Star Wars: Predators

Loose Ends

Nar Shadda Stop-Over

Mission Roster

Zygerrian Takeover

  • The new King Molec attempted to leverage his ownership of Galish into acquiring Predator Squadron’s ship – it’s a seller’s market after all, she’s a very unique item.
  • Predator Squadron dealt with this by Tobin creating an illusion that the escape pod was a luxury shuttle, convincing the new king that they’d drop him off at Zygeria. Then firing him off in an escape pod at the Zygerrian fleet.
  • Predator Squadron travelled to Kowak where the Parallax Chain captains picked up their ships.
  • They then dropped off the Mandalorians at their nearby settlement.
  • Vera, the clan leader, thanked them for liberating her father. It appeared they had fun – Predator Squadron seemed to have thoroughly wrecked the place by the time the Mandalorians arrived.
  • As a thank you, Vera handed them a talisman bearing her clan’s crest – they hand that to one of her clan-mates, they’ll get in touch with her and whatever Predator Squadron need doing will become her clan’s number one priority (provided they can get there) – whatever target needs smashing, they’ll do it.

Nar Shaddaa, The Galaxy’s Armpit – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  • Galish attempted to recruit the Imperial dignitary and her ISB bodyguard into the League of Fancy Hats. This didn’t exactly go well – but the Imperials got the impression they could convert Galish into a double-agent.
  • This confrontation eventually resulted in the ISB agent breaking Galish’s arm.
  • They arrived at Nar Shaddaa and handed over the Imperials to an Alliance cell on the planet.
  • Some of the group met with Dei the Hutt – Dei thanked them for successfully dealing with the Zygerian situation, and as agreed scrubbed Galish’s debt clear. She warned Galish however, not to shoot up any more Hutt bars – it seems to be a nasty habit of hers, considering what happened the first time she came to Nar Shaddaa.
  • Dei did have a gift for them – a human named Jibril Sayra recently came to her court requesting an introduction with Predator Squadron. Dei was sorry for the squad’s previous loss of the Wookiee medic Gladios Ryk and believed Jibril to be a doctor of some kind who could possibly fill that void in their roster.
  • Gand and Whisper met with a Black Sun representative and dealt with Gand and Tobins’s Obligation there.
  • They got word that the Imperial prisoners they’d delivered to the Alliance had escaped. They went after them.
  • They eventually tracked them down to a hidden Nebulon-B frigate called the Fury. They infiltrated the ship, which began taking off.
  • The rest of Predator Squadron engaged the Fury with the Honey Badger.
  • Gand and Whisper acquired the Imperial Dignitary, sabotaged the hyperdrive and made for an escape pod. (Also discovering that the ship was bound for Ryloth, and that there were multiple crates that possibly contained spice aboard).
  • The Fury blew up in orbit of Nar Shaddaa, but the Honey Badger had been severely damaged in the battle.
  • Predator Squadron now have the dignitary to interrogate about Moff Ravik.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP this session.
  • Galish gained a bonus 5 XP for paying off her Debt Obligation to Dei.
  • Tobin, Gand and Oz gained a bonus 5 XP for paying off their Bounty Obligation with Black Sun.
  • Tobin’s Morality was triggered today, he gained 4 conflict and rolled 10 = +12 Morality gained this session.
  • Gand gained 5 Sabotage Duty.



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