Mara Jade

It's always nice to meet new people and make new enemies.


A red haired human female who has exhibited great skill at stealth and subterfuge. Predator Squadron first caught sight of her on Yavin 4 when they rescued Tobin Stryder from the Cabal (although Tobin himself had seen her some time earlier when he lost his arm).

She reappeared at the Project Raptor facility in the Horus System and pursued Galish and Sandy down a turbolift shaft, cutting their cart to pieces.

She ambushed Tobin on Corellia where she let slip that the Empire was sending a force to Hoth. She also mentioned that Tobin was not as hard to find as he thought.

She then showed up at Bespin, where she liberated Jacen from Wing Guard imprisonment before an Imperial specialist could take custody of him. She told him that Tobin was a flawed teacher for him and that she planned to steal the Staff of Ossus from Darth Vader in order to destroy it. She told him that he could call her “Jade”.

Together they carried out this mission by raiding the Executor and Darth Vader’s vault. This raid pushed Jacen to the limits of his abilities as a slicer and with the Force. At the end of this raid she said that Jacen had proven himself worthy to be her student.

Mara Jade

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