Star Wars: Predators

The Empire Strikes - Part Two

Last One Out Get The Lights

Mission Roster

Escaping Echo Base

During the Battle of Hoth Mesa arrived back at the north hanger of Echo Base in a heavily damaged snowspeeder. He was captured by the Empire alongside former-governor Kaine. Mesa was interrorgated by Lieutenant Klevic by hologram as to the nature of any intelligence Kaine may have given the Alliance. Klevic was particularly interested in whether any intelligence had been leaked regarding Projects Tempest and Thunder.

The remainder of Predator Squadron fought their way into the Command Centre of Echo Base. It was severely damaged, probably as a result of the bombardment suffered during the battle. Here they fought with a new variant of Super Stormtrooper – larger and armed with a wrist-mounted flame projector, it seemed more aggressive than previous variants.

Predator Squadron made their way into the medical centre, where they found Sandy holding the fort with a squad of infantry and Blisk. They secured the med centre, gathered a few supplies and moved into the south hanger.

Rushing to the Dusk Mynock they found Darth Vader himself descending the ramp. He told them that if they handed over the Staff of Ossus he would let everyone else walk out of here. Tobin and Jacen attempted to flee, but the Dark Lord merely pulled them back to him. Sandy and Gand opened up on the attending Stormtroopers whilst Ghost ran for a nearby X-Wing. Tobin handed over the Staff at which point Ghost opened up on Vader with the X-Wing’s laser cannons. The Dark Lord still standing, Predator Squadron decided to escape whilst they could, running for their ships. Ghost continued to fire blast after blast into the icy cavern’s roof, eventually causing a cave in on Vader.

Accelerating into space, they blasted through the TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers, getting to the edge of the interdiction field, although their Y-Wing suffered 10 points of Hull Trauma. With TIEs on their tail they escaped into hyperspace.

Upon arrival at the Dag-O-Bar they found a Star Destroyer in orbit and an Imperial CR-90 Corvette patrolling the system. They received a covert message from the station crew informing them that the station’s cover was intact, but that they were having to play things safe for now. With TIE Fighters heading in their direction Predator Squadron jumped away again.

Jumping several more times throughout the region, Predator Squadron eventually arrived at an cold barren moon where they could regroup and plan their next steps, hoping that the Empire was not on their tail.

Tobin revealed the extent of his nature with the Cabal, whilst Ghost revealed that she had the holocron one member of the Cabal sought. The holocron activated, levitating into the air and revealing previously unseen seams. It realigned into a diamond shape and projected a small hologram of a youthful dark-haired human man in the robes of a Jedi.

The holocron explained that it could teach them a powerful Force ability, but to unlock it’s full secrets they would need to track down the three kyber crystals that it’s creator, Suljo Warde, had in his possession.

Ghost thought that this would make for a useful training exercise to enable the squadron to face bigger threats, namely going after the Imperial Inquisition. Tobin agreed that it would be useful training, but that their focus should be on eliminating Kevlan’s remaining projects. The squad decided to retrace Master Warde’s steps in an attempt to find the kyber crystals and take things from there.

As they were preparing to depart they received a distress signal:

“This is transport RV-776, we are under attack! B- bzzzt -erial. We are requesting help!”

They traced the signal to a nearby star system, determining that it would take 45 minutes to reach their at top speed. Although they wanted to pursue the kyber crystals, they decided to investigate the distress signal first.

Ghost meditated on the matter and saw a brief glimpse of a GR-75 transport with a hole in its side, a Gozanti-class cruiser adrift. Debris of various starfighters was littered everywhere.

Experience and Rewards

  • +5 Sabotage duty for preventing the Empire from acquiring the Ion Cannon.
  • +5 Personel duty for escaping Echo Base with a handful of NPC troopers left.
  • +10 Combat Victory duty for delaying the Empire during the battle and bloodying their noses a bit.

For escaping with the troopers everyone gained +2 bonus Morality, so:

  • Gand gained +11 Morality, putting him on 100.
  • Ghost gained +12 Morality, putting her on 91.
  • Jacen gained +10 Morality, putting him on 97.
  • Sandy gained 5 conflict from a despair on a fear check, in total -1 Morality, putting him on 93.
  • Tobin gained 5 conflict from a despair on a fear check, in total +0 Morality leaving him on 68.


  • 10 XP for fighting their way out of Echo Base.
  • 10 XP for surviving their encounter with Darth Vader.
  • 5 XP for keeping as many NPCs alive as they did.



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