Colonel Vrezar

Well built and stocky, there's a glint in his eye as he prepares to fight.


Colonel Vrezar is the personal attaché of Governor Ardus Kaine, acting as his representative overseeing the academy graduation ceremony on Triton.

Along with the other senior academy personnel he was duped into believing that Predator Squadron where there for the ceremony. As their time in the academy drew on, he became more suspicious that these strange guests where not quite who they seemed, but were in fact high level Imperial operatives.

After their deception was revealed, he led the ground assault against their position, where he was captured by the Preds, who made their escape in AT-STs to the nearest hanger.

They brought the colonel to their current hideout, the Dag-O-Bar space station. He was threatened with torture but assured of his own value, he was able to negotiate a deal with the Preds – they were clearly mercenaries, who could ransom him back to the governor for profit.

Colonel Vrezar

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