"Everybody dies. Someone's carryin' a blaster with your name on it right now, maybe they don't even know it. The trick is, die of old age before the blaster finds you." - Dillinger


Dillinger was friends with Tobin Stryder’s father. Stryder-the-elder was killed at the hands of Dillinger, but Tobin never knew why.

Dillinger and Tobin have played a deadly dance throughout the galaxy, Tobin fearing that Dillinger would only be one step behind, but hoping he would be one step ahead.

Dillinger died at the hands of Tobin Stryder in a lounge in Slour Skyhook above Nar Shaddar. In addition to his weapons, Tobin found in Dillinger’s possession two data cards and a holo-cube. The cube displayed an image of a happy gathering estimated to be about 20 or so years ago – Tobin’s parents, his siblings, himself as a baby, Dillinger and a mysterious human woman (approximately 40 years old, slender with long black hair wearing tattered clothing).

One data card held a log – a collection of dates and locations, it goes back years. Some of these entries have notes. It’s clear that this is a log tracking Tobin’s movements. One particular entry is quite long, it describes Dillinger meeting Tobin at [the auction] on Cloud City. This entry further details that Dillinger took out an Imperial assault team to prevent Tobin and his friends from being intercepted by the ISB – “no casualties, no witnesses” it is noted.

The second data card (which, due to the incoming Imperial fleet, Tobin did not have chance to read until after the Battle of Nar Shaddar) was a letter. It read:

Ami, if you’re reading this then you’ve found my body. Remember, I knew the risks of going into this meeting – I brought this on myself. I ask that you don’t let hatred consume your life, and that you seek no vengeance. That is a dark path from which few recover. Stryder is an old friend of this family, but he’s confused, he doesn’t have all the facts. I can’t enlighten him as to the particulars, such is my oath, but I obviously wasn’t fast enough to prevent him from killing me if you’re reading this. Ami, I love you. Live a good long life and make your father proud.

PS: Tobin, if you’re reading this, I ask that you put it back in my pocket. It’s private. I’m sorry that I can’t give you the answers you seek. I hope that killing me provides you with some peace. I want to assure you that everything that I have done, including withholding this information from you, has been for the protection of you and your family, but I understand if you don’t understand that.

Dillinger’s Weapons

When he died Dillinger was armed with the following weapons:

  • Unique Dueling Pistol Upon examining this weapon, Tobin found the mark of his father on the grip. The weapon appears to be brand new – there’s not a scratch on it and some of the parts are relatively new. Damage: 12, Range: Short, Crit: 2, Accurate 1, Pierce 2, Limmited Ammo 6, Paired.
  • Equaliser Damage: 10, Range: Medium, Crit: 2, Superior (damage already taken into account), Laser Sight, Pierce 1, Paired.
  • Lancer Damage: 5, Range: Long, Crit: 4, Accurate 1, Pierce 2, Telescopic Sight, Overcharge Valve, Paired.
  • Micro-Grenade Launcher Damage: 8, Range: Medium, Crit: 4, Blast 6, Inaccurate 1, Paired, Gene Lock.
  • Blastsword Damage: +2, Range: Engaged, Crit: 3, Defensive 1, Vicious 1, Laser Pulse 7 (Laser Pulse takes 2 Advantage to activate, when activated it deals 7 damage).


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