The red protocol droid introduced as squadron quartermaster, whilst they served aboard the Mon Remonda. He was in charge of scraping together equipment for the unit. This mainly consisted of begging and borrowing from other units, not often he was inclined to straight up steal from other units (reasoning that it was fine so long as they did not notice).

He often said that his humour setting was jammed at a minimum of 90% (whether this is true or not is another question as he tended to fluctuate between morose and humour within seconds). On the other hand, this is the droid that suggested Lunatic Squadron, Dinner Squadron and Nerf Steak Squadron as possible names in an attempt to acquire a bottle of Corellian brandy to trade for parts.

Although Rusty was useful, he remained aboard the Mon Remonda when Predator Squadron was transferred to Arda I.


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