The towering Wookiee warrior of the Arda I base.


A towering Wookiee standing nearly 3 meters tall, Isshtharr has deep grey (almost black) fur and ornate hide armor made out of some former prey. His fur has numerous braids through it, and many ornamental trinkets dangle from those braids, representative of victorious battles and hunts.

Like many of his species, Isshtharr loves combat and has been known to express the opinion that violence solves many problems. The Wookiee is considered outgoing for his kind, he tries to strike up many conversations with Alliance personnel around the base, though most can’t understand him. He is inquisitive and often asks about how things work.

Tobin had a long conversation with Isshtharr over a game of Dejarrik. The Wookiee told him of how he met General Niall when the General liberated a labour camp in which he worked. He pledged a life debt to the General, and dedicated his life to the Alliance.

The other day Isshthar discovered a strange device while repairing a speeder out on the edge of the swamp. This device was a strange box shape. Isshthar took it to the main store and logged it in. By the time Predator Squadron investigated, the device had been removed and the log erased.


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