry.
  • Galish sneaks over to the Imperial landing zone as the Gladiator enters the atmosphere. Galish sneaks aboard a Sentinel and hijacks it.
  • As we ended things, Galish has stolen a Sentinel and is being pursued by TIEs, Ghost is dealing with another group of TIEs with what remains of Seagull squadron. Everyone else has retreated into the Foundry as the Empire has secured ground control.
Friends Like These Part Three
Final Fortifications and the Zygerrian Paradox

Mission Roster

Gand failed to produce mines, but did manage to utilise some of the corrosive material to cut off catwalks within the Foundry Four facility. The aim being to funnel the Empire’s forces through the facility in a particular route. Unfortunately this resulted in the deformity of 10 engineers due to a toxic chemical spill.

Tobin decided to leave for Kowak in the Dusk Mynock to try and recruit some forces from the Zygerian slavers. Gand went with him, but the others were unhappy about this line of planning.

Ghost and Galish began investigating Patrician Sargan, an elderly council-member at the Foundry. They discovered that she was packing for a trip, generally finding her off – she immediately attempted an off-world call to someone called ‘Zuma’ after learning there were Jedi amongst the squad. Further investigations uncovered that she had some sort of datapad. Through some deft distractions and clever sleight of hand, Galish was able to acquire the datapad. An analysis uncovered that it held financial records of herself receiving money from this Zuma. They intercepted her whilst she was attempting to leave the planet, it turned out that Zuma was a member of the Zahn Consortium – a criminal organisation that had helped the Foundry Four. She said that Coorsa did not want to expand their business to them, so she was selling spare parts to them under the table. She was arrested, Chief Bellows finding her a nice cell to see out the battle.

Travis arrived back at base with his 13 Mandalorians, including Teroch. He also was displeased when hearing what Tobin and Gand were up to. The group began working with Teroch on the battle plan and assessing the surrounding area. Ghost realised that her vision showed the Empire arriving from the East/South-East. They began arraying their defences in such a way that they could cover most of the approaches to the base.

Mean Streets of Kowak

Tobin and Gand arrived at Kowak – a lush green jungle planet. They landed at the capital city, Sclavos – it’s located up a ridge line, it’s dominated by the large black pyramid in the centre of the city. They travelled through the bazaar, buying some fancy clothes and witnesing a slave fight between a large man and a Talz in a pit nearby.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5 XP for uncovering Patrician Sargan’s under-the-table dealings with the Zahn Consortium.
  • 10 XP for successfully getting into the slaver’s auction/banquet.
  • 10 XP for successfully securing the aid of Prince Molec to defend Foundry Four.
  • 5 XP for dealing with and directing the final fortifications of Xorrn.
  • Gand gained 6 Conflict, rolling a 2, his Morality going down by 4.
  • Tobin’s Morality was triggered today. He gained 7 conflict, rolling a 9, so went up by 4.
Friends Like These Part Two
Hardened Targets and Courting Mandalorians

Mission Roster

Ghost and Tobin began assessing defences of the facility and planning for the Imperial assault. Travis took the U-Wing to Vlemoth Point to negotiate with Mandalorians. Ghost and Tobin also addressed the Galish issue and whether they could trust her, learning an uncomfortable amount about her past in the process.

Travis was able to successfully negotiate with the Arumorut clan for 12 warriors to be dispatched to Xorrn, led by Teroch, an old Mando who got to know Travis whilst he was waiting for his meeting. (In return the Mandalorians want starfighters from Foundry Four)

Ghost found an Old Republic Acclimator Assault ship that could be brought semi-online on the surface of Xorrn. Tobin found a squadron of Vulture Droid Starfighters to aid with the space defence. Meanwhile the Foundry Four facility began producing starfighters based on Ghost’s Delta-7B Aethersprite Interceptor. Unfortunately the underlying issues between Cacique Cal Coorsa and Chief Engineer Hardin remain, and they have broken out into a handful of sporadic arguments since Predator Squadron arrived on Xorrn.

All in all, they now have 20 hours until the Empire is scheduled to arrive, meaning it’s a little over 4 hours until Travis returns with their reinforcements. Ghost ordered R3 to hack the Foundry’s communications systems to see if they could uncover a traitor in their midst – R3 found that Patrician (councillor) Viola Sargan was the Assembly member with the most off-world calls, far outweighing her other Assembly members.

Rewards and Experience

  • 25 XP today.
  • Tobin gained +8 Morality.
Friends Like These Part One
Coolant Shenanigans and Trouble on Xorrn

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” and “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to the units of Predator Squadron. Who reunite this adventure after “Team Jenth” went in search of the of the holocron crystals and legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Reunion on Felucia

Deep in the jungles of Felucia, near an abandoned farming village, Ghost and Gand were training in a cave with Jedi Master Suljo Warde. Nearer the village, Galish (feeling in need of a drink) was looking for plants to ferment into alcohol – she found some bright pink mushrooms but remembered that colour = danger.

They heard the roar of ship engines, they spotted a ship circling the village with Rebel Alliance markings – a rare Alliance U-Wing. It set down and Travis stepped out. Galish approached first, in the hope of getting to the coolant aboard the ship (Travis stopped her). Then the others arrived with Warde.

Travis expressed his scepticism to Warde’s powers, saying the group were off getting their fortunes told whilst the others fought the war. He was here on behalf of General Rieekan in order to bring them in on an urgent matter.

They gathered their things and said farewell to Warde, who told Ghost and Gand that their powers were growing, that they should look to the light. He then said to Gand:

“When the time comes, trust him”.

Gand asked for clarification, Warde told him that if he had learned anything lately, it was that it is too dangerous to know too much about one’s own future.

Saying their farewells (Warde would stay here to recuperate from 20 years on Moraband), and gather his strength to find his lost apprentice, Ellen.

Mimban Base

They followed the course the Alliance had provided to Mimban, specifically Mimban 3. The course was designed to keep them clear of potential Imperial presence around Mimban 4 and Mimban 5.

At the Mimban base General Rieekan introduced them to Captain Salvador Volin from Alliance Intelligence. Volin briefed them on the latest intelligence as to the whereabouts of the rest of Predator Squadron, and he noted that an intercepted Imperial communique listed a ‘Cassie Kevlan’ as an Imperial agent who aided in taking down a Rebel squad. With this coming on the heels of Mesa leaking data to Black Sun (which in turn ended up in the hands of the Empire), there were concerns about Predator Squadron, their reliability and their loyalty. Volin backed these concerns up with some other choice exerpts from their history below:

Predator Squadron began preparing for their mission to Ice 9 to reunite with the others. Galish decided to climb atop the U-Wing and drink it’s coolant. Miraculously she did not succumb to poisoning, but she also did not fix the valve that she used – thus an entire tank’s worth of coolant was wasted and the Mimban Quartermaster was not very happy.

Ice 9

  • On their way to Ice 9 they stopped at the Dag-O-Bar. Galish attempted to get served at the bar, jumped over the bar, then got into a fight with the droid bartender. Galish ended up destroying all of the alcohol at the bar and doing around 30,000 credits worth of damage to the facility. She now owes the insurers of the bar (Dei the Great’s Hutt clan) Obligation.
  • At Ice 9 they encountered the Empire of the Hand, dealt with them amicably and reunited with the other squad.

Trouble on Xorrn

  • They decided that it might be prudent to drop Galish in Hutt space before returning to the Rebel base. Upon passing through the region they received an encoded message from Captain Volin:
    • _Alliance sympathisers on Xorrn desperately need your immediate assistance, and unfortunately you are the nearest squad of specialists. Attached is an IFF transponder frequency to broadcast when you arrive. Meet with Cacique Coorsa of the Clan Assembly, and you’ll be briefed fully on-station. Report to Xorrn with best possible speed, unfortunately you are their only hope.

In summary, the people of Xorrn were facing an imminent attack by an Imperial captain. Alliance Intelligence have a deep-cover agent attached to his crew and were able to learn about the impending attack. They have 43 hours until the Imperial fleet arrives, and 48 hours until Alliance reinforcements get here.

They found that the leadership of Xorrn was a little fractured – the head of the Clan Assembly and the chief engineer constantly arguing. They began getting briefings on their defences and the current situation. They know that there is a Mandalorian presence in the nearby Vlemoth Point system, and notorious pirate Captain Renlow advised them that they might also find aid from Kowak, but he’d recommend it as a last resort.

Rewards and Experience.

  • 20 XP today.

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