RC-1701 A.K.A. Blisk

Blisk was a Republic Commando frozen in carbonite during the Clone Wars. He now fights for the future denied to his brothers.


Blisk was a Republic Commando during the Clone Wars. During the Battle of Rethi Prime he was frozen in carbonite.

Over the course of two decades his carbonite bust eventually ended up in the hands of Kaltho the Hutt. This bust was stolen by Tobin Stryder and eventually defrosted by the Rebel Alliance.

Since reawakening in the modern galaxy, Blisk has spent the majority of his time recovering in the medical centre of Echo Base. Sandy retreated to the med centre with his squad during the battle where he found Blisk in a bacta tank. Sandy broke him out and Blisk fought alongside his ‘General’ to hold off the Empire until reinforcements in the shape of Predator Squadron arrived.

Blisk has developed the informal nickname The Carbonite Man..

Known Clone Wars History

Predator Squadron know that Blisk served during the Clone Wars from the Battle of Geonosis to the Battle of Rethi Rime. A little over a year into the war his entire squad ended up being killed.

Blisk revealed that he knew Jedi Master Suljo Warde. He clearly holds a great deal of respect for the Jedi, describing him as a great man. He revealed that Warde saved his life and ended up getting captured in the process. Blisk fought alongside Warde’s apprentices to rescue the Jedi General from the clutches of General Greivous. It was a few weeks after these events that Blisk ended up frozen in carbonite.

RC-1701 A.K.A. Blisk

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