Star Wars: Predators

Raiders of the Ossus Temple

Part One: Arrival and Exploration

Mission Roster

Landing at Ossus

Arriving at an unknown planet, Gand and Tobin descended to the surface of the planet in an attempt to discern their location.

Moments later they are warned by an Imperial beacon that they were intruding on a secured world, and approached by a wave of TIE Interceptors. Dog-fighting through a canyon, they managed to lose the interceptors.

Spotting an old structure, they landed the stolen TIE Raptors nearby and disembarked to investigate the area. Finding a crashed Imperial shuttle, Tobin and Gand were able to send a message to the rest of the party so as to lead them to their location.

Fleeing from a Super Star Destroyer

Galish, Jacen and Sandy arrive in orbit around the planet Ossus, and are promptly warned by an Imperial beacon that they are trespassing in a secured system. Shortly after this, a Super Star Destroyer exited from hyperspace into orbit, and immediately began launching TIE Fighters.

Unable to hide from the vast Imperial force, the party is forced to flee from the swarm of TIE Fighters, leading to a chase through the debris of an orbiting moon. Losing their pursuers, they descended to the surface of Ossus in an attempt to find the missing party members.

Upon reaching the surface, they were intercepted by a local TIE Interceptor detachment, forcing them into a risky dogfight through a forest river, and a canyon. Receiving a transmission from the missing party members, they shook their pursuers and headed to an old temple.

Entering the Temple

Approaching the ruins, Tobin and Gand are suddenly made very aware of the approaching Imperial army, and the Super Star Destroyer in orbit. Climbing up to the summit of the building under a hail of fire, they placed explosive charges as they went. Encountering a massive door, they forced their way inside to find that Reine was already there, and had been seemingly expecting them.

A little while after, Sandy, Galish, and Jacen arrive at the temple to find the exterior surrounded by Imperial forces. Landing on the opposite side of the temple to cover their approach, they foolishly left their ship out in the open before ascending to the top of the temple.

A firefight ensues, with the three rebels mostly outgunned due to the presence of AT-STs in the vicinity. During this battle, the charges placed by Tobin and Gand were detonated, injuring friend and foe alike. Using the cover of the explosion, they proceeded into the temple to join up with Tobin, Gand, and Reine.

Delving the Ruins

Reine explained that she had been waiting for them all to arrive, and that they were here to retrieve an artefact so as to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Empire. As Reine’s actions and motives are a mystery at the best of times, no-one decided to question this.

Before advancing into the ruins, Reine handed Tobin a detonator switch, telling him that he’d know when it was the right time to use it.

At the bottom of a long staircase the group encountered a puzzle of sorts. Letters on the floor, and a cryptic message of ‘The rich need it, the poor have it, and if you eat it you will die’. Solving this quickly, Reine walked across the letters on the floor to spell out the word ‘nothing’, opening doors ahead of the group.

Beyond the doors was a corridor filled with mist. Tobin advanced carefully, watching out for any sign of a trap or ambush. Feeling the pressure of the approaching Imperial forces, Reine took a more direct approach and opted to use the force to briefly clear the mist so that the party could see what lied within.

Tobin had stopped just short of stepping on a creature that had been sleeping in the mist. Failing to get past it without awakening the creature, Reine resorted to paralyzing the creature so that the party could advance.

Dark Ambush

Arriving at the end of the corridor, the party was presented with a large chamber. A door to the left bearing a similar symbol to that used by the CIS during the clone wars, and one bearing the mark of the Jedi order.

Deciding to face any danger head on, Reine walked though the left hand door, followed closely by Tobin, and eventually Galish. The three were separated in a fog of pitch black darkness, each arriving separately in a large library.

Reine encountered what appeared to be the missing Mike Sykes. After a short conversation, the apparition claiming to be Sykes attacked Reine, but was unable to overcome her mastery of the force. With the threat pacified, Reine began reading a copy of the Jedi path found on a nearby table.

Tobin encountered his old friend Dex, who similarly tried to attack him after a short conversation. Killing the creature, it’s disguise failed and was revealed to be some sort of lizard creature.

Galish found herself facing the demons of her past, callously gunning them down without a second though (Galish – I object to this “callous” remark!)

Reine, growing tired of toying with the fake Sykes, threw the creature through a book case, before taking the copy of the Jedi path with her to meet up with the others.

Visions of the Force

[Ash, you can paste your own notes here for this one, as it’s a bit long to type out again.]

After regrouping, Reine handed Sandy the copy of the Jedi path that she had picked up.

The group split again, with Gand and Sandy exploring the ruins beyond the room with the Jedi symbol, and the rest of the party exploring a hidden passageway found within the library.

Following the dark passageway, Tobin, Galish, Reine, and Jacen found themselves standing in an open area concealed from the outside world by a waterfall. In the center of the room, a large tree was growing.

Reine planted explosives around the room whilst Tobin, Jacen, and Galish explored the room.

Reaching out with the force, Tobin found an old staff hidden within the tree. After removing it the group believed they were home free… Until a certain menacing breathing sound was heard coming from the only exit behind them.

Rewards and Experience

  • Reine gained 3 Morality, putting her on 100. Gand gained 2, Sandy gained 3 and Tobin gained 8.

*5XP was awarded for escaping Imperial pursuit.

  • 5XP was awarded for their exploration of the temple and successfully locating the staff.



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