Jibril Sayra

Charming, bubbly, dangerous


Career: Colonist
Specialisations: Politico (EotE Core p66), Entrepreneur (EotE Far Horizons, p27), Recruit (AoR Core p101), Smuggler/Charmer (EotE Fly Casual p27)
Species: Human(ish)

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 2 3 3 3 3
Soak Value Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Defence Ranged Defence Melee
3 0/16 0/15 1 1 (+1)
Combat Skills Career skill? Ranks Dice Pool
Brawl (Br) 0 GG
Gunnery (Ag) 0 GG
Lightsaber (Br) 0 GG
Melee (Br) Y – Recruit 2 YY
Ranged – Light (Ag) 0 GG
Ranged – Heavy (Ag) Y – Recruit 2 YY
General Skills Career skill? Ranks Dice Pool
Astrogation (Int) 0 GGG
Athletics (Br) Y – Recruit 1 YG
Charm (Pr) Y – Politico 3 YYY
Coercion (Will) Y – Politico 4 YYYG
Computers (Int) 0 GGG
Cool (Pr) Y – Well Rounded 3 YYY
Coordination (Ag) 2 YY
Deception (Cun) Y – Politico 3 YYY
Discipline (Will) Y – Entrepreneur 3 YYY
Leadership (Pr) Y – Politico 1 YGG
Mechanics (Int) 0 GGG
Medicine (Int) 2 YYG
Negotiation (Pr) Y – Politico 3 YYY
Perception (Cun) 0 GGG
Piloting – Planetary (Ag) 0 GG
Piloting – Space (Ag) 0 GG
Resilience (Br) 0 GG
Skulduggery (Cun) 0 GGG
Stealth (Ag) 0 GG
Streetwise (Cun) Y – Politico 1 YGG
Survival (Cun) Y – Recruit 0 GGG
Vigilance (Will) Y – Well Rounded 1 YGG
Knowledge Skills Career skill? Ranks Dice Pool
Core Worlds (Int) Y – Politico 0 GGG
Education (Int) Y – Politico 1 YGG
Lore (Int) Y – Politico 0 GGG
Outer Rim (Int) 0 GGG
Underworld (Int) Y – Entrepreneur 1 YGG
Warfare (Int) 0 GGG
Xenology (Int) 0 GGG
Talent Name Page No. Description
Congenital 2 EotE Fly Casual p32 Jibril can suffer strain upto her ranks in Congenital to downgrade the difficulty of Charm or Negotation checks by an equal number.
Dedication EotE Core p134 Increase a chosen characteristic of Jibril by 1 to a limit of 6.
Disarming Smile EotE Fly Casual p32 Jibril can take an action to make an opposed Charm check to lower a target’s defence rating by Jibril’s ranks in Disarming Smile until the end of the encounter.
Don’t Shoot! EotE Fly Casual p32 Once per session, as an action, Jibril can attempt a 3 purple Charm check. If she is successful, until the end of the encounter or until she makes a combat check, Jibril cannot be made a target of a combat check. Jibril must explain how she disassociates herself from the party combatants and the GM has the final say on wherever this persusation is successful.
Grit 3 EotE Core p136 Gain +1 strain threshold per Grit.
Improved Scathing Tirade EotE Core p142 Each enemy affected by the Scathing Tirade action suffers 1 setback dice on all skill checks for a number of rounds equal to Jibril’s ranks in Coercion.
Just Kidding! EotE Fly Casual p33 Once per round as an incidental, Jibril can spend 1 destiny point to change a Despair outcome rolled by herself or any ally in short range of her to a Failure outcome for any social check. Jibril must explain what she does to smooth things over.
Kill with Kindness 3 EotE Core p138 Remove setback dice equal to Jibril’s ranks in Kill with Kindness for all Charm and Leadership checks she attempts.
Know Somebody EotE Core p138 Once per session, when Jibril is attempting to buy a legally available item, she may reduce the rarity value by 1 for each rank in Know Somebody.
Master Merchant EotE Core p138 Before making a check to buy/sell any items or taking on/paying off any Obligation, Jibril can opt to spend 2 strain. If the check is successful, she can earn 25% extra credits on all items sold, reduce the cost of any items being bought by 25%, pay off an additional Obligation point or take on one less Obligation point.
Outdoorsman AoR Core p154 Remove setback dice equal to the number of ranks of Outdoorsman that Jibril has to move through terrain or manage environmental circumstances. Decreases overland travel time in half.
Plausible Denability 3 EotE Core p141 Remove 1 setback dice per rank for all Coercion and Deception checks Jibril makes.
Rapid Recovery 2 EotE Core p141 When Jibril heals strain after an encounter, she gains an additional +1 strain for each rank in Rapid Recovery.
Scathing Tirade EotE Core p142 Make a 2 purple check Coercion check as an Action. For each success, one enemy in short range suffers one strain. May spend advantages to inflict +1 strain on the same target.
Second Wind EotE Core p142 Once per encounter, Jibril can recover strain equal to the ranks in Second Wind as an incidental.
Sound Investments 3 EotE Far Horizons p33 At the start of every session, Jibril gains 100 x the ranks in Sound Investments.
Tactical Combat Training AoR Core p158 Melee and Ranged (Heavy) are now career skills for Jibril.
Toughened 2 EotE Core p145 Gain +2 wound threshold per Toughened.
Well Rounded EotE Core p145 Jibril can choose two skills to become permanent career skills.
Wheel and Deal 2 EotE Core p145 When Jibril sells legal goods to a reputable merchant or business, she gains 10% credits for each rank in Wheel and Deal.
Ability Page No. Description
Human EotE p49 May start with 1 rank in two non-career skills.
Obligation Magnitude Complications
Appearance 5 If Jibril is unable to change her appearance, this has a psychological effect on her.
Bounty 5 The Black Sun organisation believe Jibril stole 100 doses of Avabush Spice.
Blackmail 5 Jibril is being blackmailed by someone.
Criminal 5 Jibril owes the Hutt Empire a favour after unsuccessfully attempting to assassinate Dei the Hutt.
Duty Value Description
Counter Intelligence 0 Jibril understands that the survival of the Alliance depends upon its ability to hide from the Empire and avoid complete destruction at the hands of its overwhelming military superiority. To this end, Jibril wants to hunt down and eliminate enemy agents and threats, feed false information to Imperial intelligence networks, and cover the movements of all Alliance assets from observation and reporting.
Name Hard Points Encumbrance Effect Location Page Number
Armoured Clothing 1/1 3 (-3 as worn) +1 soak, +1 defence (Ranged & Melee) On Person EotE p169
Holographic Costume 0/0 2 +1 soak, +1 defence (Ranged & Melee) – Maximum 10 outfits can be stored (3 stored at present – see Biography), 1 purple Computers check if original garment in hand, 4 purple check if not. Cargo Hold 4 AoR Desperate Allies p48
Kamperdine Custom Tailored Armoured Jacket 0/0 1 +2 soak, When worn, adds an advantage to all successful Charm, Deception or Negotiation checks Cargo Hold 4 EotE Far Horizons p44
Weapon Skill Encumbrance Location Damage Crit Range Special Hard Points Page Number
Fear Stick Melee 1 Cargo Hold 4 5 Engaged Limited Ammo 3, Pierce 1, Stun Damage 0/0 FaD Disciples of Harmony p44
“Lasso of Truth” Melee 2 Cargo Hold 4 +2 3 (-1) Short Ensnare 1, Stun 4, Accurate 1, Pierce 2 2/5 Custom
Longeing Whip Melee 3 On person +1 5 Short Ensnare 2, Stun Damage 0/1 AoR Stay on Target p41
Model 77 Ranged (Heavy) 3 On person 6 Long Pierce 4, Stun Damage (Has SmartTranq tranquillisers) 3/3 EotE Enter the Unknown p39-40
Shield Gauntlets Brawl 1 Cargo Hold 4 +1 5 Engaged Deflection 2, Stun Damage 0/0 FaD Keeping the Peace p44
Stealth Vibroknife Melee 1 On person +1 2 Engaged Pierce 1, Vicious 1 0/1 AoR Desperate Allies p46
VibroRapier Melee 2 On person +2 2 (-1) Engaged Pierce 5 (+2), Defensive 1 0/2 EotE Fly Casual p46
Name Hard Points Encumbrance Applies to Description Mods applied Page Number
Balanced Hilt 2 “Lasso of Truth” Grants +1 Accurate Quality 1/2 – Decrease the encumbrance of the “Lasso of Truth” by 1 EotE Core p188
Mono-Molecular Edge 1 “Lasso of Truth” Decreases the weapons crit rating by 1 to a minimum of 1. 2/2 – Adds +2 Pierce to the “Lasso of Truth” EotE Core p190-191
Mono-Molecular Edge 1 VibroRapier Decreases the weapons crit rating by 1 to a minimum of 1. 2/2 – Adds +2 Pierce to the VibroRapier EotE Core p190-191
Paired Weapons 1 + 1 / VibroRapier and Longeing Whip Reduce the advantage required to hit with the secondary weapon when two-weapon fighting with this pair by 1. N/A EotE Fly Causal p51
Poison Reservoir 1 Stealth Vibroknife One dose of a neurotoxin/anaesthetic or neuroparalytic can be stored in the weapon. As a manoeuvre, Jibril can douse the blade with the stored poison. Until the end of her next turn, whenever Jibril succeeds with an attack check (even if it does or doesn’t cause any damage), the target also suffers the effect of the poison. 2/4 – Knife can hold three does of poison EotE Lords of Nal Hutta p105
Name Description Page Number Is Installed?
Biofeedback Regulator A regulator system to prevent feedback from existing additions and allows for new additions. EotE Special Modifications p49 No
Cybernetic Wings A pair of wings made from lightened durasteel and repurposed repulsors. Custom Yes
Item Quantity Encumbrance Location Description Page Number
3-MAL Security Comlink 1 0 Worn Medium range (planetary scale), adds 1 setback when intercepted, can add 2 boost when monitoring clear channels. AoR Forged in Battle p52
Avabush Spice 4 0 Cargo Hold 4 Affected character can only upgrade their check once. If the affected character attempts to lie or conceal the truth, the GM turns one of the purple dice is turned into a red. EotE Core p183
Blood Scanner 1 1 Cargo Hold 4 As an action, Jibril can make a 1 purple Medicine check to identify foreign elements + poisons in a persons blood sample. If successful, add two advantage to the next Medicine check when healing that person. FaD Keeping the Peace p57
Concealed Recorder 1 0 On person 2 setback dice to find – records what happens AoR Desperate Allies p51
Datacard 3 0 Cargo Hold 4 3x datacards obtained from the Ryloth infiltration mission. One is data from Grand Moff Ravik, One was Gand’s found in the shuttle along with his findsmans tools and a third is a video recording of Jibril’s acts in the mission which includes the deaths of Ravik and Gand
Datapad (Incriminating Video) 1 1 On person Incriminating video of Gand and Kob running naked on the Dusk Mynock EotE Core p181
Disguise Kit 1 1 Cargo Hold 4 Disguise kit found on the Angel’s Tear EotE Core p178
Emergency Medpac 1 1 Cargo Hold 4 Allows Jibril to heal (as per p219) using Medicine checks without penalty EotE Core p176
Expensive Jewellery (Blue pendant necklace) 1 0 On person Brilliant blue sister necklace from Coruscant apparently from Jibril’s “mother”. When worn, Jibril gains 1 automatic advantage on all Charm and Deception checks but other characters gain a automatic boost dice when recalling Jibril. AoR Desperate Allies p51
Expensive Jewellery (Green pendant necklace) 1 0 On person Brilliant green sister necklace from Coruscant (with a few of Jibril’s hairs on the chain). When worn, Jibril gains 1 automatic advantage on all Charm and Deception checks but other characters gain a automatic boost dice when recalling Jibril. AoR Desperate Allies p51
Expensive Jewellery (Green/Pink bracelet) 1 0 On person A silver bracelet bought by Jibril whilst on Chandrila. A second bracelet exists which is a mirror image (owner unknown). When worn, Jibril gains 1 automatic advantage on all Charm and Deception checks but other characters gain a automatic boost dice when recalling Jibril. AoR Desperate Allies p51
Fire Paste 1 0 On person Burns for an hour EotE Dangerous Covenants p59
Hand Scanner 1 0 On Person A catch all for a general purpose medical scanner. EotE Core p176
Hutt Gold 1 0 1x On Person A Huttese gold coin lifted from a vault during the Grand Granee Noopa (base value: 2000c each)
Loaded Chance Cubes 1 1 Cargo Hold 4 Jibril receives 2 boost dice to Deception checks when using these dice. A 5 purple Perception check (decreasing with each subsequent roll) is required to detect that the dice is weighted. EotE Lords of Nal Hutta p108
Load Bearing Gear 1 Worn +3 Encumbrance AoR Core p187
Marked Sabacc Deck 1 1 Cargo Hold 4 Jibril receives a boost dice to Deception checks when gambling with this deck. Requires a 3 purple Perception check to detect that the deck is marked. EotE Lords of Nal Hutta p108
Medpatch 5 1 Cargo Hold 4 Adds a automatic success + advanatage to any Medicine check Jibril makes (only one can be used per check) FaD Keeping the Peace p51
Military belt pouch 1 0 Worn Holds two encumbrance 0 items, can draw these as incidentals EotE Dangerous Covenants p59
Ribbon Rack 1 0 Cargo Hold 4 The ribbon rack that the Grand Moff Ravik used to wear. Taken from his body following his death on Ryloth. AoR Lead by Example p44
Sleeppack 3 0 3x Cargo Hold 4 Make a Melee combat check or a 3 purple Brawl check. If succeeds, target must resist with a 3 purple Resistance check. They fail, 10 strain to target. EotE No Disintegrations p53
Stimpack 18 0 2x On person, 16x Cargo Hold 4 Heals upto a maximum of 5 wounds (effects decreases -1 to 0 for every use on character per day) EotE Core p183
Synthetic Standard Strength Anaesthetic 5 0 Cargo Hold 4 If using one dose, make a 2 purple check, 2 or more is a 3 purple check (Resilience?). Can be deployed via injection, aerosol or food ingestion. If opposing character fails check, deal 5 strain. If one or two threats result, the character must give up their free manoeuvre during his next turn (though they can still take 2 manoeuvres). If 3 or more threats result, the opposing character is staggered. If a despair comes up, the character is still affected by the poison in the next round. EotE Core p172
Training Weights 1 3 Cargo Hold 4 Whilst being worn, Jibril takes a setback to all Brawn and Agility based checks. However, if worn throughout the entire session and at least one affected check is made, Jibril earns a extra EXP for wearing them. FaD Knights of Fate p50
Utility belt 1 Worn +1 encumbrance EotE Core p183
Verdicator 200 1 1 On person Adds 2 boost dice to detecting when a character is lying or omitting vital information. Also adds 2 boost dice to discerning another character’s mental state. Disgused as a bracelet. FaD Keeping the Peace p51
Name Value
Age 29 (?)
Available Experience 55
Build Sleight
Credits 36052
Cybernetics Cap (Brawn + Cybernetics modifiers) 2
Cybernetics Used 2
Eyes Green
Gender Female
Hair Long Pink
Height 5’ 7"
Residence on Angel’s Tear Cargo Hold 4 (Deck 3)
Used Encumbrance 9
Total Encumbrance (5 + Brawn + Equipment bonuses) 11
Total Experience 450

Growing up as a street urchin on the lower streets of Coruscant, Jibril knows practically nothing of her parents. Her birth place is unknown (though she believes it probably was Coruscant) and she believes herself to be around 28. From a young age, she quickly developed a reputation of forcefully fast talking her way through life, done with wit, charm and charisma, to get what she wanted.

The orphanages on the lower end of Coruscant quickly did not approve of her and was cast out of practically every one on Coruscant. Schooling also proved to be problematic with Jibril often finding ways of manipulating the class to do her work. Her previous “ventures” on Coruscant means that although she has no appreciable means of supporting herself, money just doesn’t seem to be a problem for her and, on the face of it, leads a almost hedonistic lifestyle by the comparative standards of where she came from. Quite what these ventures are is a mystery.

A list of the RPs Jibril has been involved in can be found here.

Holographic dress

This dress currently has 3 dresses stored in it out of a maximum 10. They are:

  1. A sparkly red dress
  2. Imperial (Lieutenant rank) uniform
  3. Imperial maintenance worker uniform

Project Fenris

Jibril was infected with the Project Fenris mutation following her defence of saving the orphans from Ogoth Tiir during The Nightmares of Ogoth Tiir Part 3 session and is the only known survivor of the mutation.

Jibril does have to take custom medication to inhibit the mutation asserting itself which the Alliance does have the research data of following Travok and Jibril’s return to Coruscant. This is a twice a day affair, one in the mid morning and one in the late evening. Not taking the medication at all or even partially can lead to debilitating headaches (Resilience 2 purple check initially) and worse if left untreated. Kaida Valentine is able to suppress these with a 4 purple Heal check.

With all the medical data obtained from Coruscant, a medical droid on the Angel’s Tear can make this with no check required. The bottle prescribed is yellow in colour with a black top and a 30 day supply is created each time.

As a result of the mutation, all Medicine checks preformed on Jibril are upgraded by 1. The mutation can be spread by bodily fluids, including saliva and blood. She therefore cannot share plates/cutlery with other members of the crew without decontamination first.

Jibril Sayra

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