Moff Ravik


Moff Ravik is an Imperial Moff with influence on the Outer-Rim. Predator Squadron have encountered a few of his areas of influence:

  • The occupation of Skye and the Imperial hunt for the Onderon Crest.
  • Predator Squadron kidnapped Imperial Dignitary Chaast – a representative of Moff Ravik to King Atai Molec of Zygerria – during To Kill A King.
    • She seemed to be brokering some kind of deal to sell Gand slaves to the Zygerians, possibly off the books.
  • Predator Squadron later intercepted and destroyed the Fury, an Imperial Nebulon-B Frigate that was transporting what appeared to be spice to Ryloth on behalf of the Moff. During this event they recaptured Dignitary Chaast.
  • The Gand Findsman, Solio Forrel said he believed the Imperial occupation of Gand was orchestrated by Ravik also.

From interrogating an Imperial Dignitary who worked for Moff Ravik, Predator Squadron found out the following:

  • Moff Ravik is from Jabiim. He served during the Clone Wars, fighting with the Resistance against the initial Separatist take-over. He fought in the trenches and they lost. When the Republic offered to take a few refugees from the planet when they pulled out, Ravik was among them. But he did not flee, he volunteered to join the Republic Navy – he trained, and became a junior officer aboard the Resurgence, under the command of then-Captain Tarkin.
  • Ravik served under Tarkin for a number of years, including during the Separatist Hold-Out Sieges that ended in the Battle of Ogoth Tiir. He retired at the rank of Senior Commander, eventually becoming a Moff.

Predator Squadron finally encountered Ravik directly during their infiltration of Endor. Gand, Oz and Ace attempted to board a mag-lev train, and Ace was captured by Ravik and his Deathtrooper bodyguards. Ravik interrogated Ace briefly at the starfighter base on Endor, before passing him over to the Mandalorian pilot Catra Kemir, and eventually transferring Ace to holding aboard the second Death Star.

Moff Ravik

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