Star Wars: Predators

Friends Like These Part Four

The Battle of Xorrn

Mission Roster

Orbital Battleground

In the command centre aboard the Honey Badger, the call came through:

_We’ve got three contacts at the edge of the system! Two Raiders and a Gladiator!"

As the Imperial forces approached, Predator Squadron and the Foundry Four forces had prepared. Ghost was standing by with Seagull Squadron (Foundry produced Delta-7s, piloted by Mandalorians from Arumorut) in the debris field, on low power ready to ambush TIE Fighters. Gand and Tobin stood by on the orbital platform – Gand to co-ordinate the turbolasers, Tobin to instruct the salvaged Vulture Droid Starfighters.

The Empire began deploying starfighters and began approaching Xorrn. This was when another message was relayed to the command centre, this time from the Rebel Alliance:

“Predator Squadron, this is Captain Volin, I have just received word from our agent inside the Imperial forces – she has valuable intelligence, but faces imminent discovery aboard the Blood Ambition. She will make her way to the starboard escape pods and jettison one to create space to dock. Although the defence of Xorrn is your primary objective, if you can accomplish this, Alliance Intelligence would thank you.

Ghost began leading Seagull Squadron at the TIEs to create a distraction, along with the Vulture Droids whilst Tobin used the Dusk Mynock to approach the Gladiator unseen. As he approached the dock an escape pod jettisoned, docking there he met Agent Alico, a human woman in Imperial dress. Before departing the Star Destroyer, he took the time to deploy a Buzz Droid he had previously acquired whilst being chased by Boba Fett that had been reprogrammed to seek out the Gladiator’s life-support systems. As the Dusk Mynock raced towards the orbital station, the first casualties of Seagull Squadron were rolling in.

The Empire began using their long-range turbolasers to begin battering the orbital station, which returned fire with a solid hit on the Gladiator. Meanwhile Ghost led her comrades into battle amongst the debris field, ambushing several groups of advancing TIE Fighters. Unfortunately the orbital station was swiftly overwhelmed by the firepower the Gladiator was able to bring to bear. It was destroyed and Gand was sucked out into space.

As the Imperials forced the defenders to engage their forces in the upper atmosphere, Ghost and Seagull squadron continued to pick off some TIE Fighters, unfortunately losing another Mandalorian (who was lucky enough to be able to eject with his grav chute). Tobin attempted to rescue Gand from the orbital station wreckage, drawing on his fear and anger at potentially losing Gand to locate him. Although he was unable to get close, he knocked some debris near to Gand. Gand was able to use the power couplings from some of the wreckage to turbo-charge his jump-boots (burning them out in the process), and he flew his way to the Dusk Mynock.

As the defenders were no longer able to forestall the Empire in orbit, they retreated into the atmosphere and the Empire began deploying landing craft and a TIE Bomber squadron began streaking towards the surface.

Graveyard Battle

On the ground, Galish had the League of Fancy Hats, her recently founded cult, crewing the salvaged Acclamator-Class Assault Ship. Travis was standing by with a squad of Mandalorian slaves from the Zygerrians.

As the Empire began sending dropships down to land outside the graveyard Galish began having her cultists open up with the batteries of the stricken ship (although unfortunately this did overload their power grid, meaning it would take longer for their weapons to recharge). She obliterated dozens of dropships before they could make planetfall. Unfortunately she attracted the attention of the TIE Bombers. Ghost led Seagul squadron from the surface to intercept, as Tobin and Gand chased them from above. A pincer manoeuvre caught the TIE Bombers out and managed to eliminate the threat they posed before they could do too much damage.

A desperate call came over the comm net:

“They’ve deployed cavalry units, they’ve broken through our lines in sector 6!”

Sector 6 being the region nearest Travis. He led his squad to investigate – he heard them before seeing them, whirring gears, heavy footfalls, and raging blaster fire. Ghost attempted to use her ships sensors to scan the debris field, spotting a group of soldiers riding what appeared to be large mechanical bears.

Travis crested the debris pile and in the basin he saw them – six of them wearing plain white Mandalorian armour, bearing the Imperial crest, led by a red-clad Mandalorian. Travis had heard tales of the feared Imperial SuperCommandos – treacherous Mandalorians who collaborate with the Empire. They ride on large mechanical droids – about the size and shape of large bears. The 6 white-clad commandos are using mounted light-repeating blasters to mow their way through the slaves of the Zygerrians as their leader looks on.

Travis dived straight for the leader, using his Morgukai staff to leverage him off his mount. Tobin arrived at this point, having dived out of the Dusk Mynock. The Mandalorian commander swung around, seeing Travis he screamed "YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO THE TRUE MANDALORE!” his voice is filled with contempt, “YOU DISHONOUR YOURSELF AND YOUR CLAN BY KEEPING FELLOW MANDALORIANS AS SLAVES!”. He then challenged Travis to an honour duel.

Travis and the Mandalorian fought – first Travis’s blade vs his rifle, then blade on blade. The Mandalorian tried to pry Travis’s armour, saying that Travis did not deserve to wear it. Eventually Travis got the upper hand and dealt a fatal blow to him. In his last words the Mandalorian acknowledged that Travis had bested him, and said his own name was Moel.

With the death of Moel, the rest of his companions stuck by their word of honour. With the death of their commander, they did not wish to continue fighting Travis at that time – they would withdraw, but noted that they may encounter Travis in future when the Empire pushed into the Foundry. Tobin refused to depart from his platform – one of the Neftali Bear Droids – the Supercommandos did not think it worth the argument and left with their fallen leader’s body. The droid attempted to follow, and Tobin was forced to override it’s commands via a panel on the side.

Galish left the League of Fancy Hats members in charge of things at the Acclamator. She decided now was the time to enact her plan to capture an Imperial ship, in order to pay off the debt she accrued with the Hutts. She received a call from the command centre:

_"Do you read? Sensors just detected an Imperial repuslor signature entering the north side of the graveyard near your position. They might be trying to flank us. Can you check it out? Let’s hope it’s not…"

The signal cut out in a blizzard of static. Galish quickly realised comms were being jammed in the area. She rounded a corner and came face-to-face with the large chunk of metal hover-tank – an Imperial Flying Fortress. It was being escorted by Scout Troopers on foot.

Galish initially took cover and hid. The plan that she formulated was to take out the Scout Troopers with her rotary gun, and then board the tank. Unfortunately she missed the Scout Troopers and attracted the attention of the Flying Fortress. Galish decided to run and the tank accelerated chasing her.

The Flying Fortress advanced, Galish failed to jump on top of it and got hit by it, injuring her.

  • Ghost and Gand get in on the fight with the Flying Fortress. TIEs call down an orbital strike from the Gladiator on the Accclamator.
  • Retreat further back. Mortars start targeting the turbolaser emplacements. Tobin takes down a mortar emplacement.
  • Gand has the HWK drop him and the Intelligence Agent off and they retreat into the Foundry.
  • Galish sneaks over to the Imperial landing zone as the Gladiator enters the atmosphere. Galish sneaks aboard a Sentinel and hijacks it.
  • As we ended things, Galish has stolen a Sentinel and is being pursued by TIEs, Ghost is dealing with another group of TIEs with what remains of Seagull squadron. Everyone else has retreated into the Foundry as the Empire has secured ground control.



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