Star Wars: Predators

Friends Like These Part Two

Hardened Targets and Courting Mandalorians

Mission Roster

Ghost and Tobin began assessing defences of the facility and planning for the Imperial assault. Travis took the U-Wing to Vlemoth Point to negotiate with Mandalorians. Ghost and Tobin also addressed the Galish issue and whether they could trust her, learning an uncomfortable amount about her past in the process.

Travis was able to successfully negotiate with the Arumorut clan for 12 warriors to be dispatched to Xorrn, led by Teroch, an old Mando who got to know Travis whilst he was waiting for his meeting. (In return the Mandalorians want starfighters from Foundry Four)

Ghost found an Old Republic Acclimator Assault ship that could be brought semi-online on the surface of Xorrn. Tobin found a squadron of Vulture Droid Starfighters to aid with the space defence. Meanwhile the Foundry Four facility began producing starfighters based on Ghost’s Delta-7B Aethersprite Interceptor. Unfortunately the underlying issues between Cacique Cal Coorsa and Chief Engineer Hardin remain, and they have broken out into a handful of sporadic arguments since Predator Squadron arrived on Xorrn.

All in all, they now have 20 hours until the Empire is scheduled to arrive, meaning it’s a little over 4 hours until Travis returns with their reinforcements. Ghost ordered R3 to hack the Foundry’s communications systems to see if they could uncover a traitor in their midst – R3 found that Patrician (councillor) Viola Sargan was the Assembly member with the most off-world calls, far outweighing her other Assembly members.

Rewards and Experience

  • 25 XP today.
  • Tobin gained +8 Morality.



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