Grand Moff Kevlan

Imperial Grand Moff, key antagonist.


A bothersome Imperial general that the Preds have crossed paths with regularly since joining the Rebellion. Seems to have multiple projects of interest at work at once. A true believer in the Imperial promise of order and security. Has a penchant for blue milk.

Tall, well built and if looks could kill, his sneer would spear you. Officer’s uniform as immaculate as ever, his lined face burned into your minds from so many briefings. He sits in the interrorgation room as if it is the command chair of a Star Destroyer, his piercing brown eyes gazing at the window.


A general in the Imperial military. 50 years old, he joined the navy during the Clone Wars as a starfighter pilot. Over the course of the war, he quickly rose through the ranks showcasing a keen tactical mind and a long-term view of the situation.

As the Republic transitioned into the Empire, he remained a part of the naval establishment, moving from command to command.

Although aware of him for some time, he really came onto the Alliance’s sensors when he was promoted to general 8 years ago. He held his position as Protectorate of the Charlgoal Sector for 5 years (the longest deployment of his career).

Alliance Intelligence speculates that his use of the Goal title ‘Protectorate’ may have been divisive among the Imperial military (generally the military uses their own ranks as the Imperial military is supposed to be uniform). It is further speculated that this is an attempt by Kevlan to win political favour in the Goal area

Predator Squadron first encountered him when on their first training mission, upon which the Rebellion task force was intercepted by Kevlan’s fleet. 5 months later a joint mission by Predator Squadron and the Dantooine Rangers captured him as a POW during the Battle of Junka-7. General Kevlan resisted interrogation by Predator Squadron and promptly escaped utilising his mole within the task force, Lieutenant Klevic, Predator Squadron’s supervising officer.

Predator Squadron pursued him to the radiated wastelands of Norl and the task force utilised their recon to intercept Kevlan’s flagship, the Imperial Star Destroyer Death’s Head. Predator Squadron played a key role in bombarding the ISD’s engines, which caused the ship to be caught within Norl’s gravity well. The Star Destroyer was destroyed and General Kevlan was presumed dead.

Three months later, Kevlan was revealed to be the tactical advisor working for Governor Kaine, codenamed ‘Sand Panther’. He encountered the Preds on Eriadu1 whilst they were undercover. He joined them in dining with the Governor and deduced their true identities. This triggered the chain of events that led to the Battle of New Alderaan and the revelation of the Empire’s new cloaking technology.

The Meeting explores how Kevlan exploited The Battle of Nar Shaddaa for his own political gains. This led to his promotion to Grand Moff.

After his promotion to Grand Moff, it seems as though Kevlan’s reach and power significantly expanded. His projects became a constant thorn in the side of the Rebel Alliance.

After the Battle of Hoth Predator Squadron re-dedicated themselves to taking apart his projects. They made significant intelligence gains, but the Grand Moff himself was always away, just out of reach. It was not until the the Battle of Jabiim that Predator Squadron got solid intelligence on Kevlan’s whereabouts – he would soon inspect his Project Tempest facilities on Kamino.

Predator Squadron attempted to infiltrate Kamino. Unfortunately it was a trap and things went very badly. Through perseverance and luck, they pulled through in the end. A Baradium charge was detonated at a crucial point on the Tipoca City structure, sending Kevlan’s facility crashing down to the water. It is believed that Kevlan drowned before he was able to escape.

Grand Moff Kevlan

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