Prince Molec

His Royal Majesty, Prince Sono Molec: Champion of Listehol, Conqueror of the Slavers' Chain, Uniter of the Guilds, and the one true heir to the glorious Zygerrian Empire.


Sono Molec inherited control of Kowak from his father, King Atai Molec. The Prince oversees slaving operations in the southern Slice, supplying the bulk of Twi’lek, Rodian, Theelin and Togruta slaves to the Hutts in the region and to the larger auction house on Zygerria. Sono also runs a poaching operation, supplying Kowakian monkey-lizards to buyers all over the galaxy. Since assuming control of Kowak, Prince Molec has divided the save supply worlds in the Trailing Sectors with both Thalassian Slavers Guild and the Karazak Slavers’ Cooperative.

Prince Molec maintains a sabacc face as unreadable as ferrocrete, making him hard to read during negotiations. He leads a decadent lifestyle both personally and professionally. However, beneath his egotistical facade the prince is paranoid. Sono is convinced there are plots against him, both from within his court, and from without.

Molec encountered Gand and Tobin Stryder during Friends Like These. They negotiated the use of a 400 strong slave army from him to defend the Foundry Four facility. They later vowed to one day return to Kowak and free The Prince’s Sword (a Mandalorian slave fighter), and overthrow his regime.

Prince Molec

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