Star Wars: Predators

Outriders of Endor Part Three

Mission Roster

Gand and Oz attempted to sabotage the secondary shield generator using the mag lev train. This didn’t go well, sabotaging the mine instead. They escaped, Gand badly injured.

Ghost, Galish, Tobin and Jacen picked them up and they proceeded to the Secondary Shield Generator. They advanced under the cover of darkness and sneaked into the facility. Tobin got separated and headed to the command centre, where he got rumbled by an ISB agent and his Tempest Stormtrooper accompaniment. Meanwhile Jacen hacked into the ISB agent’s systems, uncovering a video about Project Shatterpoint. Then he tripped an alarm whilst attempting to access the shield’s systems.

Ace on the Death Star…

Rewards and Experience

10 XP this session.



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