Commander Danel Qurno

The youngest of the three leaders of Arda I, he has a reputation for being brash.



Danel Qurno never cared about the struggle between the Rebels and the Empire. He lived a quiet life, focused on his job as a lawman in the town of Davoras on the Outer-Rim world of Ralgos. The Duros was a diligent member of the security forces, and he took his job very seriously. When an Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer arrived in orbit around Ralgos and began bombarding the planet with turbo laser batteries, Qurno could do nothing but stand and watch the devastation levelled against his world. Qurno never found out what the Imperials were even after in their destruction of numerous cities on Ralgos. What the Empire did achieve that day was cementing Danel Qurno’s role in joining the Arda I Rebels, a decision he has never regretted as he travels the galaxy and witnesses the unspeakable horrors carried out by the forces of the Emperor.

In his time at Arda I, he as developed a reputation for being headstrong and brash. It is publicly known that he has a tense relationship with Setenna.

Commander Danel Qurno

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