Lando Calrissian

Smooth talker, gambler and all around scoundrel. When he shows up, the Preds know their life is about to get crazy(er).


Lando Calrissian has been a smuggler, gambler, soldier of fortune and scoundrel in his time. To the Preds he is a source of work outside of the Alliance. When Lando calls them for a favour their life is guaranteed not to be dull.

They first met Lando during the governor’s ball on ORD Mantell. After clearing out Dex at Sabaac, Lando sized them up and brought them into his confidence. He was planning a heist to raid the governor’s vault, they’d get paid decent money and if things went right they’d have nothing to worry about.

The Preds were stationed as lookouts and distractions during the final day of the ball. Things went wrong and they got dragged fully into the heist. Escaping with the loot (a very secure lockbox), the Preds returned to their base of operations, The Good Companions.

Lando swiftly showed up and admitted that there wasn’t actually much of value (to them) in the box, paid them and left. Within minutes their bar was swarming with local security forces, Lando had conveniently ‘forgot’ the tracking device attached to the lock box.

The Preds were to be shipped to the spice mines of Kessel, but Lando intercepted their prison transport en route, disabling it enough to give the Preds a fighting chance. Staging a hostile takeover of the Imperial vessel, the Preds made their escape.

The Pred’s next met Lando on Sulluust, where they had gotten themselves into deep water with the wrong type of crowd. Their ship had been destroyed, and Lando was able to ferry them away. In return for the occasional favour, Lando loaned them a ship to get them back on their feet.

The Preds eventually joined the Rebel Alliance, Lando moved on to more respectable business. He became the latest Baron Administrator of Cloud City on Bespin. The Preds would eventually run into him there whilst undercover for the Alliance and attempting to steal the legendary Jewel of Yavin.

After reconnecting with Predator Squadron Lando eventually called on them to help him win a major contract from the mining guild by performing the favourite opera of the chairperson, The Rise of Palpatine – the story of how a senator from an overlooked backwater planet had the vision to reforge the decadent Republic into the incorruptible Galactic Empire.

Unfortunately the official escort for the chairperson was Admiral Rathbone and his wife, Irene, which caused many complications for Dex. During this time the Preds learned that Lando had engaged in a somewhat serious relationship with Ilsa.

Lando would later on become engaged with Ilsa. His wedding day is recounted in Blaster-Point Wedding.

Lando Calrissian

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