Captain Salvador Volin

An Alliance Intelligence captain brought in to scrutinise Predator Squadron.


Captain Salvador Volin was brought in by Rebel Alliance High Command after Predator Squadron’s raid on Kamino.

An Imperial communique from Kamino was intercepted and eventually deciphered by Alliance Intelligence. It contained an Imperial dossier on “Imperial Special Agent ”/characters/cassie-cygnet" class=“wiki-content-link”>Cassie Kevlan", noting that she was instrumental in the capture of a Rebel cell and that they were to be transferred to a secret Imperial facility.

This was but the latest incident. Mesa’s divulgeance to Black Sun, the subsequent dispersal of that interrogation to the Empire, and Grand Moff Kevlan’s public inference that he was responsible for the creation of Predator Squadron has not helped High Command’s perception (in fact Volin suggested that some thought Predator Squadron could be a potential hotbed of traitors – perhaps they only attacked the Imperial projects Kevlan wanted the Alliance to attack as a distraction, leaving other more valuable projects untouched).

Captain Volin is heading up Alliance Intelligence’s internal investigation into Predator Squadron and their conduct.

He himself has raised several concerns, noting that Mesa and Cassie’s indiscretions are the latest and most serious incidents that have caused concern. Concerns that Captain Volin has raised include:

  • Ghost is a former Imperial Stormtrooper, now in the heart of a Rebel base, with access to General Rieekan and other Alliance personnel.
  • He noted that Tobin Stryder has a questionable history, and possibly even sanity – on several occasions Stryder has disappeared for months. On the most recent occasion he turned up again in the hands of the Imperial Inquisition.
  • He noted that Jacen Briggs has an even more tenuous connection to the Alliance, and he has also disappeared on occasion unchecked. For all they know either Briggs or Stryder could be passing intelligence.
  • Volin questioned how many lives Galish’s “drunken antics” had cost, and how much of a security risk was she?
  • Plus certain members of the squad have a history of disappearing without a trace (Mike Sykes and Dex, plus Sandy as a recent example).

General Rieekan has asked Predator Squadron to co-operate fully with Captain Volin’s investigation. Rieekan has noted his desire to resolve matters swiftly.

Captain Salvador Volin

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