Deck Officer Neathe

Deck Officer of the Honey Badger


Nethe is characterised as nervous, but hard working. She’s 22 from Alderaan – she happened to be off-planet when the Death Star destroyed her world, on a geological trip with her university. After that day, she searched out the Rebel Alliance to join up and avenge her home world. Crewing the Honey Badger is her first long-term off-base assignment for the Alliance.

During her time working with Predator Squadron she has become good friends with Captain Kay’daq, having spent a lot of time with him aboard the Honey Badger whilst Predator Squadron itself is off handling other aspects of the mission.

After Kay’daq was injured by Storm-Commandos on New Alderaan, she escorted him to the med-centre to ensure he got proper treatment. Since the evacuation they have been separated from Predator Squadron.

Deck Officer Neathe

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