Star Wars: Predators

Friends Like These Part One
Coolant Shenanigans and Trouble on Xorrn

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” and “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to the units of Predator Squadron. Who reunite this adventure after “Team Jenth” went in search of the of the holocron crystals and legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Reunion on Felucia

Deep in the jungles of Felucia, near an abandoned farming village, Ghost and Gand were training in a cave with Jedi Master Suljo Warde. Nearer the village, Galish (feeling in need of a drink) was looking for plants to ferment into alcohol – she found some bright pink mushrooms but remembered that colour = danger.

They heard the roar of ship engines, they spotted a ship circling the village with Rebel Alliance markings – a rare Alliance U-Wing. It set down and Travis stepped out. Galish approached first, in the hope of getting to the coolant aboard the ship (Travis stopped her). Then the others arrived with Warde.

Travis expressed his scepticism to Warde’s powers, saying the group were off getting their fortunes told whilst the others fought the war. He was here on behalf of General Rieekan in order to bring them in on an urgent matter.

They gathered their things and said farewell to Warde, who told Ghost and Gand that their powers were growing, that they should look to the light. He then said to Gand:

“When the time comes, trust him”.

Gand asked for clarification, Warde told him that if he had learned anything lately, it was that it is too dangerous to know too much about one’s own future.

Saying their farewells (Warde would stay here to recuperate from 20 years on Moraband), and gather his strength to find his lost apprentice, Ellen.

Mimban Base

They followed the course the Alliance had provided to Mimban, specifically Mimban 3. The course was designed to keep them clear of potential Imperial presence around Mimban 4 and Mimban 5.

At the Mimban base General Rieekan introduced them to Captain Salvador Volin from Alliance Intelligence. Volin briefed them on the latest intelligence as to the whereabouts of the rest of Predator Squadron, and he noted that an intercepted Imperial communique listed a ‘Cassie Kevlan’ as an Imperial agent who aided in taking down a Rebel squad. With this coming on the heels of Mesa leaking data to Black Sun (which in turn ended up in the hands of the Empire), there were concerns about Predator Squadron, their reliability and their loyalty. Volin backed these concerns up with some other choice exerpts from their history below:

Predator Squadron began preparing for their mission to Ice 9 to reunite with the others. Galish decided to climb atop the U-Wing and drink it’s coolant. Miraculously she did not succumb to poisoning, but she also did not fix the valve that she used – thus an entire tank’s worth of coolant was wasted and the Mimban Quartermaster was not very happy.

Ice 9

  • On their way to Ice 9 they stopped at the Dag-O-Bar. Galish attempted to get served at the bar, jumped over the bar, then got into a fight with the droid bartender. Galish ended up destroying all of the alcohol at the bar and doing around 30,000 credits worth of damage to the facility. She now owes the insurers of the bar (Dei the Great’s Hutt clan) Obligation.
  • At Ice 9 they encountered the Empire of the Hand, dealt with them amicably and reunited with the other squad.

Trouble on Xorrn

  • They decided that it might be prudent to drop Galish in Hutt space before returning to the Rebel base. Upon passing through the region they received an encoded message from Captain Volin:
    • _Alliance sympathisers on Xorrn desperately need your immediate assistance, and unfortunately you are the nearest squad of specialists. Attached is an IFF transponder frequency to broadcast when you arrive. Meet with Cacique Coorsa of the Clan Assembly, and you’ll be briefed fully on-station. Report to Xorrn with best possible speed, unfortunately you are their only hope.

In summary, the people of Xorrn were facing an imminent attack by an Imperial captain. Alliance Intelligence have a deep-cover agent attached to his crew and were able to learn about the impending attack. They have 43 hours until the Imperial fleet arrives, and 48 hours until Alliance reinforcements get here.

They found that the leadership of Xorrn was a little fractured – the head of the Clan Assembly and the chief engineer constantly arguing. They began getting briefings on their defences and the current situation. They know that there is a Mandalorian presence in the nearby Vlemoth Point system, and notorious pirate Captain Renlow advised them that they might also find aid from Kowak, but he’d recommend it as a last resort.

Rewards and Experience.

  • 20 XP today.
Welcome to Paradise

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Predator Squadron journeyed through Paradise (Oz killing the last remaining Inquisitor upon stepping through the portal) – a strange place inhabited by beings known as the ‘Celestials’. They claimed to be galactic architects, who were driven from the known galaxy by a race of slavers known as the Rakata. This was many thousands of years ago though, and as far as Predator Squadron could tell, lost to history.

Predator Squadron convinced the Celestials not to leave their sanctuary, but perhaps stretch out feelers to reconnect with the known galaxy. Given the apparent life-span of these beings it could be some time until the result of this is known.

Predator Squadron returned through the portal, allowing the Celestials to retain the Jewel of Yavin as a ‘key’, so no one would stumble through the portal without their wish. Returning through, they found an Empire of the Hand haz-mat team, who took them for medical quarantine – they had been exposed to massive doses of radiation. On a nearby medical station they were informed by Parrik that they had been missing for four months.

Star Map's End

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Predator Squadron arrived at the co-ordinates at the end of the map they found, in the Empire of the Hand Star Destroyer. They were confronted by a 6 billion kilometers in diameter sphere, which strangely had no mass. It had a molted black surface, and no ship could get within 1000km of the sphere before engines failing.

They felt a cold hand reach out and suddenly a member of the Star Destroyer crew attempted to assassinate Parrik. Predator Squadron subdued the man and determined that he was acting under some sort of mind control – likely caused by the master.

The next thing they knew the Venator-Class Star Destroyer Heart of Gold, which had a huge mass driver cannon built along the length of the ship, was manoeuvring into a firing position on them. Predator Squadron assumed that they too were subject to mind control. As the Star Destroyer took a battering from the cannon, they flew over and took back control of the cannon. They then used the enhanced scopes of the cannon to target the Inquisitor’s ship, near the sphere (they were seemingly unaffected by the disturbance). After a single greatly damaging hit, it dived for the surface.

Predator Squadron then began thinking – the last time they encountered a disturbance like this was Jabiim (although it was not this severe), Lieutenant Klevic had to get the Honey Badger off Jabiim somehow. Checking the engine modifications, they determined that it could be made to work. So they flew down to the planet.

There they found a mysterious installation and when they caught up to the Master and his apprentice, they were attempting to open up a golden gateway (using the Jewel of Yavin embedded in a mysterious stone tablet). They managed to kill the Master, but not before the gateway opened (they picked up a leather-bound book from the Master’s body, half of it appeared to be written in strange runes, the other half in Basic – there was also a list of planets, the last of which was Dathomir). Under severe fire from the squad, the apprentice stumbled through. Predator Squadron followed.

They awoke in a strange field, purple grass rustling in the wind. Looking around there was no sign of the gateway or even where they were….

Empire of the Hand - Visions and Voices

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Predator Squadron enter the mysterious building on Ice 9. They found some Inquisitors in a map room and Oz and Tobin dealt with them. Meanwhile the others encountered the Master of the Cabal, they dueled him and defeated him, but he turned out to just be a vision (before his ‘death’ he made a point to taunt Jacen about the death of his parents).

They discovered that the Master had a ship in atmosphere, but escaped.

Parrik convinced Predator Squadron to help the Empire of the Hand pursue this dark master to this ‘paradise’ that he seeks.

Welcome to the Empire of the Hand

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Klevic’s Surprise

  • The squad are standing around the cockpit, discussing their next moves. Oz bursts in. Unaware that Cassie has also betrayed the group, he pins Mesa to the ground before dragging her off to a cell.
  • The internal comm starts playing a taunting recording of Lieutenant Klevic- he mentions a failsafe system and leaves them an annoying song.
  • They shoot the speaker in the cockpit so they can hear each other and start searching the ship. It appears that whilst upgrading the Honey Badger Klevic took the opportunity to plant some Detonite around key areas of the ship and link them so they start a timer after the hyperdrive has been activated multiple times in quick succession (suggesting that they’re off route and that Predator Squadron have likely escaped).
  • They start disarming the charges, but also have to contend with the unknown type of radiation. There’s also the matter of the annoying song, Tobin’s practical solution was to start shooting the internal speakers. Although they disarm some charges, more activate outside the ship (on the sensor array and comm antenna). That said, one detonates causing a breach in the forward airlock – Xerxes saves Jacen’s life by pulling him away, they seal themselves in the bridge. Oz has to go for a spacewalk, he saves the sensor array, but has to detach the comm antenna to avoid risk of damage to the ship.
  • Jacen got off a brief distress call, in which he requested assistance from the Rebel Alliance.

New Neighbors

  • As the group are discussing what to do, a proximity alarm sounds from the bridge. They find a group of 6 strange starfighters have approached. They flicker a light at the bridge, Predator Squadron signal that they don’t understand.
  • They jury rig a short range comm unit out of a comlink and are able to receive a transmission. The ships are speaking in the Syntaroo trade language. They claim the Honey Badger is trespassing on their territory and that they should surrender. Predator Squadron reply that they require assistance,
  • Arriving at the co-ordinates the strange craft send them, they find a tropical planet and its arid moon. Orbiting the moon is a cruiser – around the size of a Venator-Class Star Destroyer. It appears to be a combination of Star Destroyer and Mon Calamari Cruiser design (in the same way that the starfighters adapt characteristics of both TIE Fighters and X-Wings).
  • Once aboard the massive hanger they are greeted by the Commander (again in Syntaroo), he claims not to speak much Basic. He explains that they are Chiss, and offers them a customary meal. His hanger technicians start trying to scrub the outer hull of the Honey Badger for the radiation. Predator Squadron claim to be bounty hunters.
  • At dinner, Predator Squadron explain who they really are (explaining the hold of dead Imperials), including that they just attacked Kamino, assassinated Grand Moff Kevlan and ended up stranded out here. The Commander remarks that he has sent teams down to the planet known as Ice 9 – they survived, but many members were often driven mad. They avoid the system, but have never known the satellites to be active (although he admitted to once attempting to deactivate one – apparently it did not go well).
  • The conversation turned to Predator Squadron attempting to convince the Commander of the evil nature of the Empire. The Commander admitted that he had not been 100% honest – he did in fact speak Basic and he knew of the Empire. He claimed to work for an organisation called the Empire of the Hand. At this point an Imperial Star Destroyer arrives in-system.
  • A shuttle arrived from the Star Destroyer and a man in his late 30’s or early 40’s, introduced himself as Commander Parrik – he wore a proper Imperial uniform. He enthusiastically tucked into the meal, and explained that even out here he had heard of Predator Squadron. He thought they sounded like effective operators, and because they sounded effective he thought he would come and talk to them.
  • He explained that the Empire of the Hand had a degree of autonomy from the Galactic Empire. He said that they were out here in Unknown Space keeping the Galaxy threats from threats most citizens weren’t even aware were out here.
    • “In ancient times we used to have vague star charts, and on the edges we’d write ‘There be Krayt Dragons here’. Now they don’t, but that don’t mean the Krayt Dragons aren’t there.
  • Parrik explained that they were more inclusive of aliens (the Chiss commander and his crew for one, one of Parrik’s Stormtrooper bodyguards was a Rodian). They’ve also outlawed slavery within their borders (all who serve the Empire of the Hand do so willingly), Parrik didn’t seem to think much of Grand Moff Kevlan, and when pushed about the Death Star he admitted that he disliked the concept of ruling the galaxy through fear (he said it was inefficient, and that the Death Star arguably ended up driving more sympathy towards the Rebellion, rather than crushing it).
  • Parrik didn’t seem overly enthusiastic about the Rebellion either (whilst admitting that the Galactic Empire had its faults) – he believed a Rebellion victory in the Galactic Civil War would cause anarchy in the aftermath. A galaxy united under a strong ruler was necessary for stable peace (although he believed the Galactic Civil War to be comparatively unimportant – there were far worse threats out in the Unknown Regions and the Empire of the Hand was the line between them and the wider galaxy).
  • Predator Squadron seemed widely swayed by his arguments. They said they were interested in joining. Parrik seemed pleased, he took them aboard his Star Destroyer and gave them access to a situation room, where Predator Squadron could see some of the threats the Empire of the Hand was up against. He was even able to arrange for a comm line (albeit of very poor quality) to the wider galaxy by which Tobin was able to arrange with Ame to protect his family from Kevlan’s final threats.
  • Parrik was concerned about the apparent presence of an Imperial installation on Ice 9 – that was within the Empire of the Hand’s sphere of influence, the Empire should not have anything there. Predator Squadron’s first job for the Empire of the Hand would be to investigate and destroy any Imperial facility they find down there – a test if you will. Parrik offered a squad of Imperial Stormcommandos to accompany them, and Predator Squadron accepted.

Return to Ice 9

  • They arrived and launched from the Star Destroyer. As they approached the planet they spotted a HWK-290 fleeing the satellites. Tobin stretched out to the ship to sense the pilot and realised that it was Mara Jade. Suddenly the HWK changed course, making a bee-line for the Honey Badger, broadcasting a brief message warning them away from the planet, Mara’s ship jumped to hyperspace.
  • Evading the sattelites they spotted an Imperial shuttle heading deeper into the icy honeycomb-like structure. They chased it unsuccessfully because of the close-knit nature of the terrain, but they were able to trace its course.
  • They arrived at this colossal alien-looking building jutting from the ice. The shuttle had landed nearby. They landed the Honey Badger and battled their way past an ice creature over a bridge in order to get to the entrance.
  • Sensing the planet was strong in the dark side, as if the very Force itself had been violated here, they stepped inside the cavernous entryway…

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP for dealing with Klevic’s failsafe.
  • 5XP for encountering the Empire of the Hand.
  • 5XP for successfully arriving on Ice 9.
  • Brief note of the changes to the Honey Badger.
  • Jacen rolled 4 with no conflict, meaning he went up to 31.
  • Tobin rolled 3, gained 3 conflict, meaning a total of 0, remaining on 76.
The Heart of the Tempest Part Two
Curse Your Sudden, But Inevitable Betrayal!

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Oz split off from Jacen and Xerxes to attempt to lure the Imperials off them. Maybe even get some sabotaging in.

The Bridge

Jacen and Xerxes at the bridge confrontation with Lieutenant Klevic (a Super Stormtrooper held Cassie’s unconscious body over a chasm and he demanded Predator Squadron’s surrender). Jacen and Xerxes discussed it a bit. They thought they needed proof that Mesa was still alive (so they knew the Empire could make good on their promise to execute her).

In response to this Klevic activates a switch on his wrist triggering a spotlight – turns out the Empire had Mesa in the upper levels of the room. She had nothing save for her Imperial flag-cape and a sniper rifle. Mesa decides to shoot Jacen’s backpack (hoping to trigger the Baradium charges). Mesa hits the backpack, but ended up dropping her rifle over the side.

Jacen and Xerxes discussed the situation a little more – they came to the conclusion that it’d be best to run the hell away, and besides Klevic probably wouldn’t throw Cassie into a chasm. So they leave and Klevic looks up at Mesa and says “I’m a man of my word” and has the Super Stormtrooper toss Cassie off the bridge.

Communication Difficulties

Meanwhile Tobin has awoke groggy from his painkillers last session. He sneaks his way through the facility, doing his best to dodge patrols and AT-STs. He uses the drainage system to get into the administration building. Pursued by a patrol he runs into a room filled with computer terminals – turns out its a communications suite. Struggling with the guards inside, he sets up a distraction that gave him enough time to access the system and get a brief message off to the Alliance (warning them that Predator Squadron’s mission here has ran into significant trouble, and that they should be advised that any rescue they mount is likely to fall into a trap).

He prepared a Baradium charge to destroy the communications room, before diving out the window and using his grappling hook to get to safety as it detonated.

Xerxes and Jacen escaped their pursuers and are in an elevator heading for the communications suite when they hear an explosion. They comm Tobin, but before they can get far in talking, they run into the Imperial reinforcements that were heading for the communications suite.

They say “Nope. Nope. Nope.” and get back into the elevator, only to hear a Super Stormtrooper land on top. They get off at the next floor and divert the elevator lower into the facility (after an unsuccessful attempt to set up their Baradium charge in the elevator). Tobin tells Jacen and Xerxes that they should make their way to the hanger and find a ship, he’ll try and distract the Empire to give them time to escape, maybe even take out the Grand Moff.

Unfortunately it isn’t long until Jacen and Xerxes got caught in a ray-shield trap. They escape it, but run into Stormtroopers defending the access-way out of the admin facility. Xerxes gets blasted here, having been run down last session and out of stimpacks, he goes down. Jacen decides to leave him behind.

Next thing Xerxes knows, he’s waking up in a cell and being treated by a medical droid. An Imperial officer leads Mesa into the cell, informs Mesa that her job now is to interrogate the prisoner and then leaves. The door locks behind him, so clearly Mesa is as much a prisoner as he is.

Kevlan’s Domain

After having to climb over there underneath the main walkway and avoiding airspeeder patrols, Tobin uses the Force to create an illusion to distract the Super Stormtroopers guarding the door to the newer facility.

Inside he gets a good look at how Super Stormtroopers are made – the vats they grow in, etc. Grand Moff Kevlan starts addressing him over the internal speaker system, informing him that he’s currently filling out an Imperial Intelligence kill-order on Tobin’s mother (a contingency in case Tobin succeeds in killing him).

This obviously angers Tobin, so he uses his lightsaber to cut his way into the depths of the facility. Stormtroopers start swarming, but Tobin gets to the point where he thinks it connects to the strut outside. He pulls out the last Baradium charge and primes it. Unfortunately by this point he’s completely surrounded.

An elevator descends from the walkway above and out steps Cassie, now wearing an Imperial uniform. Grand Moff Kevlan explains that she is ‘Agent Bindun’ (a codename Cassie has previously used to help you infiltrate an Imperial facility). Cassie then explains how she is an Imperial double agent, Klevic earlier faked her death with a repulser field for Mesa’s benefit. All the insanity that has gone on over this mission has actually been Cassie’s fault, not Mesa’s (although Mesa did also betray the team).

With this revelation, Tobin loses his will to fight (although with the earlier triumph on his check to set up the Baradium charge, he used it to create a convincing fake casing and detonator). He handed the fake charge over to Cassie and slipped the trigger into his cybernetic limb.

Jacen’s Flight

Jacen uses a Force illusion to get his way onboard an Imperial shuttle in the hanger. There he uses its comm unit to try and call Mara Jade. Unfortunately she didn’t answer.

Seeing Imperial troops coming to check the shuttle, he takes off. Unfortunately he got a little caught between the city defences and the hurricane billowing outside. This damaged the shuttle a fair bit. He gets into orbit with TIE Fighters on his tale, he realises he’s still got to survive long enough to get to hyperspace. That’s when his comm starts beeping – It’s Tobin’s comm code, but it’s Cassie on the other end.

She convinces him to surrender. Which he does on the condition he gets his one comm call, so he returns to the city and is arrested.

Kevlan Victorious

Jacen gets put in a cell. They wheel in a secured comm system (which the Empire can shut off at any moment, and they warn him they’ll monitor it). He uses it to call Mara Jade. This time she answers – she tells him she’s having a bad day. He bets his is worse, she asks if he’s been stabbed in the kidney, because she has. She explains that things have gone badly with the Inquisition, she killed the Miraluan, but the brutish human managed to get a good blow in at her before she took his arm off and escaped. She refused to provide any further details, she couldn’t help Jacen’s current situation and he may have made things worse for her by calling. He shouldn’t contact her, she’d find him.

Mesa and Xerxes were basically at each others throats whilst sharing the cell.

Then the torture started

Cassie was led to Grand Moff Kevlan’s office by Lieutenant Klevic. Klevic looked through the door, before gesturing that Cassie should wait in the foyer. From this position Cassie overheard the following conversation:

A voice (not Kevlan’s) comes from the office, “The Emperor is a fool”.

“The Death Star project will backfire, as it did before. He is too blind to see it. Despite my repeated warnings, he underestimates the Rebels and thinks the natives too technologically primitive to be a threat. That will be his downfall, and it will happen soon. We must be ready. Are you back on schedule?”

“Yes, now that the insurrection has been dealt with and our back-up site is ready Koa Nai estimates that it won’t be long until we are ready,” Kevlan’s voice replies.

“This is sufficient. Chaos will rule in the aftermath and then we can restore order”.
Kevlan again, “The Rebels have gotten closer: they took out our facility at GX-04. Although the adjustments to our defences that you suggested have worked, they have traced us to Kamino”.

“That is immaterial. Send me your data on the battle, and I will re-evaluate your defences. You have done well, Kevlan”.

“Thank you, Grand Admiral Thrawn”.

After this conversation Grand Moff Kevlan called Cassie in and congratulated her on the success of the mission, he was very proud. Kevlan plans to transfer the captured members of Predator Squadron to an Imperial black-site facility and use them as bait for the rest of the squad. (Lieutenant Klevic voiced the opinion that it would be simpler, less risky to kill them here and now, but Kevlan mentioned having a longer goal in mind and something about potentially removing the Inquisition as a future threat). The Grand Moff also asks Cassie where her loyalties truly lie – with him, or the people she’s fought alongside. She answers “I’m loyal to victory”.

Back in their cells the squad are subjected to further torments. Tobin had an old Imperial Intelligence recording of his father and Dillinger played to him:

They talked about a ‘Coven’, and how they were out of time. Tobin’s father remarked that they were likely to be discovered soon, Dillinger said that their plan would force him to be an absentee father. Tobin’s father said they had no choice.

Meanwhile Mesa had her Black Sun interrogation played to her, and Xerxes was locked in a room with Mesa.

The squad were individually transferred to an Imperial transport, Cassie and Klevic gloating along the way (Cassie wearing the group’s lightsabers as trophies). They get onboard the transport uneventfully, Klevic departing for his own starfighter and his own mission.

They break atmosphere and the shutters retract on the viewports. Cassie is being commed by Kevlan. Tobin removes the hidden detonator from his arm and pulls it. On her comm Cassie hears an explosion, right before it breaks up.

Tobin then forces his cell door open, only to find Cassie at his door holding his lightsaber. She hands it to him and asks what he’s waiting for, help her get the others out! It turns out she was a triple agent, her main aim to use the capturing of the squad to expose Kevlan’s back-up facility and then turn on him and assassinate her father.

Predator Squadron Strike Back

They break out of their cells and recover their equipment from a storage crate. As they progress through the ship they notice the layout is eerily familiar. As they get upstairs they realise that the Empire have refitted the Honey Badger to transport them to prison.

They take over the ship (although there was significant damage to one corridor and the kitchen/galley area) and come out of hyperspace. They’re in orbit of a large frozen wasteland of a planet. A series of mysterious satellites surround the planet. After some time a navigation beacon starts pinging from the surface.

(Oz stowed aboard one of the escape pods with the intention of rescuing the party)

Cassie’s orders from Kevlan were to drop the squad off at a facility on the surface.

Tobin took the opportunity to seek Kevlan with the Force. He sensed nothing. Presumably Kevlan has found a watery grave.

They decide to “Nope the hell out of here” (although Tobin wanted to investigate, everyone else wanted to return to the Alliance fleet).

As they’re tinkering with the navicomputer they realise a couple of things:

  1. They’re deep in the Unknown Regions, it’ll be a miracle if they can even find their way out of here.
  2. This planet is designated ‘Ice 9’ (previously mentioned by Ghost as where she trained in the Force).
  3. This planet’s co-ordinates matches up precisely with an ancient Star Map. Gand and Tobin are the only members left from before the squad joined the Rebellion. They were supposed to investigate this region of space for Czerka Corporation, but ended up getting caught up in the Rebellion.

Mesa manages to programme the navicomputer, and luckily is able to chart a route back to this planet. As the Honey Badger accelerates to hyperspace, one of the satellites comes online and the ship gets caught with the edge of an energy blast of some kind. The squad have no ea what kind of damage it did, but immediately after entering hyperspace radiation alarms began blaring.

Rewards and Experience

  • 20XP for this session.
  • Cassie gained 23 Counter-Intelligence Duty.
  • Tobin gained 23 Sabotage Duty.
  • Jacen gained 18 Support Duty.
  • Mesa gained 5 Space Superiority Duty.
  • Jacen’s Morality was triggered today. He gained 13 Conflict, rolling 5, leaving him with a net result of -16. Taking his Morality score to 27.
  • Tobin gained 5 Conflict, rolling 7, leaving him with a net result of +2. Taking his Morality score to 76.
The Heart of the Tempest

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Navigating the Rishi Maze

Predator Squadron arrived at the star cluster known as the Rishi Maze in The Firespray. A mixture of stars and gas, the cluster glowed in the darkness. It’s position slightly away from the galactic disk afforded the squad a remarkable view of the galaxy – it stretched out beneath them like an ocean of twinkling stars. As they steeled themselves for what was to come, they remarked that sights like this was why they loved their job.

They set off into hyperspace, for the first waypoint (of three) on the route they received from Dei. The star-cluster seemed to rush towards the ship as the stars elongated and the ship entered hyperspace.

The hypertransceiver relay, that was only to be used in emergencies, started flashing red, indicating an urgent message. It was from General Rieekan, based on the Alliance’s analysis of some intelligence Predator Squadron had recently recovered from Coruscant:

Predator Squadron, we have uncovered recent intelligence that indicates a traitor in your midst. It then goes into a transcript of a recent message that was sent to the Empire by Xizor.

Xizor informs them that Kamino will come under attack from the Rebellion. Specifically he plays them a recording of Mesa’s interrogation.

Guri enters the room and explains how Mesa can get out of the current situation – she can take a job at Black Sun as a pilot. She’s clearly not cut out for her current line of work in the Rebellion. The Dark Prince is generous with this offer, but he would require a display of loyalty – her assistance in capturing the squad when they come to rescue her.

Mesa protests, she can offer something better – a battle between Predator Squadron and the Empire that Black Sun can use the confusion to take advantage of. The Empire don’t know that Predator Squadron are coming, stuff might go missing in the battle – e.g. Black Sun might be able to use the situation to acquire a Star Destroyer.

By this point in the message, Oz has decided to grab Mesa by the throat as Jacen makes ready to prevent her from interfering with the ship. The message continues:

Guri replies that she will take the proposal to the Dark Prince for Consideration. Eventually she returns and says that Black Sun are interested, however they require the full details of the Rebel plan. Xizor has his eyes on a greater prize than a mere ship…

Mesa asks what these plans are. Guri says that they’re for Xizor to know and Mesa to find out.

Mesa then explains that she doesn’t know all the details. The only person who really does is Cassie. Mesa suggests Black Sun make her disappear…

Guri replies that the details that Mesa does know will suffice. As a show of good faith, they would even arrange for Mesa to ‘escape’ from their custody.

Mesa explains who Predator Squadron are and what they’re good at doing (the identities of the members and their squad roles). She explains that they’ve been raising funds on Nar Shaddaa to help execute this plan. The general plan is an attack on Kamino coinciding with Grand Moff Kevlan’s visit – they know when this is and plan to kill him. She then says that they’ll likely use the Angel of Lothal and her Firespray along with possible starfighters.

Mesa then goes on to trying to trade the location of the Honey Badger to them as it can be used to demoralise them (along with the robot spider). Guri says Black Sun have no interest in this.

Guri then notes that the Dark Prince is generous and rewards loyalty. However, disloyalty is met with swift retribution.

There’s a final note about how the Emperor is amused that Xizor is attempting to gain more prestige than Darth Vader in the Imperial hierarchy. This information will be passed on to his commanders, and they thank Xizor for his service.

Xerxes and Oz forced Mesa into the back and began removing her of her weapons and equipment. Jacen dropped the ship out of hyperspace, they found themselves within the Rishi Maze, orbiting a neutron star. A large spread out debris field – possibly a failed planet – orbited the star.

Just as Oz was about to throw Mesa out of the airlock into the vacuum of space, Jacen noticed a group of TIE Phantoms de-cloaking and moving to attack position. Mesa remarked that now might be a good time to have an awesome pilot, but Oz disagreed, bashing her head into a bulkhead. Xerxes stunned Mesa with his blaster to cut the beating short. They hand-cuffed her unconscious body to a pipe in the crew quarters/make-shift med-bay where Tobin and Cassie were waiting.

Jacen struggled to overcome the interference from the star, in order to programme a route back to the start of the Rishi Maze. They planned on retreating – Mesa had cost them their window of opportunity to get Kevlan. With some minor damage from the TIE Phantoms, they returned back to the start of the Rishi Maze.

They came out of hyperspace thinking they’d be able to safely make it back to base and re-think (Oz fearing Mesa may have compromised the Dag-O-Bar). Unfortunately there was an Imperial fleet waiting at the mouth of the Rishi Maze – including 3 Interdictors and 3 Darkwing-Class Star Destroyers de-cloaking – with dozens of TIE Fighters throughout the area. They appeared to have flown into a trap.

Given the relatively few accessible routes through the Rishi Maze, the Empire appeared to have hemmed them in. They had a choice to make – either try and make their way through this fleet, or continue with the operation and get to Kamino. With the prospect of possibly capturing Imperial navigation data on the Rishi Maze – along with hoping to get the opportunity to kill Kevlan – they decided to press on with their mission.

Into the Tempest

  • Their arrival at Kamino, etc.

Mesa and Kevlan

*Mesa’s arrest by the Empire, and meeting Kevlan for the first time.

The Hatchery


Into the Admin Section


Rewards and Experience

  • 15 XP today.
  • Jacen gained 11 conflict, rolling 4. Because his Morality triggered today, he went down by 14 points to 43.
Shadows of the Empire - The Heart of Black Sun

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Predator Squadron fought their way to the cell block in the basement of Xizor’s palace. They unleashed a captive dianoga upon the Black Sun guards and then rescued a groggy Luke Skywalker (who was being suspended in a energy-rack in a room with these strange tiny lizard-creatures that had an effect on Force users).

Meanwhile Tobin sneaked his way into the upper levels with the intention of sabotaging the shield generator system. He found out that Xizor had some sort of problem, something about being betrayed. Tobin then found a facility that produced a back-up Guri. He programmed her to be resourceful and convinced her to join him. That said, something may have gone awry within the programming; at the very least this Guri is incredibly literal.

The squad retreated back to the hanger, where Mesa, Lando and Chewbacca were waiting. Mesa had visited a local sample-warehouse and acquired 5 vials of glitterstim and 5 doses of Impact spice.

The squad flew off as the Super Star Destroyer Executor brought itself into position to bombard the building from orbit. The crowd at the Empire Day parade cheered – seeming to think that this was part of the show. Xizor was presumably killed in the attack.

The squad launched in a stolen shuttle and fighters, Tobin losing his arm to Guri (the Xizor bodyguard one, not the newest one) as she attempted to stop him. They flew off and evaded several dozen TIE Fighters as they made a break for space, followed by the Millennium Falcon, then dodged the point-defence guns of the orbital platforms before getting clear to hyperspace.

They met up with the Angel of Lothaland said farewell to Lando’s group. Luke gave some parting words of advice to Jacen regarding visions of the Force and the dark side.

With that Lando said they were heading for Tatooine, and Predator Squadron began making preparations for their assault against Grand Moff Kevlan and Kamino.

Shadows of the Empire - Empire Day

Mission Roster

Predator Squadron arrived on Coruscant to find that Empire Day celebrations were in effect. They managed to blag their way through the security patrols and arrive in the Executive District.

They found that Xizor had a palace in the district and this was likely the meeting place where Luke Skywalker had been taken. Predator Squadron infiltrated the facility through the sewers. One group (consisting of Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, Tobin and Mesa) found the hanger level, they got separated and Tobin found a custom Starviper in a private hanger guarded by Guri. The others (Jacen, Cassie, Oz and Xerxes) ended up on the same level as the detention level, however, ran into a hoard of Nexu in a private habitat.

Shadows of the Empire - The Hutt-Black Sun War Part Two
The Lever Has a Safety Warning For A Reason

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Mesa’s Flight to Freedom

Mesa was in this cell where the gravity was turned to the ceiling (trapping her on a little plinth, or she’d ‘fall’ into a spinning fan blade. She used some acquired light pieces to jam up the blade and floated out. She then had got caught in an opposing gravity field (so she kept floating back and forth), until she used the centrifugal force to throw herself into the one above her.

She then escaped, sneaking into the hanger bay. Finding a power loader she strolled out towards a YT-2400 freighter doing her best to look like she belongs. Unfortunately this didn’t work. So she ripped out the opposing power loader’s ‘gonads’ or drive system.

Guri then drops down from a catwalk above and tried to disable Mesa’s loader. Mesa power slammed her, ejected herself and sprinted for the ship. She got on board, disabled the droid in the cockpit and took off. At this point the crew in the back start cutting through the cockpit door, so Mesa’s solution is to crank up the oxygen so the air catches fire from the sparks. I repeat, she set the air on fire. Fire solves everything!

Anyway, it turned out Guri was climbing on the hull, so after putting herself out, Mesa just slams the hyperdrive levers. This threw Guri off the ship, but then Mesa had to deal with a greatly angered Dash Rendar (who’s ship Mesa was in the process of hijacking), who had been wearing fire-proof welding gear to cut through the door.

The Skyscraper Infiltration

Meanwhile the others broke into the skyscraper. The stealth approach failed almost immediately, so they were pursued by Destroyer Droids until they got to the elevators.

They made their way to the designated office and found the spice that Mesa failed to find. As people were trying to break into the office to get them, Tobin hot-wired the secret elevator into a little tram because they couldn’t find a key. So off they went into the Black Sun transit system.

Aboard The Outrider

Mesa convinced Dash not to kill her. Dash wasn’t impressed with the situation. After an awkward conversation, they came out of hyperspace near a tropical planet. In orbit, was a rather striking looking facility:


It was clearly undergoing a massive repair job – lots of little ships flitting around back and forth. Mesa didn’t know where they were, but Dash identified that they were deep in the Unknown Regions (but couldn’t get an actuate fix – this system was on no star charts).

At which point a trio of Abyss-class Star Destroyers decloaked and launched fighters. Mesa spun the ship around, meanwhile sensors are freaking out about an energy pulse building up from the planet below. A giant purple wave of energy fires from the planet and surges towards the Outrider. They fail to avoid that and it kills all power in the ship.

Mesa headed to the back of the ship and starts working on the engine (Dash was deciding whether it was worth dumping his cargo or not, since it was no longer stowed in compartments because he was in the process of unloading it when Mesa decided to ruin his day).

Mesa repaired the ship, restoring power. She beat Dash back to the cockpit and programmed in another random hyperspace jump…

The Black Sun Skyhook

Back on Nar Shaddaa, the others arrived in the skyhook and stealthily took care of the security droids. Tobin then sneaked his way to a computer terminal and began hacking Black Suns data network.

He found the schematics for the facility and a prisoner manifest for all of Black Sun’s operations in the area. It noted that a Chadra-Fan was captured in the facility a few days ago, but it successfully escaped. It also noted that Black Sun were responsible for capturing Luke Skywalker himself at Kothlis. Skywalker is currently in the process of being transferred to their Coruscant facility. Tobin was able to acquire that ship’s itinerary.

So the group then traveled to the station’s security centre. Cassie coerced the guards into surrendering. Then Tobin overrode Black Sun’s droid systems, turning their security droids against the station’s weapon emplacements.

They then coerced the guards to direct them out – they had to pass through a repair bay to get to the nearest hanger. In the repair bay they found a severely damaged, yet miraculously still functional, Guri. All her ‘skin’ was ripped off – she appeared to be a skeletal metal robot, walking with an awkward gate, her systems clearly damaged. She began walking towards them, but given the low athleticism of the group she made up ground.

Tobin saw the others were struggling, so pushed them forward and stood to hold Guri off.

Unfortunately, Guri took this moment to pull a lever – it turned out that the floor of this room was a conveyor belt. So now the group were being pulled towards her.

Xerxes managed to get the blast door open at the other end and jump through. He then fired at her (every shot the group threw at her barely seemed to phase her, she just kept advancing on them, relentlessly). So then Xerxes blasted the machinery around her and dropped a huge pneumatic press between Guri and the party.

They ran through the door and into the hanger bay. Looking back, they saw Guri wrench this huge chunk of metal in half. Advancing towards them, the blast door barely closed in time. She began punching the door, each blow denting it.

Not wanting to stick around and find out what would happen when she got that door open, the group nicked some ‘Heavy’ M3-A Interceptors and flew down to the planet as a Hutt fleet began engaging the station.

Outrider Down

So the Outrider came out of hyperspace (its hyperdrive having died due to a power surge from the purple energy pulse), they were crashing into an ice planet. Leebo got Dash and Mesa into the escape pod and ejected them. The Outrider spun off and crashed in the snow.

Looking around the desolate icy wastes, Mesa spotted some mountains in the distance, but no signs of civilisation.

Leebo attempted to console Dash that at least if they ran out of rations, Dash could sustain himself by eating Mesa.

So they began walking, back towards where they projected the Outrider to have crashed. (Dash warning Mesa that if she said another word he would shoot her and leave her in the snow). And a blizzard began rolling in.

In the midst of the snow, Mesa got separated – lost track of Dash or Leebo. Eventually, weakened already by the stressful day, she found she could go no further. She collapsed in the snow, very quickly finding herself buried.

Mesa may have blacked out, it’s a little fuzzy. But the next thing she knew a bright light was shining in her face. Out of the light stepped 6 figures – Imperial Snowtroopers. They picked her up, dragged her in front of an AT-ST where she was formerly arrested. (Along with Dash and Leebo – she could see the flaming wreckage of the Outrider on a hill nearby)

Coruscant Bound

Dei was pleased at the work the group had done. She’s scrubbed off some Obligation and awarded an Ardos Disk to Xerxes (since he was the only one who didn’t have one). Since her clan is now in possession of Black Sun’s station, she has said she will keep an eye out for any information pertaining to where Mesa went.

Dei did give the group an old Clone Wars era copy of a route to Kamino that she was in possession of.

Predator Squadron now plan to accompany Lando and the Falcon crew to Coruscant, picking up the soldiers from the Angel of Lothal along the way, in order to secure the rescue of Luke Skywalker…

This journey will take aproximately 3 days, by which time Skywalker is scheduled to have arrived.

Rewards and Experience

The group gained 10 XP.

Obligation has now been reduced, this is reflected in the updated Obligation table.

Tobin gained 4 conflict. We will roll before next session.


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