Kaida Valentine "Ghost"

The Vanishing Trooper


“Who’s more foolish, the Stormtrooper on their own in the middle of a Rebel base, or the Rebels who let them in?”

“You thought your life was bad? Try being hunted by an Admiral, a General, and the ISB. It sucks to be Dex.”


An orphan from the troubled planet Ogoth Tiir. Joining the Imperial academy at a young age, Kaida distinguished herself as an elite cadet, catching the attention of the Inquisitors.

Selected for specialist training, Kaida was put through a strict and extensive training regime to draw out any potential force ability. After months of training (and equal amounts of torture), she was deemed to be a failure, incapable of focusing her latent abilities, and returned to the academy to finish her trooper training.

Unable to tap into her potential, Kaida instead refocused herself on bettering her non-force abilities, becoming a phantom that can strike from the shadows and vanish into thin air, earning the call sign “Ghost”.

Funneling key data to the Rebellion, Kaida worked as a double agent until the request of Mike Sykes to join the Rebellion to watch over Predator squadron in his absence.

Kaida’s character sheet is located here.

Kaida Valentine "Ghost"

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