Star Wars: Predators

Enter the Cabal

Opening Crawl:

It is a dark time for Predator Squadron. Investigating what happened to their former comrade, Mike Sykes, TOBIN STRYDER travelled to Yavin 4 at the behest of the spirit of the Lightsaber. It claimed that Sykes’s brainwashing was not a product of technology, but the Force. Tobin has not been heard from in months.

JACEN BRIGGS contacted Predator Squadron claiming he had travelled with Tobin, who had been captured by the Empire and was in need of their aid.

Although wary of an Imperial trap, Predator Squadron travelled to the jungle moon. They have now split their forces, preparing to put their plans in motion and assault the temple that once served as a Rebel fortress and rescue their friend….

Mission Roster

Temple Team – Arrival

The Temple Team consists of Jacen, Ghost and Gand. They’re equipped with specialised gear designed to facilitate an orbital drop. Their only weapons a vibroknife and and an unloaded light blaster pistol (would you want to risk having a compressed canister of gas near your chest when entering an atmosphere, which could mean getting very hot? Well apparently Gand didn’t mind, as he brought his rifle too). Deck Officer Neathe, piloting Tobin’s HWK, flew them into low orbit of the moon, avoiding Imperial patrols. Approaching the drop zone, Jacen, Ghost and Gand began their descent.

Jacen and Ghost successfully landed on top of the Temple, but unfortunately Gand missed the landing zone and landed a kilometre south of their position, somewhere in the jungle. Jacen and Ghost confirmed Gand was ok via comm, Jacen was not impressed at Predator Squadron thus far.

Jacen and Ghost had access to the specialised crate that allowed them to bring their equipment down with them. but Gand would have to make do with his rifle, damaged as it was from the descent through the atmosphere. Jacen and Tobin hacked their way into the upper levels of the Temple and began exploring the former Rebel base.

Decoy Team – Making Noise

The Decoy Team consisted of Gladios, Reine, Travis, Galish, Travok and Elaiza. Their custom modified YT-1000 stealth freighter (now retrofitted for use by the Alliance on missions such as this) roared across the lake towards an island east of the Temple. Jacen had previously spotted some Imperial construction taking place on this island and Predator Squadron thought it would make some nice fuel for a fire.

Whilst their drop ship was under bombardment by an AT-AA and it’s powerful flak cannons. Not wanting to be near the ship if it should crash, they rushed the main wall – a stone construction laced with metal mesh.

Whilst Galish raked the wall with heavy blaster fire, Gladios and Travis charged the openings for the Stormtroopers light repeating blaster cannons. Reine opted for using the Force to disarm the troopers, whereas Elaiza opted for the more direct method of pulling the Stormtroopers off the wall. Travok attempted to intimidate the fallen Stormtroopers into surrender, but had to resort into bashing one into unconsciousness with his sword before one would comply.

Feeling an echo through the force, Reine splits off from the decoy group to investigate some mystarious ruins.

Gand – Hitching a Ride

Gand, seperated from his squad, reverted to standard predator squad training. He was going to steal someone else’s ride.

The opportunity didn’t take long to present itself, as an Imperial speeder scout was soon racing down the riverbed. Remaining hidden until he had passed, Gand seized the upper hand by springing a surprise attack on the unsuspecting trooper.

Ultimately emerging victorious, Gand set off on his newly ’jacked ride hoping to catch a lift off world with the distraction team. Pursued by additional patrols, Gand decided to do what Gand always does. Blow something up.

Getting the drop on his pursuers (litterally, by dropping an exploded tree on them), Gand met up with the distraction team, and aided in the extraction of the prisoners that were found.

  • Gand is alone in the jungle. I don’t think he likes this planet much – every time they come here something bad happens.
  • Gand hides from a passing speeder bike patrol. He opts for the Predator Squadron motto of not leaving any vehicle unclaimed – letting it pass, he attacks it from behind. Knocking the Scout Trooper off the bike, he takes him out before stealing his bike.
  • Unfortunately the Scout Trooper has friends, and a chase ensues along the river until Gand fires at a few trees. The Scout Troopers dodge the trees, but put so much stress on their engine doing so that they cut out and crash.

Tobin – Flashback

Tobin, drawn by the force itself, arrived at the temple in the dead of night. Skillfully evading the non-existent patrols, he dove greedily and deeply through the temple’s depths ultimately arriving at a room filled with tattered and tormented souls.

Wailing moans filled the air, the writhing of the damned prisoners wearing tattered alliance garments filled the air with misery and dread. A robed figure sat meditating in this world of torture.

Expecting Tobin’s presence the two ultimately clashed, with Tobin using every dirty trick in the book to gain the upper hand. Just when Tobin thought he had the upper hand, another Inquisitor intervened, capturing him effortlessly.

  • Tobin arrives. Get’s his arm lopped off by the brutish inquisitor.

Temple Team – Communications Centre

Jacen and Ghost avoid a security station and decide to assault a communications centre. Luckily they were able to disable the alarm before reinforcements could be called. The Imperial security droids were very heavily armoured and proved to be a little challenging.

Jacen hacked into their systems and uncovered the following information:

  • Although the Temple has been under Imperial occupation for over a year, according to the power regulation logs, most of the Temple is on standby power. The majority of power is occupied by the hanger bay and lower levels.
  • There are records of upgrades that have been made – some effort seems to have been made to access a series of chambers deep undergroud. It is noted that there is no evidence that the Rebellion found these chambers. They also found the information on how to access these areas.
    *There is a security log reporting a ship arriving some months back and a prisoner being confined to chambers in the depths of the Temple.

Assuming that this prisoner is Tobin, Jaycen and Ghost proceeded to a turbolift, riding on top of it to avoid any Imperial entanglements should the doors open to a firing squad.

Decoy Team – Solitary

Gand joins the Decoy Team and Gladios guards the gate. Gand now has a speeder bike.

Having liberated a workhouse full of prisoners bearing tattered Rebel Alliance uniforms (they seemed to be refining minerals of some sort, possibly for use in proton torpedoes), Predator Squadron assaulted the solitary confinement bunker.

This bunker was chillingly cold – it’s heating systems having been deliberately disabled in the depths of the Yavin winter – however Elaiza also noted that the distinct feeling of the Dark Side of the force was corrupting the area.

All save one cell is empty, where they find Governor Ardus Kaine. Well, former Governor, he says he was deposed by General Kevlan, who has now been elevated to Grand Moff.

Kaine seeks revenge and accepts Predator Squadron’s offer of an alliance, but he is reluctant to throw his lot in with the Rebellion.

Reine – Strange Statues and Mysterious Omens

Reine enters a stone pyramid/statue. Here she has a strange vision of a Selonian den being suppressed by what appears to be the Empire. The Stormtrooper she sees is strange though, the armour is more streamlined that usual.

She then meets a mysterious masked figure, duelling him with words and the Force, she beats him, unmasking Jacen. He tells her that he is her greatest failure, because she “failed to stop him”. The vision ends and Reine is within the depths of the pyramid. She sees a flickering light.

Arriving at a chamber, she finds a Miraluan standing over a Togruta taunting him. While the Miraluan twirls a lightsaber, Reine siezes the opportunity to disarm him resulting in a battle with the Force over the lightsaber; Reine recognises that it is Tobin’s.

Reine shoots the bindings of the Togruta, freeing him from the gravity bindings holding him.

The Togruta lunges at the Miraluan.

The lighsaber is shattered in the duel, but Reine gets the cracked dark red kyber crystal at it’s heart. The Miraluan draws a blaster and lightsaber (the Togruta’s), but Reine disarms the Miraluan of the lightsaber.

Drawing another lightsaber, the Miraluan begins force choking the Togruta. Siezing on this distraction, Reine disarmed the Miraluan, allowing the Togruta to turn the tables on his captor, imprisoning the Miraluan in the binding that once held him.

  • Sandy gets force vision thingy.

Capitalising on the confusion, Reine took the opportunity to shatted the tainted kyber crystal before heading back to the distration team with the Togruta in tow.

Temple Team – Finding Tobin and Temple Flight

  • Finding Tobin
  • Dashing for the hanger.
  • Stealing some TIE Advanced Protoypes.
  • Flying to the Decoy Team’s position – they’re loading up the YT-1000.
  • They take off, getting attacked by TIE Fighters.
  • Tobin/Jacen and Reine take out the first wave.
  • Gand restarts the shields.
  • Galish takes out a TIE followed by Tobin and Reine taking out the remainder of the group.
  • The Honey Badger jumps in (it was monitoring the situation from the edge of the system). It throws some fire at the oncoming TIE Fighters and your craft form up, jumping to hyperspace.
  • You arrive in orbit of a frozen wasteland of a planet called Hoth.


  • Predator Squadron gained 2x older model TIE Advanced Prototypes. They won’t gain Duty for them as they’re an old and outdated by current standards, but will get to keep them for use on missions should they desire (but guys, we really need to talk about your ship collecting habit – you’re as bad as me with X-Wing miniatures!).
  • They will however gain 3 Personnel Duty for rescuing the prisoners and 2 Sabotage Duty for disrupting Imperial operations on Yavin 4.
  • Tobin lost 1 Morality, whilst Gand and Sandy gained 18 (their Morality was triggered this session and they both rolled 9). Jacen gained 10 (having rolled 5, but his Morality triggering). Reine gained +2 and Ghost gained +6.
  • 5XP for the successful infiltration of the Temple and instigation of the distraction.
  • 5XP for the assaults on Solitary and the Communications Centre.
  • 5XP for Reine and Sandy for their successful incapacitation of the Inquisitor.
  • 5XP for the successful rescue of Tobin and escape from Yavin 4.

The fate of Elaiza is unclear at this time due to the rush of battle. It is entirely possible that she may have been left behind in Predator Squadron’s frantic dash to leave…


Elaiza finally came in handy! I knew keeping her alive would somehow prove beneficial in the end! Tobin. XD I jest

Enter the Cabal

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