Grand Admiral Thrawn


Whispers in the Shadows

During Predator Squadron’s assault on Kamino Cassie Cygnet infiltrated Grand Moff Kevlan’s forces. She overheard the following exchange coming from Kevlan’s office:

A voice (not Kevlan’s) comes from the office, “The Emperor is a fool”.

“The Death Star project will backfire, as it did before. He is too blind to see it. Despite my repeated warnings, he underestimates the Rebels and thinks the natives too technologically primitive to be a threat. That will be his downfall, and it will happen soon. We must be ready. Are you back on schedule?”

“Yes, now that the insurrection has been dealt with and our back-up site is ready Koa Nai estimates that it won’t be long until we are ready,” Kevlan’s voice replies.

“This is sufficient. Chaos will rule in the aftermath and then we can restore order”.

Kevlan again, “The Rebels have gotten closer: they took out our facility at GX-04. Although the adjustments to our defences that you suggested have worked, they have traced us to Kamino”.

“That is immaterial. Send me your data on the battle, and I will re-evaluate your defences. You have done well, Kevlan”.

“Thank you, Grand Admiral Thrawn”.

Subsequent analysis of this conversation left Predator Squadron with several thoughts:

  • “Grand Admiral” was not a rank any of them were familiar with, suggesting that it was very high up the chain of command.
  • Predator Squadron had heard of Koa Nai before.

Actually, I think I’ll leave any other thoughts you have on this conversation for you guys to add. :)


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Grand Admiral Thrawn

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