Star Wars: Predators

Vlemoth Point Stopover & Scouting Kowak

Assassination the Zygerian King Part 1

Mission Roster

Vlemoth Port Stopover

  • Tobin and Gand spent the trip from Home One to Vlemoth Point crafting armour and cybernetics. In particular Tobin forged a Mandalorian-looking suit of armour and used Travis Shrike’s helmet as the finisher. Gand created a specific cybernetic leg with integrated tools.
  • They arrived at Vlemoth Point and went to the port there – the large tower complex that Travis first met the Mandalorian representative at. Here the group went shopping, received an economics lecture (in pamphlet form) on the teachings of Hego Damask and the benefits of absolute unregulated capitalism. Then Tobin bought a ‘lucky Kyber crystal’ for 200 credits from a shady street vendor.
  • Tobin and Gand got accosted by bounty hunters who took them to meet a representative of Vigo Celo, the Rodian Vigo that Tobin previously impersonated (they also weren’t happy about a deal the two had sabotaged between Black Sun and the Syndicate). They explained that Black Sun was now in the midst of a power struggle among the Vigos in the aftermath of Prince Xizor’s death. Vigo Celo wanted a rival Vigo – a Falleen named Xad – assassinated. Xad is said to be travelling to Kowak to meet with the King of Zygeria. Gand and Tobin agreed, and they collected a datacard with Xad’s image.
  • They learned where the Mandalorian settlement was and travelled there. They met with the chieftain (Vera) and convinced her to spare the prince’s life (but of course he must pay somehow). She sent some of her warriors, led by Teroc (the Mandalorian Travis got friendly with) with the group to deliver to the planet as an initial strike force. She also has around 800 warriors ready to drop on the planet in 2 hours notice (although there’s a Zygerian fleet in orbit that might cause problems).


  • Arrive at Kowak, witness the parade that heralds the king’s arrival (was a bit naff really). They noticed one of the king’s men (under heavy guard) receiving payment from one of the prince’s men.
  • They learned of the events taking place to celebrate the king’s arrival. There’ll be melees, jousting, beast taming events. In particular they were interested in the podrace event, but it required a 4000 credit entry fee and their own pod.
    • The winner of the podrace would receive 50,000 credits and an invitation to a royal banquet.
  • Gand and Cassie sold some stuff to make some money. They learned that a shipment of Gand slaves was being brought in at the south docks.
  • Tobin made some money at sabacc with some palace guards, and learned that the person they witnessed is known as the King’s Minister – he manages the day to day affairs. The palace guards hate him. He’s supposedly a pain to deal with and refuses to sleep in the royal palace on Kowak – he prefers his ship.
    • Tobin managed to convince one of the guards that his lucky ‘kyber crystal’ would change his fortune in Sabacc. The guard didn’t have the money to pay him, but offered to trade his podracer for the gem. Tobin took that and ran off with the keys. As he started the pod up the man came bursting out of the bar having realised the crystal was fake. Tobin drove off into the night.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP today.
  • Tobin gained 5 conflict, rolling 2. his Morality was triggered today so he went down by 6 points.



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