Star Wars: Predators

Escaping the Horus System

Mission Roster

Escape from the Horus System

  • Gand and Tobin, standing in a flight control room overlooking a hanger bay containing 6 TIE Raptors. They comm Sandy and Galish to confirm that they’re about to complete their mission. Sandy and Galish explain about the red-haired Inquisitor who pursued them into a turbolift shaft. Hearing this news, Tobin hands Gand the detonator and Gand gleefully pulls the trigger.
  • Gand and Tobin use an access hatch in a flight control room to get into the hanger below. The first of the four repulsorlifts that maintain the facility’s altitude within the gas giant fails. It needs a minimum of two to maintain the altitude.
  • Galish and Sandy, separated by a floor, each begin looking for access stairways, not wanting to go near the turbolift shaft. Galish locates a room in which the Empire is doing some research, getting a look at a map and taking a scientist hostage.
  • The two eventually reunite in the midst of Sandy’s frantic search for the hanger bay where Gand and Tobin are located. Realising that they’re in the far side of the facility from the other team, they pick the nearest hanger and Sandy begins cutting his way inside using his universal can opener.
  • Ghost, piloting the Honey Badger (with the assistance of Captain Kay’daq, Deck Officer Neathe and the astromechs), makes a short hyperspace hop into the system in order to engage space defences so the others can escape. With the patrolling Gozanti-class cruiser nearby (accompanied by TIE Raptors), Ghost engages the ships, opening fire with a volley from the turbolaser and shredding a Raptor.
  • Neathe and Kay’daq open fire with the turrets as the Raptors get closer. The Gozanti manoeuvred into position and launched its complement of TIE Fighters. The fight turned into a slugging match as the Gozanti tried to outmanoeuvre the Honey Badger in order to get around her shields. Ghost rebalanced the shields fore and aft to provide protection from the TIE Fighters and the Gozanti (which began broadcasting a distress signal).
  • As the fight wore on both ships became heavily damaged, the Honey Badger suffering from a loss of navigation systems and were shields fluctuating. The Gozanti suffered a total loss of shields, it’s torpedo launchers had been damaged and had taken significant hull damage.
  • The Gozanti accelerated towards the Honey Badger, ramming the ship hard. This resulted in the Honey Badger losing her sublight engines, but the Gozanti’s bridge was sheared off in the collision.
  • Ghost plotted a micro-jump to the edge of the system and started shutting down non-essential systems in order to reduce the signature of the ship and wait for the others.
  • Gand attempted to access the TIE Raptor (whilst Tobin sent the Dusk Mynock to pick up Galish and Sandy), but found that the cockpit is bolted from the outside. This was pretty strange, but it was rather simple to remove the bolts. Inside he found that the cockpit was already occupied by a pilot.
    • Whereas an ordinary TIE cockpit can just about squeeze in 3 people (like sardines), the Raptor’s cockpit has so much complex machinery that there’s barely enough room to sit down. The pilot wore a black flight suit and was restrained into the seat. A vicious looking device was attached to his left arm, or rather where his left arm should have been. He wore a mask that covered half his face, but Gand could still make out the features of a fellow Gand. The one eye of his that he could see was simultaneously filled with pain and fear.
    • Tobin approached, confused that Gand had not already jumped in the ship. Until he saw the pilot.
    • The pilot looked at Gand, barely able to talk he said “Kill. Gand. Please”, he paused, “Please kill Gand. Make the nightmare stop”. Tobin went to end the pilot’s suffering, but Gand stopped him, he felt it was something he should do.
    • As Gand killed the pilot, he noticed that at the back of his head was a rectangular scar where a metal plate connected to his skull – lots of wiring and pipes connected the pilot into the ship. Gand realise that these injuries were identical to the injuries Gand himself sustained whilst being experimented on at Junka-7.
  • Gand and Tobin now had to come up with a plan as the repulsorlifts of the station began to fail.
  • Galish and Sandy cut their way into a hanger bay, finding racks of small squat shuttle craft. A group of Stormtroopers were loading one such shuttle craft with crates under the direction of an officer.
    • Galish opened fire on the fuel tanks dotted around the hanger, missing them, but causing one to destabilise and roll towards the Stormtroopers. Sandy threw his lightsaber at the fuel tank causing it to explode, taking out one group of Stormtroopers.
    • The battle continued until Sandy ran past the Stormtrooper and into the shuttle, engaging the engines he knocked some Stormtroopers flying. Galish (who at this point was critically injured from the battle with the Stormtroopers) opened fire on further fuel tanks, destabilising the ray shield. The thin atmosphere caused a great gust of wind to sweep through the hanger.
    • Galish attempted to grab onto the landing gear of Sandy’s shuttle, but was sent flying due to the destabilising facility. Sandy manoeuvred the shuttle to a position near Galish and opened the rear hatch. Galish attempted to jump onto the lowered ramp, but got flipped out into the hanger and was knocked unconscious. Given the dire nature of the situation around him, Sandy was forced to leave.
    • As Sandy was leaving he passed the Dusk Mynock heading into the bay. AIFR3D, Tobin’s piloting droid brain manoeuvred the ship over Galish, carefully regulating where the thrust vector plates were pointing and scoped Galish into the cargo hold using the floor hatch, before blasting out of the crumbling hanger.
  • Sandy docked with the Dusk Mynock, but before leaving the tug craft, sliced into its logs and found:
    • The Empire was using a GR-75 transport to carry TIE Raptors.
    • Moff Kevlan’s personal shuttle had recently docked at the base.
    • The Empire were shipping TIE Raptors to Kuat and GX-04.
  • Tobin and Gand rallied some of the captured Gand, getting two to fly with them, the rest had given up hope. Tobin removed Gand’s cybernetics and jury rigged a connection system to plug Gand into the ship. This was a rather traumatic and painful experience for Gand, but once connected, found he had control of most of the TIE Raptor’s systems. Tobin jumped into a slave-circuited TIE Raptor that he could not control, trusting Gand to guide him safely.
  • Tobin, Gand, Galish and Sandy reunited in the atmosphere of the gas giant, forming up and heading to orbit as dozens of TIE Raptors surged out of the falling facility.
  • In orbit, a Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace nearby. It’s transponder identified it as the Second Death. In a system-wide broadcast Grand Moff Kevlan ordered all TIE Raptors to stand down.
    • Gand rapidly calculated a hyperspace course for Tobin, himself and their captured pair of TIE Raptors. Unfortunately he was so rushed that he ended up going to hyperspace, not knowing where they were heading.
    • Galish calculated a jump for their meeting point outside the Horus system. Luckily before he jumped the Dusk Mynock he was able to get a read on the course that the TIE Raptors set.
    • Ghost jury rigged the navigation system with the astromechs and jumped. Unfortunately the Honey Badger could only jump to a location it had already been before. Not knowing where she was heading, Ghost jumped.

The Other Side

  • Gand and Tobin arrived rather close to the atmosphere of a lush green world. Entering the atmosphere (not wanting to tangle with the Star Destroyer in orbit) they dropped down into a canyon. A flight of TIE Interceptors came after them, but after a short chase through the canyon and through a waterfall Gand and Tobin were able to lose them. Unfortunately they lost one TIE Raptor. Coming out of the canyon, they spotted a low trapezoid temple overlooking the lush green jungle. As they approached they spotted a (advantage) symbol was carved into the side of the temple.
  • Ghost and the Honey Badger arrived at Bespin. She attempted to arrive surreptitiously, but was hailed by a ship behind her as she approached the city. Lando Calrissian greeted her, mentioning that the ship looked worse for wear. He had just returned from a trip and he was just thinking about how he could do with their help…
  • Galish and Sandy arrived in orbit of a lush green planet. They couldn’t identify it, it wasn’t on any charts, but an automated warning system informed them that this system was restricted space by order of the Emperor. Sandy could feel the life radiating into the Force from the planet – it felt like a place strong in the Force. As they watched an Imperial Class Star Destroyer drift across the sky, a new ship emerged from hyperspace – a 19 kilometre long Super Star Destroyer – so vast that it would probably block out the sun from the planet. Sandy felt a cold, dark presence aboard the ship; he had a bad feeling about this.

Rewards and Experience

  • 10 XP for successfully raiding the Horus TIE Raptor facility and escaping.
  • Gand gained +5 Sabotage Duty.



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