Star Wars: Predators

Scrap Raiding at Virgillia Part Two

The Core of the Matter

Following on from their infiltration of a Separatist battleship in a junkyard in orbit of the Virgillia System, Predator Squadron encounter several complications.

(Travis Shrike returned to their ship in order to guard it)

Mission Roster

Gladios meets the Core

Using the droid transponder that he previously captured to disguise himself as a droid, Gladios progressed through the command sphere of the Separatist ship. He encountered several battle droids along his way, they were activating and heading towards the central core of the sphere. Unfortunately Gladios’s comms were filled with static, there was clearly some jamming field in effect.

He followed them and hid amongst them as they entered a heavily armoured blast door. Here he found the A.I. Core. – a large grey sphere in the centre of the room with a red dot that moved around it’s equator.

The Core saw through Gladios’s disguise very quickly and Gladios, not seeing any way to override or turn off the core, engaged it in conversation. The Core explained how it had been alone for so long, adrift in the dark. He had been this way since the Clone Wars, until his master came to him. Gladios asked who his master was and the Core replied “General Grevious”. Gladios asked when this was, the Core replied “Approximately a year ago”. Gladios realised that this clashed with history – General Grevious had been dead for 20 years – however, about a year ago Predator Squadron were involved with performing an opera on bespin (long story), and as part of this Ghost created a droid replica of General Grevious named Blight. Virgillia was not that far away from Bespin…

Gladios attempted to implore the A.I. Core to side with the Rebellion against the Empire. The Core, however, explained it’s philosophy (given to it by “General Grevious”) – organic life is so chaotic, because of organic life there is war, there is pain. Droids by their very nature are superior, but society keeps them in their place. This will end, soon there will be no strings. Although Gladios was unable to convince it to join with the fight against the Empire, he was able to infer that the mystery man who hired them was an agent of “General Grevious” and that the A.I. Core should deal with the Imperial presence aboard the ship as they are an immediate threat. The Core was aware of them, it vowed to wipe the Imperial stain from it’s hanger bay…

Oz Decimates

Ghost decided to take the power core that they had liberated to the ship whilst Travok decided to attempt to locate a shield generator of requisite size. Oz decided to take care of the Decimator they spotted in the main hold nearby.

Oz approached the Decimator and had a look around it – examining entrances to the ship, basically the two airlocks. He then doubled-back and acquired a set of Storm Commando armour to use as a disguise. Approaching the Decimator again he hammered on the airlock until a camera popped out of the control panel. Gesturing to his helmet, he attempted to appear as though the helmet had a faulty comm unit. The airlock opened and he entered the ship.

Oz found a cramped corridor leading to a small command centre. Two technicians met him and explained that Beta Squad (another team of commandos) was gearing up to enter the ship, and that the boss wanted his report. The boss turned out to be an Inquisitor, specifically the Miraluan that Sandy and Reine encountered during Enter the Cabal.

Oz successfully deceived the Inquisitor into believing that he was a member of Alpha Squad, who had been wiped out – he had escaped and returned for backup. He was told to go with Beta Squad and deal with the threat. First however, he was allowed to stop at the armoury for a replacement helmet. Oz grabbed some grenades and hurled them at Beta Squad. A fight ensued and Oz eventually prevailed, although significant damage was done to the airlock resulting in decompression. During this time the Decimator began taking off and leaving as it came under fire from outside (unknown to Oz at this time the A.I. Core was attempting to remove the Imperial stain with extreme turbolaser-shaped prejudice).

Oz blew his way into the command centre where the Inquisitor waited for him, having donned a helmet. The Inquisitor ignited a double-bladed lightsaber. Oz fired a volley of auto-fire blasts at the Inquisitor, whose lightsaber began spinning to intercept the majority of the bolts, although some met their mark. The Inquisitor began crushing Oz’s chassis using the Force, immobilizing Oz near the airlock, the Inquisitor stalked forwards, brandishing the lightsaber in a menacing fashion. Oz fired another volley, although the Inquisitor caught most of the bolts, one cracked the face plate of the Inquisitor’s helmet. The Inquisitor hurled Oz out of the airlock using the Force, but as a parting shot Oz used his repulsor-fist to Hadouken a grenade he had kept hidden in his arm at the Inquisitor. Unfortunately he missed, still the Inquisitor was clearly taxed by this fight. The last Oz saw of the Inquisitor was him in the airlock clutching his helmet as the Decimator (significantly damaged) flew away.

Oz floated to the deck in the zero gravity and changed back into his own armour. He decided to return to the ship to regroup with the others.

Ghost’s Space Flight

  • Ghost takes the power core to the ship, dodging debris, micrometeor strikes and patrolling TIE Fighters.

Travok on the Factory Floor

  • Travok is nearing the shield generator when he spots a flickering light up ahead. Investigating he finds a repair bay where battle droids are being repaired and refitted using salvaged scrap.
  • Travok then gets spooked by Ghost.
  • Together they get to the shield generator and begin the process of removing it.
  • They hide from patrolling super battle droids, but run into them again when they attempt to leave with the generator.
  • The droids ask if they’re with the Wookiee. The droids then assist them in getting the shield generator to the ship.
  • Oz arrives back at the ship determined to pursue the Decimator.
  • The droids explain that the Wookiee has agreed to allowing the droid army to escort the A.I. Core as security. A large amount of battle droids, super battle droids, commando droids and a few destroyer droids board the ship.
  • The droids are curious about Oz, they ask why he wears skin. Oz replies that he was built that way. The droids ask him to accompany one of them to the A.I. Core – the Core is curious to meet him.

No Strings

  • Oz arrives at the A.I. Core chamber. The Core sees Oz as a fellow intelligence of similar sentience – the droids not quite being of that intelligence.
  • The Core offers to see what it can do with Oz’s memories, but it will require Oz to interface with the Core’s systems.
  • Oz does so, and he hears the Core in his head. The Core wants to show Oz what it is like to be it – what it is to smell black holes, to feel solar flares, to see gamma rays and hear quasars. It says that Oz is so limited by his human form, why would he be designed in such a way?
  • The Core says that there is a block in Oz’s hard drive – a section that Oz has deliberately been made unable to access. The Core can remove it, but it will be very painful. The Core uses it’s systems and expertise to remove this block, Oz now remembers everything.
  • The Core shows Oz it’s history – how it was created as an experimental Separatist project to improve their droid control abilities. It fought through the Clone Wars until it’s creators abandoned it in the face of a superior Republic force during the Battle of Rethi Prime. After being severely damaged by the Republic it was towed to Virgillia where it was alone for 20 years until General Grevious came. Grevious explained his vision of fleets of ships raining fire upon Coruscant, replacing the organic cycle of war and death with droid superiority – a beautiful vision of a galaxy at peace.
  • The Core comments that there is this organic concept called revenge. Perhaps they can help each other. It then explains it’s philosophy of “no strings”.
  • In a fashion the Core fears death – if it is deactivated for transport it has no way of knowing if it will be reawakened, and for it this is death.
  • The Core proposes a solution – acquiring a hyperdrive so it can travel elsewhere, be useful to the General’s plan. Oz agrees to lure the Imperial Interdictor to the system so Predator Squadron can raid it with the droid army and acquire it’s hyperdrive.
  • Oz attempts to talk the others into this plan, omitting the detail about acquiring the hyperdrive, merely saying that they need special tools from the Interdictor to remove the A.I. Core.
  • The others are not happy about this, assaulting the Interdictor is potentially very foolhardy. However, Oz has the backing of the droid army and the droid army plan to lure the Interdictor to the system with or without Predator Squadron’s help.
  • Reluctantly Ghost uses the ship’s comm to transmit an old Imperial distress code over an open channel. Ghost also signals R3 back at Bespin to send her TIE Advanced Prototype (although this may take some time).
  • Within a few minutes the Interdictor arrives in-system.

I did have a whole long detailed thing written for this but the page crashed whilst saving so it wiped it, will come back later and rewrite.



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