Escaped survivor of Order 66, her interactions with Predator Squadron have been a mixed blessing.


Arriving in Cloud City for the auction of the Jewel of Yavin. To many involved in the auction is as much a curiosity as a bidder. She did not appear rich, powerful, or connected, but the agents who investigated her suitability swore she was all of the above.

She dropped out of the bidding early and attempted to steal the Jewel, at which time she ran into Predator Squadron. It turned out that she was a surviving Jedi Knight with a faulty lightsaber. She implored them to hand over the Jewel to her, saying that she could not stand against her enemies unarmed. Finally she explained of a vision that showed her with the Jewel becoming the only beacon of light in a galaxy of darkness. Predator Squadron refused to hand it over and subdued her, leaving her in the ventilation ducts of Cloud City.

They next ran into her when Tobin Stryder attempted to break into the vault of Kaltho the Hutt and steal the Jewel of Yavin again. Stryder found Elaiza in Kaltho’s dungeons, apparently having been tortured. Elaiza was over exaggerating the extent of her condition in an attempt to get Stryder to lower his guard. This worked when Tobin broke into the vault with her and she was able to snatch the Jewel of Yavin and escape in a ship out from under his nose.

Stryder pursued her to a factory, where he found her in the midst of a lightsaber duel with an Inquisitor. By the time Stryder caught up to her, Elaiza had lost her arm and the Jewel.

Predator Squadron aided in her recovery. It was clear to Reine Silverwind that Elaiza had lost her way and was on the edge of slipping to the dark side of the Force. Silverwind implored her to stay true to the values that the Jedi taught her and gave her a lightsaber crystal for her defective lightsaber.

Citing the need to meditate on her actions, Elaiza left the group, apologising for her actions and expressing her desire to come to their aid should they need her.

She reappeared in order to help rescue Tobin from the Cabal, falling behind in a duel with an Inquisitor, holding him off so that Predator Squadron could escape.


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