Lieutenant San Klevic

Friend, supplier of whiskey and traitor who used you for his own ends. I think it's fair to say he's off your Life Day card list.


A human male in his mid-30’s, he was a rising star in the Rebellion. As a part of Starfighter Command, he was seen as a reformer – someone who wanted to improve the Rebellion’s use of starfighters. Unbeknownst to all, he was an Imperial spy.

He lobbied hard to put together a specialised joint-starfighter-commando unit – specialised soldiers who could take on the enemy in the skies and in the mud. Furthermore, these soldiers had to be comfortable thinking outside the box.

The way Klevic sold it, tactical diversity was the Rebellion’s biggest asset. They had to keep pushing new tactics, things the Empire would not expect, and what better way to do that than with a group of scoundrels that the Alliance hasn’t invested any credits in yet? If they failed, the Rebellion would mitigate its losses, but if they succeeded they could potentially get the job done where no other unit could.

As things turned out, Klevic was right – Predator Squadron were good, damn good. Good enough to capture General Kevlan. And this was where things changed. As their supervising officer, Klevic manipulated Predator Squadron, attempting to turn them against Commander Salm. Although that did not fully work, he got them to insert a modified data breaker into the Mon Remonda’s computer network. This device set about downloading valuable intelligence whilst Klevic used droids that he had reprogrammed as a distraction. He broke out General Kevlan and made his escape using the auxiliary hanger bay. Although Predator Squadron attempted to stop him, his ship-threatening distractions kept them busy long enough that he was able to escape by the skin of his teeth.

Predator Squadron next encountered Klevic when they ran afoul of the Imperial interdictor the Eternal Wrath. Because of their outdated transit codes, the Eternal Wrath insisted upon providing them an escort to ORD Radama. Predator Squadron immediately recognised the voice on the other end of the comm as the man who betrayed them, Lieutenant Klevic. Klevic’s flight group (designated Blackheart Flight) escorted them to Livien Magnus spaceport, before flying off to the north.

Dex ran into Klevic on ORD Radama at Borrigan’s upscale restaurant. He was in the private officer’s lounge, and Dex had infiltrated it attempting to ply his way to some information using a bottle of Alderaanian wine. Unfortunately Klevic recognised Dex instantly and insisted he be escorted to the local Imperial Palace (although Dex did use this opportunity to surreptitiously plant a tracer on their nemesis’s uniform). This prompted Predator Squadron to launch into action, taking out Dex’s escorts outside the restaurant, although they pursued Klevic into the club, they found that he had entered a hidden turbolift and was headed for the roof. Predator Squadron decided to leave before the local police force, or more Imperials could arrive.

Quite what Klevic is doing on ORD Radama is, for the moment, anyone’s guess.

The Battle of Hoth and Beyond

Klevic reappeared commanding a Tempest Stormtrooper force. He led the assault on the command centre of Echo Base, and it was he who orchestrated the capture of Galish during that same battle.

A few weeks later he led an army of Tempest Stormtroopers during the Battle of Jabiim. During their infiltration of the Jabiim Skyhook, Jacen Briggs and Oz witnessed his arrival on the Abyss. Later they witnessed him loading a force onto the mag-lev train that connected Jabiim’s mining installations. They were able to overhear the following exchange between himself and a member of the Cabal:

Klevic: Inquisitor.
Inquisitor: Predator Squadron are near. I have foreseen it.
Klevic: I am not concerned with your hunt for Predator Squadron. You have yielded no results so far. Besides, I have Imperial Navy business to attend to.
Inquisitor: I would have thought that for you it would be personal.
Klevic: Not at all. They were merely an assignment, although I’m sure that they would take it personally.
Inquisitor: If I have need of your assistance, I will call.
Klevic: And you will receive every ounce of support you are entitled to, but nothing more. The Grand Moff will not tolerate ongoing military operations being compromised to deal with your little Jedi hunt.
(The Inquisitor bows)
Inquisitor: Very well.

Klevic was next heard from leading that army into the Battle of Haydon Valley. Here he demanded the surrender of Resistance forces and revealed to Cassie and Oz that Klevic was not his real name – why would one infiltrate a band of traitors under their real identity?

Through Cassie’s leadership and tactics, the Resistance were able to hold off the Empire’s advance into the valley long enough to escape. Klevic’s forces pursued them into the mountains, but Oz provided a hidden escape route from his mysterious past.

Aftermath of the Grand Moff’s Death

In the aftermath of Grand Moff Kevlan’s presumed death on Kamino, it is presumed that Klevic took over Kevlan’s projects.

It seems that Klevic is in league with Gand’s brother, Jerome, and overseeing the occupation of Gand. Although Predator Squadron have also found evidence that Moff Ravik is in charge there.

When Predator Squadron sneaked into the occupied Gand system, they met with Jerome, but he set them up. They escaped capture and broke into Jerome’s offices, but it seems as though Klevic anticipated this – he appeared via hologram to them, taunting them. He then presented them with Solio Forrel, Gand Findsman and mentor to Gand. Klevic executed Forrel before their eyes.

Lieutenant San Klevic

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