Lieutenant Masi Quai

Bothan SpyNet Agent, Possible Traitor


Masi is a young Bothan with beige fur covering her 1.6 meter-tall body. She usually dresses in her lieutenant’s outfit and can be found barking out orders to newer members of the intelligence cell.

Masi raised suspicion in Predator Squadron’s investigation due to reports of her wandering the base. Tobin followed her into the command centre and overheard her discussing plans to disable a guarded power generator with “extreme measures if necessary”.

This conversation was raised with Setenna Hase, who dismissed the notion that she was a spy. The mission discussed was a planned infiltration of an Imperial construction facility on Topwara (it had gone silent shortly before the completion of the first Death Star, and recent reports suggested that it had reopened).

Upon confronting Quai with this, she confirmed that she was preparing for a secret mission for Commander Qurno, and gave a little more detail. After this conversation, Predator Squadron did not dismiss Quai from their investigation, and stealthily searched the space underneath her prefabricated shelter. There they found a 10cm square data recorder, DNA evidence from which pointed their investigation towards Var Narek.

She is now MIA along with Var Narek and Setenna Hase.

Lieutenant Masi Quai

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