Star Wars: Predators

Imperial Interrogations and Gand Surprises

Mission Roster

The squad set about interrogating Imperial Dignitary Chaast about what she knew of the situation in the Gand system:

  • The planet Gand was seized by the Empire a few months after the Battle of Hoth. It began with seizing the space around the planet, and eventually negotiating a surrender with the Gand Council.
    • In the last 6 months the planet has been turned into a veritable fortress world. Chaast did not know many details, but told them that ships are authorised to land via transmitting clearance codes to Moff Ravik’s fortress on Ryloth. If anything goes wrong with that system, there are back-ups in place.
    • In the event of an attack there are three regional garrisons that would likely respond with reinforcements – Lothal, Kessel and Mon Cala.

Of Moff Ravik she said:

  • Moff Ravik is from Jabiim. He served during the Clone Wars, fighting with the Resistance against the initial Separatist take-over. He fought in the trenches and they lost. When the Republic offered to take a few refugees from the planet when they pulled out, Ravik was among them. But he did not flee, he volunteered to join the Republic Navy – he trained, and became a junior officer aboard the Resurgence, under the command of then-Captain Tarkin.
  • Ravik served under Tarkin for a number of years, including during the Separatist Hold-Out Sieges that ended in the Battle of Ogoth Tiir. He retired at the rank of Senior Commander, eventually becoming a Moff.

Using the above information, Predator Squadron decided to try and get clearance to land by talking to Gand’s brother, Jerome – after all, if he was running ships for the Empire, he must know how to get them cleared.

Jerome said he could not get Gand cleared for the planet – after all he was banished. But he was able to provide them with codes to get past the Imperial blockade and permission to dock with one of the orbital stations to meet with them.

They made a deal with Dei the Great, trading a recording of King Molec of Zygerria singing in the shower for a shuttle. The group then departed for Gand.

The Gand Blockade

Entering the system they found a changed Gand to when Gand previously visited. Now the orbital stations had been taken over by the Empire, Star Destroyers and support craft patrolled the system and a Shield Gate protected the planet’s surface.

They met with Jerome in his deserted office. He said he could acquire the files of his company’s dealings with the Empire, but it would take a few days to assemble everything. Nothing comes free though, he’d like them to do a job for him in return for the files. His ships have come under attack from pirates, and he’d like Predator Squadron to escort one of his shipments and train his crew in how to repel the boarders.

So they left with a crew of a dozen Gand, including a 7-foot-tall uber Gand named Derek. Their voyage seemed uneventful at first, Whisper discovered the joys of caff, and Tobin realised they were carrying living cargo.

Unfortunately it did not last – they were pulled out of hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor and ambushed by the Empire. Their cargo turned out not to be slaves as suspected, but dozens of Stormtroopers. Predator Squadron began repelling the Imperial assault.

Although Gand and Tobin managed to start jettisoning cargo containers into space, TIE Boarding craft began approaching. Galish and Derek did their best to prevent them from docking, but some eventually broke through – Oz prepared to receive boarders. Whisper and Cassie’s spider-droid dealt with an old Magnaguard that was attempting to sabotage their hyperdrive.

Despite these victories, their transport was struggling amongst the onslaught of Imperial forces. Then a voice arrived on their comm channel – responding to their distress call. Mesa led a squad of Syndicate fighters in and cleared a path for their transport to get clear of the Interdiction field. Mesa transmitted a set of co-ordinates to the squad and asked them to follow her to safety.

Rewards and Experience.

5 XP this session.

A royal screwing-over by Jerome that needs avenging.



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