Jacen Briggs

A 19 year old kid with force powers, what could possibly go wrong?


When only five years old, Jacen witnessed his parents gunned down by unknown assailants on Nar Shaddar. The last thing he could remember that day was being shot point blank in the head, then waking up discovering that the weapon was only set on stun.

Forced to adapt or die, Jacen made his living in various roles: during his youth he restored to petty theft, bartending (starting age 10) and siphoning credits from various accounts. He took residence in the refugee sector in harsh conditions, doing whatever he could to survive the next day.

When his powers were in the development phase, he caught the attention of Tobin Strider; who to this day remains his mentor.

Now caught in between the war between the Imperial’s and the Alliance, Jacen joins Predator Squadron as its Slicer specialist. Though his hunger for answers about his parents, might just be his undoing.

Jacen Briggs

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