Suljo Warde

A human Jedi Knight who served during the Clone Wars.


Suljo Warde was a human Jedi Knight who served during the Clone Wars. Warde left behind a holocron containing the secrets of a unique Force power he had developed.

Predator Squadron have learnt of Warde through talking to the Gatekeeper of his holocron. According to the Gatekeeper, Warde completed the holocron on the planet Arbooine.

The former Republic Commando, Blisk, apparently knew Warde. Blisk mentioned that Warde had six apprentices, a highly unusual arrangement.

Warde’s Foresight

Warde’s Foresight differs from many other prophetic abilities in that it focuses very narrowly on a specific person. At the most basic level, it observes not the future of the cosmos, but the fate of a particular individual.

Predator Squadron have been able to learn the basic use of Warde’s Foresight through accessing the holocron. In order to learn more they will need to track down and locate the kyber crystals that contain this data.

Suljo Warde

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