Star Wars: Predators

Shadows of the Empire - The Hutt-Black Sun War Part Two

The Lever Has a Safety Warning For A Reason

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Resh” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Jenth” refers to the other unit that is currently attempting to re-trace the legacy of Suljo Warde in Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

Mesa’s Flight to Freedom

Mesa was in this cell where the gravity was turned to the ceiling (trapping her on a little plinth, or she’d ‘fall’ into a spinning fan blade. She used some acquired light pieces to jam up the blade and floated out. She then had got caught in an opposing gravity field (so she kept floating back and forth), until she used the centrifugal force to throw herself into the one above her.

She then escaped, sneaking into the hanger bay. Finding a power loader she strolled out towards a YT-2400 freighter doing her best to look like she belongs. Unfortunately this didn’t work. So she ripped out the opposing power loader’s ‘gonads’ or drive system.

Guri then drops down from a catwalk above and tried to disable Mesa’s loader. Mesa power slammed her, ejected herself and sprinted for the ship. She got on board, disabled the droid in the cockpit and took off. At this point the crew in the back start cutting through the cockpit door, so Mesa’s solution is to crank up the oxygen so the air catches fire from the sparks. I repeat, she set the air on fire. Fire solves everything!

Anyway, it turned out Guri was climbing on the hull, so after putting herself out, Mesa just slams the hyperdrive levers. This threw Guri off the ship, but then Mesa had to deal with a greatly angered Dash Rendar (who’s ship Mesa was in the process of hijacking), who had been wearing fire-proof welding gear to cut through the door.

The Skyscraper Infiltration

Meanwhile the others broke into the skyscraper. The stealth approach failed almost immediately, so they were pursued by Destroyer Droids until they got to the elevators.

They made their way to the designated office and found the spice that Mesa failed to find. As people were trying to break into the office to get them, Tobin hot-wired the secret elevator into a little tram because they couldn’t find a key. So off they went into the Black Sun transit system.

Aboard The Outrider

Mesa convinced Dash not to kill her. Dash wasn’t impressed with the situation. After an awkward conversation, they came out of hyperspace near a tropical planet. In orbit, was a rather striking looking facility:


It was clearly undergoing a massive repair job – lots of little ships flitting around back and forth. Mesa didn’t know where they were, but Dash identified that they were deep in the Unknown Regions (but couldn’t get an actuate fix – this system was on no star charts).

At which point a trio of Abyss-class Star Destroyers decloaked and launched fighters. Mesa spun the ship around, meanwhile sensors are freaking out about an energy pulse building up from the planet below. A giant purple wave of energy fires from the planet and surges towards the Outrider. They fail to avoid that and it kills all power in the ship.

Mesa headed to the back of the ship and starts working on the engine (Dash was deciding whether it was worth dumping his cargo or not, since it was no longer stowed in compartments because he was in the process of unloading it when Mesa decided to ruin his day).

Mesa repaired the ship, restoring power. She beat Dash back to the cockpit and programmed in another random hyperspace jump…

The Black Sun Skyhook

Back on Nar Shaddaa, the others arrived in the skyhook and stealthily took care of the security droids. Tobin then sneaked his way to a computer terminal and began hacking Black Suns data network.

He found the schematics for the facility and a prisoner manifest for all of Black Sun’s operations in the area. It noted that a Chadra-Fan was captured in the facility a few days ago, but it successfully escaped. It also noted that Black Sun were responsible for capturing Luke Skywalker himself at Kothlis. Skywalker is currently in the process of being transferred to their Coruscant facility. Tobin was able to acquire that ship’s itinerary.

So the group then traveled to the station’s security centre. Cassie coerced the guards into surrendering. Then Tobin overrode Black Sun’s droid systems, turning their security droids against the station’s weapon emplacements.

They then coerced the guards to direct them out – they had to pass through a repair bay to get to the nearest hanger. In the repair bay they found a severely damaged, yet miraculously still functional, Guri. All her ‘skin’ was ripped off – she appeared to be a skeletal metal robot, walking with an awkward gate, her systems clearly damaged. She began walking towards them, but given the low athleticism of the group she made up ground.

Tobin saw the others were struggling, so pushed them forward and stood to hold Guri off.

Unfortunately, Guri took this moment to pull a lever – it turned out that the floor of this room was a conveyor belt. So now the group were being pulled towards her.

Xerxes managed to get the blast door open at the other end and jump through. He then fired at her (every shot the group threw at her barely seemed to phase her, she just kept advancing on them, relentlessly). So then Xerxes blasted the machinery around her and dropped a huge pneumatic press between Guri and the party.

They ran through the door and into the hanger bay. Looking back, they saw Guri wrench this huge chunk of metal in half. Advancing towards them, the blast door barely closed in time. She began punching the door, each blow denting it.

Not wanting to stick around and find out what would happen when she got that door open, the group nicked some ‘Heavy’ M3-A Interceptors and flew down to the planet as a Hutt fleet began engaging the station.

Outrider Down

So the Outrider came out of hyperspace (its hyperdrive having died due to a power surge from the purple energy pulse), they were crashing into an ice planet. Leebo got Dash and Mesa into the escape pod and ejected them. The Outrider spun off and crashed in the snow.

Looking around the desolate icy wastes, Mesa spotted some mountains in the distance, but no signs of civilisation.

Leebo attempted to console Dash that at least if they ran out of rations, Dash could sustain himself by eating Mesa.

So they began walking, back towards where they projected the Outrider to have crashed. (Dash warning Mesa that if she said another word he would shoot her and leave her in the snow). And a blizzard began rolling in.

In the midst of the snow, Mesa got separated – lost track of Dash or Leebo. Eventually, weakened already by the stressful day, she found she could go no further. She collapsed in the snow, very quickly finding herself buried.

Mesa may have blacked out, it’s a little fuzzy. But the next thing she knew a bright light was shining in her face. Out of the light stepped 6 figures – Imperial Snowtroopers. They picked her up, dragged her in front of an AT-ST where she was formerly arrested. (Along with Dash and Leebo – she could see the flaming wreckage of the Outrider on a hill nearby)

Coruscant Bound

Dei was pleased at the work the group had done. She’s scrubbed off some Obligation and awarded an Ardos Disk to Xerxes (since he was the only one who didn’t have one). Since her clan is now in possession of Black Sun’s station, she has said she will keep an eye out for any information pertaining to where Mesa went.

Dei did give the group an old Clone Wars era copy of a route to Kamino that she was in possession of.

Predator Squadron now plan to accompany Lando and the Falcon crew to Coruscant, picking up the soldiers from the Angel of Lothal along the way, in order to secure the rescue of Luke Skywalker…

This journey will take aproximately 3 days, by which time Skywalker is scheduled to have arrived.

Rewards and Experience

The group gained 10 XP.

Obligation has now been reduced, this is reflected in the updated Obligation table.

Tobin gained 4 conflict. We will roll before next session.



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