Admiral Ackbar

The Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance Fleet


Ackbar is a veteran Mon Calamari soldier and revolutionary leader during the Clone Wars and the overall commander of the Rebel Alliance military forces. Ackbar is regarded as a brilliant tactician, adept at strategy on both a micro (single engagement) and macro (large scale galactic picture) level.

He emerged as a symbol of defiance against the Empire’s subjugation of non-humans. His presence in the upper echelons of the Alliance to Restore the Republic attracted Mon Calamari support for the Alliance, thus supplying the Mon Calamari star cruisers that made up a bulk of the Alliance Fleet.

From his command ship, Home One, Ackbar took command of the space engagement part of the Battle of Jabiim, having been requested by General Rieekan to aid with Predator Squadron’s liberation of the planet.

Admiral Ackbar

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