Sirak Gith


Over various missions and several encounters Predator Squadron have pieced together the history of this mysterious Zabrak Inquisitor. Former apprentice of Suljo Warde and Jedi of the Republic, Sirak Gith is now a member of the Cabal.

Predator Squadron first encountered Sirak on Nar Shaddar, where he duelled Elaiza and stole the Jewel of Yavin. Tobin Stryder pursued Sirak to a landing pad, managing to shoot him in the back before he escaped in a waiting speeder.

They next encountered Sirak when rescuing Tobin from the clutches of the Cabal. As the group escaped the Yavin 4 detention facility he engaged Elaiza in a duel again. During this duel she cut a leather pouch from Sirak’s belt and flung it to Travis Shrike. Inside Shrike found the Holocron of Suljo Warde. Unfortunately in the frantic escape attempt Elaiza fell behind.

Predator Squadron next encountered Sirak during their attempt at procuring a computer core from Virgillia. Sirak arrived with Imperial reinforcements. When Predator Squadron took the bold move of boarding the Imperial Interdictor in a surgical strike to disable it, Sirak assaulted the squad, furiously demanding they return his holocron. After disabling the Interdictor the squad fled and escaped into hyperspace.

Their next direct confrontation with Sirak came on Devaron. The squad were investigating a Force nexus and split up, when Sirak accosted them. Travok was watching the ship with Galish – it was he who first engaged Sirak in conversation. Upon determining that Travok had no knowledge as to the location of the holocron, Sirak said “Then you will die”.

The two engaged in a brief duel, Travok retreating to the entry of the Dusk Mynock. Sirak followed, dealing a punishing blow to the Trandoshan and stealing his riot shield. Galish ran for the cockpit and took off, tipping the ship on it’s side in order to throw the Zabrak out. When this failed to work, Travok let go and slammed the Inquisitor out of the ship.

Sirak was able to leverage the shield into a makeshift board and arrest his fall, landing on the hidden pressure pad that opened the entry to the nexus. He went inside and encountered Ghost, Gand and Torani. He engaged them in combat, with his loyal wolf-like creatures known as “Vornskrs” (which had previously troubled Predator Squadron on Ossus and troubling Sandy on Arbooine). This seemed to be a tough fight for Predator Squadron, who chose to escape when Travok and Galish reversed the Dusk Mynock into the cave to provide an escape route.


Sirak Gith

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