Governor Ardus Kaine


The briefing for Operation Underworld described Governor Kaine thusly:

Since his [Grand Moff Tarkin’s] death at the Battle of Yavin, he has been succeeded by Governor Ardus Kaine – A man so unremarkable that it is incredibly remarkable that he was granted responsibility over both of Tarkin’s domains.

When interrogated by Predator Squadron, Colonel Vrezar strongly suggested that the real power in Oversector Outer is Kaine’s tactical advisor, ‘Sand Panther’. When ‘Sand Panther’ met with the PCs, this assessment was supported when Kaine seemed to defer to General Kevlan throughout the conversation.

Physically he is a man of average height with mid-length brown hair, approaching 40 and typically sporting a grey-blue Imperial uniform.

When he met with Predator Squadron for dinner, he sported quite the collection of art and antiques, the prize of which was the mythic Killik Twilight.


During the initial meeting with Governor Kaine, the following piece of music was playing:

Reach Exceeding Grasp

General Kevlan used the Imperial defeat at Nar Shaddaa to his advantage and usurped Kaine’s position, attaining a promotion to Grand Moff. As a result of this Kaine spent 10 months imprisoned, until Predator Squadron stumbled across him during an assault on the prison camp. They offered to help him if he joined the Alliance. Kaine responded that he loved the Empire, and he would not sacrifice the galaxy to the Rebellion for them, but he would give them information to get to General Kevlan so he could get his revenge.

Governor Ardus Kaine

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