Star Wars: Predators

Welcome to Chipp's Resort!

Worst Vacation Ever...

On Hoth Predator Squadron were assigned to place marker beacons. They got caught in a blizzard and were forced to take shelter in a cave. Sandy was lucky enough to escape the storm and made it back, reuniting with the members of Predator Squadron who arrived with The Shooting Rascal.

The next day Predator Squadron returned from the frozen wasteland and they began planning their next mission.

Tobin, Mesa and Jacen raided an Imperial communications sattalite for intelligence pertaining to the planet designated GX-04. Jacen used this opportunity to uncover more information about the deaths of his parents. After battling TIE Phantoms, they escaped with a captured Phantom and returned to Hoth.

The rest of the squad decided that a holiday was in order and went to Chipp’s Resort (although they arrived thinking that the planet would be uninhabited), a luxury beach resort for the incredibly wealthy.

Gand convinced the resort staff that he was still an employee of Czerka Corporation (who managed the resort). The group enjoyed a beach vacation and Cassie cleaned up at the casino.

The next day Tobin, Jacen and Mesa arrived and joined the group on a safari tour through the mountains. Disappointment grew as the animals failed to show up. Finally they arrived at the Rancor pen. Cassie used her cam droid to get a better vantage point as the lumbering beast approached, clearly injured. They could only watch on in horror as the Rancor was eaten by a ravenous Rathtar.

The Rathtar reproduced into two and they proceeded to chase the squadron. As the squad followed the tracks they blew open the fences to the Krayt Dragon pen and the Krayt Dragon engaged the Rathtars in combat. Predator Squadron took their tour off-road, assuming direct control of the vehicle and driving through the jungle.

They raced for the shelter of the resort (which was on lockdown procedures triggered by an ongoing solar storm) and prepared to defend it against Rathtars. Gand confronted Mr Chipps and was offered a place in their emergency bunker as a ‘loyal Czerka employee’.



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