Star Wars: Predators

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Part Three

Mission Roster

Note: “Team Jenth” in the tag refers to this unit of Predator Squadron. “Team Resh” will refer to the other unit that is currently working closely with the Rebel Alliance.

  • Gand decided to use his Findsman skills to locate Sandy. Performing the proper rituals, he determined Sandy was to the west.
  • Sandy had joined up with the Quolas army, which was being led by a triumvirate of the respective heirs to the Helshar and Tumris clans along with a Royal Guard captain.
  • The group decided to comm Sandy. Sandy answered and was informed that the base was destroyed. They agreed to meet at the Dag-O-Bar.
  • Sandy explained this to the army. They were grateful for the assistance and determined that their best move would be to return to Quolas and prepare for potential Imperial reprisals.
    • Sandy decided to journey to the capital, Zeilo, and set up a distress beacon from his X-Wing’s communications systems so that the locals could call Predator Squadron for help in the event that the Empire returned. He was granted an escort on this journey of 6 guards – 3 from Tumris, 3 from Helshar.
  • As he journeyed into the forest, he began to notice how quiet it was. This wasn’t like the first journey through the forest. It was so still, the trees had this foreboding lure.
  • After two days, his uneasiness grew. They most certainly should have encountered a nest of Bearsloths by now. He began to suspect that it was quiet because a new, larger predator had moved into the region. He inquired with the guards. They told him of the vicious Dracnor – vicious lizard-like creatures that dwell in the mountainous regions of Arbooine. He was told that in the rare occasions that they come down from the mountains, they consume all in their path; the local Bearsloths tend to go to ground to their queen’s nests until the danger has passed. Sandy did not like the sound of this at all…
    • That night, Sandy awoke to shouting. The Helshar and Tumris guards were fighting. A lone Helshar sat at watch, his throat slit and now the guards were on the verge of violence. He calmed the guards and examined the corpse – he determined that the wound was not from a natural creature: it was too precise, made with a knife and besides, why would a predator leave it’s kill behind? None of them got any sleep for the remainder of that night.
  • At first light they departed, hastening their mounts. Again all was unnervingly quiet within the forest.
    • That night they took watch in shifts of two – one to keep the eye on the other, just in case.
    • Sandy was again awoke by shouting. Blearily he looked around – he could see the two guards on watch silhouetted by the firelight, stabbing something on the ground. A dark shape came roaring out the forest and knocked one down, going straight for it’s throat. The three guards that were supposed to be sleeping were slowly rising and drawing weapons. As he turned to get himself up, a large wolf-like creature burst out of the trees and lunged for Sandy, biting into his shoulder.
    • Sandy recognised these creatures as the wolf-creatures that the Empire used to hunt himself and Gand on Ossus.
    • They fought off this first wave, but as the wolves howled – their howls were answered from the forest. Only 3 guards and R5-G8 left, they rallied around the campfire. More wolves came from the forest, this time joined by a man in yellow armour, he wore no helmet, but had a pair of hunting goggle attached to his eyes. He bore a wrist mounted blaster, which he pointed at them as he demanded their surrender. Sandy refused. The man pointed forward and the wolves charged.
    • This battle was swift, but they lost another guard. R5 showed his pro-shooting skills and got the killing blow against a wolf. With the battle over they decided to leave. Immediately.
  • They rode through the night and into the next day. The forest remained quiet, it felt as if they were being hunted.
    • It was the middle of the day, they had just descended down a long hill, when Sandy caught sight of him for the fist time. Two riders on Tarvixes rode up, each wearing yellow armour. Their leader rode a Nexu-like creature, approximately the size of a Reek. He was clad head-to-toe in a black robe, hood low over his face. There was an eerie coldness about him, a void filled with malice and Sandy knew upon sight that this was the reason for the quietness in the forest.
    • A chase ensured through the trees as the dark rider gained upon them. His mount was faster than their Tarvixes. As they rode, he stretched out his hand, trees and branches began collapsing in their path. The chase continued and they passed a stream and ran into a wild stampede of Tarvixes. Sandy and his companions used their Tarvixes to hide amongst the stampede, moving “down stream” as it were. The dark rider and his companions arrived at a ridge overlooking the stampede, hunched over his mount the dark rider contemplated the situation.
    • As afternoon gave way to early evening, Sandy arrived at Zeilo. Never was he so thankful to enter a city in his life.
  • Sandy set up the distress beacon, said goodbye to his Sathari girlfriend, repainted the X-
    Wing and departed.
  • Around the time of Sandy’s departure from Arbooine, the rest of the group arrived at the Dag-O-Bar. They were greeted by an ABZ-class Destroyer that demanded they stop for customs inspection. Great doors opened on its side and 6 TIE Aggressors launched.
  • The group went along with the inspection, hiding anything outright illegal – The Imperials said this was all necessary because of the increased Rebel activity in the region (they may have heard about the glorious Imperial victory recently nearby at Hoth). With it complete, the officer demanded to speak with the registered captain, a Jacen Briggs… The group were unsuccessful in convincing him that Briggs was unavailable, but a call to the station convinced him that they were regular traders there.
  • With this the ABZ-class Destroyer undocked and resumed it’s patrol route.
  • The group stuck around for a while to make it look convincing that they were traders. Luckily they needed to pick up some supplies. They messaged Sandy informing him that they’d ran into customs. They hoped that he’d have the sense to proceed to Cato Nemoidia, their next destination and meet them there.
  • Arrival at Cato Nemoida…..

In total it has now been 2 weeks from the Reeve being deposed. This makes it 3 weeks since meeting with the Alliance, that was about 5 days after Hoth.



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