Dei the Great


Dei the Great is a mid-level member of the Gorensla Kajidic. She has become an ally to Predator Squadron, having helped them with information resources and underworld contacts, but as always there’s a price. She is categorically the friendliest Hutt Predator Squadron have ever encountered.

She has been a long-time rival of Kaltho the Hutt, another factor that sometimes aligns her goals with Predator Squadron.


The Assassination of Kaltho the Hutt

Whilst undergoing training Jacen Briggs discovered information that suggested that Kaltho was behind the death of his parents. He, along with Mara Jade, instigated a plan to assassinate Kaltho in the Varl system – the ancient homeworld of the Hutts.

Predator Squadron intervened at the behest of Dei, boarding his yacht. It was here that Tobin convinced Jacen to take the Hutt alive. Upon confronting Kaltho about Jacen’s parents, Kaltho claimed to have no involvement – he blamed Dei. He said she was once a mid-level Hutt in the Veradi Clan, but used the information on Jacen’s parents, selling them out to the Empire, in order to secure their aid in defecting from Veradi to Gorenzla. As proof he produced a series of love letters written between the two of them – the dates that the correspondence ceased lined up within a few months of the deaths of Jacen’s parents.

Predator Squadron escaped the doomed yacht with Kaltho (having convinced him that Dei still had feelings for him). They returned him to Nar Shaddaa and brought him before Dei (when she had said she wished her influence to remain unobserved). Dei was furious, ordering everyone out of her court. Predator Squadron departed the planet with great haste.

Cassie Cygnet arrived on Nar Shaddaa the next day. Dei presented her with Kaltho’s corpse – stuffed and mounted upon her wall. Cassie helped Dei cover up the death by using a recording of Gladios Ryk’s death (where the assailant praised ), shifting the blame from Dei to them. In order to facilitate this deception Dei executed every member of her court. The only ones who know the truth – that Dei killed Kaltho with her own hands – are the members of Predator Squadron, Dei herself and her trusted major-domo.

Dei the Great

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