Star Wars: Predators

The Attempted Assassination of Kaltho the Hutt - Attack at Varl

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Travis and the Beasts of Jomark

Travis organised defences at High Castle to secure himself and the remaining Imperials in the armoury. He called Tobin for help and instructed him to call the Open Palm Force to pick him up.

Travis and the Imperials fought against an oncoming hoard of these monsters – he recognised them as the ones that previously attacked the Dag-O-Bar. It seems as if their bite or scratches are infectious.

Oz and the New Base

After the Imperial forces patrolling near the Dag-O-Bar left, Oz took a crew and left, returning to Hoth. Here he began construction work on a new base – it would be the last place the Empire would look for any Rebel installations now.

With construction underway, he received an urgent communique from the Rebel Alliance. Commandant Adonis and Dr Nevran had been interrogated as to their involvement in Project Tempest and had revealed some key information that needed to be acted upon quickly. Learning that the Empire planned to send Super Stormtroopers to Jabiim, Oz departed for Nar Shaddaa with haste in order to pick up the rest of Predator Squadron.

The Varl System

Cassie, Mesa, Tobin and Amisythe arrived in the Varl system, facing down a Hutt war-fleet. They unsuccessfully attempted to micro-jump to the centre of the system (where they detected Kaltho’s personal yacht). The Hutt fleet launched fighters, but at the last second Predator Squadron’s authorisation from Dei the Great came through. She had given them travel authorisation as “slaves for the mines”, Predator Squadron are unsure of whether or not this is legitimate…

They used a debris field to break away from their Hutt starfighter escorts and headed to Kaltho’s yacht – which was adrift near the star. Once aboard they found that the local security droids (re-purposed Separatist droids) had been turned against Kaltho’s organic security.

Tobin, Amisythe and Gladios passed Kaltho’s vault on their way to the casino, resisting temptation they continued on. They found the security droids locked in combat with the Sabacc dealer droids, they joined the fray.

As the fight wound down Tobin felt that they were losing time and pushed on ahead to the next doorway and the access-corridor to the observation deck. After Tobin left the room, a droid blasted a viewport opening the casino to space. Amisythe was sucked out along with the entirety of the Super Battle Droid forces. Gladios managed to cling on and use the wind created as the air was sucked out to glide his way into the nearest turbolift. He hit the button and proceeded to the bridge level.

Gladios on the Bridge

Gladios entered the bridge to a scene of utter carnage. Bodies of crewmembers everywhere, the floor slick with blood. A figure in a black body-suit and shadowcloak had a crewmember hauled over a console. The figure held a knife to the crewmember, saying “You get to live. Let the Ruling Council know that no Hutt is safe – not even in your deepest sanctuary. The Dark Prince knows all”.

Gladios knew this was a reference to Black Sun, their leader is informally known as The Dark Prince. The crewmember being suitably frightened, the cloaked figure turned it’s attention to Gladios, “You shouldn’t be here,” they said.

The figure lunged across the deck, drawing a pair of blades. Gladios used his Ryk blade to knock aside the assassin’s blade breaker, but fell prey to poison embedded in the tip of the other blade. This paralysed Gladios and the assassin took the opportunity to end the fight with a precise strike to the Wookiee’s neck. The assailant leaned in close to him and whispered softly in his ear: “You die with honour”. As Gladios collapsed the end was nigh; now ignored by his assailant, he struggled to reach his comlink to inform his comrades of what he had learned.

Slowly the yacht faded away. The forest was calling him home.

Cassie and Mesa

Cassie and Mesa heard this befall Gladios over an open com-line. By this time they had progressed to Kaltho’s zoo, near his hanger bay. Hearing Gladios fall, they doubled back and headed towards the bridge (taking a round-about route, having to bypass the voided casino).

Unfortunately they arrived to late to be of aid to Gladios. Luckily they were able to avert disaster – the ship being set to a collision course with Varl’s star. Mesa pulled them out of this course, but a freak solar flare knocked out the ship’s power and sent them adrift towards Varl itself.

Cassie and Mesa gathered Gladios’s body and decided to proceed back to their ships as quickly as possible.


Tobin, in the observation deck, spotted a figure running up the grand staircase towards the throne room. Tobin jetpacked over the figure and dropped in front of him, levelling his blaster pistol. The figure dissipated, vanished into thin air. He heard a voice from behind him, “I was wondering if that would work on you,” out from behind a pillar came Jacen.

The two of them talked – Jacen explained that he had evidence that Kaltho was responsible for the deaths of his parents. Then the ship was rocked by the solar flare, knocking power and gravity offline. Both Jacen and Tobin realised that the other was not responsible and decided to work together to extract Kaltho, and determine what to do with him later.

They fought their way into the throne room, taking out Kaltho’s remaining guards and destroyer droids with relative ease.

Seeing that he was beaten, Kaltho surrendered. He revealed that he knew who Tobin was (Tobin having stolen from him in the past), but he had no memory of arranging the deaths of Jacen’’s parents. After some description of the circumstances, Kaltho denied any involvement – he claimed that Dei was responsible for their deaths. He claimed that she was once part of his clan, that they were lovers. She defected to the Gorensla Kajidic and used the good favour that she had accrued with the Empire to help secure her position. As proof he revealed a series of love letters between himself and Dei – the dates corresponded to what he was saying to within a few months of Jacen’s parents deaths.

Tobin and Jacen were unsure what to make of the situation, or whether to believe a Hutt.

Note: This is approximately 2 and a half weeks after the Battle of Hoth.



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