Mike Sykes


Mike Sykes was a former mercenary who fell in with the group on ORD Mantell. After escaping Imperial custody in the aftermath of the Governor’s Ball Heist, it was Mike Sykes old friend, Dillon, who provided them with aid.

Sykes was a loyal comrade and soldier and departed Predator Squadron shortly before the Battle of New Alderaan in an attempt to keep them safe from interference from Inquisitors. After being missing for some time, he reappeared to aid the squad on Nar Shaddar when they found themselves in a trap constructed by Admiral Rathbone. He later confronted Predator Squadron when they stormed Rathbone’s flagship, the Reichenbach, apparently the subject of some sort of Imperial brainwashing.

Although Predator Squadron removed him from the battle without significantly harming him, the drop-ship in which they evacuated him was found to be missing in the aftermath of the battle.

Mike Sykes

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