Star Wars: Predators

Farewell Cantonica

Tobin finds a stream and a series of caverns for the submarine, and browses the logs finding some routes.

Lando calls a friend, he suggests going through the caverns to avoid the AA guns. He has located the shield generator.

Ghost gets changed into her armour with R3.

Tie bomber reinforcements incoming. They bomb the jungle when the cr 90 arrives.

They reach the end of the cavern, but the submarine gets disabled.

Lando’s friend comes out a Duros, he’s not happy with him.

A steam room is floating in the river towards them.

Zarcus approaches the box, zoid asks for a hand, his skin comes off and his arm. Zarcus spots a zip and tries to undo it he spots a zilkin, who is offended after ruining his disguise. Uses the force leap to get back.

Tobin pulls out an ardus disk and the zilkin pulls out a rival Hutt disk. Shield generator is huge, needs to be connected to the honey Badger to get off world.

Kob spots a tank approaching them with Mando troopers. There’s an aqualish holding a boombox, galish is driving the tank.

Galish drives the tank off the edge, she dramatically lands on the intruder. Loses the quad cannon, she takes it well.

Unfortunately 4 Mandos manage to recover at jetpack towards them. Ghost promptly guns one down with the intruder’s auto cannon.

Tobin solos the rest, not to be confused with Han solo . The honey Badger crushes the last one. The zilkin offers zarcus a money opportunity, the granny newpa.

Galish gives ghost a datapad. Tobin grabs the shield generator and attaches it on the honey Badger.

Ghost gives galish the turbo laser turret.

Tobin gives a warning to canto night about the bio creature.

The party jumps to hyper space, everyone arrives fashionably late for the conference.

Drops off the zilkin before we get to the conference.

Tobin and ghost confronts zarcus about the artifact. Zarcus admits it’s a force related. They feel into and it absorbs their life force and sends it back.

Dean hands lando his report about canto bight. Kob loses 25,000 credits. Dean gives him a sympathy drink.

Lando offers ghost the deal of keeping the gun or resolving the obligation. She gives up the gun.

Imperials ambush the Liberator Wing in the Lianna system, the group jump to hyperspace spotting the Fenris, a Venator-Class Star Destroyer on the way out. Oz got a despair on the Astrogation check, but the fleet successfully jumped away.

Group transfers to the frigate everyone gets bodyguard passes except galish whose the diplomats. Everyone discovers that they’re underwater, and gets handed a water scooter.

Everyone gets assigned to different diplomats. Oz lando, kop aqualish, Tobin and zarcus irothian, Dean and Gand kor and ghost is with galish.

Hutt with kop is named Hugo, a Starfighter pilot.

10XP today.

Buy Another Day
The Jewel of Yavin is Forever

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Mission Roster

Auction will begin shortly, says fullstago.

Chevin is mingling with everyone. He’s uneasy, thinking of an emergency exit.

Zar is going to mingle with the free drinks, spotted what appears to be the stage where the items will be, found a lift for them possibly.

Ghost hears rumours, host might be auction an entire star system, tons of illegal items in the empires day, owes money to a corporation.

Tobin spots a possible pathway through a door. Points out his entry point to ghost.

Cob looks for concealed points, there are several retractable compartments. Goes to Tobin and ghost, points out the compartments to them.

Large entourage with a blast box entirely filled with stream appears. zarcus approaches and goes inside, a copy of Oz appears that Tobin notices.

Oz is wearing a suit for the cybrex corporation.

Zarcus sees his bounty hunter contact, who wants an update, zarcus mentions imperials being interested here. Gives zarcus 500 credits for the intel. Kaltonin goes in and out of the box.

Tobin goes gambling for sabbacc (1000 credits buy-in) playing legitimate, wins 3000. Spots a Duros’ tell, who asks if questions about him.

Another buy in this time 2000, breaks even in the first, loses 2000 only. Gives cob 1000.

Tobin and ghost is planning to ditch the “party”, using zarcus as a distraction.

Cob is playing a game with a zay general, comments on his past killing kings. Gambles 1000 credits. Gains 10,000 credits. (Double or nothing)
Challenges him to 3000, gains 24,000 credits.

Tobin and ghost sneaks away during this time. Finds a gold corridor, this interior is like a seashell. Heading to the back of the stage (Chris tries to jinx it, and fails to do so) they spot the shell is designed to resist raised shields and cameras.

Tobin calls the elevator with computers check. Whiffs first check, succeeds second gets a floor directory, loops cameras.

Top floor, luxury guest showcase. Second, equipment and maintenance. Third floor luxury quarters. Forth, offices. Others are unlisted.

Goes to floor two.

Zarcus asks when show starts in 40 mins, relays it to others. (Except extraction team)

Mustafa is going back on stage. Announces entertainment, mentions uninvited guests, tie bombers are shot down. Takes bets on their lives.

Zarcus Gets 1700 credits.

Dean asks about the star destroyers, they’re doing nothing. Finds Corvette is coming, asks Gand to try and break the lockdown. Whiffs first check, succeeds second check, sensor dish scrambled and lockdown over.

Heading south to link up with reinforcements, spots SSD in orbit, picks up faint signals. There’s ties detected.

Back with Tobin and ghost they enter equipment and maintenance, spots heavy machinery and droids. Charms the droids to forget they saw them, in return they’ll deal with Gary. And they’ll get inside knowledge on auctions, fullstago has two locations to secure the auctions. Tries to wipe his memory, (both gain 2 conflict) succeeds, bindu horn, jewel of yavin, mysterious spiecemen on the lower floor and slaves.

The bindu belonged to a musician said to have enhanced spice.

Tobin is going lower to the equipment, ghost is going to the quarters

Tobin is heading to the equipment, taking an elevator, spots medical, in the dark room Tobin searches for a light switch, finds a small console. Lift is the only way in and out. Crates are unlabeled, Tobin cracks one open.

Finds twilik slaves. Tobin says he’ll liberate them. 20 slaves in total.

Cob heard rumours that slaves belonged to general. A guard heads towards him Whisper’s something to general.

Second crate has… A large rifle. A micro turbo laser. Puts the gun on a trolley. Contacts the honey Badger, Tobin finds the jewel, contacts Dean who updates him.

Jomark creature wakes up, eggs starts to hatch. Tobin tries reasoning with creature, succeeds, it’s driven to consume and reproduce. Jomark creature waits. Commands it up the shaft with its children, Tobin gains 3 conflict.

Cob is talking with chevin, Tobin warns zarcus it’s about to get hot.

Fullstago starts the auction, first item is a shard. A red crystal. It levitates away as if by magic. Zarcus goes after it.

Ghost arrives at the quarters, hears whistling on left, music to the right. Picks the lock on the right, succeeds, someone is drinking alcohol it’s lando sharing alcohol with himself. He was expecting other company, he “seduced” his way into the enemy stronghold. Recommends regrouping with Tobin.

Checks the left and finds the horn of bindu. Roar from above gets their attention. Lando takes the horn.

Zarcus continues to pursue there is a woman in gray robes, gray hair. She takes out a lightsaber and activities it. Discovers it’s a dathomiran. Takes the crystal and legs it.

Tobin is preparing for extraction.

Jemark creature appears in front of cob, the Oz is killing fullstago with a hatchet beheading him, then leaves. Cob gets to the lift and links up with zarcus.

The infiltration team finally links up again. Lando wants to go to the island he wants to liberate a shield generator. They meet another Oz trying to hammer the lift button. Cob presses the button to the lift to close the button, ghost opens the door they leave the Oz behind, something is following the submarine, it’s big.

You Only Betray Twice

Mission Roster

Chaos at the Spaceport Continued

Galish’s Tank

Galish, having been captured by Colonel Darillion, was being held in a fish tank overlooking a lounge. After some time being harassed by some of these new Stormtroopers that Darillion is operating with tapping on the glass, the Stormtroopers move on and the Colonel enters the lounge.

Galish witnesses as Klevic enters the room and she strains to hear what’s going on:

“Warlord Zsinj has a plan to end this charade in one swift stroke, he will wipe out the New Republic,” Darillion proclaims.

“What does he plan to do, march on Chandrilla and take back his homeworld? The New Republic will not give up their new capital so easily,” Klevic replies.

Darillion starts laughing, “For one who spends his time walking in a dead man’s shoes, you are far blinder and more impulsive than Kevlan was. But you were not the first of his pet assistants, were you?”

The colour drains from Klevic’s face, “If Zsinj has unearthed what I think, he should put it back. Derricot was unstable," desperation now tinges his voice, “His work was never meant to be used, it was meant for a last-ditch scenario that threatened existence itself”.

“The Emperor is dead, his Empire in ruins. If that does not threaten our existence, what possibly could?” Darillion proclaims.

“It won’t save the Empire,” Klevic is clearly getting desperate.

Darillion signals to his Mandalorian guards, who seize Klevic by the shoulders.

“Perhaps it will, perhaps it won’t. Either way you won’t be around to see it,” Darillion says callously.

“Damn it, Darillion, don’t be a fool!” Klevic says.

Darillion signals to the Mandalorians, Klevic flicks his wrist and extends a hidden blade, killing one Mandalorian and using his weapon on the other. Some stray shots impact Galish’s tank, cracking it. Galish tries to break it, but it won’t budge. Klevic holds the rifle up to Darillion and pulls the trigger.

Klevic stares at Galish trying to get out of the tank in bewilderment and shakes his head before running for the exit. Galish finally bursts out of her tank as alarms start going off.

  • She escaped dressed as an Imperial Supercommando. On the Imperial evacuation boat and then to orbit. She gets briefed a bit about the current Imperial status.
  • They regrouped with the Imperial forces as the Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist dropped into orbit of Cantonica. Aside from the Iron Fist, Galish also spotted 2 Imperial-Class Star Destroyers, a Gozanti transport and a Raider-Class Corvette.
  • Upon arriving Galish was pulled into a briefing where it was explained about the Empire’s goals on the planet.
  • Galish heads for an escape pod (finding a nice blaster on the way), but can’t unlock them. So she heads for a TIE Fighter, only to get pulled into an Imperial drop team.
  • The Imperial drop team crash on the island.

Gambling at the Canto Casino

Journey to Pholstago’s Island

Ace in the Hole

Rewards and Experience

  • The group gained 5XP today for the intelligence that Galish uncovered.
  • Morality will be rolled next week.
  • Gand gained 2 conflict last week, but didn’t roll. Will continue the track next week since it’s all over such a compact amount of time.
  • Tobin reduced his bounty Obligation by 5.
Licence to Bill

Mission Roster


  • Ghost meets up with Oz at the spaceport. They gather at the Honey Badger with Gand and Zarcus.
    • On the way back through security Gand realises that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, having been mildly poisoned and turned radioactive (it appears to be a specific distinct isotope).
    • Zarcus ran afoul of the mysterious Inspector Virgil of the Corporate Sector Authority. Zarcus claimed to be a bodyguard employed by the crew of the Honey Badger.
  • They call Dean and Tobin, who are still at the casino with the Chevin. Galish shows up as their waitress.
    • The Chevin doesn’t know for certain the proceedure for attending Pholstago’s auction as he’s never had the chance to go to one before. He’ll try and find out though. He can get around 4 of them into the auction as part of his entourage.
  • Everyone catches each other up so they’re all at the same page.
  • Ace arrives in-system with 4 A-Wings and 4 X-Wings from Liberator Wing. He has them land in some canyons outside the city whilst he heads for the spaceport to sync up with the rest of Predator Squadron.

Meeting the Delegates

  • Dean, Galish and Tobin go to the hotel at the casino and meet the delegates.
  • A group of Imperial Supercommandos burst into the room and start shooting on stun.
  • A housekeeping droid from the hotel complains about the level of damage, letting slip that the room is being charged to a ‘Han Solo’
  • Galish weaponises the mini-bar, but unfortunately is stunned. Dean and Tobin are forced to abandon her in order to get the delegates out safely.
  • Dean, Tobin and the delegates meet up with the others a few streets away (they have Cassie’s car with them). They take the delegates to a motel, whilst Ghost goes to investigate the Imperial presence.

Ghost’s Investigation

  • Ghost stops by the casino and pokes holes in their cover story.
  • Ghost heads to the warehouse Gand found. It’s been cleaned out recently and very thoroughly. She finds a large antenna on the roof though and hacks its logs: it’s hooked up to the HoloNet and been sending regular reports to the Telos system. A distress function seems to have been triggered in the relay now. Ghost disables it.

Galish’s Interogation

  • Galish is interrogated by Colonel Darillion. To his frustration Darillion realises that Galish doesn’t know anything of value to him, and decides to hold her (in a fish tank) to use as bait.

The Spaceport – Terminal Velocity

  • The next morning at the spaceport whilst checking his ARC-170, Ace encounters Inspector Virgil. He talks his way out of Virgil’s suspicions by pointing the finger towards Zarcus (Virgil has already been made suspicious of Zarcus due to his several run-ins with security, and most recently allowing his pet Howlrunner to defecate all over the spaceport lobby).
  • Ace tells Virgil that Zarcus owes him money, which is why he’s been visiting the Honey Badger. Virgil offers the services of the Corporate Sector Authority Debt Recovery Team, who will take a percentage of the recovered credits and attempt to resolve the matter on Ace’s behalf. Ace agrees signing the paperwork, sending Virgil off to enact it.
  • Virgil knocks at the Honey Badger, only to receive a lecture from Ghost on Imperial tax law. Ghost and Oz are unhappy that the inspector has headed their way – they’ve attracted far too much attention.
  • Ghost talks to Zarcus, explains the situation and then intimidated the Howlrunner causing it to soil itself all over the ship to teach Zarcus the need to clean up after his pet. Zarcus says that he understands and will take the message on board.
  • Oz calls Ace over to the Honey Badger, telling him that it’s unacceptable to be sending law enforcement in the direction of the group ship, that it compromises the mission. Ace was unrepentant, so Oz drags him outside and over to the Inspector (who is sat on a bench going through the taxation logic Ghost presented him with).
  • Oz explained that he’d brought Ace to the inspector to settle things for wasting the inspector’s time (which the inspector mentioned was a criminal offence in the Corporate Sector), and that he wasn’t part of their crew. Oz forced Ace to his knees, only for Ace to trigger his jetpack and flew up into the support beams. The Inspector asked Ace to deactivate the jetpack and land. Ace responded by pulling out his blaster rifle and opening fire on the inspector.
  • Oz heads back to the ship as Ghost comes out to see what’s going on. Ace is involved in an aerial shootout with the CSA Security Officers (also known as Espos) on the ground, whilst the inspector is down on the floor bleeding out. Ghost heads over to the inspector and attempts to keep him alive with the Force.
  • Ace blasts a hole in the roof and attempts to escape, only for his jetpack to be clipped by blaster fire. Escaping on foot, he ducked down a vent, failing to evade the Espos on his tail, he ends up trapped between the security and a spinning fan. He chooses to make his stand, killing several officers, before being taken down. As he fell unconscious his left leg got caught in the fan, severing it, but the Espo captain who stunned him pulled Ace out and arrested him.

Rewards and Experience

  • Everyone gained 5XP today for successfully rescuing the delegates.
  • Gand gained 2 conflict, but didn’t roll. Will add on to next session.
  • Ghost gained 3 conflict, rolling 5. No change as Ghost is on 100.
  • Tobin gained 4 conflict, rolling 3. His Morality was triggered this session, so -2, putting him on 48.
  • Zarcus gained 1 conflict, rolling 3 – +2 today, putting him on 60.
  • Galish’s Hutt bounty triggered today.
From Cantonica with Love

A Fractured Empire

It has been 4 months since the Battle of Endor. The Emperor is dead, the second Death Star destroyed. The Rebel Alliance has been reformed into the NEW REPUBLIC. Although some systems celebrate, the grip of the Empire tightens in others.

The birth of the New Republic brings new challenges, both militarily and diplomatically. With every passing day the Galactic Civil War escalates on every side. In an attempt to shape the direction of the Republic’s war effort a summit has been called.

As the war shifts the Republic Navy is reorganising and General Rieekan has assigned Predator Squadron to a new initiative – LIBERATOR WING. Their first mission as part of this assignment is to meet with the task force and safely escort the final delegates to the conference….

Mission Roster

Welcome to Liberator Wing

Star lines reverted into distant dots as Predator Squadron dropped out of hyperspace at the rendezvous point. A handful of Alliance New Republic ships orbit a small desolate moon at the far edge of the Lianna system (theoretically this system lies in a patch of contested space bordering some Republic-held territory and a region controlled by the Empire).

They’re met by a group of patrolling X-Wings and are allowed to land after transmitting their clearance codes. The small group of ships is made up of a MC30 Frigate (a pocket Mon Calamari warship), a couple of CR-90’s and a Quasar-Fire Class Carrier called the Liberator II.

They landed on the carrier and met with Captain Hollana, a female Xexto. She greeted them and explained that their general went to pick up the final delegates and that he hadn’t reported in for a week. She had received orders to wait for Predator Squadron and stall General Rieekan in the meantime. She explained that it was General Calrissian who had gone missing, he and his second in command (Commander Shriv Suurgav) had checked in once they arrived at their destination, but hadn’t been heard from since.

They were to meet the delegates on Cantonica, a planet Predator Squadron knew little about – only that it was in the Corporate Sector (and thus weapons were likely heavily regulated), and that it was some sort of tourist hot-spot.

Hollana also explained that General Rieekan had assigned new members to the squad – Lieutenant Dean Kessler, a Corellian pilot and Zarcus, a Zabrak bounty hunter on retainer for the New Republic.

Predator Squadron needed to travel to Cantonica, find out what happened to General Calrissian and Commander Shriv, locate the delegates for the summit and return to Liberator Wing. The Quarrack (the MC30 Frigate) is suffering hyperdrive problems, and they likely will not be fixed for a few days. Thus they had 5 days to travel to Cantonica and return to the task force so the task force could make it to the summit in time – they can’t afford to be late.

So they loaded up an X-Wing and the Intruder aboard the Honey Badger and took off for Cantonica, the journey taking them approximately 32 hours. During the trip Zarcus introduced them to his pet Howlrunner puppy, Zar.


They arrived in system to find that Cantonica is largely a desert planet, but even from orbit they were able to spot the large artificial Sea of Cantonica, which the automated transmissions advertise as the largest artificial sea in the galaxy. Those same advertisements proclaimed the wonders of the coastal city Canto Bight – the main tourist hotspot built on the coast of the sea. A lot of adverts were promoting the services of hotels, spas and casinos in the city. Most of the services on offer seemed to be outside the price range of Predator Squadron.

Although there are some smaller settlements and mines throughout the desert, the vast majority of the traffic was heading to the main spaceport at Canto Bight (which is where the co-ordinates from the New Republic seemed to indicate General Calrissian had gone, Predator Squadron reasoned “It’s Lando, of course he’s gone to the casinos”), so the battered and heavily-armed Honey Badger joined the queues of pleasure liners and yachts heading towards the main spaceport there.

Tobin attempted to peer into the future and was greeted with a vision of himself standing in a casino, in a crowd of people all in rapt attention to a Mustafarian wielding a gavel or hammer. Tobin was sat around a table in deep conspiratorial conversation with a Chevin he hadn’t met.

Landing at the spaceport, there seemed to be some initial confusion and then laughter at the sight of the Honey Badger touching down. They signed up to the exorbitant docking fees and passed through customs (all blasters are banned from Catonica, and all entrants are subject to weapon scans). Most passed through uneventfully, although Zarcus was required to fill in a form for Zar, so intimidated his way into being allowed to put Zar back on the ship. On his second attempt through he was selected for a random screening and had to fill in a form and pay a large fee to get out of it.

Whilst all of this was going on Gand surreptitiously hacked into the spaceport’s logs and found that a shuttle matching the description of the one Lando departed Liberator Wing in, it was docked at hanger bay 23 and it noted that the shuttle was overdue for it’s departure by several days. Gand then passed through security, only to be accosted by a fellow Gand in the next aisle. The Gand recognised Gand, he said that Gand’s brother, Jerome the Great, had sent the Gand to Canto Bight and asked if Gand was there for the same reason. Gand said he wasn’t, and this was where the Gand realised that Gand was a wanted member of the Rebel Alliance. The Gand pulled out his comlink and Gand wrestled it away from him, catching a glimpse of an address in the contact information. The Gand then called security, who weren’t bothered, so he walked off. Gand then called security because the Gand was violating spaceport rules and crossing aisles. Security swooped in and took the Gand into a back room. (Yes, I just wanted to see how many times I could use the word ‘Gand’ in a paragraph – 18.)

So the group promptly split up – Dean and Tobin headed to Canto Casino, Zarcus went to Zord’s Spa House (a hub in the local bounty hunting community he’d heard of), Gand went to check out the address and Ghost went to Hanger 23 to examine Lando’s shuttle.

Canto Casino

Tobin and Dean arrived at the casino and entered. Tobin spotted Captain Armin, a guard to the Zygerrian King he had once encountered in one of the casino’s high-stakes areas, he also spotted the Chevin from his vision.

Dean went to the bar to try and pry information out of one of the waitress – trying the old Corellian charm. He met a Zeltron waitress and went to a balcony overlooking the Fathier race track, where they got a romantic view of the city. She explained that she had been brought to the planet as a slave, she eventually saved up enough money to earn her freedom and now works as a waitress to get by. Dean asked after Lando – she had met him (he was very charming). He’d been meeting with a Mustafarian who frequented the Casino (every evening around 10pm usually). The Mustafarian had been involved in some sort of confrontation with a Duros (who was with Lando) at the Casino one evening (approximately a week ago), at the same time Lando was present. Dean and the waitress exchanged comm details and she agreed to call him when the Mustafarian arrived.

The Chevin was loudly berating a member of the Canto Casino staff because they wouldn’t accept his membership card to access the high-stakes area. Tobin convinced the Chevin to calm down and have a drink with him. Tobin attempted to slice into the Chevin’s membership card to trick the system, unfortunately the Canto Casino security was too good, but he did find out that the membership was paid for by Black Sun and it hadn’t been renewed in almost 20 years.

Tobin and the Chevin (Drumet) bonded over both having interests in ORD Mantell – it being Tobin’s homeworld and Drumet having a failed casino business there. Eventually they sussed each other out, Tobin figuring that Drumet was involved in smuggling of some sort. Drumet mentioned that he was on Cantonica on business, involving a Mustafarian.

  • Drumet is planning to steal some merchandise off the Mustafarian during the auction, Tobin and Dean agreed to help him. The rumour is that the Mustafarian has captured a Rebel operative and intends to auction him off to the highest bidder.

Zarcus at the Spa

Zarcus entered the spa (located not too far from the Canto Casino), and talked his way past the receptionist and into a meeting with Zord. Zord only takes meetings in the seclusion and safety of his private steam room.

Zarcus entered the steam room and a rancid smell took hold. A large form appeared with in the mist with bright yellow eyes. After a brief discussion Zord had two bounties that he felt might be suitable to test how good Zarcus’s skills are, he slid the datacards over to the zabrak out of the steam.

One bounty was on a Gand, 30,000 credits alive. Included in the information were stills from the spaceport security system showing Gand’s arrival. The other bounty was a 2000 credit bounty for the location and capture of a Duros, dead or alive. The Duros had been involved in an altercation with the Canto Bight Police Department not far from the casino and had escaped.

It is unknown who posted the bounty on Gand, but the CBPD posted the bounty on the Duros.

Zarcus left Zord’s place and headed for the Casino, deciding to call Gand to see if he wanted to split the bounty on himself.


Gand traced his address to a waterfront warehouse near a cafe district at the edge of the city. He used a water-side access door to swim into the warehouse where he found a hidden submarine dock. There appeared to be some activity around the warehouse, but he spotted an office in the catwalk above where Lieutenant Klevic was having a conversation with a mystery man with a dark beard and dark jumpsuit:

“Tell Zsinj that he’s free to make his move, should he wish,” Klevic says, “My father is way too busy worrying about Sloane and that moron Adelhard to focus on Zsinj. Every day his little kingdom crumbles around him, yet he does not notice”

The mystery man replies, “Moff Ravik should not discount Warlord Zsinj, his fleet is mighty. Soon Zsinj will sit on the Imperial throne, you should swear fealty to him”.

“Warlord, is it? How cute.” Klevic says derisively, “Zsinj may well free himself of my father’s yoke, but he will have more pressing matters to worry about than the wrath of Moff Ravik. He will find himself surrounded on three sides by the New Republic, by Grand Admiral Sloane on another and my father on the fifth – plus there’s the Mandalorian Sector right next door and the Zygerrians under their new king may well get ideas about independence. Zsinj is bold, I’ll give him that, and if he holds his nerve he may just carve out some territory for himself, but Zsinj ruler of the galaxy? Don’t make me laugh.”

  • Gand torpedoed the Empire’s plans by sabotaging their submarine, causing it to sink. He found out it was some sort of Imperial Intelligence operation and that they planned to travel to a private island in the middle of the Sea of Cantonica that’s owned by a Mustafarian named Pholstago.

Hanger 23

  • Ghost investigates Lando’s shuttle and finds a hidden message from Lando to the squad. He tells them not to worry, he planned on getting captured by Pholstago so he could find out where Pholstago was storing this experimental shield generator that was stolen from the Empire. He now needs them to rescue him so you can steal it.

Rewards and Experience

  • 5XP for investigating what happened to Lando and putting together a plan to work with Drumet.
  • 5XP for dealing with the Imperial Intelligence team.
  • Tobin gained 5 Conflict and rolled 10, his Morality went up to 50.
  • Zarcus gained 0 Conflict and rolled 4, his Morality was triggered today so he went up to 58.
  • Gand gained 10 Sabotage Duty from disrupting the Imperial Intelligence operation on the planet.

Note: So far approximately 35 hours have passed out of an approximate 120 hours until Predator Squadron need to return to Liberator Wing.

Endor Part 6 - Finale
The Birth of the New Republic

Mission Roster

  • On the surface of the planet Gand, Ghost, Ace and Oz were taking part in the unfolding ground battle.
  • Tobin and Jacen were aboard the Death Star, in the presence of the Emperor’s Hands and Tobin’s father. They staged an escape attempt.

Rewards and Experience

  • Over the course of the Battle of Endor, Predator Squadron gained a total of 60 Duty.
  • Tobin resolved his ‘Discovery’ Obligation.
  • Oz’s ’Mistaken Identity Obligation increased by 5.
  • 10 XP for preventing the TIE Bombers wipe out the Rebel ground forces.
  • 10 XP for the Jacen and Tobin escaping the Emperor’s Hands and disabling one of the tributary beams of the Death Star superlaser.
  • General Rieekan arranged for the group to each be paid 5000 credits as a bonus for their services on Endor.


  • Oz’s ‘brother’ escaped custody, killed R3 and disabled the Intruder before stealing a Rebel shuttle and left.
  • Oz got a call from the Dag-O-Bar where they informed him that some rowdy Trandoshan pirates had come through. There had been some minor damage, but strangely they decided to go when they decided to flip his HWK-290 180 degrees upside down. This transmission was jammed when the Dag-O-Bar crew informed Oz of the sudden approach of Imperial forces – Oz told them to play it cool with the Empire.
Endor Part 5
The Battle of Endor Begins

Mission Roster

  • Jacen and Tobin are brought aboard the Death Star where they face challenges and temptations from the Emperor’s Hands.
  • The ground team decide not to strike at the starfighter base for now and decided to meet up with General Solo’s strike team. There they met Sergeant Kes Dameron, a member of the commando team.
  • Whilst waiting overnight to meet with General Solo, Galish decided to go on her own to sneak aboard a shuttle and possibly attempt to rescue Tobin and Jacen. Unfortunately she was spotted and ended up being captured.
  • The rest of the ground team met up with General Solo at the back door, they set up mines as Solo’s strike team was captured. They launched a counter-attack against the Imperial forces, being joined by the Ewok natives (led by their droid god). This counter-attack turned the tide of the battle in the Rebel’s favour, taking the Empire by surprise.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP this session.
  • Ghost gained 6 conflict, rolling 6 = +0 Morality.
  • Jacen gained 1 conflict, rolling 5 = +4 Morality.
  • Tobin’s Morality was triggered this session, he gained 4 conflict, rolling 1 = -6 Morality.
  • Duty for the battle will be awarded once the overall story-arc has concluded.
Outriders of Endor Part Four
Predator Squadron vs Vader's Fist

Mission Roster

Jacen began slicing into the base’s systems from the ISB field office. The rest of Predator Squadron began setting up defences against the incoming waves of Stormtroopers that were descending on their position. Ghost and Oz collapsed the ceiling in their respective corridors to buy them some breathing room. Jacen attempted unsuccessfully to shut down the security droids.

Tobin broke into the command centre, attacking the Wookiee Diranor, blinding him.

Downstairs Jacen continued to be frustrated by the security in place around the facility’s systems, and the others began healing their injuries in preparation for the next wave. The wall behind them began to smoulder and glow as the Empire started melting the stone to get through.

  • Jacen eventually hacked into the shield systems, disabled the safeties and set the facility to overload.
  • They were attacked by Tempest Stormtroopers for the first time since the destruction of the Kamino facility, that is disconcerting.
  • Gand and Galish were knocked unconscious and Oz had to carry them both out.
  • Tobin dueled Sirak Gith, and may have sown the seeds of doubt in the Inquisitor, calling him a failed Jedi.
  • Jacen was captured when Darth Vader took to the field and began pursuing the group through the facility. Oz and Ghost barely escaped on speeders with the unconscious Galish and Gand.
  • Ace escaped the Death Star with the aid of the ISB agent who is identical to Oz. He eventually met back up with the ground team and Oz disabled the agent with a restraining bolt. Ace is held under suspicion by the group.

Rewards and Experience.

  • 10XP this session.
  • Ghost gained 2 conflict, rolling 3.
  • Jacen’s Morality was triggered this session. He gained 1 conflict, rolling 7 = +12.
  • Tobin gained 8 conflict, rolling 2 = -6.
Outriders of Endor Part Three

Mission Roster

Gand and Oz attempted to sabotage the secondary shield generator using the mag lev train. This didn’t go well, sabotaging the mine instead. They escaped, Gand badly injured.

Ghost, Galish, Tobin and Jacen picked them up and they proceeded to the Secondary Shield Generator. They advanced under the cover of darkness and sneaked into the facility. Tobin got separated and headed to the command centre, where he got rumbled by an ISB agent and his Tempest Stormtrooper accompaniment. Meanwhile Jacen hacked into the ISB agent’s systems, uncovering a video about Project Shatterpoint. Then he tripped an alarm whilst attempting to access the shield’s systems.

Ace on the Death Star…

Rewards and Experience

10 XP this session.

Outriders of Endor Part Two

Mission Roster

  • Ghost and Galish at the castle.
  • Gand, Oz and Ace try to board the train. Ace gets separated and captured.
  • Tobin and Jacen travel to the castle. They meet up with Ghost and Galish before returning north.
  • Ace wakes up face to face with Moff Ravik. Ravik brings in the Mandalorian in charge of the fighters here, said Mando happens to have a beef with Ace. Ace duels the Mandalorian and gets knocked out, as Ace falls unconscious the Mandalorian says “My only regret is that I cannot kill you myself, they want to talk to you upstairs”.

Predator Squadron earned 10 XP for this session.


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